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Oboro's Move List


A momentum-based speed character, Oboro is in some ways similar to Chipp Zanuff of Guilty Gear. He is widely felt to be the worst character in the game, but can be quite fun to use.




Be annoying and hype.

In all seriousness, Oboro moves very fast, but his mix-ups are surprisingly weak after a little bit of match-up experience, and his defensive options aren't that great as well. Most importantly, his damage output is very low in comparison to other characters. Your best strategy is to be in your opponents face as much as you can and not get out. Learn to bait Resist Smashes and how to utilize fundamental mix-ups, like empty jump lows/throws and frame traps. Utilize assists that let you get in and stay in, like Ma-Ryan fireworks or Satsuki gunshots.


Target Combos
5A/5B chain/reverse beat into each other so long as you make contact with the opponent's hitbox, allowing for special or super confirms.
66B is a cancelable run attack, and is normally the only way to combo into his flip grab move (63214x, in this case the C version). So then, standard combos will resemble the following standard:

(j.C optional) (5A > 5B or vice versa)xN > 5C/2C/623x/236236A+B
Of course, you should end any 5A/5B chain with a 5B to allow a cancel window for what you wish to do.

Assist Combos
See above standard combo, and insert 2C > 5D at the end. Depending on screen position, your will have to use 5D as early as the B in your chain or on the first hit of 2C - experiment with screen positioning to get a feel for this. On hit with the assist, you will:
j.BB > land > 623B

Other combos:
Air to air: (optional CH j.A) > j.BB > land > 623B > 6D on second hit > j.BB > 623B, and corner alternate after the 6D > 63214A after waiting for wall bounce > 623B
6D assist works for combos off of any 623x in similar fashion, as well as regular throw. 5D works after a 63214x.

To give an idea of the potential of the assist, here's another example, 8k damage in the corner with normal emotion:
5B or 66B > B+C > 63214A > 623B > 6D on second hit > 63214A > 623B.

End standard combo with 5C, then 5D > 66B > 63214C > 623B.

(In corner) 5A > 5B > B+C > 63214+A > 623+B > 6+D > j. BB > 623+B

Move List

Normal Moves


Relatively fast horizontal. Chains into 5B and back indefinitely.


Similar in function to 5A, but slower and with more range and a larger hitbox. Chains into every normal except 2B, including B+C.


Longer-ranged, X-shaped swipe with both swords. Staggers a good bit on hit, and for a long while on CH. Unless with choice assists however, you likely will not be combo-ing into this move.


A quick "low short" style move, chains into itself and higher level normals.


Attack with both swords on either side.


A "Guile" sweep, two hits: the first a short ranged mid that is super-cancelable and the second reaching much farther and a low. Good for confirming into assist combos, safer than the average sweep on the second hit if blocked.


A hopkick blowback attack that will combo from 5B. In the corner, the wall bounce can lead to a 63214A. Has some airborne frames so it will avoid throw attacks.


Fast, small hitbox normal aiming up and forward, similar in function to j.BB and angled more to meet jumpers at higher heights.
This normal chains into j.B and on CH, actually hits, leading to j.BB combos.


Excellent air to air attack - his hitbox shrinks and the slash travels far - a second j.B is possible after the first hit, similar to a Ryu j.MP, setting up a juggle or hard knockdown.


A spinning somersault slash, a la Nakoruru (or Zero). Two hits, can cross up, good for approaching but the hitbox is not strong for other purposes.

4 or 6+C

Standard throw. Assist combos possible. 214214A+B super can also add OTG damage for kills if an assist is not available.

Special Actions

Suihei-giri 「水平斬り」 - 66A
  • (Description) -
Kasane-giri 「重ね斬り」 - 66B
  • (Description) -
Haneagari-giri 「跳ね上げ斬り」 - 66C
  • (Description) -
Kageha 「影刃」 - When standing B connects hit A
  • (Description) -
Tobi Kageha 「飛影刃」 - When jumping B connects hit B
  • (Description) -

Special Moves

Tsumuji-giri 「旋斬り(つむじぎり)」 - 623+[Attack]
  • (Description) - A ground slash, followed by an uppercut. Likely your main combo ender.
  • (A version) - Unlike the other versions, this version has invincibility on start-up. Not as reliable as other DPs in the game, but still a decent option when used properly.
  • (B version) -
  • (C version) -
Koubegari 「首刈り(こうべがり)」 - 63214+[Attack]
  • (Description) - A jump that leads into a command grab if Oboro lands onto the opponent. Only works on standing opponents.
  • (A version) - Travels the shortest distance. Combos off of B+C.
  • (B version) - Travels at a distance between the A and C version.
  • (C version) - Travels the furthest distance. Combos off of 66 + B.
Kagero 「陽炎(かげろう)」 - 421+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Oboro faces his back towards his opponent. If he gets hit, he'll teleport somewhere depending on the version. He also has follow-ups to the teleport if the player wishes to use them.
  • (A version) -
  • (B version) -
  • (C version) -
Hikuusatsu 「飛空殺(ひくうさつ)」 - 214+[Attack] [In air]
  • (Description) - A dive bomb attack that leads into a cross-slash. Very unsafe but can be a good desperate offensive option. Covering this move with an assist is usually a good idea, both to make it safe and maybe combo after it if it connects.
Kagerozan 「陽炎斬(かげろうざん)」 - [Attack] during Kagero
  • (Description) -

Super Moves

Enmetsu Midare-giri 「炎滅乱れ斬り(えんめつみだれぎり)」 - 236236+AB
  • (Description) - An initial slash that goes into a barrage of slashes, finishing with a flaming uppercut. Oboro's best combo ender with meter. You can combo into this in almost every situation you can combo into 623 + Attack.
Genro Renbu 「幻朧連舞(げんろうれんぶ)」 - 2363214+AB [In Air]
  • (Description) - A dive bomb attack, which has Oboro split into two and rapidly attack the opponent. Hard to combo into and does less damage than 236236 + AB, but is very invincible. Can be used to blow through anti-airs. A risky option, however.
Pin Them Down! 「ヤツの動きを止めろ!」 - 214214+AB
  • (Description) - Oboro summons one of his lady lackeys to fire arrows downward. Probably his best use of meter. Doesn't do much damage, but Oboro recovers insanely fast, allowing him to apply pressure and mix-ups while the arrows are hitting or being blocked. A lot of players will try to Resist Smash during this move. If they do, simply block and punish. Try using this move while your opponent is getting up from a knockdown for best results. Don't cancel into this off a blockstring; this super has too much start-up and it's almost never a true blockstring, and Oboro can be hit out of it. This move also OTGs, so you can combo into it off of something like 2 + C or a throw.

Splash Arts

Kagenui Bakumetsudan 「影縫い爆滅弾(かげぬいばくめつだん)」 - 6428 + BC
  • (Description) - Oboro disappears as his lady lackeys try to trap his opponent with arrows. If they hit, a cutscene triggers as Oboro does a flaming dive bomb into the trapped opponent, doing heavy damage. This move will only work on grounded opponents, so comboing into this move is fairly difficult. The best way is after a 5 + B or a 66 + B. The ideal use for this move, however, is either as an anti-projectile or a counter. Oboro completely disappears during this move, so you can evade a projectile or laggy poke and counter with a solid 10000 damage. If your opponent is predictable you can really punish them. Don't be predictable yourself however; this move is incredibly unsafe. And practice that weird motion. The more consistently you can execute this move on the fly, the better.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

泰山 Taizan
吹雪 Fubuki
十六夜 Izayoi
火龍 Karyu
彩雲 Saiun
不知火 Shiranui
炎帝 Entei
雷電 Raiden
雲霞 Unka
蒼月 Sougetsu
飛燕 Hien
蛍火 Hotarubi





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