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Assist Type

Projectile Unique

Serika's projectiles come out at a spacing relative to your character all the time. She does not move.


Demon Idol「悪魔の虚像」
D - Recharge time: 4.7 seconds

A black whirlwind appears in front of the user, and after it settles, a copy of the opponent's character appears. The character copy does a predetermined action for each character and disappears soon afterwards. For some reason, only copies of the Tears to Tiara characters (Arawn, Morgan, Riannon) have the same attack capabilities as the real ones. The copy will quickly disappear when hit by an attack, but hitting the user won't make it disappear; though it's possible to prevent it by hitting the user before the whirlwind comes out. Furthermore, the copy's attack isn't affected by Arawn's "Overlord Charisma" buff, but the whirlwind is.

Below is a list of the various copy attacks:

  • Hakuowlo - Fujinsen(C) (All hits: 1050 dmg)
  • Karulau - Retsuha(C) (All hits: 1080 dmg)
  • Touka - Hagetsu(A) (1000 dmg) Comes out like an instant overhead, but it can be blocked while crouching.
  • Arawn - Heaven Slash(B) (2000 dmg)
  • Morgan - Numbing Arrow (700 dmg) The stun effect lasts the same amount of time as the real one.
  • Riannon - Stella Maris(A) (All hits: 2600 dmg) Disappears if Riannon's copy gets hit.
  • Tamaki - Iron Claw (Changes depending on the opponent's position) (1100 dmg) The A version comes out when the opponent is in the air, but it can be air blocked.
  • Konomi - Satchel Upper!(C) (600 dmg)
  • Manaka - I Didn't Mean To...(B) (All hits: 1200 dmg)
  • Multi - Cyclonic Separation (1000 dmg) Slightly floats up in place
  • Sasara - Raging Smash(B) (1000 dmg) There's no super armor in the moment the shield is up.
  • Oboro - Tsumuji-giri(C) (1100 dmg)
  • Chizuru - Kizougeki(B) (1000 dmg)

Demon Invitation「悪魔の招聘」
4 or 6 D - Recharge time: 5 seconds

4D places a magic circle on the ground in front of you and 6D places it farther away. It lasts 11 seconds, but if you place a new one the old one will disappear. When the opponent stands on the circle, hands will reach out and grab them. It can be blocked high and low or in the air. The hands will hold the opponent in place for 1 second and puts them in a super armor like state. The grabbed opponent will resemble being in hit stun which will make them easy to combo into, but they can't be thrown.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

学校の怪談 School Ghost Story
恋の花占い Flower Divination of Love
ホロスコープ Horoscope
太陽神の祭壇 Sun God Altar
金のアミュレット Gold Amulet
ケサランパサラン Kesaran Parasan
ハロウィン Halloween
紫の鏡 Purple Mirror
ミステリーサークル Mystery Circle
ピラミッドパワー Pyramid Power
タリズマン Talisman
魔女の黒猫 Witch's Black Cat





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