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Aquapazza is a fighting game with an all-star cast from the visual novel creator Aquaplus. It is from EXAMU, the same creators of the Arcana Heart series. This time, they took a more traditional approach to create a game with strong ground footsies.

What character do you recommend? I use ___ in ___

Just pick someone. Really, you're better off trying everyone until you find a character that feels the best. Luckily (?) there are not that many characters in the game, so it wouldn't take long for you to try everybody if that's what it comes down to.

But who would you recommend for beginners to fighting games?

Arawn, Chizuru and Konomi. These characters have relatively simple inputs for specials and they have great reversals. If you've played grapplers Tamaki will be amazingly simple to you.

What platforms is this on?

Outside of the arcade, the PS3 is the only home release this game had. It was also brought over to North America both physically and digitally. However, as of earlier this year (2019), it is no longer available on the US PSN store. It's not too hard to find used copies online and it is still available on the JP PSN store if you wish to play it.






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