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Introduced in To Heart 2 X-Rated as Sasara's only friend, and the psychotic former head of the school council. Is also the final boss of the game (as a boss assist, complete with cape.) A character way too aware of her own situation as a spoof character. An extremely good assist, her fireworks are active for a long time and cover a huge area, while her Ma-ryan kicks lead to normal extended combos.

Assist Type

Strike Pursuit

Ma-Ryan's kicks are melee and since she is pursuit type she can't use them properly when too far away. Ma-Ryan's fireworks have huge range and count as a projectile.


I'll Back You Up. Thank Me!「援護してやろう感謝したまへ」
D - Recharge time: 1.5 seconds

Ma-ryan places three bottle rockets on the ground and sets them off. The quick turn-over rate is good and the fast setup helps ensure that it'll come out. The trajectory is random and tends to cover the bottom area less and each rocket has damage scaling on it; so it doesn't always have the most stable performance (particularly when used for combos). You can use it for diversions, defense, or to follow behind you. She'll only fire them off while facing towards the opponent though, so you can't completely guide it.

Ma-ryan Kick「まーりゃんきっく」
4 or 6 D - Recharge time: 2.6 seconds

A dive kick reminiscent of Konomi's "Get out of the Way!" attack. The blow back from the hit will cause a wall bounce when near the edge of the screen if you're aiming to follow it up. Be sure to always check her position, given that Ma-ryan only attacks facing towards the opponent.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

恋するスプリングプリンセス Spring Princess in Love
戸惑いのセンチメンタルココア Sentimental Cocoa
魅惑のコズミックラベンダー Charming Cosmic Lavender
魔性のグラマラスタイガー Devilish Glamorous Tiger
煌きのスパークリングシルバー Shining Sparkling Silver
栄光のロマンティックゴールド Romantic Gold of Glory
嘆きのディープビリジアン Deep Viridian of Sorrow
麗しのエンプレスオブサマー Beautiful Empress of Summer
無限のアルティメットブラック Infinite Ultimate Black
不滅のエターナルブルー Immortal Eternal Blue
正義のレッドサンバースト Red Sunburst of Justice
夢見るミラクルプリズム Dreamy Miracle Prism





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