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Anime stuff

Assist Type

Projectile Stand-by*

Camyu will always be summoned to the same position relative to your character after a certain period of time. Her attacks are also projectiles so they are very consistent.

  • Since Ulthury / Camyu fly instead of running of the screen for their attacks, the start up is not affected by screen position.


Einu Himu Tuskai「エイヌェ・ヒム・トゥスカイ」
D - Recharge time: 2 seconds

Camyu launches a fireball from the sky. The attack can hit as a fireball or as a fire pillar when it hits the ground. The fire pillar portion can OTG and will launch them with no air recovery when it hits. The trajectory changes a bit depending on if you hit 5D or 2D.

  • 5D: Launches the fireball from around your character portrait and can reach near the end of the screen.
  • 2D: Positioned lower compared to 5D and reaches about 80% of the screen.

Let's Play♪「一緒に遊ぼうよ♪」
4 or 6 D - Recharge time: 2.1 seconds

This attack causes a black, orb shaped, fog to float over the opponents head. It lasts awhile and prevents the opponent from jumping. Once the attack finishes its start-up it won't disappear when you get hit. It also lasts long enough that you can use the fireball attack while it's still active after the recharge time. Moreover, on hit (not on block) it will force the opponent into Low Emotion. This effect is applied whether the opponent is in High or Neutral Emotion. Anyone who understands all of this will often actively run into it with an air block or use a ranged attack that will reach it to make it disappear though, so don't overestimate it.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

雪冠 Snow Cap
向日葵 Sunflower
枯園 Withered Garden
深緋 Deep Scarlet
白緑 White-Green
青竹 Green Bamboo
青碧 Cobalt Blue
瑠璃 Lapis Lazuli
蘇芳 Sappanwood
珊瑚 Coral
雌黄 Orpiment
紫紺 Bluish Purple





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