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Manaka's Move List


Anime stuff


Increases Manaka's range capabilities. She can also give Manaka a chance to close in on opponents since she's a bit lacking on that front and has synergy with "I'm So Swamped!"

"Let's Play♪" will help keep aerial advances in check along with Manaka's "I Didn't Mean to..." attack. It's also possible to combo into her Splash Art with "Einu Himu Tuskai."


Despite appearing to be a zoner, book throwing puts you in Low Emotion. Instead its better to get close so her stubby limbs can actually pressure.

She has some really good frame traps, that are generally safe on block, or require really specific punishments(2A>2B2B>(2A)>2B repeat). Even 5C is relatively safe, since you can cancel into 214x. Her jump distance can be deceptively short, with her short double jumps, and jB butt drop


Note: For combos with "66A/B/C" in it, "66A/B/C" is a representation of Manaka's "I'm So Swamped!" special step cancel action. This can be achieved by pressing and holding the direction once rather than pressing it twice during the end of the previous attack, but I chose this for the sake of ease of readability in combo strings.

5B 2C/214214AB
(Use when you hit 5B at max range. If you hit them with 5B while they're in the air, you can't go into 2C.)

2A 2B 2B 2C

66c B+C

5A 5B 5C 214A

2A 2B 2B 5C 214x

2A 2B 2B 5C 214214AB

2A(both hits) 2B 2B 5C 214B/214214AB
(Mid screen BnB.)

2A(1 hit) 2B 2B 5C BC 66C 5B/2B 5C 214A
(Corner BnB. The 2B route after 66C is easier to time than the 5B route, but it does a little less damage. You'll have to adjust the timing of BC a little on Morgan, otherwise she'll get knocked back behind you. You can replace 66C with 66A if the timing is weird.)

2A 2B 2B 5C BC 66C (2B) 236236AB
(Corner, 1 meter)

Counter hit
jB 214214AB

Assist Combos


  • (Corner) Starter 5C BC+6D 66C 2B/5B 5c+backstep (orb hits) BC 66C ender
(Forces the opponent into Low Emotion.)
  • (Corner) Starter 5C BC+5D 66A 641236BC
(4 meters. Strict timing to get the full damage (around 10k).)


  • 2B 2B 5D 66A 2B 2B 5C ender
(Midscreen combo. The damage isn't too high due to proration, but it has some meter recovery and increases your emotion well.)
  • (Corner) Starter 5C BC 66C 2B/5B 5C+backstep 5D(delayed) BC 66C 2B/5B 5C 214A
(The 5D timing can be a little hard)
  • Starter BC 66A 5C 5D BC 66C 2B/5B 5C ender
(For when 66C won't connect)


  • 5B 5D 2C (5D hits) 66C 214214AB or 5C 214A
(Midscreen 5B starter.)
  • (Corner) 5B 5D 2C (5D hits) 66(C) BC 66C 2B/5B 5C 214A
(Pretty strong for 1 meter.)
  • 2A 2B 2B 5D 2C (5D hits) 66C BC 66C ender
  • 2B 2B 5D 5C (5D hits) BC(whiff) 66C ender
(Carry combo)
  • (Corner) Starter 5C BC 66C 2B/5B 5C+backstep+6D (6D hits) BC 66C ender
(Relatively easy corner BnB)
  • (Coner) Starter 5C BC 66C 5D(delayed) 2B/5B 5C+backstep (5D hits) BC 66C BC 66A 5C ender
(Corner BnB #2. If you miss the timing of BC after 5D hits, the BC 66A won't connect after the BC 66C.)
  • (Corner) Starter BC 66A 5C+backstep+6D (6D hits) BC 66C ender
(Corner BnB #3. For when you can't connect BC 66C.)
  • (Corner) Starter 5D(delayed) 66A 5C+backstep (5D hits) BC 66C ender
(Corner BnB #4. For when you can't connect BC 66C. Harder to do, but it increases the damage.)
  • (Corner) Starter 5C 66C 5D(delayed) 5B (5D hits) 641236BC
(4 meters. Use when you know it will kill.)
  • (Corner) Starter BC 5d(delayed) 66A 641236BC
(4 meters. A little bit easier then the above combo. For when you can't connect 66C.)
  • jC(counter hit) frontstep 66C 5D(delayed) 5B 641236BC
(4 meter combo that's possible to do mid. High difficulty due to the timing of 5D varying according to your position.)


  • (Corner) Starter 5C BC 66C 2B/5B 5C 6D(delayed) BC 66C 2B/5B 5C 214A
  • Starter BC 66A 5C 6D BC 66C 2B/5B 5C ender
(For when 66C won't connect)


  • (Corner) Starter 5C BC 66C 2B/5B 5C+backstep 5D BC 66C 5B/2B 5C 214A
(The 5D timing can be a little hard)
  • Starter BC 66A 5C 5D BC 66C 2B/5B 5C ender
(For when 66C won't connect)


  • Starter 5C BC+5D 66A 5C micro backstep (bike falls) BC 66C ender
(Only from 1P's side. Perhaps it might be better to use the meter for okizeme if you can't get the extension?)


  • Starter 5C HS*n (explosion goes off) BC 66C 5C 214A


  • (Corner) Starter 5C BC 66C 2B/5B 5C+backstep 6D(delayed) BC 66C 2B/5B 5C 214A
  • Starter 66A 5C 6D BC 66C 2B/5B 5C ender
(For when 66C won't connect)


  • (Corner) Starter 5C BC 66C 6D(non canceled) 641236BC
(It has a lot of proration due to the splash art comboing into Yu's 6D. Kind of a gimmicky combo.)
  • (Corner 4 meters) 6/4throw 6D 641236BC
(On the 6 throw, you'll have to delay 6D a little (about when they hit the ground). For the 4 throw, you might get her special step to come out, so delay that too. Also kind of gimmicky.)


  • (Midscreen) 2A(both hits) 2B 2B 5C 5D BC(whiff) 66C ender
  • (Corner) Starter 5C BC+6D 66C 2B/5B 5C+backstep BC 66C 2B/5B 5C 214A

Move List

Normal Moves


A kick that hits low. Can chain into 2B on block or hit.


Manaka thrusts her books forward and has midrange reach. Use this as one of her mid pokes. You can combo into 2C or "Please, Stop It!" on hit at max distance. This comes out fast enough that you can counter Tamaki's 2C among others.


Manaka lurches backwards while swinging her books upwards. It will launch them high enough to follow up with a super or some other choices. Her lurching back makes the range short; making it so that the 5A 5B 5C chain won't always connect. Fairly good as an anti-air. If you do it early, you can knock most characters out of the air. Can cancel into Back Step.


This has 2 hits. You can cancel between those 2 hits and it can also chain into itself up to 4 hits. You can catch some jump ins with a good read.


Low that pushes her books forward. The "I'm Sorry!" follow up has advantage on block, so try to get in close when using this. However, the opponent can cut in with an invincible move (like Arawn's A version of his DP for example) before the follow up hits. Do to her posture being a bit low during this, she's able to go under Arawn's 5B. Use this as one of her mid pokes.


A low where Manaka slides head first. Has the longest reach of all her normals. It knocks down on hit and ends the combo but you can go into okizeme. Counter hit will launch your opponent horizontally a bit and if you're near the wall it will cause wall bounce allowing you to combo. Somewhat susceptible to being countered.


A shoulder tackle like attack. Fairly wide attack range as it comes out while moving forward. Once again, she will do her step cancel if you continue to hold down a direction on the stick. Use during combos when 5C won't reach. It's susceptible to counter attacks, but it can be hard do so when it's used in the latter part of a block string. You can quickly cancel into the A variant of "I'm So Swamped!" the moment the attack connects with their block.


A fluttery kick that's stronger than it looks. Upon pressing the button, she will keep kicking until she lands. It's not great for cross-ups, but it can be used for air to air. It's also special cancelable, so if they block, use the A version of the book throw.


Booty ground pound that's unsafe on block. There are no height restrictions on when you can use this, so it can be used immediately off the ground for an instant overhead. This move is not cancelable outside of assists. It also instantly stops your air movement, so you could use it as an evasive maneuver while in the air.


Manaka swings down a book diagonally. Mainly used as a jump in and it has use as a cross-up attack since her attack goes backwards a little. It is not cancelable outside of assists.

4 or 6+C

6C is a strong throw and it prevents Fast Stand so you can reliably okizeme. 4C can cancel into her special dash if you press 4 or 6 after the throw; which can combo into the B or C dash attack. Dash into them for B and away for C.

Special Actions

Double Jump [Jump during a jump]
  • (Description) - Press jump in the air after the first jump. It can be performed low or high in the air. You can mix up your aerial advances by using the low altitude version as a short hop of sorts.
I'm So Swamped! 「てんてこまいですよ~」 - ABC [During a forward step]
  • (Description) - Manaka's special step action.
  • (A version) - A low kick that can combo into 2B on block or hit.
  • (B version) - A hip press. Knocks down on hit and can be followed up on counter hit. Susceptible to counter attacks on block. Use as your 2nd choice after the A version.
  • (C version) - This is mainly used in combos. She kicks behind herself and it launches upward. You can do a follow up attack afterwords on the launched opponent. There's a hitbox on the books in front of her as well that will launch an opponent horizontally.
I'm Sorry! 「すいませんっ」 2B after 2B
  • (Description) - Manaka gives an apologetic bow while kneeling. Safe on block, but the gap between the first 2B and this can be interrupted by an invincible attack, so be cautious.

Special Moves

Hold On! 「ちょっと待って~」 - 214+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Manaka attacks by knocking down a bookcase. Mainly used as a meterless combo ender, though you can use it to abruptly knock the opponent out of the air.
  • (A version) - Comes out the fastest but does the least damage. It only pushes them a short distance on block, so the opponent can counter attack.
  • (B version) - An in-between of A and C. It can also be relatively easy for characters like Touka to counter attack.
  • (C version) - Comes out the slowest but does the most damage. Don't use this version as an ender as the opponent can Quick Stand before it comes out all the way.
I Didn't Mean to... 「そんなつもりじゃ…」 - 236+[Attack] [+ air]
  • (Description) - Manaka throws a bunch of books that break apart whether they hit the opponent or the ground. The distance and trajectory arc increases from A to C. Although it's main function is for keep away, if the opponent reads it right they can dash under the toss and you'll be open, so don't put too much faith in it. For the air version, since she flops downward while shes throwing it, they are unlikely to dash under her. Her emotion decreases every time you use it too, so be cautious of overuse.
This is My Hideaway... 「あたしの隠れ家です」 - 623+[Attack]
  • (Description) -

Super Moves

Please, Stop It! 「いい加減にして~!!」 - 214214+AB
  • (Description) -
I'm Sorry, I Didn't Mean To...! 「ごめんなさいっそんなつもりじゃっ」 - 236236+AB
  • (Description) -

Splash Arts

Don't Call Me Class President! 「委員長って呼ばないで~」 - 641236+BC
  • (Description) -


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

くるみ割り人形 The Nutcracker
キツネと葡萄 The Fox and the Grapes
銀河鉄道の夜 Milky Way Railroad
赤い靴 The Red Shoes
秘密の花園 The Secret Garden
青い鳥 The Blue Bird
七羽のカラス The Seven Ravens
星の金貨 The Star Money
おやゆび姫 Thumbelina
竹取物語 The Bamboo Cutter
雪の女王 The Snow Queen
赤ずきん Red Riding Hood





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