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Chizuru's Move List


Having been one of the winners of the character vote poll, Chizuru was introduced in the 2.0 patch on 4/4/2012. Hailing from Kizuato, one of Leaf's first visual novels from 1996, if Kizuato is Tsukihime before Tsukihime, Chizuru is Arcueid before Arcueid. The undisputed best character in the game, Chizuru has some of the scariest pressure and mixups in the game, but where she really excels is in neutral. Her huge fast normals and her ability to travel nearly fullscreen in less than a second to whiff punish is really what sets her apart. In short, she easily destroys an opponent's spacing in a spacing heavy game. To get an idea of how truly overwhelming this character is, consider that out of 31 teams in Super Battle Opera, 17 had Chizuru on them, and no repeat characters were allowed.


4/6D absorbs mid and high hits, preventing all sorts of reversal mashing and forcing an opponent to attempt to use lows to beat it, however when used in conjunction with 66C the opponent has very little choice besides blocking. 5D can be used to extend combos or to make DP safe. This is probably the best assist in the mirror match (no more wake up DP spam because it will be absorbed)

4/6D triple shot, normally an easily duckable assist, becomes extremely deadly with 66C in play. The opponent is all but forced to stand block triple shot if you do 66C, and it has so much blockstun that no timing is required on 66C to make its landing recovery safe. If the opponent jumps into the triple shot very often the 66C will hit them and wall slam them anyway. 5D combo extensions are slightly trickier and more situational than other assists, and again it can be cancelled off of DP to make it safe. This combination is absolutely a nightmare for a lot of the slower portion of the cast as it more or less completely locks down all movement options and trajectories that can counter Chizuru's momentum and approach.

Combo/reset city. Chizuru doesn't really need to cancel into 5D fireworks like a lot of characters, though they are still an amazing tool, and of course it makes her DP safe. Rather, this combination focuses on tons of situational rejuggles with 4/6D from midscreen to corner and also doing left right mixup post Ma-ryan kick into BC into 66A/B. The higher level combos can contain up to 4 ground bounces.

Hit move activate mash B+C/5C/66C. No utility but who needs utility with this character?



While the initial impulse is to mash 66C, you really shouldn't be doing it wildly out of neutral. 66C done ASAP is actually quite negative on block because of landing recovery; you can try delaying it to make it safe but that makes it easier to react to. That being said, Chizuru has the best whiff punishes in the game, she is perfectly content to walk back and forth midscreen and let the opponent hang himself by pressing a bad button or assist. You can just walk forward against some characters, 5B their jump-ins, whiff punish everything slower than a jab, throw waves, and walk them into the corner. Block a Riannon 2C without pre-existing projectile setup? 214 punish. Block or get hit by Sasara 5CC? 214 punish. See a setup-type assist like Ulthury or Camyu done in neutral? 66C. A special note must be made about Satsuki assist, if you have her it is a perfectly valid strategy to just do triple shots and mash 66C from anywhere. You will force the opponent to stand block the overhead and the triple shots will leave you at an extreme advantage regardless of landing recovery.


5B is amazing. Probably one of the best one button anti-airs in the game next to Karulau 2B and way safer on whiff. Easily spammable in corner, combos into 214214AB. 41236 at a distance can be used to anti-air as well because of how ludicrously active it is. People frequently jump into 41236C all the time. DP is air-blockable and not really used for anti-air, it's more heavily used as a reversal. For air-to-air there is 66B and 66C. 66C air-to-air usually works against most characters, but in the mirror and against certain characters you'll want to go for the faster 66B.


5A/2A, 2B, 66C with assist, jC, BC, 41236, 5C. It should be noted that Chizuru's normals aren't really plus, they're all slightly negative on block. That being said Aquapazza is a game where slight negative might as well be frame advantage. As are fast, spammable, good staggers. 2B is her main low, cancelable, decent range. 66C with frame advantage basically forces the opponent to guess BC or 2B or even cross-up jC/DP. jC itself is a super huge crossup and plus on block. BC is an amazing fast -1 completely safe overhead that ground bounces, catches jump outs, goes into a ton of different combo starters. OTGs, etc. There is no reason not to spam this move online AND offline. 41236 is viable mid string off the Bs mainly because of the threat of 5C, 41236A doesn't give much advantage (if any) but if you can mix in the B and C versions you can continue pressuring afterwards easily. 5C naturally frametraps after the Bs, wall slams near the corner, and is hard to punish (you can cancel into assist if you really need to.)


Almost all your combos should be ending in 214 if not a super. This gives you adequate time to really do whatever you want. Common setups are 41236C jC, raw BC, 41236 BC, 41236C 2B, 41236C 66C (very specific hilarious crossup when done correctly), raw DP overhead (yes, I have seen this used to end many rounds.) Meaty triple shot into whatever as mentioned is amazing on oki as well, as is Llyr 4/6D into anything to basically nullify all reversals the opponent can do. Fireworks and Ma-ryan kick are both valid oki starters as well.


Chizuru's DP is an overhead that can crossup, and can be cancelled, albeit with tight timing, into assist. That being said, it is not air-unblockable, so people jumping with the intention to chicken guard can punish, as well as safe jumps. It's good but not THAT good, and against Llyr you basically can't use it at all.


vs Hakuowlo:

Chizuru favor.

vs Karulau:

Even. Second highest burst damage in the game after Tamaki. While her whiff punish game isn't as ridiculous as Chizuru's and Tamaki's, her air normals, momentum, and guard crush game are all amazing. Unlike a lot of other characters Karulau does not have to be scared to jump in this match, in fact it is in her best interest to constantly do early j(6)C at you hoping to get an air throw or ground bounce CH off your 66C into half your life. Blocking jC air-to-air in the corner is also a guaranteed guardbreak setup off 5A 2B. jA is an extremely quick jump-in that can be alternated with j623A to try to mess with 5B anti-air. On wake up, because her jB is an amazing crossup, she has no reason to jump in front of you to get DPed unless you are fully in the corner. Also, if she does meaty 66A sometimes DP will whiff completely because of Karulau's run speed. One saving grace is all her grounded normals have huge recovery on whiff, her extended normal strings have super huge holes that you can 236236AB or DP out of, good Karulau's will almost stick purely to 236A enders off 66A or one hit of 2B in strings vs Chizuru lest they be punished for doing Cs. Approach with caution, you cannot recklessly rush this match like a lot of the others. Be aware of reversal super, it does a crapload of damage and can be situationally juggled off of as well.

vs Touka:

Slight Chizuru favor.

vs Arawn:

Chizuru favor.

vs Morgan:

Chizuru favor.

vs Riannon:

Large Chizuru favor. 7:3 or better. In short, Riannon without meter to cancel into Yuki has one useful normal at neutral, 2B. 2C/5C/BC are all suicide, 5B's functional hitbox is rather weak vs 214 mash. Meteor has no invul so it can trade vs a 236236AB/214 whiff punish if you try to cancel 2C/5C/BC. Riannon 66C shorthop overhead in neutral loses usefulness when Chizuru can do her own 66C into her face. Slow wakeup time gives Chizuru free 41236C on knockdown, bad mash normals against Chizuru pressure, slow alpha counter means it is easily baited. On top of that, Yuki snowflakes can be fully screen-wiped by 222AB.

vs Tamaki:

EVEN. Tamaki basically is the queen of coin flips, even Chizuru isn't immune to this. Her whiff punish ability rivals Chizuru's just because of God Press. Any whiff (did you go for 41236 mid screen?), any gap (did you try to do 5C/BC after 2B?) any screwup (did you fuck up a DP? did you do whiff 2C after 2B on hit without thinking?) in your game basically means God Press into the oki of doom. Tamaki is probably one of the best scam artists in the game, because while she doesn't constantly wear you down with mixups or even extended pressure, a single bar of super takes off 50% of your life or more, depending on your tension. Plus, her aerial normals are really fast and active for some reason and are really good at fishing ground bounce counter hits vs 66C.

vs Konomi:

Very slight Chizuru favor

vs Manaka:

Large Chizuru favor.

vs Multi:

Chizuru favor.

vs Sasara:

Large Chizuru favor.

vs Oboro:

Large Chizuru favor.

vs Chizuru:

Actually interesting, assist dependent.


Solo Combos

  • 2A>(5A)>2B/5B>5C (2A>5A is a link, 5C knocks away)
  • 2A>(5A)>2B/5B>2C (Not recommended, 2C range is short and can whiff)
  • 2A>(5A)>2B/5B>214B/236236AB (BnB of choice, 214B gives you forever to do okizeme, 236236AB ender is standard 1 meter use)
  • 2A>(5A)>2B/5B>214B>236236AB (Timing sort of tight, if 236236AB OTGs you lose a lot of damage)
  • 2A>(5A)>2B/5B>5C>214B (Near corner, can OTG with BC at end)
  • 2A>(5A)>2B/5B>5C>(66C)>5B>214214AB (Corner)
  • 2A>(5A)>2B/5B>214B>214214AB (Corner, takes you back out of the corner, I only use this to kill as I'd rather just have oki 90% of the time)
  • BC>66C>214A/B (66C must be input as fast as possible otherwise 214B will whiff, use 214A if you notice the height is too low)
  • BC>66C>(5B)>214214AB (If BC anti-aired remove the 5B)
  • BC>BC>214B/236236AB (Corner)
  • Forward throw>66C>214B (Midscreen, same disclaimer as the combo off BC)
  • Backward throw>214C
  • 66C/jC>Any of the above combos starting off 2A/5A, so for example 66C>5A>2B>214B (Go for 66C>5A in 95% of situations unless you have good timing at delaying 66C just right so that 2A combos)
  • 66C>jC/66C>214A (Air to air 66C CH, use jC in the corner)

Assist Combos


  • 2A>(5A)>2B/5B>214B(5D)>walk forward>BC>214B
  • BC>66C(6D)>214B>BC>214B (Reset after a crossup jC on crouching, cannot be done normally even point blank because it requires you to be inside their sprite)


  • 2A>(5A)>2B/5B>214B(6D)>BC>214B


  • 66C>5D>2A>2B>214A/B


  • 2B>B+C>B+C>B+C>B+C..
  • B+C>D>B+C>B+C>B+C>...


  • 2A>2B>2C>5D>66C>B+C
  • 2A>2B>214A/B>5/6D>B+C>66C>214A

(5D is harder to time but gives more raw damage. 6D can let you reposition yourself, and jump out of corners. you may also walk while Yu's doing hits to push them back into her)

Move List

Normal Moves


4F. Good range, chains into self and Bs.


Godly one button anti-air. Combos into Chizuru Combination if you anti-air someone. Fast recovery. Can chain into 2B as well as the Cs.


A rather large forward swipe. Wall slams, can follow up with 66 whatever or 214. Frame traps off the Bs, rather hard to punish on block.


5f mid. Links into 5A in white tension. Chains into self and Bs.


A fast low. On CH and red tension combos into BC. Main hit-confirm normal to go into 214 or 236236AB.


Sweep, pretty useless in combos because 214 exists and because its range is too short so it whiffs. On CH, goes into 214. No reason to really use.


Amazing overhead, -1 on block so completely safe. Ground slams, allows all sorts of follow ups. Also OTGs. Catches chicken block as well.


3F and yet tied with 2C as her least used normal. You can do left right mixup post bounds with this but you're better off using jB for that specific setup.


Air-to-air normal. Used in a very specific midscreen left right setup as an ender.


Huge crossup. Wall slams air-to-air. Used in lots of juggles. One of her defining moves.

4 or 6+C

For some reason she can combo off both her throws. Forward toss into 66C 214B, backward toss 214C.

Special Actions

Chimyaku 「地脈」 - Passive Trait
  • (Description) - Chizuru's passive trait allows her to heal a pixel amount of health constantly as time progresses through a match. She's able to retain a perfect if she gets her health back fast enough.
Maikaze 「舞い風」 - 66 Dash Maneuver
  • (Description) - Chizuru short hops across the screen with great distance & speed. 2nd fastest dash maneuver in the game under Karulau.
High Jump 「大ジャンプ」 - 28 Super jump
  • (Description) - Chizuru's super jump.

Special Moves

- Kagura 「神楽」 - 214+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Chizuru crouch dashes across the screen with after images of herself following behind her. The attack ends when it hits or when Chizuru travels behind a jumping opponent.
  • (A version) - Fastest to startup of all versions but travels the shortest distance. From full screen, it will leave you in jumping distance from your opponent. 5 hits - 900 damage on contact and 180 damage x4.
  • (B version) - Slightly slower startup than the A version but travels farther distance. From full screen, it leaves you in one character distance from your opponent. 7 hits - 1300 damage on contact and 180 damage x6.
  • (C version) - Has the slowest startup of all versions and has the longest distance. From full screen, it leaves you right next to your opponent. 12 hits - 700 damage on contact and 180 damage x11.
- Hanenagi 「跳ね薙ぎ」 - 623+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Chizuru's DP attack. Using her demonic blood, Chizuru teleports into the air and swipes her arm upward, bringing a huge claw slash that trails from the ground up to herself.
  • (A version) - Has the shortest teleport distance of all versions. Chizuru goes only a mere pixal distance from where she stands. Acts as a overhead attack against crouching opponents. 1 hit - 1500 damage.
  • (B version) - Goes a slight farther than the A version. Chizuru goes one character distance from where she stands. Acts as a overhead attack against crouching opponents. 1 hit - 1500 damage.
  • (C version) - Has the longest travel distance than all versions. Chizuru goes two character distance from where she stands. Acts as a overhead attack against crouching opponents. 1 hit - 1500 damage.
- Kizougeki 「鬼爪撃(きそうげき)」 - 41236+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Chizuru's stationary projectile. Using her demonic blood, Chizuru does a huge swipe in front of her, leaving a large demonic slash trail in the air that stays in front of her. Acts as a projectile and is her best okizeme option (possibly the best in the game).
  • (A version) - Fastest startup of all versions and stays actives for the shortest amount of time than the other versions. 1 hit - 1300 damage
  • (B version) - Slightly slower startup than A version. Has longer active frames on screen than the A version. 1 hit - 1300 damage.
  • (C version) - Slowerst startup of all versions and has the longest active frames than the other versions. 1 hit - 1300 damage.

Super Moves

- Chizuru Combination 「千鶴コンビネーション」 - 214214+AB
  • (Description) - Chizuru launches herself diagonally upwards with startup invulnerability, launching the opponent with her, then chop slams them downwards. This move is generally not used as a reversal because it whiffs crouchers and the fact that it is air-blockable. A special note is that this move actually counts as a hitgrab, meaning that it will go through super armor such as Llyr/Hakuowlo. It also means that rarely you can hit with the initial hit but the followup chop completely whiffs. Mainly used in combos where 236236AB will OTG instead of hitting fully properly. In high emotion this move does more damage and the moon comes out before the chop while Chizuru's eyes and hair glow to signify her demonic form.
- Oni of Mt. Uzuki 「雨月山の鬼」 - 236236+AB
  • (Description) - Chizuru throws an extremely fast blood wave that goes nearly full screen. The whiff punisher of the gods, this move rivals Tamaki's Godpress in the sheer amount of moves it can punish. For things that 214 is too slow to punish, this will do it. Keep in mind that unlike Godpress this move has no startup invulnerability. The high emotion version of this has a second additional bloodwave originating from where the first one left off and definitely goes farther than fullscreen, in addition the damage is extremely high.
- Kishin Kyoumei 「鬼心共鳴(きしんきょうめい)」 - 222+AB
  • (Description) - Chizuru makes a squeezing motion and does a full screen multi-hit projectile attack (hailstorm). This super automatically puts Chizuru in high emotion on startup, and the opponent gets put into high emotion if the projectiles make contact. The super does a piddly 500 damage and cannot kill. However, if this super OTGs an opponent, only Chizuru gets the high emotion bonus. Very useful in fully clearing Yuki's snowflakes (as if Riannon didn't have enough worries.)

Splash Arts

- I Will... Kill You 「あなたを、殺します」 - 222+BC
  • (Description) - Chizuru turns her back against her opponent only to turn around declare "I will Kill You" in which she activates the full extent of her cursed oni blood. In this state, Chizuru is in Emotion High+ (as Mikuru//X calls it) for about 10 - 15 seconds. During this state, Chizuru has the following attributes:
  • B+C recovery frames is drastically shortened. She is able to follow up with cross-up jC to 66C x2 to wall carry.
  • Kagura, Hanenagi, Kizougeki are ,enhanced, cause more damage, & some do multiple hits.
  • Kagura does more hits on contact & if blocked, it will do multiple chip damage and cause massive block stun.
  • Hanenagi has a wider hitbox and if hit, pops the opponent into the air. Chizuru gains instant air recovery in which she can add another hit while falling.
  • Kizougeki has a wider hitbox and covers Chizuru frontal hit zone completely and can almost not be jumped at if distanced right (except against characters with far reaching super jumps like Chizuru, Konomi, & Morgan. Those with floaty jumps like Manaka & Riannon will be in the air too long that Kizougeki will end ahead of time before they land on it if not timed right.)
  • Chizuru Combination has a flashier animation sequence where Chizuru goes in a triangle pattern before ending the move. CC has more hits and can be done in the air after Hanenagi.
  • Kishin Kyoumei does more damage.....doesn't seem like it but it does. Still rather useless unless you're trying to put your opponent into instant Emotion High. Not recommended using at all.
  • Oni of Mt. Uzuki has a larger hitbox and range while doing more damage. Chizuru does 3 hits this time around.
- Forgive Me... 「ごめんなさい・・・・・・」 - 1632143+BC [During 「あなたを、殺します」 I Will...Kill You]
  • (Description) - Chizuru's true final Splash Art which can only be done during "I Will... Kill You". In a instant, Chizuru turns her back against her opponent while their time begins to slow down where Chizuru will disappear & appear directly behind the opponent only to do a single swipe which will take almost a 1 full health bar if it connects. Be advised that if an opponent has some sort of fast dash maneuver like Karaula, Chizuru, Konomi, & Morgan's command dash, these characters will be able to get enough distance to move away from the swipe zone but they must already be moving to do so. If a opponent tries to attack at any point during this Splash Art, it's will connect. This move will connect regardless if you have super armor like Hakuowlo, Sasara, and even interrupt counter Splash Arts like Manaka's & Riannon's Tree of Mana. This move is blockable and is very UNSAFE if it doesn't hit. Your only option is to hope you can block an incoming attack or if you're lucky, go into Hanenagi to punish the incoming attack.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

夏のはて Natsu no Hate
花あかり Hana Akari
都わすれ Miyako-Wasure
あかね雲 Akane-Gumo
おとめ桜 Otome-Zakura
月のふね Tsuki no Fune
雨やどり Ama-Yadori
竹おちば Take-Ochiba
かがり火 Kagaribi
しらがさね Shiragasane
こがらし Kogarashi
ふゆの太白 Fuyu no Taihaku





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