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Active Emotion

This system plays an important role regarding attack, defense and guard crush systems in this game. Next to your Health gauge is a portrait of your character. The color of the portrait will change in relation to your characters current mood. Offensive actions such as moving forward and attacking will increases your mood. Blocking, back dashing and other defensive actions will decrease your mood. There are three distinct moods and the color changes for each. Normal is white, high tension is red and low spirits is blue. The ease or relative rates that you enter these states is determined by your character.

High Tension

Red. This will cause your attack and defense(usually) to increase. In addition, the amount of hit stop on all attacks is multiplied by 1.5, leading to high tension specific combos, and the animation on some supers change. You will also gain super meter faster than normal. The effects are even greater when you have less than half of your stamina left. Morgan and Oboro actually take more damage in high tension.

Low Spirits

Blue. While in a bad mood, your attack and defense will decrease. You are also able to be guard crushed. Some super animations change, and you gain super meter slower than normal. The effects of this are softened when you have less than half of your stamina left.

Emotion Damage Scaling

Damage Dealt High Low Damage Taken High Low
Life100% Life50% Life100% Life50% Life100% Life50% Life100% Life50%
Hakuowlo 120% 125% 80% 80% Hakuowlo 90% 86% 120% 119%
Karulau 110% 135% 75% 80% Karulau 95% 88% 125% 119%
Touka 108% 110% 75% 80% Touka 92% 88% 125% 119%
Arawn 110% 120% 55% 75% Arawn 95% 88% 135% 124%
Morgan 105% 110% 70% 70% Morgan 110% 111% 132% 129%
Riannon 115% 122% 50% 50% Riannon 98% 93% 120% 109%
Tamaki 120% 130% 65% 70% Tamaki 95% 92% 130% 123%
Konomi 108% 110% 70% 75% Konomi 96% 92% 125% 119%
Manaka 115% 125% 88% 90% Manaka 90% 88% 112% 109%
Multi 110% 115% 80% 75% Multi 94% 89% 110% 113%
Sasara 108% 110% 60% 65% Sasara 92% 88% 130% 124%
Oboro 110% 115% 70% 75% Oboro 110% 104% 135% 129%
Chizuru 105% 145% 85% 82% Chizuru 100% 99% 130% 129%


Every character starts with 20,000 points of stamina and is divided into two parts. When it is blue, you are at full health. When it is green you have over 10,000 points of stamina left. When it is yellow, you have less than 10,000. When your stamina is below 10,000 the damage you take will be prorated more and more whenever you take 2,000 more damage.

Power Gauge

The gauge at the bottom represents your power gauge. In short, your meter. This meter will increase whenever you attack your opponent or defend yourself. It will also increase from whiffing some normals, heavy smashes and special moves. You can stock up to 5 at any one time, simple mode can only stock up to 3 meters.


Throw - 4.gif or 6.gifAP+.pngC.png
When close enough to your opponent, you can catch and throw them with 4 or 6 and the C button. You can also prevent, or tech throws with the same input.

Fast Stand - 8.gif - Before you hit the ground
When your are knocked off your feet, you can get up much more quickly if you hold 8 before you hit the ground. This prevents a lot of invalid OTG combos.

Combination Smash - A.png>B.png>C.png
Commonly known as a chain, this lets you chain weaker attacks into stronger ones with lenient cancel windows. Only works if you make contact with an opponent.

Heavy Smash - BandC.png
This attack will blow your opponent away.

Resist Smash - 6.gifAP+.pngBandC.png - While blocking
This is much like an alpha counter or dead angle. It is a quick attack that can help to get your opponent off of you while you are in blockstun. Also known as a guard cancel. Not all Resist Smashes are created equal in terms of speed.

※ This requires 1 meter

Impact Guard - 4.gif - Just before an attack
This is much like an instant block. Using Impact guard will: Keep your emotions high, prevent guard crushes, and nullify chip damage. Absolutely necessary against some characters who deal a lot of guard damage.

Supers - motion+AandB.png
Most supers in this game require a motion + AB at the same time. The will use 1 meter. Most do more damage when you are High Tension.

Splash Arts - motion+BandC.png
Splash arts are your character's ultimate move. The require a motion + BC. They will use 3 meters, but you can only use them when your characters has less than 10,000 points of stamina (yellow). The damage these techniques cause is usually devastating.


Your partner will back you up with the D button. There are several actions you can do with your partner.

Partner assist - 4.gif or 6.gifAP+.pngD.png or D.png
Your standard partner attacks.

Active assist - 4.gif or 6.gifAP+.pngD.png or D.png - When an attack makes contact
This will allow you to cancel straight into a partner attack.

※ This requires 1 meter

Passive assist - 4.gif or 6.gifAP+.pngD.png or D.png - While blocking
This will allow you to call your partner while blocking.

※ This requires 1 meter

Button Priority

If you push all buttons down at the same time: D > C > B > A






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