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Tamaki's Move List


Tamaki is Aquapazza's grappler. She is furnished with damaging throws and interesting properties on a bunch of moves, making having her close a mixup in itself. You would think of a grappler as being sluggish, but not Tamaki, she has great tools for getting around the stage and in your face. In exchange, she has almost no ranged moves and her normals are short in reach. It's hard for her to do much when away from her opponent, giving you that "well how do I get in" feeling at times. With that said, she has the power to really maker her opponents hurt when she's in, a great pick for people that like to present their opponent with many guesses.


Satsuki's cover fire is great for getting close to your opponent. You can also use her single shot to keep you safe after a blocked Iron Claw of Fear.

You mostly use Mizuki (or Rathty for that matter) for combos. Mizuki can and a good bit of damage but she is kind of slow. You could make use of that slowness for mixups though. Call her out, then get an SPD in while your opponent is expecting Mizuki's hit.

Octavia's neutral assist is good for okizeme and spacing. You can use her other assist for reseting neutral. Her neutral assist is great because it's hard to stop or get away from. It seeks out the opponent and generates a lot of stun.


Spacing and Neutral Game

With this character you always want to be on the offensive; Try to limit actions that would result in low spirits. Tamaki gets big bonuses to her moves when in High Tension. High Tension time also last a fair amount of time for her. However due to the type of character she is, low spirits can really work against you. Make sure you avoid being pressured in the corner as much as possible.

Tamaki has a lot of options for moving around. Make sure you take full advantage of her dash and jumps to get in on your opponent. Just having something blocked is enough to start up Tamaki's guessing game. Having a 2A blocked means you can use delays to beat mashes or command throw them when you've trained them to stand still. If they try to jump away, you can tag them with A Iron Claw. If they try to back dash, you can use B Iron Claw or Iron Claw of Fear to punish them.

Throw Theory

These are the approximate Ranges to keep in mind when playing Tamaki. Using Normal throw as the basis, the list goes from the least range to the most range.

  • Normal Throw
  • Full Course, C Swing
  • B Swing
  • A Swing
  • A Suplex
  • 2A
  • B Suplex
  • 5A
  • C Suplex


Target Combos

  • 2A>2B>2C
  • 2A>5A>2B>2C
  • 5A>2B>623B
  • 5A>2B>5C>623C
Standing only
  • (air to air)JC>land[66]>5C>623A or 2363214+AB
Off a counter hit JC
  • 2A>2B>B+C>5B>623A
corner combo

Assist Combos


  • 2A>2B>6D>B+C dash 5C>623C
  • 2A>2B>6D>B+C dash 214A>720A+B
  • 2A>2B>4D>5C>623C (assist hits) 2C>5C>623C
Standing only
  • 41236X>4D dash 214C>720+AB


  • 5D>5A>2C>5C>623A
  • 5D>5A>2C>2363214+AB
  • 2A>2B>2363214A+B>5D>2363214A+B


  • 4C/6C/2C/623X>5D>5C>623A
  • 360X>4/6D>5B>5C>623A
Near a corner
  • 2363214+AB>4/6D>5B>5C>623A
  • 2A>2B>2363214A+B>5D>2363214A+B
  • 2A>2B>2363214A+B>4/6D>2363214A+B(easier than 5D but less damage)
  • 41236x>5D>2363214A+B
  • 2A>2B>2C>5D>623A


  • 2/5A>2/5B>D>5C>623A (5C whiffs standing)
  • 2/5A>2/5B>D>5C>2363214A+B
  • 2/5A>2/5B>B+C>6D>run>623A(may not work if you are too far away from corner, but corner carries from mid screen)


  • 360A>5D>max spin>Camyu hits>623A

Move List

Normal Moves


Tamaki does a low kick to this shins. This move cannot cancel into itself, but its very fast and hits low. It has a decent bit of reach as well so its it great for okizeme.


A big diagonal slap right in front. This move hits crouchers but the reach is somewhat short. If you use too many A's before this move, it tends to end up whiffing. However the start up are recovery are pretty good and the duration is great. When in High Tension, you can link back to A moves.


Tamaki let's a horizontal punch rip. Unlike most other characters, she can cancel this move into special moves. The hitbox is pretty good but it won't hit crouching opponents at all. But what you can do is let is whiff purposely and go for a command throw after that.


A crouching flick. While slower and having less range than 5A, it does cancel into itself. You can use to hitconfim into combos or self up something with your command throws or assist.


A swipe at the knees. A bit more reach than 5B, but still relatively short. This move is usually just used for combos.


Tamaki goes for a big chop at the ankles. This is of Tamaki's longest reaching normal. Unlike 5A it is not special cancellable. However it will down the opponent on hit. On counter hit it will float the opponent, allowing you to go for a follow up.


A strong, haymaker-looking slap. This will blow the opponent a way on hit and will wall slam if they are close enough to the corner. It can combo from her B moves.


Flying knee press. This move has SNK worthy levels of active frames. This is a good air-to-air against characters that don't have big JCs and the like the swat you away with. You can also use this as a crossup, Ken's Jump light style.


A horizontal chop in front of Tamaki. The hitbox on this is fairly strong, so you can use this as a preemptive air-to-air move. Try to hit the opponent with it as they jump up towards you.


Tamaki does a powerful downward chop. This is your main force for jump ins. If you score a mid-air counter hit with this, it will ground bounce the opponent.

4 or 6+C

Tamaki becomes E. Honda for a moment for a throw. This throw results in an untechable down; from here you can move into okizeme. During the forward throw, you can mash buttons and spin the stick for more damage.

Special Actions

Short Jump 「小ジャンプ」 - Tap 7 or 8 or 9
  • (Description) - Short hop for close pressure. She doesn't move forward very much but it's very easy to use when you're close to your opponent. Has a lot of landing recovery.
High Jump 「大ジャンプ」 - Tap 2 Then 7/8/9
  • (Description) - Tamaki has a super jump that she can make use of. The arch is kind of big so it's easy to intercept if you don't have your partner to back you up.
Dash - Hold 66
  • (Description) - Tamaki gets a full run instead of a dash. This is really nice for making your way towards your opponent. Tamaki barreling towards you is already a scary mixup. Throw? Or no throw?

Special Moves

Iron Claw 「アイアンクロー」 - 623+[Attack]
  • (Description) - A series of head crushing grabs. Each button changes how this special works. Generally, these are used for combos. The A version is an anti-air grab, the B and C version are for ground combos.
  • (A version) - This has upper body invincibility on start up and is air unblockable. You could use it raw if you get a good reach or react to a chicken block. You can also combo into this from a counter hit JC or a partner assist.
  • (B version) - The B version is a catch grab that will combo from A or B normals on ground opponents. If this is blocked, you're a sitting duck.
  • (C version) - This one is much like the B version, but it will combo from 5C. You can mash buttons and spin the stick to get more damage, but you opponent can do the same to lower it.
Wait Right There! 「そこで待ってなさいッ!」 - 214+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Shinsou beam. This special has infinite horizontal range and if it hits the opponent they will be stunned for a moment. This move is actually unblockable, but they can crouch under it. The different versions change the start up and stun time of the move. The A version has the least start up and stun, and the C version has the most start up and stun time. This will also decrease your opponent's tension. The move does zero damage, but if you are close enough to the opponent you can combo while they are stunned. This move is great against characters like Riannon that play the zoning game.
German Suplex 「ジャーマンスープレックス」 - 41236+[Attack]
  • (Description) - It's a German Suplex. These command grabs are a bit on the slow side, but you gain invincibility to physical attacks during them. The different versions of the move change the start up and amount of physical invincibility it has. This move actually has a variety of uses. You could use the C version as an anti air or you can use B version after an A or B move for a tick throw. You could do things like use this on Arawn to dodge a DP or it on reaction to Manaka's bookcase super to dodge and counter attack. You won't change places with the opponent after landing this and you'll have plenty of time for okizeme. Though note, the grabs comes out after the physical invincibility runs out. Also, this does not have throw invincibility. But if this lands at the same time as a normal throw, it will result in a throw clash.
Giant Swing 「ジャイアントスイング」 - 360+[Attack]
  • (Description) - Tamaki becomes King this time for a powerful command throw. The start up is is the same for each version, but you exchange range for damage as you go up. The A version has the most range, but the least damage. The C version is the opposite. For all versions, you can spin the stick for more damage. After the throw, you change positions with the opponent; they fly almost all the way to the other corner though. It's hard to make okizeme after this move, but the damage is worth it. You don't have physical invincibility, but there is throw invincibility for this grab. 

Super Moves

Iron Claw of Fear「恐怖のアイアンクロー」 - 2363214+AB
  • (Description) - After the super flash, Tamaki flies forward at gundam speed for a catch grab. Air-unblockable. This has a little bit of physical invincibility at the beginning of the move and you can combo into it from A moves. It's fast so it makes for an "OK" just do it move, but you will eat a full combo if this is blocked. Probably the best ranged punish in the game, it's best use is just buffering it during strings with obvious gaps and certain blocked (or even on hit) normals. Some examples would be Karulau 2A 2B 2C, Sasara 5A 5B 5CC, Multi 5B 5B, Chizuru 5B 5C, etc. On hit, you will have tons of time to set up whatever oki set up that you want.
Full Discipline 「折檻フルコース」 - 720+AB
  • (Description) - For her country. This is not escapable after the superflash. You can increase the damage by spinning the arcade stick... as if doesn't already do a ton of damage. One big flaw is that the range of this move is about the same as C Giant Swing. You also throw them behind you so it will be hard to get oki. However, if you are in High Tension, you will throw them in front of you.

Splash Arts

Blood-Curdling Punishment 「戦慄のお仕置きタイム」 - 222+BC
  • (Description) - Mu no Kyouchi. Basically, time slow from Samurai Shodown. Everything that your opponent does is twice as slow and stun time is twice as much; allowing you do do combos that you not be able to do normally. This works from anywhere on the screen, allowing you to reverse momentum and apply low risk pressure in almost any situation. This move will end after 316 frames or if you are hit during it.


Default A
Default B
Default C
Default D

Additional Colors

メロウグリーン Mellow Green
サマーバケーション Summer Vacation
スプラッシュマリン Marine Splash
パッションローズ Passion Rose
オーロラライツ Aurora Lights
タンジェリンフロウ Tangerine Flow
スノーホワイト Snow White
ベイビーコスモス Baby Cosmos
プレッピーオセロ Preppy Othello
ハニースウィート Sweet Honey
ナイトパーティ Night Party
バンブーグラス Bamboo Grass





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