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Morgan's Move List



Main combo assist. Doesn't affect matchups very much, although it does give Morgan a completely safe chance to go for command grab near the explosion.

Can be used for mixups, damage output, and certain matchups due to the clone. More well-rounded than Rina.



Target Combos

  • 2AB B+C Ender
  • 5AB B+C Ender
  • 5B 41236A 66 5B B+C Ender (Enders that don't involve another stun arrow only.)
  • CH 5CB B+C Ender
  • Air-to-air CH j.C B+C Ender
  • CH 2C B+C Ender
  • CH or High Emotion [4]6A 41236A [4]646A+B (Full screen only)
  • 5AB 41236A 66 B B+C ender

Common Enders

  • 41236A
Most commonly used. You can time super jump afterwards to get a meaty j.c that can cross up or uncrossup.
  • [4]646A+B 5C 41236A B+C 4~6A
Strong damage. Corner only. Will not work with combo 3 (since stun arrow was used previously).
  • [4]646A+B 5C 41236A B+C [4]646A+B B+C [4]6A
Slight extension of previous combo. Corner Only.
  • 41236A B+C 4~6A
Corner only.
  • 1~319B+C 5C
Works anywhere.

Move List

Normal Moves


Does a quick knee attack.


Leans forward and pokes with her elbow.


Leaps forward with her foot. Goes over lows, used mainly for combo filler. Wallslams on hit near the corner. Cannot be special cancelled.


She pokes her opponent with her leg.


She leans forward while crouching and hits you with her elbow. Mainly used for combos.


She slides forward a short distance. Spaced, it is safe/plus on block. Cannot be special cancelled. On counter hit, you can follow up with B+C and go into your normal BnBs.


She kick flips the opponent into the air. This is her main launcher and combo tool.


She pokes in the air with her knee.


She pokes in the air with her elbow, used for opponents above you.


She stretches out her leg to hit her opponent. Has a crossup hitbox.

Special Actions

Hunting Knowledge [狩人の心得]
  • (Description) - Adds a bonus amount of power gauge Morgan will get compared to other characters.
Super Jump - Tap 2 Then 7/8/9
Double Jump - During Jump, tap 7/8/9

Special Moves

Soul Arrow 「魂の一矢」 - [4]6+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Fires an arrow that depletes the quiver accordingly. The speed of the arrow depends on the button presses.
Numbing Arrow 「痺れ矢」 - 41236+A
  • (Description) - Fires an arrow that causes a brief stun on opponent. Quiver is subtracted by 1. Does not hit crouchers.
Poison Arrow 「毒の矢」 - 41236+B
  • (Description) - Fires an arrow that poisons opponent on hit only. Does not work on block. Quiver is subtracted by 1. Does not hit crouchers.
Forgetful Arrow 「忘れ矢」 - 41236+C
  • (Description) - Fires a slow arrow that seals the opponents special moves upon hit. This seal does not stack with other ailments and will be replaced with this. Quiver is subtracted by 1. Does not hit crouchers.
Hunter's Approach 「狩駆け」 - 214+[Attack]
  • (Description) - A dash that will change you direction depending on the button used.
  • (A version) - Dash towards opponent (goes through opponents).
  • (B version) - Jump away from opponent. If near wall, you will cling to it for a brief moment.
  • (C version) - Jump away from opponent. If near wall, you will cling to it then jump to the opposite wall
Dagger Follow-Up 「派生ダガー」 - After Hunter's Approach press A (Air OK)
  • (Description) - With the A version, Morgan will dash forward and slash the opponent. In the air, Morgan will slash straight ahead of her.
Kick Follow-Up 「派生キック」 - After Hunter's Approach press B (AIR OK)
  • (Description) - On the ground, Morgan does a sliding kick. Performing this in the air will cause a dive kick.
Arrow Follow-Up 「派生アロー」 - After Hunter's Approach press C (AIR OK)
  • (Description) - Morgan slides forward on her knees then fires 3 arrows in quick succession. Air version fires downwards at an angle. You lose three arrows.

Super Moves

Strong Bow 「強弓」 - [4]646+AB
  • (Description) - Morgan pulls an arrow back and holds it for a bit before firing. Has start-up invincibility. Quiver is subtracted by 1. Hits crouchers.
Bone Breaker 「骨砕き」 - 6321463214 + AB
  • (Description) - Short ranged command throw. Screen goes black as Morgan breaks every bone in her opponent's body. (Not really.)

Splash Arts

Hunter's Arrows 「狩人の矢」 - [1]319+BC
  • (Description) - Morgan aims upward and fires several arrows. On hit this will lock in opponent for a cutscene. If missed, arrows will rain down after a time. Strength of this Splash Art depends on how many arrows Morgan has left. One of the better Splash Arts as it is a great anti-air and is air unblockable.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

グレープ Grape
カンパニュラ Campanula
ウォールナット Walnut
ポインセチア Poinsettia
フェリシア Felicia
ジャスミン Jasmine
ブラックベリー Blackberry
チェスナット Chestnut
メタセコイア Metasequoia
マンダリン Mandarin
メイプル Maple
ライラック Lilac





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