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Title Screen

*Story= Learn about character stories while beating up your CPU  opponents
*Practice battle= Basically arcade mode.
*Versus= Play against another humanoid next to you.
*Online versus= Play against another humanoid far from you.
*Training= Train against a practice dummy of your choosing.
*Replays= Watch your old matches and see how bad you played before.
*Settings= Go to the Options menu to configure controls and all game settings.
*CG Mode= See all pictures you've already unlocked in a gallery full of SFW content. Needs to be unlocked.
*House of alice= This is some stuff for hardcore Alice fans i guess. It has to be unlocked.
*Exit= Exits the game.

Game Configuration Menu

Alice option.png
*General Settings: Here you can adjust all important in-game settings.
*Button configuration: Press a button from your pad or keyboard to start setting your controls.
*Character stats: Browse through statistic for each character.
*Achievements: This needs to be translated in the future.

Alice optione.png

General Settings

*CPU: Here you can set the AI difficulty for Story and Arcade mode. Easy, normal and hard.
*Number of rounds: Sets up the win count for each match.
*Stage selection: Have this activated if you want to personally choose the stage you want to fight in.
*Simple effects: You can simplify some game screen effects that are already pretty basic.
*Battle log: Specify whether or not you want to save replays in versus and netplay mode.
*Voice loudness: This game lets you configure the volume for each type of voice sample.
*SE volume: The volume of the game sound effects.
*BGM: The volume of the game Background music.
*System Voice: The voiceover used by the mage for everything. You can have this on random.
*Game resolution: Full screen or Windowed.
*Special AI: If you have this activated, the CPU will be blocking almost everytime.
*Mystery: Turn this on to display all unlocked characters and stages.

Training Menu

EFZ Alice hud.png
(1): Health Regeneration - Sets the maximum health to a given value
(2): Meter Level - Up to 9 bars
(3): CPU - On/Off
(4): Air Tech - Up/Forward/Neutral/Back
(5): Ground Tech - Forward/Neutral/Back
(6): Block Type = Normal/1 hit
(7): Dummy State - Stand/Crouch/Jump
(8): Damage counter - On/Off
(9): Show Inputs - On/Off
(10): Character Select
(11): Title Screen

Game Screen

EFZ Alice Game.png
= Life bar. Indicates the amount of remaining life for the player.
= Guard gauge.  This bar will be reduced every time you block an attack from your opponent. Not all attacks can cause guard damage. When this bar is depleted you'll be guard crushed and stunned.
= Win count. Displays the number of rounds  to win, and rounds won. Default is two rounds to win, but in the picture is set to only one round.
= FPS- Typical to doujin fighting games, here lays the number of frames per second.
= Special activation bar. This bar is not displayed until you do the special activation. This bar tells you how much time your special feature has left. If there is a cross over this bar, then indicates the current cooldown status of the character's special activation. When the gauge is completely filled it will dissapear, and the special activation will become usable again. In some cases, doing the special activation displays red circles, and the number of circles indicates how many time you character will perform his ability in given situations.
= Super Meter gauge. The SP of your character is displayed here. You can do many things with your meter gauge, depending on your character. Can store up to 9 bars.

Alice Senki 2

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