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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Dorothy Albright

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Dorothy Albright

Health Modifier
Guts Threshold
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Base EHP
Dorothy's Move List


Just like her theme suggests, Dorothy is a character with trickery, traps and set ups. She has a peculiar set of normals and specials that work a variety of ways to help space and trap your opponents.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
JB is part of your main force for homing towards your opponent. JB attacks multiple times and reflects projectiles. Note that it is not an overhead and crouching opponents will be fine against it. J2B is a great move when homing down towards your opponent. It has great start up and bounces you up on hit or the ground. After that you can resume air movement and continue to pressure your opponent.

2 - Neutral Spacing
JC is a great move when moving away from your opponent. The card stays out for a while and can attack people as you move away from them. If they get counter hit you can easily scoop the hit up for a combo. The 236X series is also great for air-to-air spacing when your opponent is in front and slightly below you or air-to-ground spacing. When you are not going for a particular hand, random pairs can add up to help put attacks on the screen to zone. After a combo, it's a good idea to use Speculation or Flying Ace to prevent your opponent from just wandering in on you.

3 - Hit Confirms
Air-to-air JB hits can easily be picked up with a jump cancel and JA JB to Dorothy's 236 series for some extra damage. If you have the extra meter, you can burn it on Triple Face to add even more damage.

4 - Defense
Dorothy can use Shuffle to help get her out of trouble when pressured or on wake up. It is even better when you EF cancel it early to pick up any hits for a combo and cut the recovery on it. Incoming projectiles are no problem for Dorothy. All of her B attacks reflect projectiles in different directions.

Arcana Selection

Dorothy already has very strong okizeme and pressure, so she doesn't need help with those (though if an arcana happens to improve on that somehow while being useful elsewhere it's a nice bonus). She has an alright zoning game and a poor neutral game, so arcanas that give her fast specials that can be used as "pokes" can go a long way. And because she is meter hungry (and also her supers have low meter cooldown times), she can make good use of an arcana that generates meter quickly.

Dorothy is also capable of going into a raw EF activate combo off many hitconfirms, so arcanas with a useful EF effect can go a long way as well.

Love is a very solid pick for Dorothy and it fills in quite a few random weaknesses she has. Love has good EF and Burst recovery, as well as fast meter generation making it already a decent choice. The main feature of love is the regular laser, 623E which can go a long way in compensating for Dorothy's short range and provide her with a way in when combined with a homing cancel. When setting up midscreen oki after 236+AB > j.C > land 6B, a 236E or even 236236E if you have a lot of extra meter is a good way to continue pressure where a ground ten may be teched out of. While loveballs do have limited use as a zoning tool, an EFC'd or HC'd loveball can be pretty useful when you don't want to spend super on EX Ace cancel.

The reflector shield doesn't really do anything special but because of Dorothy's small profile it won't really have problems missing. The slowfall can be used for some extra tricks in the corner. And when going for the kill EX Love Laser can be combined with EX Ace combos in the corner for some above average damage. Love arcana blaze can also be used in a reset setup that sets up 4/5 of a kind Tens which can be used to guard break, this will be covered in more detail in the combo section.

Unfortunately, raw EF really does nothing for Love.

Evil is a good more aggressive pick for Dorothy, however you need to be a little more careful with meter and make use of its various tricks. Evil actually has below average meter generation, however since it's capable of also denying the opponent their meter gain when the momentum is in Dorothy's favor the meter advantage can be very crushing.

While poisoned, your opponent cannot gain any meter, and Evil Dorothy is great at setting up poison off of nearly any hitconfirm. She can use a raw EF combo, a 2[E] combo, or just end with 236+AB > j.C > land 6B 623E which forces them to block evil cloud and eat pressure or get poisoned. Raw EF combos will also leave you in EF for a little bit longer so if your corner mixup suceeds you can re-poison them for even more great one sidedness. Evil's command grab (641236E) also drains half of a max and a full potential homing meter as well as gives hard knockdown, further complimenting Doro's momentum. Be careful with it though, on wiff it has terrible recovery.

Other tricks include setting up a RSF then using a regular teleport for crossup. EX Ace into EX Teleport which forces them to block the ace (if they have no meter and you do this over their head, it's a garunteed way to land a 6A guard break. The EX Ace > Swap trick is also useful against characters like Scharl where you just need one small chance to get close. And of course the unblockable hole is tough to escape when blocking a ten or a hand of some sort. Last but not least, Evil Dorothy can easily combo into arcana blaze using either j.236+AB or a more advanced EFC combo to force a mixup that could suddenly take someone out of the game.

EX Teleport is also great vs Catherine to help escape corner pressure or nullify Chibigawa or both.

Plant is another really great aggressive arcana for Dorothy. Plant generates enough meter to fuel Dorothy's hunger, and it also gives her some nice unblockable setups in the corner which compliment her okizeme greatly. The vine similar to love laser can help to compensate for her range, though it doesn't go quite as far as the love laser and it only gets her in when it actually connects, it still goes a long way when used well.

Unfortunately raw EF in plant doesn't accomplish much life gain like you would think it does, but sometimes you'd might as well do it anyway. The biggest downside of plant is that it lowers Dorothy's already low life more, but it more than makes up for its weaknesses with its strengths.

Sin is a great well balanced arcana for Dorothy. Meter generation is actually low when the momentum is in Dorothy's favor which sort of lowers her offensive potential a little bit. However since Sin has the best meter generation while getting hit, it means if you ever mess up you'll have a good amount of meter to come back with. More importantly, Sins' specials are very useful for Dorothy. Most notably EX Sinballs which hits on all sides, covering the blind spot above Dorothy's head even in the air. This super can also be used to give you a chance to set up a stronger hand such as a RSF.

Dorothy can also make use of Sinballs and Traps in okizeme. Sinball mostly off 4/6 grab and traps mostly in the corner. Because of the EF effect, when low on life a raw EF combo into sin arcana blaze or continued pressure can mount a comeback very quickly as well. On that note, this arcana blaze is very easy to combo into and is great for finishing matches.

While less popular, Mirror actually is solid all around, with no particular weakness. 214E is one of the best persisting projectiles around and can give Dorothy great opportunities to set up a card or two, or to just get some breathing room. In there corner where they can no longer walk backwards a mirror in your opponents face can be rather intimidating as well. Raw EF combos with mirror are pretty dirty, since you turn semi-invisible the okizeme that comes after is going to be incredibly difficult to deal with. No known practical uses for Arcana Blaze.

What makes mirror unique is that it has a different set of specials in every matchup, so it can become more or less useful depending on who you use it against. Generally speaking, with the average mirror specials you can at least use them as filler during Ten blockstrings or even as bootleg zoning / poking. Meter in mirror is a little low on average, but not really terrible in any one place.

vs Nazuna: 236236E is amazing both when just thrown out or when comboed into. In a combo it will carry Nazuna all the way across the screen and let you set up any hand you want, or just homing after and end in knockdown into okizeme. When being thrown out, due to it's speed and area it covers Nazuna is forced to crouch or she'll just block it and waste a bunch of time. During this time you can do whatever you want, and you have a bit more time when it is EFC'd.

vs Mei-Fang: 236236E is a delayed dive, useful for combos or something?

Another very well rounded pick, most similar to Sin and Mirror since Bubbles (236236E) offer cover for setting up hands from full screen. Water's meter generation is a little bit below average, but it has above average life modifiers like Love does and takes no chip damage which is a very nice passive to have sometimes. Because of the combination of a defensive neutral assist and lower meter generation, Water generally needs to be played a bit more patiently to get in. Outside of using bubbles for cover, Water doesn't really offer Dorothy a whole lot outside of the corner other than a slightly useful raw EF combo which does slightly more damage because of the slowdown on j.B, and a little bit of extra blockstun in pressure afterwards.

It's possible to set the bubbles to follow with 214E, unfortunately most skilled opponents will give you a hard time if you try to do this too often.

However, water is very deadly vs a cornered opponent. You can easily set up bubbles in the corner after a knockdown or mid-combo. What this does is let Dorothy pressure without having to worry about retaliation which can go a long way on its own. In addition to this, when the timer for the bubbles is about to expire or you just feel that you need it, you can use 623E waterfall to put your opponent in a huge amount of blockstun, allowing you to easily react to any guard cancels they do and mix them up if they don't. Speaking of mixups, Water has a great command grab. Dorothy's normal 4/6 grab is good for setting up okizeme, but in the corner maybe you want to keep them there, so simply use a high damage command grab may be a better idea. Unlike Evils grab, Waters grab doesn't have horrid wiff time so it's often safe or goes unpunished if projectiles are involved.

Unfortunately, Water is rather matchup dependant. It's not that good vs characters with good deflecting moves they use anyway (Kira, Nazuna), or characters with very good lows that go right under the bubbles (saki, heart). On the bright side, it's also super-effect against some characters. Bubbles completely shuts down Petras dodge, and also makes it tough for Scharlachrot to effectively pressure.

It's possible to try to force an arcana blaze with a ten or ex ace setup, but beware guard cancels and reversals. The best setup for Arcana Blaze is definitely a waterfall. And of course any successfully landed mixup during Waters Arcana Blaze is going to lead into pretty big damage.

This one is pretty straightforward. You raw EF in every combo possible, allowing for more and more extended EF pressure which is very nice. Tyr also takes less damage while in EF. Unfortunately you won't be making much use of the specials as they are extremely slow and Dorothy's are just plain better. However you can do resets with the air unblockable 236236E or arcana blaze if you so please. As an added bonus, Tyr has great meter generation. Just don't waste your Force Gauge on bursting or you effectively defeated the purpose of picking this arcana.

Since it's already good for Dorothy, this is an easy counterpick for Catherine.

Honorary Mentions

Ice can sort of work, mostly because Ice 236E is like a slower love laser that is easier to follow up (the EF'd and charged version is also nice). However metering is on the low side and it doesn't really offer anything else significant. Similar to water your raw EF combos do slightly more but offer nothing post-combo. Snowflakes seem alright at first but between the slow speed and the fact they are easily deflected makes them less useful than 236E or Dorothy's own projectiles. There's also a crossunder combo with Ice's special dash that can be used to keep people in the corner, but it does less damage and a trickier combo can accomplish that without Ice anyway.

At least the arcana blaze is good.

This pick is purely for the projectiles. Halo can help Dorothy get in easily, making it an alright beginner pick. However, the meter generation is poor and it doesn't really offer her anything after she does get in. Not so much that Halo doesn't do anything for Dorothy, just that it doesn't do enough.

Time is tied for the worst meter recharge in the game as well as having poor meter generation in general, so it's automatically not that great for Dorothy. However, Time Dorothy has a very damaging raw EF combo (2C loop), letting her do damage she normally can't, granted she can't do it that often. She doesn't really gain much from Infinite Light (236236E) setups since her okizeme is already good, it mostly just accomplishes wasting meter.

However, the Timeball is very useful for Dorothy, she can throw it out for cover in the air or on the ground and because of her small size she becomes very difficult to approach. She can also stick it out while in the corner to allow for extended pressure and mixups. Though her timeclones are horrid.

As a combo movie favorite, when you use 236236E to combo into arcana blaze, if Dorothy has enough meter she can set up some hands for ridiculous damage. However it's only a once a match thing and she loses the most redeeming factor of the raw EF combo to do it, making it a round ender only.

Didn't we already say that Dorothy doesn't need help with okizeme? At first glance okizeme is all that luck can do, however it also has very good meter generation making it actually workable. 4/6 grab 214A into 236236E is a nice setup anywhere on the screen. Of course Dorothy also has several setups in the corner with luck, including combos into dice for big damage, or just into dice oki for mixups.

The complete lack of compliment to her neutral game is sort of an issue here, though.



Dorothy has poor range on her normals, to sorta make up for it they are either very fast (A attacks) or have lots of active frames (B attacks). However her mobility is average at best so you need good spacing to be able to use those normals at the right time. She also has some good projectiles and traps that she can use for zoning that can help make up for her otherwise lack of neutral game. Even with the help of projectiles, normally she is still at the disadvantage until she can get in.

Her neutral homing is alright so get as much out of it as you can and never go through with the approach if it doesn't look like you'll be able to get close enough in time. If you can actually manage to get above the other player, Dorothy is at a huge advantage because her j.B is good for approaching people below her as are her j.236 face card series. j.236S~S~214+AB is one of the best sequences she has, when the face cards are blocked Dorothy recovers so quickly she can almost be guaranteed to get in, meaning getting above your opponent one time can mean it's all it takes to eventually win.

Vs people who are above you, if they are over exerting you can jump forward or up and tag them with j.A (amazing 4F startup move that can CH). If the situation is more dire or you have cover from various traps maybe a shuffle (623+A/B/C) would be a better option, use the A one so that it's hard to see coming unless you need the extra inv frames.

Most of the time Dorothy is doing actual significant movement, it should be with homing, normal jump, super jump, (air dash and double jump are still useful for stalling in the air). Grounded she is normally attacking or setting stuff, since her ground movement is poor. In some situations it's alright to 6D under your opponent with Dorothy's small hitbox, but it normally doesn't get you far because she doesn't move fast enough to effectively get away... better to be getting jumped in on midscreen than in the corner, though.


Dorothy, the master of setups. I hope you all come to see my latest trick!

Ten of Clubs setups - From a 4/6AD or 6B (air hit) knockdown

(the main setup for 6B knockdown is double jump air combo > j.236+AB > falling j.C > land 6B)

  • 214A > 5C > 214AB > 214A > 214B > 66 > 5C

This blockstring deals a good amount of chip damage(usually 25%). If the 2nd 5C is done too early the opponent will be able to jump. If the opponent tries to 6GC the immediately after getting up be sure to have 623X or 623AB ready to take the hits. It's more than enough hits to handle the clashes and eventually hurt the opponent. If opponent 4GC immediately on wakeup, they will be caught in both the 214A and 214AB. Any kind of guard cancel after the 1st 214A/5C the opponent will be to far to do any real damage. Though make sure to watch out for DPs and Lock In supers or else you'll be sad.

Note that in this setup if you end with 6B knockdown and they back tech depending on character and spacing they may be able to get out of it.

  • Alt High Mixup: 214A > 66 > 6B > 214AB > 2C > 6B (knocks down into same setup)
  • Alt Alt High Mixup: 214A > 66 > 6B > 2C (knocks down but doesn't give the setup)
  • Alt Low Mixup: 214A > dash 2C > dash 6B (knocks down into same setup)
  • Alt Tick Throw: 214A > Dash 4/6 grab > (ten wiffs) > 214A (same setup)

After the 6B, you could either keep the mixup going with another 214A (chance to escape), or go for an overhead(6B) in the corner, IAD into pogo bounce(j.2B) or empty jump with j.C. Always keep the opponent guessing.

Ace of Spades setups - From a corner knockdown

  • Air combo > j.236S~(S) > low to ground 214+AB > ...

...falling j.C into 2A low

...falling j.A or j.2B cancel into j.C (doesn't come out)

...nothing into throw

...airdash or homing into any of the above options

...falling j.B bounce into any of the above options

...land j9.C crossup / uncrossup (spacing and timing dependant)

Normally if they don't tech you do j.2B or j.A OTG then continue as usual. A common combination is to j.2B bounce, then j.A crossup which is char specific depending on timing. You can force a crossup with airdash or homing if it doesn't work normally, and naturally you can uncrossup the same way.

Two Pair setups - Situational midscreen combos

If you already have face cards of spades out you can just end the combo normally, this setup is even easier if you have no cards out already. Here's a standard combo.

  • ...3C hjc 66 > j.C land > j9.C > land j9.B A > dj9.B A 236+AB > falling j.C > land > 236+A~A...

This puts them right in the middle of a 2 pair hand, which gives you quite a bit of freedom to do whatever you want. A mixup fairly unique to this setup that you can do is iad j.C or dash j9.C for a crossup / uncrossup situation where the j.C hits between the 2 hits of the 2 pair. If your timing is good, it's possible to have the first set of the two pair hit uncrossup, then a gap, then j.C hit crossup. But if they get hit by the uncrossup then it combos into j.C (at least in theory). Keep and open mind and remember you can do any array of dirty tricks while cards are spinning in your opponents face.

These are basic setups that any Dorothy player should know of. More advanced setups require advanced hand knowledge or are arcana specific.





  • jc-Jump Cancel
  • hjc-High Jump Cancel
  • IAD-Instant Air Dash
  • 44/66-hop back/hop forward
  • Note: J2B is required for most of Dorothy's combos. To hit with this, make sure to delay a bit before you attack with J2B.
  • When "raw EF" is listed, that means Dorothy doesn't have to cancel a move into EFC mid combo. This make the duration of EF mode last longer than if actually cancelled with.

Target Combos

  • 2A > (2B) > 3C > hjc > JB > JA > jc > JB > JA > J236A-B
  • 2A > (2B) > 3C > hjc > IAD > JC > land > step > JB > JA > jc > JA > 236AB
  • 5B > 2B > 3C > 6D > 4B > jc > JB > JA > jc > JB > JA > 236AB
  • ~3C > IAD > J2B > JC> land > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > land > 5A > air combo
  • JA > JB > jc > JA > JB > J236A+B > fall > JC > land > step > air combo
  • JE > 5A > 5C > 5A > 2B > hjc > JB > JA > jc > JB > JA > J236AB
  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > JC > JA > jc > JE
  • 6B > EFC > 66 > [5B 4b]x4 > 3C > air (you have to be quick with this combo. Also it's arcana dependant. Some arcana don't speed you up fast enough for all of the 4B/5B hits to connect)

Corner Combos

  • ~3C > hjc > 5D > JA > jc > JB > JA > J236AB
  • ~3C > hjc > 2D > 5C > JA > JB > jc > JB > J236AB
  • ~3C > hjc > 5D(at max height) > J2B > 3C > IAD > JC > JB > jc > JB > J236AB
  • ~3C > hjc > 66 > JC > J2B > JC > 5A > JC > JA > JB > jc > JB > JA > J236A/B/Cx1
  • 6B > 5C > 5A > 2B > JB > JA > 236A-B>214A+B > JB > jc > JA > JE > 214A+B
  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JE > J236AB > 3C > hjc > 5D > JA > jc > JA > JE > 236A/B/Cx2

Arcana Combos


  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > 6A > JA > JE > 623E
  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > JB > jc > JB > JA > J236AB > JC > land > EF > JA > JB > jc > JA > JE > 623E
  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > 3C > hjc > J641236E
  • (Corner)2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > J214AB > J2B > 5A > 5B > J641236E


  • (Corner)2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > raw EF > JA > jc > J2B > JE > land > JA > JB > jc > JB > J236AB > land > JA > JB >JA > jc > JA > JE> 236A/B/Cx3
  • (Corner)6B > 5C > 5A > 2C > 5A > 2C > EF > 5A > 2Cx3 > 5A > 2C > 222AB (Kira)
  • (Corner)EF > 2C > 5A > 2Cx3 > 5A > 2Cx3 > 5A > 2C > 236ABC
  • 2A > 2B > 3C > 214214E > EFC > JA > JE > J236A(3) > 214A > JA > JB > jc > JA > JE > 214A(Royal Straight Flush Clubs)
  • (Corner Cathy Only) 2A >2B > 3C > 2[E] > EFC > 236ABC > 214214E > 5Dx2 > JB > 236AB >
  • (100% Cathy Only) 5B > 3C > 214214E > EFC > J214A > J214B > J214C > 214C > hj > J214AB > JA > JC > land > 6D > 236ABC


  • (Near Corner) Requires Lv2 - 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > J214AB > J2B > JC > 5A > 5B > 2[E] > 236236E > EFC > 236ABC
  • (Corner)Requires Lv2 - 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > raw EF > JA > 214AB > JA > jc > J2B > 236E[2] > 3C > 236236E
  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > raw EF > JA > jc7 > 66 > J2B > JC > land > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > 3C > 236236E


  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > raw EF > JA > jc > J2B > JC > 3C > hjc > 66 > J2B > JC > 5A > JA > JB > jc > JB > JA > 236AB > JC > 6B
  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > raw EF > JA > jc > J2B > JC > 6B > 2Cx5 > 236236E > 6B....
  • (Corner) 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JE > J236236E > walk back > 214A > 6B > 236E
  • (Corner) 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > 3C > 236AB > 236236E > EFC > 744 > J236Xx2 > 6B > 236X (Full House Setup)
  • (Corner) 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JE > J236236E > J214C > jump over opponent > 5E > EFC > 214C > 236Cx3 (Royal Straight Flush-Hearts Setup)
  • (Corner) 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > raw EF > JA > J214AB > JA > jc > J2B > 236E > JA > land > hj > JB > jc > JA > JE > J236A/B/Cx3
  • (Corner) 6B > 5C > 5A > 2C > 5A > 2C > raw EF > 5A > 2Cx3 > 222AB
  • (Corner) 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > J2B > JC > 2A > 236236E > EFC > 44 > 236ABC > 214A > 214AB > 44 > 44 > 214B > 44 > 214C > 412364/463214 > 8D > JB > JA > 236A/B/Cx3
  • (100%Combo) 5B > 3C > hjc > 66 > J2B > JC > 2A > 236236E > EFC > 214C > 236ABC > J214A > J214B > 214C > J214AB > 214B > J214A > J214B > J214C > J214AB > JB > jc > JB


  • (Corner) 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > raw EF > JA > jc > J2B > JC > 2[E] > 236E > jump > 8D > JA > JB > JA > jc > JA > JE>236AB > J214E


  • (Corner) 5B > 3C > 214E > 2B > hjc > JA > 236E > JA > jc > JB > JA > J236AB > J214AB > 3C > hjc > J214E > 236AB > land > 623E > EFC > 3C > 236ABC
  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > 3C > 623E > EFC > 6B > 214A
  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > raw EF > JA > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > 3C > hjc > 5D > JA > jc > JA > JE > J236236E


  • (Corner) 2A > 2B > 3C > EFC > J214C > JA > jc > J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > 3C > hjc(max height) > 66 > J2B > JE > 236236E


  • (Corner) 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > 3C > 236236E > EFC > 236ABC > 641236E


  • 5B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > EFC > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 2A > 236ABC > (6D > 2C)
  • (Corner) 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > 9JC > land > JA > JB > jc > JA > jE > J236X(1) > fall > J214AB > J214J214E > 6A > EFC > JA > JB > jc > JB > JA > 236X(3)
  • (Corner) 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > raw EF > JA > jc > J2B > JE > land > JA > JB > jc > JB > JA > 236AB > land > JA > JB > jc > JA > JE > 236Xx3


  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > 3C > EFC > JA > JB > JA > jc > JA > JB
  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > raw EF > JA > JB > jc8 > JB > JA > 236AB > JC > 66 > JA > JB > jc > JA > JB


  • (Corner) 5B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > JA > J214AB > JA > jc8 > JE > 236E > 236AB > JC > 6B > (214AB) > EFC > 2[E] > 236ABC


  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > EFC > 6A > JA > JB > JA > 623E
  • ~[EFC] 4B/5B > 641236E
Seriously. Any B attack in Tone's EFC will place 5 Canons in the exact same place. You can resonate them immediately after for huge easy damage.


  • J2B > J214AB > falling JB > land > 2A > 2B > 214A > 2A > 214AB > step > JA > J214AB > JC > 2B > 214A > 2B > 236236E > 236E > EFC > 214A > step > 2B > 2[E] > 236ABC
Conditions - Dream Flower Lv3, Illusionary flower(white) Lv4,in corner, Only works on Catherine.


  • (Corner) 5B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > JB > jc > JB > 236AB > JC > land > 236236E > EFC > J214A > J214B > J214C > J214AB > step > 3C > 236A/B/Cx3
vs Mei-Fang only(the EFC, the 4 aces and forward dash all have to be done quickly and properly or else you will miss.)
  • 5B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > 236236E > EFC > 214A > J214B > J214C > J214AB > 463214/412364AB > 2C > 236E
vs Mei-Fang only
  • 2A > 2B > 3C > hjc > 66 > JC > land > J9 > delay J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JC > 5A > IAD > J2B > JE > J236236E
vs Zenia in the corner only

Move list

Normal moves


A crouching sweep. Somewhat slow but hits low and cancels into itself. Mostly used as a combo starter but sees many other uses due to it being a low and the fact that her posture is relatively low during this move.


Dorothy pokes with her wand right in front of her, hits mid. Primarily used to to connect jump ins and used in pressure. Also somewhat slow for an A move but it cancels into itself.


Dorothy pokes straight up with the wand, this is air unblockable. Used for guard breaks and combos.


Dorothy squats and twirls the stick. This hits mid but it can hit up to 4 times. Mostly used as combo filler but can also reflect projectiles.


A standing wand twirl overhead, hits mid. The main use of this move is an anti air... but this move is not air unblockable, and the hitbox is weak and doesn't work well against cross ups; you need to be careful and choosy as to when to use this.


A standing wand twirl near her feet, hits mid. This does make her move forward a little bit, so good for combos. Also hits up to 4 times and can reflect projectiles.


Dorothy does a wide downward swing with the wand, this hits overhead. Not very fast at all so most of the time you need a set up to land this, but if you are in EF, it becomes fast enough to be dependable. Besides being an overhead, you can use this to combo into 5C, or if you are in EF, 2C. Also, this will ground slam and force down on air opponents.


Sends a card out to trip up the opponent, hits low and forces down. This move has decent start up, about even on block and counts as a projectile. One downside of this move is that you cannot cancel it until Dorothy finishes her animation for putting the card out. The whole card has a hitbox, so if you hit with the side closest to you, you can pick up that hit with a 2A for a combo. During EF, you can combo this into 3C but you cannot EF cancel this move itself (because it counts as a projectile move).


A two hit move, first Dorothy strikes at the opponents feet, then pops a card out. This first hit of this move hits low and the second hit can reflect projectiles. This move shows up in a lot of Dorothy's combos.


Dorothy makes a card appear right in front of her with the wand, hits mid. This move has the best reach out of all of Dorothy's normals... but it counts and a projectile and you can't cancel it into something else or EFC it so if it clashes with something, you'll probably end up sad. On hit, it knocks the opponent down but they can tech afterward. If you are near the corner though, you can follow this move up before they can tech.


The Tin-Man pops out from the silk hat affixed at Dorothy's nether region... when fully charged, the reach becomes longer. Used used for combos from 3C but you could also use it as an anti air. Don't forget that its uses as an anti air are very limited.


This time, the Cowardly-Lion comes out of the silk hat horizontally, the hitbox extends all the way to your back... but just like in the movie he sucks. Slow start up, no reach, huge recovery. The ONLY use for this move is for one particular combo. Other than that don't use this move, you can't use it, GTFO lion.


A jump kick, looks just like 2A but in air. The reach is short but the start up is good and the duration is really good. This is a really good move as long as you don't use it weird.


This is a multi-hit wand twirl just like her other B moves, hits up to 6 times. Once you get it out, you'll have a really strong hitbox diagonally below you. This will also reflect projectiles straight down. The only downside of this move is that it does not hit overhead.


Pogo-stick looking move, on hit you will actually bounce back up. If you whiff... you'll still bounce up off the ground. You will get your air movement reset off the bounce either way. You will not bounce if you clash.


Dorothy sets a card up that will shortly activate to attack the opponent. Due of its special property of having a delayed attack, you can use this for many things such as setting up unblocks or combos. One thing to beware of, is that if you get hit before the card can attack, it will completely disappear.


Mr. Scarecrow appears horizontally from the silk hat... seeing the theme for these E moves now? On hit this will launch the opponent horizontally. Depending on how close you hit them with it, you could follow it up.

Poker Hands


Besides Shuffle, Riffle・Shuffle and Misdirection, Dorothy's special and supers deal with setting different cards. The cards determine what hands you can get and will disappear after a set period of time. If you set up more that 6 cards at a time, the old ones will vanish and the newer ones will be used. If you end up sending a card outside the stage, it will be treated as it was never set at all. Also, be sure that you are always aware of what cards you have already set out, because you cannot set the same card out more than once. The cards have suits just like regular playing cards. You can change what suit you get from your specials with each button. A will give you Clubs, B - Diamonds, and C - Hearts. You will always get spades from supers, and you can get Jokers from the super Misdirection. The aim of these moves is to develop a poker hand. After making a hand, the cards will become projectiles and attack the opponent based on what hand you made. The major poker hands you can make are: Two Pair, Three-of-a-Kind, Full House, Straight, Four-of-a-Kind, Five-of-a-Kind, and Royal Straight Flush. Each of these become a different projectile based attack, the can be difficult to get depending on what you are going for. Below is the properties of each hand, remember, you make them just like you would normal poker hands.

  • (One Pair, Two Pair, or Three-of-a-Kind) - The paired cards will spin and bounce up for a delayed 2 hit attack, launches on hit. Only the cards that make up the actual scoring hand will attack. Not a particularly strong hand and this is normally what you get when completing a hand without specifically going for something. The fact that it's so easy to get makes it useful for extending pressure.
Examples: The actual hand compositions are self explanatory.
One pair - 214A > 214B > 236A A A
Two pair - 236A A A > 236B B
Three of a Kind - j.214A > j.214B > j.214C > j.236A A

  • (Full House) - The cards bounces up and rotate to attack the opponent up to 12 times. Even though the cards mostly stay in place while attacking, they hit multiple times for quite a bit of damage making this a strong hand for okizeme or pressuring.
Examples: A full house is just a three-of-a-kind combined with a pair.
236A A > 236B B > 236C
214A > 214B > j.214A > j.214B > j.214C

  • (Straight) - All cards leap forward in a large arc. This attack doesn't last very long, but at the same time it's also very fast and covers a very large portion of the screen. They bounce upwards and fly away, so if someone is sitting on the ground crouching they may all go flying over depending on positioning.
Examples: The only way to build this hand in AH3 is to have 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, and have at least 2 different suits.
214A > j.214B > j.236C C C

  • (Four-of-a-Kind) - With Aces, the cards move straight forward and attack the opponent multiple times, this is a strong attack however it's very obvious which is the main weakness. With 10s, the cards on the ground release projectiles straight up, due to the nature of the setup it's hard to make someone block this so it doesn't seem very useful. With Jacks (Joker needed) a stronger version of full house, this hand also seems to be difficult to set up but rewarding as it has properties similar to full house, each card hits 13 times instead of 12.
Examples: Hand construction is self explanatory, the other card can be anything but the same face.
Aces - 214A > j.214A > j.214B > j.214C > j.214+AB
Tens - j.214A > 214A > 214B > 214C > 214+AB
Jacks - 236A > 236B > 236CC > 641236+AB

  • (Five-of-a-Kind) - A super version of Four-of-a-Kind with 10s, or Aces. The Aces version makes every card single hit, guard break, and travel much faster, meaning it's essentially unblockable. You can also combo off the Aces version easily. The 10's version just like 4-of-a-Kind 10's except for stronger. The Jack version is a much more powerful variant on the 4-OaK Jacks hand, doing a whopping 24 hits per card.
Examples: Setting up 5-OaK Jacks hand can be tricky but since it's all face cards it can be done on the fly.
Aces: j.214A > j.214B > j.214C > j.214+AB > land 641236+AB
Tens: 214A > 214B > 214C > 214+AB > 641236+AB
Jacks: near corner 236AB (so that the Queen and King go off-screen) > 236A > 236B > 236C > 641236+AB

  • (Royal Straight Flush) - All cards spring up and face the opponent to attack. All the cards will transform into balls and bounce forward across the screen until they leave it. The ace will bounce higher the higher it's placed. The damage on each individual projectile is pretty high, and this can also be hard to avoid, meaning it's good for approaching the opponent. Also if set up right midscreen, this can create a lot of blockstun for the opponent.
Examples: A royal straight flush is having a 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace all of the same suit. This only works with Clubs, Diamonds, and Hearts in this game.
214A > j.214A > j.236A A A

  • (Super Royal Straight Flush) - A RSF with spades... meaning you need to spend 3 bars to make this. All cards spring up and face the opponent to attack multiple times. The actual damage on the projectiles is lower than the regular version, however they are much larger, travel slower, and are multihit. If it was difficult to avoid the regular RSF this one is nearly unavoidable.
Examples: 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace all of Spades.
j.236+AB > 214+AB > j.214+AB

Special Moves

Jack・Rabbit 「ジャック・ラビット」 & Queen・Bee 「クイーン・ビー」 & King・Bird 「キング・バード」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Dorothy jumps up and fires a card diagonally downward at the opponent. You'll be using this move A LOT. As you can guess by the name, you will fire off a suit depending on the move, Jack・Rabbit will shoot a J, Queen・Bee a Q and King・Bird a K. You can use the follow ups to Jack・Rabbit just by pressing another attack button after the move. Keep in mind that the button that you use will determine what suit that you will fire off. For example, you could do: 236A→B→C and you would get JACK of Clubs → QUEEN of Diamonds → KING of Hearts. The cards off of this move don't normally interfere with the hands that you may be trying to build so they hang around the ground for quite a while and they are easy to make simple hands off of. The recovery off the ground version of King・Bird is short, the air version however is long. You can super cancel Queen・Bee to Speculation to help erase that opening though. The cards come out pretty fast and you'll find plenty of uses for it.
  • (A version) - CLUB is suit
  • (B version) - DIAMOND is suit
  • (C version) - HEART is suit
Ground・Ten 「グラウンド・テン」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Dorothy sets a card, a 10 on the ground. It will automatically attack the opponent if they step on it. Not only does the button change the suit that use, but how far from you the card is set - C is the farthest from you. The card will be set off as soon as the opponent touches it even a little bit, so its rather hard to use it to as a trap. The card doesn't last too long and the recovery of the move is long, so you might eat a combo for your trouble of even trying to set it out during neutral spacing. So in the end, this is mostly used for okizeme.
  • (A version) - CLUB is suit; Stops close to you
  • (B version) - DIAMOND is suit; Stops a distance from you
  • (C version) - HEART is suit; Stops far from you
Flying・Ace 「フライング・エース」 - J214ABC
  • (Description) - Sets an ACE in the air. It will automatically activate and attack the opponent up to 11 times after a set amount of time. However that amount of time is somewhat long so you can't use this move to directly attack your opponent. This is mostly used to complete a poker hand. The different versions not only change the suit of the card, but also how long it takes for the ACE to start its attack. This can also reflect projectiles.
  • (A version) - CLUB is suit; 357F before activation
  • (B version) - DIAMOND is suit; 327F before activation
  • (C version) - HEART is suit; 297F before activation
Shuffle 「シャッフル」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - Dorothy spins and summons cards to spin around her for a multi-hit DP-like move. The different version change the "DP-ness" of the move quite a bit. This move leaves no cards. You can EFC these moves on hit into a 6A for a combo depending on how you hit the opponent.
  • (A version) - No invincibility, but very fast start up
  • (B version) - Invincibility to physical moves, moderate start up
  • (C version) - Long invincibility, long start up

Super Moves

Triple・Face 「トリプル・フェイス」 - 236A+B
  • (Description) - This is the super version of Jack・Rabbit. Dorothy sends a spade of all 3 face cards diagonally downwards at once. On hit, this will ground bounce the opponent. The properties of this move are roughly like Jack・Rabbit and this is mostly used for combos. If you are pushed out too much in the corner, or the combo proration is very high this may not combo properly, but you will still be extending a lot of combos with this move.

There is a gimmick where this move will cross up when done very close.

Riffle・Shuffle 「リフル・シャッフル」 - 623A+B
  • (Description) - A super Shuffle, this version is larger than your regular Shuffle. Riffle・Shuffle is also fully invincible, making it more dependable than Shuffle in terms of being a reversal.
Ten・of・Spades 「テン・オブ・スペード」 - 214A+B
  • (Description) - Super Ground・Ten, sets a 10 of spades. this works much like the normal version and you can choose how far this goes out by holding the buttons down, but of course, you are open during that period of time. You won't use this move for much besides setting up a Super Royal Straight Flush.
Speculation 「スペキュレイション」 - J214A+B
  • (Description) - A super Flying・Ace. The activation until the ACE actually attacks the opponent is MUCH shorter than the normal version and the recovery of the actual move is much better. You can actually rely on this move a certain amount for combos and zoning because of this. You can kara cancel this off of Queen・Bee to drastically reduce your recovery.
Misdirection 「ミスディレクション」 - 412364A+B or 463214A+B
  • (Description) - A fake out. After this move you get a JOKER to use for your poker hand. You usually use this when you have one more card left to complete a hand. It must be used to make Five-of-a-Kind hands. You can use this fairly easily as there is almost no recovery after this move.

As you noticed, there are two inputs for this move. 412364 creates a feint that makes it look like you are using a Super move (4F). 463214's feint (5F) looks like an Arcana Super. These feints are scary so it's easy to go for a throw or a low after these to catch your opponent doing (or not doing) something if you choose to use it that way instead of for hand completion.

Critical Heart

Magician's・Choice 「マジシャンズ・チョイス」 222A+B
  • (Description) - First, Dorothy sends a card out on the ground that will home on to the opponent for a low attack. This move has no invincibility so you will mostly hit with it by means of combo. However you could hit with it even from the other side of the screen if the opponent does something dumb, creating a large opening with them on the ground. On hit the opponent will be forced to choose from 4 different cards; only one card will spare them from damage. If they guess right, you and your opponent will recovery some meter and health. If they miss though, they will take damage. During EF, there are 8 cards; one "safe" card, and one "die" card. The other cards are regular "miss" cards. The die card will stack some pretty serious damage on the opponent. You can change where the safe card goes during this; A B C D with the normal version, or 2A 2B and etc for the bottom cards on the EFC version. By the way, the round timer STILL runs during this. So the opponent can choose to not pick a card if they have the life and time is short. If that happens... well, good games.



7. Oompa Loompa (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)
8. Carl Clover (Blazblue)
11. Uten (Needless)

Arcana Heart 3

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