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Sasara's Move List


Sasara was the new character introduced in To Heart 2 XRATED for PC, however she shows up in Aquapazza in her PSP RPG Dungeon Travelers Valkyrie form. A rather straightforward character, her normals are very large but very slow and her combos short and damaging. She has almost no okizeme or mixups to speak of, and despite her range her grounded normals are actually too slow to work in a poking war. She relies on Shield Smash and Air Dash (strange as it sounds) to win ground exchanges but has a variety of anti-air options against jumps.


Because so many of Sasara's moves and strings are unsafe on block, Ma-ryan's firework cancels are probably one of the best choices she has. Plus amazing neutral on its own. Flying kick is also free TK Gust combos in the corner.

Specifically for the Chizuru matchup, absorbs 66C/gunshots/HCF/etc. Pioneered by gamera.

Troll assist designed to take advantage of Sasara's BC 2A rebeat combo. Can do it off 2C CH, BC, 623B, etc. etc. Almost zero utility though.



For all her range, Sasara's ground normals are surprisingly poor poking tools in the ground footsie game. 5B is rather slow and poor against people jumping forward, plus against characters with fast ranged punishes every follow-up becomes punishable on block. This means 5B>5CC, 5B>2C, 5B>214X, 5B>623X and 5B>Nothing are simply unusable against certain characters as blockstrings. 5CC is usually a string ender after 5B, and can be punished even on HIT by quite a lot of characters. 5C raw is not a good poke either as it is even slower than 5B to come out (and again punishable on block/hit as it it hilariously negative) Your main tools in the ground game are 2C, the Shield Smash series, and air dash. 2C, while as poor on block as the other normals, has reasonably fast startup and is a low. Shield Smash flat out ignores all non-low pokes because of the super armor. Jump forward backward air dash is one of the best ways into making people whiff moves or move forward, whether they miss their anti-air or they get hit by falling Jump C trying to approach you.


Sasara's anti-air options are very good. The 214 series, the 623 series, and B+C are all air unblockable. It is not a bad idea to attempt long range anti-air knockdowns with 214 if you have super meter to burn on block. B+C is for preemptive air of a slightly shorter range than 214 fishing, and 623A is your quickest option when someone is in the air right next to you. Of special note is 236236AB, which is a very fast super with startup invulnerability and a good anti-air hitbox. In terms of air-to-air combat, you will generally want to use jB as its range is quite good. jA is very fast however you will want to use it when the opponent is next to you in the air.


Nearly nonexistent midscreen, especially when Sasara's most common knockdown is off 2C or 214. Super jump air dash jC can work if you do it fast enough, but otherwise walking forward or whiffing A Shield Smash is more or less the best option. Sasara has to basically wall her opponents into the corner by showing them it is a bad idea to jump. If the opponent is near the corner things change, as jA crosses up and can gatling into jB for a double overhead on okizeme. Alternatively, you can just alternate 2A and 5A gatlings with throw attempts.


Her lack of a good reversal means she really doesn't want people to be in her face, as it is pretty hard to mash out. Reversal 236236AB is good the first time, and gets worse with each use. Wake up backdash is not bad at all, you'll usually get hit once while airborne and flip out of whatever setup the opponent was trying.. Wake up mash is strongly discouraged, whether it is 623b (guard points), 2a, or 5a. Sasara's forward BC while blocking (alpha counter) is in the middle of the road, it is not amazing nor terrible. Learn to forward BC out of laggy ground moves such as Rina clone strings (you do not want to try instant blocking Karulau clones), and remember that forward BC is worthless against jump-ins as they will recover in time. Of special note is Parry, which has to be done against strings with multiple hits. Block the first attack while buffering the parry motion and try to time the completion to coincide with the second attack in the string. Against people without low 2As you can attempt this against really common blockstrings that you face on wake up, but it's very bad if your Parry whiffs.


Sasara is a rather slow character, and while you can play a slow spacing game with her, there are too many characters in the top half of the cast in this game that flat out move too fast or ignore her longer ranged normals. In these cases you will probably have to play "wild" in an attempt to lessen their advantage. This means whiffing A Shield Smash close range for throw attempts or into 2A mash, full screen "random" 214C against turtling projectile spammers, 236236AB buffered against all your opponents blockstrings, 236236AB when you are in negative frame situations, etc. Specific examples would be 236236ABing after Chizuru has done BC 66B to aerial reset you or 236236ABing after a 214A whiff.


vs Hakuowlo:

Large Sasara favor. Hakuowlo's limbs are generally too short to punish a lot of what she does on block including 5CC, and raw tigers are very risky for him to do when Air Dash is taken into account. His sweep is too short to discourage her from spamming Shield Smash. He has the ability to stop his aerial movement with a projectile, but because it is not a jump-in she doesn't have to 623 it at all, she can just Shield Smash through it and attack him in landing recovery. She also deals with his super armor surprisingly well compared to other characters. More or less, you are allowed to take the offensive here and just zone/poke him into a corner.

vs Karulau:

Large Karulau favor. Karulau is one of the group of characters who can punish Sasara on block AND hit for certain strings. This means you cannot use 5CC on her if she has a meter and she knows about the 214214AB punish. Her guard damage is high, her burst damage is extremely high, she can pause her air momentum against 623 anti-air (don't get hit by CH j623 rocks for the love of god). You absolutely must learn to Just Guard Karulau or you will die extremely fast to guard damage and Sasara's low emotion penalty. Karulau's strings actually have pretty large gaps after 2B/5B, if you are willing to risk reversal super in-between them go for it. Alternatively alpha counter is way safer and easier. It might be worth using the Silence super to prevent reversal super on wake up and all her guard damage from rocks. You'll also need to learn when to alpha counter Rina clone assist activation, Karulau's normals are laggy enough that you can usually do it on the first hit she activates if she's going for a crush string. Learn to discourage her dash by Shield Smashing her repeatedly, even if she feints you'll usually go past each other. Karulau's 2B is amazingly fast anti-air but otherwise doesn't shut down jump forward backward air dash spacing.

vs Touka:

Extreme Touka favor. Touka's dash cancel, normally punishable by most of the cast by mashing 5A, becomes nigh unstoppable because of Sasara's slow 5A. Mashing 2A against a dash cancel will get you killed because of TK and because of short hop. Touka 2C is also immense headache. 2C is fast enough to just throw out and stop Shield Smash, and your 2C is generally way too slow to punish it even on whiff. 2C also punishes 5CC on block/hit at medium range, while her runpast super will punish them at all ranges. You get some leeway in the air though, as Touka does not have a very reliable anti-air vs air dash. If you are a screen away from the corner the TK instant overhead will wall slam for a juggle, so if you are being pushed near there be prepared to stand up. As for assists, Rina clone Touka generally activates only when it lands a hit, their guard crush string isn't as good as Karulau's. They have better clone resets midway though because of short hop. For Satsuki Touka, the normally inconsequential duckable triple shot becomes a threat because of dash cancel TK overhead and because of short hop jB.

vs Arawn:

Arawn favor. Good normals, spammable low, safe rekkas, a projectile, and an amazing DP. A character you really can't jump on, you need to basically beat him on the ground. Since Sasara's oki is garbage anyway, reversal DP and reversal DP super aren't really issues, it's DP on reaction to your jump (forget air dashing) that will force you down. Once there, you have to deal with really good poke normals (what you don't have) that go into safe rekkas on block. The rekka followups can also become a high/low mixup with the right assist that will do 25%+ easily. Block low, react to the high. 2A is a low and spammable against your Shield Smash. jB is a huge crossup. Of special note is Arawn's meter drain super, which takes two of yours for one of his. Sasara needs lots of meter for alpha counters and assist cancels so be aware of this. A very good character to use Silence super against, no rekkas and no DP means you can start abusing him in both the ground and air. For assists, Mizuki Arawn gets an extremely easy 30% damage confirm off of his high/low rekka followup mixup but nothing much else. Camyu Arawan gets very specific relaunch juggles off DPs/throws/even more anti-air utility.

vs Morgan:

Slight Sasara favor. Double jump that she can chicken block out of. Really good crossup mixups on oki. You can Shield Smash away a lot of the arrow problems, and reversal super arrow should honestly never hit you. It's really the double jump that basically sets the fight on her terms not yours. Her hopkick goes over lows and moves her forward, be very very careful mashing 2A on this character. Also has a command grab for no good reason. This is one of the matches where playing wild is not necessarily a bad thing (full screen Shield Smash AA attempts on reaction to any double jump, random rising jB AA fish, etc.), if only to attempt to change the pace. For assists, Rina clone Morgan just mashes hopkick over and over into attempted reset, it's really just added damage for her and doesn't affect how the match flows at all.

vs Riannon:

Slight Riannon favor. Heartnana thinks it's even. Either way, extreme patience on both sides is required. If you didn't know how to instant guard before, you will need to learn now. If you are in range, a blocked Riannon 2C without prior projectile setup means you can 2C sweep her. This is probably the single biggest equalizer in the match. Riannon's 2C itself is a fullscreen low that deletes Shield Smash from this match. If you can make it whiff you gain a huge advantage, as it is a free ticket inside and Riannon lacks decent reversals. If you ever get close 5A/2A/throw oki is scary enough to keep that character blocking for long periods of time. You will be downbacking most of the time, learn to stand up on reaction to the full screen short hop overhead. Do not jump unless you are confident in your instant guard. Do not Air Dash, do not Shield Smash. Just try to slowly advance and Just Guard your way through the meteors and short hop overheads and 2C projectile setups and the spam. Silence super is only good if you can land it midscreen, because if you had her in the corner you'd be able to just lock her down anyway. For assists, 99% of Riannons use Yuki. Yuki lets Riannon rebeat her normals (chain backwards from C>B>A) along with her BC, she can use this to confirm off her dash (really a short hop) overhead or defensively on block to mash strings to push you away. The recharge is quite long so be aware when her assist has refilled if you are pressuring her.

vs Tamaki:

Large Tamaki favor. You should get used to never using 5B against Tamaki. Besides being able to God Press through every followup you have afterwards off it, she can punish you for 5CC on hit and it brings her to the perfect range post knockdown to start her extremely damaging mixups. You have to play this match wild, or you will get destroyed even faster than normal. Whiff 214A and air dash is your friend. Tamaki's dash has less recovery than Konomi's and is not as fast, so be aware if you are trying to 236236AB her when you see her move. Her jump normals are extremely fast so you will have to commit early if you want to beat her in air-to-air. Her super armor grab will also beat your limited oki options. If you get knocked down in some fashion, you will be in an extremely bad situation to either eat assist whiff>360/720, assist>low 5A meaty, or assist>anti air grab if you're holding up back. This is probably one of Sasara's worst matchups. Tamaki has a ton of assists to work with, Ulthury lightning is the most basic, the lightning bolt discourages jumping on wake up, however she can whiff the bolt and just 360/720 you before it comes out. Yu fire fan works almost the same way, it has more blockstun and lets her combo off situationals with fan slap but it is worse against up back. Satsuki Tamaki is decent but not as scary as other Satsuki combinations, it's probably more favorable to actually get hit in the air by the shots and tech than respect the assist and stay grounded while Tamaki dashes at you.

vs Konomi:

Slight Sasara favor. For all her quick movement speed, relentless high/low corner pressure, midscreen cross through mixups, and amazing reversal, Konomi's lack of range really hurts her in this match. Her DP is more for reversals than for anti-air unlike Arawn's, her speed mainly comes from her dash which she cannot block out of, unlike Multi whose speed comes from her walk. She cannot block out of her short hops as well and they feel way easier to react to than Touka's. If Konomi gets in of course you will be eating the same type of mixups and pressure you face with Tamaki, but Konomi definitely has a harder time getting that knockdown at close range than Tamaki does. Plus she can't punish 5B>5CC as reliably. Use Silence if you don't want to deal with the DP on wakeup. To be honest I don't think any of Konomi's assist combinations change the matchup enough to matter, you'll likely see Ma-ryan Konomi for the midscreen cross-through mixup and corner damage plus fireworks.

vs Manaka:

Large Sasara favor. B Shield Smash is your preferred method to go through book spam here. Since you can ignore a large part of book spam, the only things you need to worry about are bookcase super and bookcase counter. It is way easier to approach Manaka than Riannon, you should be able to just box her into the corner. Do not jump or Air Dash near Manaka in this match, her anti-airs are very good.

vs Multi:

Multi favor. Multi's walk speed, aerial trajectories/normals, and her corner pressure really define this match. Unlike Tamaki and Konomi who need to dash to get in, Multi can simply walk in and out of your normal range. Her 5B is an extremely good normal that discourages mashing afterwards, her 2C will punish yours and goes extremely far, her aerial normals are extremely fast and require you to commit the second you jump to beat her air-to-air, she can aerial spin to hang outside your 623 range, and her jA is active for an absurd amount of time. You can't play wild in this match either as one mistake takes you to the corner to start eating Multi vortex damage. If Multi is jumping a lot, learn to dash or crouch under her and mash 2A on her landing recovery, as Multi spamming rising jA will likely beat you out air-to-air if she's close and it will also serve as a jump-in if you are standing. 623 is dangerous if you whiff on her aerial spins, Shield Smash is dangerous if she just walking back and forth and waiting to 2C. Her 5B is actually not positive frame-wise, however 5B>5B will beat mashing 2A from crouch. If you blocked the first 5B standing though your 2A will actually hit her cleanly before the second 5B due to hitbox shenanigans. For assists Multi will generally go Yu or Mizuki. Yu has more utility but honestly Multi does not need extra utility in this match, Mizuki leads into insane damage. Getting hit into Mizuki is a huge huge problem, you fly to the corner and have to start eating corner mixup into more Mizukis. Puddle is a constant low projectile that might be worth standing up into to not eat a full jump-in, Multi will do a lot of rising jA into falling double overhead mixups as well. About the only good thing about this is that Multi is usually rather high up for her double overheads, meaning reversal super will hit very often.

vs Sasara:

Shield Smash shenanigans. Because of the super armor absorb, whoever does Shield Smash second will usually win the exchange.

vs Oboro:

Sasara favor. Oboro's damage is terrible. His strings are all filled with extremely large holes and there's no reason to respect his arrow super. The only thing to worry about is his crossup jC. If you're getting hit by DP a lot you can just keep grounded and zone him out there as well.

vs Chizuru:

Large Chizuru favor. A nightmare, you cannot react to almost anything Chizuru does. The second you block Chizuru 66C or eat a 214 ender into oki you will be stuck blocking for quite a while. Her blood wave will beat out fireworks and Shield Smash, her DP is an overhead that can cross up, her BC is a fast overhead that is 100% safe on block, her 5B is one of the best anti-airs in the game, her 2B is an amazing low that has deceptive range, her As are fast and spammable, her 5C naturally frame traps after 5B/2B and wall slams, her 214B/C runpast is a half/near full screen punish for a lot of your moves, and her 236236AB super is one of those nice moves that punish you for 5B and everything after. In short, at neutral, whiff or have anything get blocked and get 236236ABed or 214B/Ced, whereas Chizuru can whiff a lot of things at neutral like waves or 5B to discourage doing anything or she can just wait for you to hit a button and react. She can punish you with 214B/C or 236236AB on 5CC hit, she can punish you with 214 if you do 214C into Ma-ryan cancel, she can punish you with 214 if you do Ma-ryan into a buff at the wrong distance. You will need tons of meter for fireworks because every blockstring you do can be punished. Air dashing is a great way to get 5Bed. You have very little to stop her 66C, you have to preemptively guess with 623A/B and again you can be whiff punished easily for it. As for assists, it almost doesn't matter, except that all of them can make Chizuru's DP safe on block. Llyr discourages mashing reversals, but you really can't do that against Chizuru anyway with Sasara, and mashing lows becomes moot with 66C. Ma-ryan just leads to repeated ground bounces along with fireworks (she has waves so she won't need those except for cancels). Rina clones just leads to silly cheese combos off BCx?? for half your life. Finally, Satsuki assist is probably the worst for Sasara. The duckable triple shot becomes guaranteed blockstun for ages because of having to stand for 66C/BC instant overhead, plus it makes 66C super safe on landing no matter the timing. On knockdown triple shot>66C can lead to some really retarded crossups inside your fat hitbox as well.


Solo Combos

  • 5A>5B>5CC(C) (The third C will very often whiff at non point blank range)
  • 5A>5B>214B/236236AB/641236AB/2363214BC
  • 5A>5B>623B>BC (Near corner)
  • 2A>2B>2C/214B/236236AB/2363214BC (You can do up to three 2As depending on how close you are)
  • air to air JA>JB>J641236AB>236236AB (add 236236AB only in corner)
  • JC(CH) BC/2363214BC
  • Special note, 2A will combo into 5A and 5B only in Emotion High

Assist Combos


  • 5A>5B>5C(5D)>CC>214C
  • 5A>5B>5C(5D)>C>BC
  • 5A>5B>214B(5D)>66>623C>5A>236236AB (Near Corner, you want Mizuki to hit just as the opponent is coming down from the wall slam)
  • air to air JA>JB>J641236AB(5D)>66>BC
  • 5A>5B>623B>BC(5D)>214C (Near Corner)
  • 2A>2B>623A>6412369AB(5D)>2363214BC (Near Corner, you want to TK Gust to not clean hit and instead ground bounce)


  • 5A>5B>214B(6D)>214C (Near corner, you can do this from pretty far out given how far Ma-ryan travels)
  • 5A>5B>5CC(6D)>C>BC (Midscreen, but the 5A must be point blank)
  • 5A>5B>214B(6D)>641236AB (Near corner, 2 meter silencer)
  • 5A>5B>214B(6D)>6412369AB>236236AB (Near corner, 3 meter, does slightly more damage than just comboing into Dungeon Travelers, doesn't require half life, silences as well)
  • Anti-air 623A(6D)>66>BC
  • Forward throw>6412369AB(6D)>2363214BC (Emotion High, Corner, 5 meter troll Splash Art combo off a throw in red tension, the TK Gust should not clean hit, this also works off back throw into corner, does not work point blank in corner on Multi and Chizuru)

Troll 100% combos that you will never land


  • War Cry>BC(CH)>6412369AB(5D)>66>623C>2363214BC (Emotion high, enemy emotion low, corner. Highest damage? This combo will kill without War Cry, heck it kills without the 66 623C, you can just go into raw 2363214BC after the launch)
  • 214B(5D)>66>6412369AB>2363214BC (Emotion high, enemy emotion low, corner)


  • JC(CH)(5D)>BC>66>6412369AB>2363214BC (Emotion high, enemy emotion low, corner)
  • War Cry>Anti-air BC(CH)(Crossunder)(6D)>236236AB>2363214BC (Emotion high, enemy emotion, low, near enemy corner, you need to cross under with the BC and land 236236AB from the other side, 6D needs time to come out or they will fall before the 2363214BC can juggle)


  • BC(5D)>BC>BC>2363214BC (Emotion high, enemy emotion low, corner)
  • JC(CH)>BC(5D)>BC>641236AB>2363214BC (Emotion high, enemy emotion low, midscreen)


  • 2C(CH)(5D)>BC>2a>BC>2a>BC>2a>BC>2a>2363214BC (Emotion high, enemy emotion low, midscreen)


  • 623C(CH)>6412369AB(6D)>66>6412369AB>236236AB (Emotion high, enemy emotion low, corner)


  • Anti-air 623C(CH)>623B>236236AB(6D)>2363214BC (Emotion high, enemy emotion low, corner)

Move List

Normal Moves


A small circular spear spin. Does not chain into itself, but you have quite a lot of time to confirm off it though. Unfortunately if this anti-airs someone you're sort of in a bad position as they will flip right back in front of you.


Long range spear swipe. One of your main spacing tools, gatlings into 5C or 2C and cancels into all specials and supers. Your main paths are 5B>5CC, 5B>2C, and 5B>214B(assist). There is a gap in the 5B>5C gatling that can be reversaled. Against certain characters with quick ranged punishes this move becomes unusable because all the paths after it are unsafe and rely on pushback to not be punished.


Long range spear stab. Stabs up to three times, pushes opponent away on block. The third stab will frequently whiff crouchers on hit or block, so you will usually use only two stabs. This move is punishable on hit or block at almost all ranges by Chizuru, Karulau, and Tamaki.


Low kick. Less hit stun than 5A. Chains into itself though. Your fastest normal at 5F.


Slower low kick. Has some range but not too much. However relatively safe on block.


Low spear sweep with huge range. Horrendously negative on block, punishable by just about everyone at close to mid range.


Overhead smash. EXTREMELY SLOW. People who get by this raw should be ashamed of themselves. Good damage, good range, air unblockable. Test people's reflexes with this (be prepared to cancel). Alternatively, use it to stop people doing silly things like raw assists to save meter at mid screen.


Jumping spread eagle knee. Looks sort of funny, not exactly good air to air. Crosses up, gatlings into JB, but if you crossed up JB will whiff and you will not turn around until you land.


Jumping horizontal spear. Air to air move of choice.


Jumping downward spear. A decent jumpin that has a lot of blockstun and ground bounces on CH.

4 or 6+C

Throw. Pretty good range and speed actually. You can do a very specific OTG combo off it in the corner in emotion high with TK Gust.

Special Actions

Air Dash - 66 or 44 in the air
  • (Description) - Sasara has an air dash, which is odd for a character of her archtype. Keep in mind she cannot block once she air dashes, so she is committed to the air normal she chooses after it. A lot of characters can counter this with AA supers on reaction.
Low Thrust - C after 5C hits or is blocked
  • (Description) - An extension to 5C. A slightly diagonal lower horizontal thrust. Because 5C is so negative on block, you generally use this to push people out of punish range. It will generally combo after 5C as well if you caught someone in a poke war.
High Thrust - C after Low Thrust hits or is blocked
  • (Description) - An extension to Low Thrust. A slightly diagonal upper horizontal thrust. Because of how far Low Thrust pushes out on block, this move has a HIGH CHANCE of whiffing crouching characters, do not get too mash happy with this as you are hugely open to punishes off whiffed 5CCC. The same applies for on hit as well, if you landed 5C far away stop at Low Thrust.

Special Moves

Raging Smash 「レイジングスマッシュ」 - 623+[Attack]
  • (Description) - A larger upward swipe that has no invulnerability. B and C versions have super armor vs high and mid attacks however.
  • (A version) - No invulnerability but comes out really fast, use against people in the air close to you when BC won't work.
  • (B version) - Longer startup than the A version but has high to mid super armor, you can get mashed out by multiple hits or just a single low.
  • (C version) - Even longer startup than the B version, not really used except in combos.
Shield Smash 「シールドバッシュ」 - 214+[Attack] [In air]
  • (Description) - Sasara dashes forward with her shield and then stabs on hit/guard. The shield has super armor through all sorts of things including poorly timed blowbacks and all sorts of air normals. Is air unblockable.
  • (A version) - A short distance charge, has decent recovery.
  • (B version) - Your main version you will be using in combos after 5B or 2B.
  • (C version) - Nearly full screen charge, but horrendously negative on block if they aren't full screen.
Parry 「パリィ」 - (While Guarding) 412+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Sasara spreads her arms slightly and shakes an opponents attack off while putting them into hitstun. This move is HARD to use well. Basically, you input the motion while in blockstun, Sasara will guard cancel with a parry animation. The beginning of the parry animation must become active during the beginning of the opponent's NEXT attack. You cannot parry projectiles or lows. Different strengths correspond to different startup times and slightly different active windows for the parry to activate. For example during Chizuru's 5ABC or 2AB5C, during the 5B or 2B, buffering the C version and completing it in time for the start of the 5C is the easiest way to parry it. Buffering the A version will likely whiff as the A version's startup is so fast and the duration so short that you will likely parry too early.
  • (A version) - The quickest startup of all three parries, and also the shortest active window. If the hitstun of the blocked normal is very low (jabs), this is the parry to use. It is extremely easy to whiff with this version though, and parrying jabs is extremely hard.
  • (B version) - Has slight startup in the animation. While in blockstun, for moves with slightly longer startup. Multi's 5B 5B frametrap is an example.
  • (C version) - Has the longest startup animation. For moves like Chizuru 5C from her Bs.
War Cry 「ウォークライ」 - 22+A
  • (Description) - Raises offense
Protection 「プロテクション」 - 22+B
  • (Description) - Raises defense
Heal 「ヒール」 - 22+C
  • (Description) - Heals

Super Moves

Daedalus Attack 「ダイダロスアタック」 - 236236+AB
  • (Description) - Your only real reversal, does an upward swipe followed by a downward smash. Everyone and their mom can hit you in between the swipes if they blocked the first one correctly. You can hold AB to delay the second hit, this is to combo off of CH when the opponent flies into the ceiling.
Gust Thrust 「ガストスラスト」 - 641236+AB[Air possible]
  • (Description) - A forward stab that explodes and can be done in the air. Puts ??? marks on the enemy that seal their specials for a limited amount of time.

Splash Arts

Dungeon Travelers 「ダンジョントラベラーズ」 - 2363214+BC
  • (Description) - Anytime you could combo into Shield Smash, you can potentially combo into Dungeon Travelers. Sasara changes into all her classes in the game, and ends with a diving explosion.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

ハナガサクラゲ Flower Hat Jelly
ミゾレウミウシ Chromodoris Willani
ブルースポットサラマンダー Blue-Spotted Salamander
ニシキウミウシ Ceratosoma Trilobatum
ゴールデンマンテラ Golden Mantella
ユウレイクラゲ Cyanea Nozakii
ムラサキウミコチョウ Sagaminopteron Ornatum
ブラックシーネットル Black Sea Nettle
シラヒメウミウシ Goniobranchus Sinensis
モリアオガエル Moriao Gaeru
カナメイロウミウシ Hypselodoris Kaname
レッドサラマンダー Red Salamander





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