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Riannon's Move List


Riannon got her overall power and frame advantage reduced in revision 1.5, but she can still be quite a strong character. She is slow and a bit awkward, but if you have a really good handle on footsies and spacing, she can still be extremely annoying. She also auto-gains meter. She does a lot of damage from both close up, and far away. The only issue is that her moves which she used to be able to use in a mid-range/close situation have been reduced in utility, so once you get in on a Riannon, she has lots of trouble getting the opponent out.


The snowflakes falling mean that the opponent can't really pressure you or rush you down while they're happening. You can activate Yuki for one bar when the opponent is attacking you, and at the right time, you can use that opportunity to turn it around. In addition, it allows you to chain your normals, and with Ria's range, it's very easy to chain 5B/2B into 5C at half screen. Another positive thing is the ability to cancel out an opponent's assist. If you see them doing an assist and you call out Yuki, the assist will immediately disappear. Yes, Yuki takes a long time to charge, and no, she doesn't offer any sort of instant attack, but Ria doesn't really NEED an assist that does stuff because she can do it all so well on her own already. Therefore, something like Yuki really messes up the opponent. In addition, Riannon can turtle pretty well, making the long charge time for Yuki reasonable.

She covers that sweet spot right in front of Ria, as well as having a dashing attack that can hit an opponent trying to get in. Probably not as effective overall as Yuki, but might be better if you're having trouble keeping the opponent out.



Obviously, Riannon is a keep away character. Since 5C and 2C as blockstrings are somewhat unsafe (thanks to invulnerable supers), you want to limit the amount you do them. You are sometimes better off just tossing out a 2B, and on occasion, doing 2B 236A (charge) or something. Your first priority is to get the opponent far away and have an “A” ball set up. This makes it hard for the opponent to approach you. Once you’re in that situation, it’s a matter of tossing long range pokes at them, plus more spikes. Use 5A and B+C as anti-air, as well as the balls and spikes. 5A up close for a poke, if it hits, confirm into 2A 5B 5C 236236A+B 236236A+B, set out 623A, and do 2B on wakeup or something. If timed correctly, the 2B will make the opponent have to block, or do an invulnerable super. If they do the super, you can block thanks to 2B’s somewhat quick recovery. If you let go of an A ball, you want to set another one out while it’s shooting spikes. Using 236A/B is also a good option to keep the opponent from doing stuff. Your defense has to be good with Riannon, as getting the opponent out when they’re in, and surviving their offense is a huge part of her game play.


Aside from throw and 5A, she doesn't have much to get out of pressure. She can't jump because her jump is so slow. Her backdash is the only other option she has, and if you play well enough, you can avoid that easily, too. Depending on her assist, that offers another defensive option, at a 1 meter cost. Of course, there’s always the alpha counter (6B+C in blockstun), but Riannon’s is pretty slow and easy to bait out, and heavily punishable. Other things that do well against her are invulnerable specials/supers that hit mid to full screen. For example, Morgan's arrow super, or Touka's rush super. Granted, you have to predict when the Riannon player will do something, but if you play well, you can do devastating things. Specials that hit long range, or hit behind her are good too, such as Haku's wolf from behind, or satsuki assist. Riannon also lacks a really good anti air, so moves that beat her current anti airs, like Karalau’s JC or Morgan’s JC crossup will do very well against Riannon.


Target Combos

  • 5A 2A 2B 5C B+C
Meterless, used for pushing the opponent away and setting up stuff.
  • 2A 2B 2C 236236A+B
  • 5A 2A 5B 5C 236236A+B
The timing is a bit strict after the 5C, but because it’s not OTG, the damage is pretty high. Very easy to hit confirm if you get a counter hit 5A.
  • B+C 236236A+B
Anti Air heavy smash. Both hits of the meteor will get the opponent if its in the right spot, or against a wall.
  • B+C 236236A+B B+C 236236A+B B+C level 3
100% assist-less combo

Assist Combos


  • 5A 5B 5C 5B 5C 5B 5C 2C
Yuki allows you to chain your normals into each other reverse beat style for a bit, so you can combo 5B or 2B into 5C until it's time to end it with a 2C. Quite decent damage for very little work. Proration is quite heavy near the end so the super does very little damage, but gives really good wakeups.
  • [66] JA JB JA (land) 2A 5B 5C 5B 2C (236A/B or 623A/B to setup)
Since her dash puts her in the air, you can do air attacks, and with Yuki's ability to chain moves, she can do JABA for an instant overhead, and then do a few attacks into a setup. You can also do dash JA (use Yuki assist) JBA. So even if you don’t have Yuki activated, you can activate her post JA.


  • 5A>2A>5D>delay>66A>2A>delay>66A>5A>2B>5C>5BC>63214C>236236AB>2C


  • 5A/+2A>5D>5B>5C>63214C>236236AB>2C/623B oki 236B
  • 5A/+2A>5B>5C>5D>BC>236236AB>2C/623B oki 236B

Move List

Normal Moves


Anti air move. Quick poke and combos into 2A. The range is quite deceptive; While short, the hitbox is rather strong for what it is, making it a decent anti air.


An upward arc attack. Not too bad from certain ranges, good for the opponent 1-2 characters away from you, and for hitting in the arc that the move goes, but like the rest of her B and C moves, if it whiffs and the opponent gets in (and you have nothing to protect you), you’re in trouble.


Very long range poke that goes almost full screen. It’s pretty quick and does good damage. This is important to use as you will sometimes not be able to use your “A” and “B” buttons because you’re holding them from her specials. From the right distance, this move is amazing and can stop people running in very well. However, the recovery is somewhat long if it whiffs, and even on block, many players can use an invulnerable super and beat any option that comes after it including doing nothing and just blocking.


Fast low with good range. It chains into 5A, 2B, 5B. It doesn’t chain into itself, but it’s still quite a good poke.


Long range poke that recovers somewhat quickly. It an sometimes be used as an anti-air attack, but for the most part, it’s fairly safe on block. Against smaller characters though, at mid range it’ll whiff right over them. In that case, 5B would be the better option.


She slams her wand into the ground and creates a shockwave that goes 80% of the screen. This move combos into her 236236A+B meteor super. It knocks the opponent down giving amazing wakeup. It hits otg, but the move is quite unsafe if blocked. Even if you cancel into the meteor super, many characters can do an invulnerable super and hit her before the meteor comes out. You have to be careful using this move, as using it at the wrong time could kill you.


A big energy blast right in front of her. It hits in a strange spot above her, but comes out somewhat slowly. It combos into her meteor, and if you hit them in the right spot, both hits of the meteor will combo for big damage. Slow recovery and 236236A+B being the only followup makes this move have the same problem as 5C, where invulnerable supers will beat it.


This is good when you set up something and then do either dash forward JA or dash back JA for a quick overhead. Otherwise it’s not that great in a regular jump. If you’re using Yuki assist, you can combo from it, otherwise it’s mainly just useful after a dash.


This move is a downward arc. It doesn't work during her dashes because it just hits the ground and dissipates. It hit behind her as well so you can hit cross up with this. You can also do a regular jump and then do JB right away for an instant overhead, but if you don’t have an assist to cover you, this can be quite unsafe.


This move comes from above and goes almost full screen. With dashes, you can use it to hit an opponent really far away with an overhead. It’s a pretty good and decently safe option for pressure from far when you’re restricted on using your “A” and “B” buttons.

4 or 6+C

Ria, for some reason, has amazing range on her throw. The priority is insane, as she can just mash out throws when the opponent is even a little close by, and you can get them with a throw very easily. Near the wall, her back throw wall bounces, allowing you to combo after it.

Special Actions

Blessing of the Morning Star 「明星さまの加護」
  • (Description) - Riannon will gain meter slowly over time. Riannon relies on meter quite a bit for many different things, so this trait is just what she needs. While it helps, it is a bit slow. She gains 1 bar approximately every 20 game seconds.
Hover Step 「ホバーステップ」 - 66 or 44
  • (Description) - As the name implies, Riannon has a long, lofty step. Her back step does not go as far bit she goes up higher. This step puts her in the air and you can even attack after it. Think of it like Morrigan's air dash. Unfortunately, she cannot cancel an attack into another one. So you do an instant overhead you need to cover yourself with an assist or else you are almost guaranteed to be hit for a combo afterward. Also remember than you cannot block while in the air from either forward or back step

Special Moves

Astra 「アストラ」 - 236+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Ria sets up a little circle and the rock will fall from the top of the screen. “A” rocks are close to you, “B” are midscreen, and “C” rocks are far away. If you get hit while casting it, the rock doesn't come. If you get hit after the rock has already been dropped, then the rock will still come, but it will not come if you get hit before it comes out, even if you were holding it. You can hold it by just holding the button you used to do the move, which is particularly useful for the “A” version.
  • (A version) - Closest set up
  • (B version) - Mid range set up
  • (C version) - Far set up
Stella Maris 「ステラ・マリス」 - 623+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Ria sets up a little ball in the air. Like the rocks, the button you press changes the distance at which it comes out. After it's set, it will shoot roughly 16 little spikes of energy down and toward the opponent. You can also hold it like the rocks. If the opponent blocks it, it almost automatically puts them in Low Spirits. In addition, it deals a lot of damage if all the hits go through. As you hold the ball, they do start to float upward little by little. There’s no limit to how many you can hold, so you can hold an A, B, and C ball at the same time if you want. Even if you let go of the button after you set it, as long as you are holding it before the ball is set, you can still hold it. Meaning you can set an “A” ball, use a standing A, and then hold the A button, and then if the ball activates, it’s still going to be held.
  • (A version) - Closest set up
  • (B version) - Mid range set up
  • (C version) - Far set up
Rigid Armor 「堅き鎧」 - 63214+A
  • (Description) - Defense up! She sets a small barrier up that gives her a defense boost for a short period. The damage reduction is 10%.
Third Eye 「第三の目」 - 63214+B
  • (Description) - Auto-guard! She set up a small barrier that will autoguard a move once. This only works if you’re in neutral, not if you’re in recovery of a move. Good against characters like Touka who often do overhead/low mixups, but not all that useful because you generally don’t have time to do this move anyways. The effects last for about 3 game seconds
Application of the Stars 「星辰の活用」 - 63214+C
  • (Description) - Power Save! Ria charges up and the next thing she does that uses meter (before the powerup goes away) will be cast for free.
Soothing Wind 「癒しの風」 - 22+A [Hold]
  • (Description) - 22A heals life slowly
Spell Charge 「スペルチャージ」 - 22+B [Hold]
  • (Description) - 22B gives you meter. This move actually works with Ria's passive trait to help create even more meter.
Fighting Sorceress 「戦う魔法使い」 - 22282+C
  • (Description) - This move will drastically change the recovery of all of your special and super moves (except Spell Charge). In exchange specials will cost 1 bar of meter and supers will cost 2 bars.

Super Moves

Astra Giga 「アストラ・ギガ」 - 236236+AB
  • (Description) - METEOR! This is Ria's main super that you'll be using. It does a lot of damage, hits OTG, combos after 5C, 2C, and B+C. There’s a period before the meteor comes out where she can be hit with invulnerable supers though, so be careful.
Great Healing 「大いなる癒し」 - 222+AB
  • (Description) - Healing. Ria will activate this, and while she's vulnerable during that point, if she doesn't get hit, then she starts healing life slowly. Not really very useful as there's not usually a lot of time to do this super safely. You're generally going to want to spend that time setting up more projectiles instead.
Element Cycle 「エレメント・サイクル」 - 22282+AB
  • (Description) - This changes your tension. You start out normal, and then go into red tension, then into blue, then back to normal, and repeat the loop a few times. Since Riannon plays the keep away game for the most part, it is easy for her to go into Low Spirits very easy. You could risk using this move to give yourself a power boost, but again, it's a gamble. Also, this move has a lot more recovery than her other buffing moves.

Splash Arts

World Tree 「世界樹」 - 63214+BC [Input it 4 times]
  • (Description) - Doing 63214B+C will put her in a super armor state where she charges. You can hit her, but all the hits are unscaled, so most likely you will die if you do this move. If, for some reason, you survive the few seconds of “hit me for free”, she will charge to level 1. You now need to repeat this 2 more times to get to level 3. Once at level 3, if you somehow made it out alive, you can do 63214B+C once more to unleash a big super that auto homes on the opponent and shoots a ton of lasers at them with explosions and stuff, too. Fun to use against the CPU, though!
Revitalize 「活性」 - 22282+D [When your partner is inactive]
  • (Description) - This restores the partner gauge. There's not really any use for it aside from the white album partners (Yuki/Rina), because they restore fast enough anyways. Generally not worth it though, as 3 meters for one partner is pretty steep.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

琥珀色の雲 Amber Cloud
雨のふる空 Rainy Sky
夜の訪れ Advent of Night
太陽の風 Solar Wind
黄金色のスピカ Golden Spica
桜色の彗星 Pink Meteor
魔女のほうき星 Witch's Comet
月の輝き Moonglow
緑の大地 Green Earth
茜空の一番星 Red Sky Venus
暗き冥王の星 Dark Pluto
冬の北極星 Winter Polaris





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