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Assist Type

Strike Stand-by

Striking stand-by assists need to run from their fixed position to the corner behind you before starting their attack. This means start-up is affected by your position relative to their stand-by position (which does not change).


Ascension Knuckle 「昇天ナックル」
D - Recharge time: 3.1 seconds

Mizuki will run up to your opponent and gut upper them to the top of the screen. This assist does a lot of damage and has the nerve to let you follow the hit up. If you opponent is airborne, she will just run right past them though. If you manage to get a counter hit with this move, it will knock them further into the air, creating lots of time before back for your follow up.... Too much time actually. This makes it way harder to gauge the timing for your follow up, so keep that in mind.

Tornado Flying Knee 「トルネード飛び膝蹴り」
4 or 6 D - Recharge time: 3.1 seconds

This will have Mizuki run behind your character, then do a homing bazooka knee all the way to your opponent. A hit will result in a horizontal float, if you are near the corner they will be wall bounced. This assist tends to miss on most crouching animations, so be careful not to throw this out too carelessly. Other than that it is a great tool to have and is faster than most other stand-by assists.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

シンプルモノトーン Simple Monotone
オータムカフェ Autumn Café
ストリートカーキ Street Khaki
マニッシュブラック Mannish Black
リゾートマリン Resort Marine
サニーデイ Sunny Day
ビタミンイエロー Vitamin Yellow
インディゴブルー Indigo Blue
ミステリアスパープル Mysterious Purple
ガーリーピンク Girly Pink
ハッピーミント Happy Mint
ドーリーブロンド Dolly Blonde





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