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Karulau's Move List


Anime stuff


Neutral 6D can be very useful to help Karulau get in. Other players have a tendency to duck the gunfire rather than block it, allowing you a chance to land a raw 623X into massive damage. 6D can also be thrown out to keep chicken blocking opponents airborne long enough to move in for an air unblockable move.

A fantastic choice for beginners. Mizuki gives you easy and highly damaging combo extensions, and she comes out quickly as a passive assist to get you out of pressure. Her neutral utility is not that high, but it is nice that you can always potentially follow up on her attacks with 623X or 66A from full screen distance.

6D is very effective at providing a safety net in case you find yourself in a bad spot after dropping a combo or blockstring. Octavia is not as useful for extending combos as other partners may be though.

Very situational combo extender as player side has a major bearing on the startup for her assist attacks. A combo that works on the P1 side may simply not work on the P2 side. She does, however, allow for some big damage combos in certain situations.

Ma-ryan (BOSS)
5D trap can catch and allow dash > 623X attacks to hit from even full screen. 4/6D is mildly useful as a combo extender but, because of its steeper attack angle, it is not as universally useful as normal Ma-Ryan’s divekick. It does, however, ground bounce, allowing additional follow up attacks.

5D serves as a simple combo extender, keeping opponents suspended in the air allowing Karulau to wind up a stronger move. 5D can also serve to lock inattentive opponents down from range. You can attempt to utilize 4/6D by crossing up with a blocked 66C.

Much like Ulthury, Camyu's 5D can relaunch opponents caught with 623X attacks or 214B juggles quite easily.




Target Combos

  • 2A 2B(1) 2C
  • 2A 2B(1) 66A 236A/B (A in corner, B midscreen)
  • 2A 2B(1) 66A 214,1236+AB (especially damaging in high emotion)
  • 2A 2B(1) 66A 63214,6+BC
  • close: 2A 5A > etc
  • emotion high 2A > 2A > etc
  • counterhit j.C > 2B(2) 214,1236+AB
  • 623X > 2B(2) 214,1236+AB
  • anti air 2B(1-2) 214,1236+AB
  • 623X > walk > 5B > 214B 214214+AB (If timed correctly, super will do additional damage, especially in emotion high state. May not work in corner.)

Corner Combos

  • corner: BC > 2B(2) 214,1236+AB
  • corner: BC > 2B(2) 214B > 2B(1) 214,1236+AB
  • corner: emotion high or counterhit 623X > 623A > 2B(1) 214B > 2B(1) 214,1236+AB
  • corner: emotion high or counterhit 623X > 623A > 2B(1) 214B > 214214+AB

Emotion High / Counterhit

  • 623X > 623A > 2B(1) 214,1236+AB
  • 623X > 623A > 63214,6+BC
  • 623X > 214,12369+AB > walk 2B(2) 214,1236+AB
  • 5B/2B/5C > BC
  • emotion high and counterhit: 2C > 2B(2) 214,1236+AB (only use 2B when close)


  • emotion high 4/6 throw > 236A
  • 214,1236+AB > 236A/B
  • air hit 214,1236+AB > 623A/B
  • 214,1236+AB > 214,1236+AB (only use if it will kill)
  • emotion high 4/6 throw > 214,1236+AB (only use if it will kill)

Assist Combos


  • 2A 2B 66A 5D 623A...


  • 2A 2B 5D 5C > 623B > walk > 2B 214B > 623B
  • ..66A 5D 214B > 623B > walk > 2B 214B > 623B
  • 5C > 4/6D > BC (can follow up near the corner)
  • BC > 5D > 623C (can follow up near the corner)
  • near corner 623X > walk > 2B 214B > 2141236+AB > 4/6D > 623A > 2B 214B > 623B

Ulthury / Camyu

  • 623X 2B 5D 2141236+AB 66B/C 236A (5B 214B if 66X wallbounces)


  • 2A 2B 6D 236A 66A...

Yuma (P1 facing right or P2 facing left only unless noted otherwise)

  • 2A 5A 5B 6D~
  • 623X 2B 2141236+AB 6D B+C (reliant upon Yuma wallbounce)
  • 623X 2B 5D 2141236+AB 214214+AB (impractical but looks cool- an additional 2141236+AB super will do much more damage)


  • corner 623X > walk > 2B(2) 214B 4/6D > 623X > 2B(1) 214B > super

Boss Ma-Ryan

  • 2A 5A 5B 5D 66A 214B [Captured]... (you can land 5B 214B 214214+AB Critical Hit when the opponent jumps up out of the trap)

Move List

Normal Moves


Quick, short range swipe. Not much of a poke because of it's range but it's slightly faster than 2A making it a little more reliable to combo into from crossup j.B. Only chains into specials and B-series normals.


Long, one-handed horizontal sword strike. Good range and at max distance, you can still combo into a few of Karulau's specials and supers. Whiffs on crouching opponents if you aren't fairly close (whiffs completely on crouching Morgan, regardless of range).


Vertical sword strike. Not as much range as her 5B but it has a much taller hitbox and will end in a hard knockdown on jumping opponents. Chains into B+C but only combos on counter hit.


Crouching low kick. Chains into 5A or B attacks. Generally a better poke than 5A as it has more range and is only marginally slower on startup.


Karulau's godlike anti-air. She swings her sword up far and high. Like most all normals, it is air unblockable so you know if you're going to catch your opponent with this attack. It also hits twice, giving you plenty of time to cancel into super if you chose to do so. The opponent will recover in the air almost immediately, however, so if you want to follow up with something, you'll need to chain into it. Only the first hit connects if the opponent is crouching.


Very long range low sword swing. Karulau winds up and leans out with her sword, giving this attack deceptively long reach.


Effectively a standing 2C. The range is just as good and the damage as sufficient. Serves as a solid combo ender in situations where 5C is unable to reach.


Basic jumping kick that is angled downward. The hitbox for this move is actually very small and has few active frames so it is relatively hard to hit grounded opponents with it (although it can cross up). It is special cancelable, however, so you can chain into j.623 on hit or block, although it won't naturally combo under normal circumstances- only on counter hit.


A surprisingly good air-to-ground move. An under hand swing that can cross up very easily and allow you to continue comboing the opponent once you land. If you hit a jumping or otherwise airborne opponent with jB, they will recover almost immediately and cannot be hit further until they land.


Overhead sword chop. Bonks the opponent on the head and slams them back into the ground for a hard knockdown if they are caught jumping.

4 or 6+C

Karulau grabs the opponent by the collar and slams them back on the ground where they belong. Can't normally follow up with anything unless you're in Emotion High.

Special Actions

Air Throw - 6+C [In air, when close to your opponent]
  • (Description) - Karulau is the only character in the game with an air to air grab. If you find yourself in the air with your opponent, this is your fastest option, provided you are within range.
Forward Run - 66
  • (Description) - Karulau is unique in that she has a very fast forward run which cannot be canceled at will into a block, partner call, or normal move. However, it can be canceled into Gouga (below) or any other special move to stop its momentum. It's very useful to learn how to cancel Karulau's run into things like 236A/B or 214X for poking and mind games, or 623X for a running leap.
Gouga 「轟牙」 [Any attack button during forward run]
  • (Description) - Karulau puts her sword out in front of her and crashes into the opponent with it.
  • (A version) - The only version of Gouga that can be special canceled. Very effective in basic ground combos from 5B (it is not a tight blockstring, however, so use something else to cancel 5B if they block it). You can use this as an easy confirm into Splash Art. Very unsafe on block so it's recommended to always cancel into an assist or follow up with Retsuha to move the opponent out of punish range.
  • (B version) - Longer startup, more damage, knocks the opponent back on their ass. Wallbounces near corner. Active for much longer than the A version and is therefore very useful for catching falling opponents.
  • (C version) - Nearly identical to the B version with the exception that it will cross through the opponent if blocked Still pretty unsafe but switching between B and C versions will keep your opponents on their toes a bit and can serve to minimize any punishes coming your way, especially with clever partner usage.

Special Moves

Retsuha 「裂破」 - 236+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Karulau smashes her sword onto the ground ahead of her causing a shockwave to travel forth. Retsuha does a lot of chip damage, and it's also quite fast, so you'll want to be using it as one of your primary poking tools. Do note that Retsuha's hitbox is very low to the ground, so it is exceptionally bad against jumping opponents.
  • (A version) - Short range but fast enough startup that you can combo into it from several of Karulau's normals, including 66A.
  • (B version) - Medium range.
  • (C version) - Long range. Pushes opponent to nearly full screen.
Gekisai 「激砕」 - 623+[Attack] [Air OK]
  • (Description) - Karulau leaps into the air (if she isn't already airborne) and smashes her sword down to great effect. If the opponent gets launched, they'd better start praying, because you'll be able to follow up with anything you want. Karalau's best combos can score 10-15k damage from this starter. Gekisai is neutral on block, but fairly easy to anti-air or jump out of if you are predictable with it, so don't be predictable with it. Your opponent must respect the damage potential of this move.
Gekisai is air unblockable, but its hitbox is so low that you'll only be able to catch an opponent right as they're landing. All air versions will drop Karulau straight down, but they retain their different startup times, allowing you to bait anti-airs. Finally, Gekisai is a staple combo tool, and can be used for some extra OTG damage at the end of certain combos.
  • (A version) - Short range leap. Effective out to about the distance the characters' are spaced at for the start of each round. Unless you're in the corner, however, you'll want to be much closer to really capitalize off of the launch. This version will leap over crouching opponents if you are immediately next to them when you perform it.
  • (B version) - Greater range than the A version. Launches from about half screen but will easily clear even standing opponents if you are too close.
  • (C version) - Full screen Hail Mary. Perform this instantly after starting a run to make even Chizuru jealous.
My Hand Slipped 「手が滑りましたわ」 - 214+[Attack]
  • (Description) - A series of crafty moves involving Karulau's trusty sake jug.
  • (A version) - Karulau sidesteps the opponent's attacks to take a swig. Startup is nearly instant and the invulnerability lasts long enough to avoid pretty much any normal as well as many specials and supers. It also increases Karulau's emotion state slightly (it takes her 10 swigs to go from neutral to high) so feel free to taunt people with it from fullscreen if you'd like (No- unfortunately Manaka's books stay out far too long to avoid with just a sip). Note that this only dodges hits- you can still be grabbed out of it.
  • (B version) - Karulau offers her opponent a drink, bopping them on the head in the process. Despite the seemingly disingenuous nature of this move, it's actually a reasonable poke, since it's faster than 5B, hits crouchers where 5B does not, and is air unblockable. Since it's a special move, it can also be used from your forward run (66). You'll also be using it a lot to keep the opponent in the air during combos.
  • (C version) - A combination of the A and B versions: Karulau will first take a sip herself (dodging any attacks while she does so), then offer one to her drinking buddy. Good to throw out every once in awhile (but not against Tamaki).

Super Moves

Homura Reppa 「焔裂破」 - 2141236+AB [Air OK]
  • (Description) - Karulau slams her sword into the ground (not unlike Gekisai), sending a blast out diagonally away from her. Air blockable. The ground version has invincibility up to (but not including) the first active frame, and comes out extremely fast, making it Karalau's best reversal option. Just remember that your opponent will often trade with it and you won't be able to follow up.
Gouhajin 「剛覇刃」 - 214214+AB
  • (Description) - Karulau swings for the bleachers with a long, horizontal sword strike. Air unblockable. Has one hit of super armor on startup. There are actually three versions of this super, varying from almost pathetic to outright devastating.

- Level 1 (Normal Hit) - The basic version is what you get if you perform this super raw. It does a meek 2000 damage and blows the opponent back for a hard knockdown / wallbounce. Even though it has super armor, there isn't much reward for throwing this out raw, although it is possible to punish certain aerial moves with the Clean Hit version (see below).

- Level 2 (Clean Hit) - The second version only shows up by landing a "Clean Hit" on your opponent by catching them at a particular point in the air, most reliably from a 214B juggle. This version does 5000 damage (before scaling). Aside from the obvious damage boost, this version is clearly identified by the large slash of light across the screen as well and a "Clean Hit" indicator popping in on the side. The timing to land the Clean Hit is more relaxed during Emotion High state but, if you're emotions are high, you can do even better-

- Level 3 (Critical Hit) - A Critical Hit has the same requirements as a Clean Hit, but it only triggers during Emotion High state. If it lands properly, you will see a "Critical Hit" indicator pop up as well as an even larger slash of light. You will also see 8000 damage before proration adjustment. If you find yourself in both Low Health and Emotion High state, you get a total 35% damage boost. That's 10,800 effective base damage from a 1-bar super.

Splash Arts

Resshin Bakuenka 「裂震爆焔渦」 - 632146+BC
  • (Description) - Karulau performs a move similar to the A version of Gekisai (retaining the overhead properties), plunging her sword into the surface of the Earth, unleashing a vortex of magma up into your opponent. You can catch falling opponents with this but the timing is very tight- the hitbox doesn't become active until her sword hits the ground and is therefore very low and flat. It also does not hit OTG so you'll need to catch them before they actually land. The good news is that comboing into this from a B normal or the A version of Gouga is actually quite easy.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

地を這う大蛇 Slithering Snake
胡蝶の舞 Butterfly Dance
虎狼の雄叫び Tiger and Wolf Howl
炎天の朱雀 Scorching Suzaku
麒麟の角 Kirin Horn
黒豹の眼光 Black Panther Eye
天翔ける青龍 Soaring Seiryu
雪原の兎 Snowfield Rabbit
白虎の牙 Byakko Fang
草原の獅子 Grassland Lion
宵の鴉 Nocturne Raven
蜉蝣の羽 Mayfly Wing





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