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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Eko

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Eko's Move List


Fitted with moves that hit multiple times and stop or change momentum, Eko is definitely one of the more unorthodox yet simple characters in Arcana Heart 3. Players that might like Eko want a character that can rushdown and stack up huge damage upon getting a hit.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
As you may have heard, JE is very good for this. Approaching from the front, JE. Coming from above, JE. When passing overhead, JE for that crossup hit. Air-to air, JE will help you get in. It's active for ever, hits 6 times and all hits are overhead.

2 - Neutral Spacing
Due to the nature of Eko's moves, what you do at neutral depends more on how your opponent is trying to approach you. In response to a whiffed move on the ground, you could use 2C to slide in and punish. Against incoming opponents, threatening with a J8 JE isn't a bad idea. JC out extra early isn't too bad either. When you have a free moment use "I'm drawing" to help zone, the sun is particularly useful when playing defensively or stripping options from your opponent.

3 - Hit Confirms
On the ground, a 2B hit can easily be confirmed into an EF combo. When out the force gauge isn't full, confirm straight "It's a carriage" or, "W're going to the castle." In the air JE will combo into JE after a jump or homing cancel. End the combo with It's a Prince for the knock down. If you tag your opponent with JE while moving towards the ground, you can jump back up to complete your combo with JA JE then It's a Prince for the knock down.

4 - Defense
Cinderella has a lot on invincibility and is hard to punish. It hits behind her, starts up fast and it does a good amount of damage as well. It is quite good as a reversal. It's a Prince also works for opponents mindlessly hovering in front of you.

Arcana Selection

Most choices in arcana for Eko are to help her generate more damage off her rush down and random hits.

The Fire Arcana can help turn random hits into really big damage. Fireballs are also good for zoning, as it covers a vector that Eko is not natively strong with and they cannot reflect it.

Time EF combos on the ground give Eko a good bit of time to land extra hits and take okizeme. The damage and mixups themselves are not particularly strong, but your opponent will be forced to block for long periods time. So the time arcana is great for post combo rushdown.

Earth punch can increase Eko's damage by a lot. Short hit confirms quickly turn into huge damage with earth punch or super earth punch. EFC cancels extend your blockstrings and make them much harder to escape, due to Earth's guard points combined with Eko's great normals.

Eko can very easily take advantage of Tone's canons in EF mode with all of her multihitting normals, giving her very damaging EF combos.



Target Combos

  • (JE) (2A) 5C[hjc]JA JE[jc](JA) JE JB/623X
  • 2A 2B [4]6A 236A+B
  • 2A 2B [4]6A(2)[6HC] 5C [hjc] air
  • 2A 2B 623A(1)[6HC] JE [land] 5C [hjc] air
  • JE (2A) 5C(2) 624C[EFC] 6D 5A 2C
  • 2A 2B [4]6A(2) [EFC] (6D)[[2A 2B(1) 624A]x2] 2A 5A 2B 2C
This EFC combo works only with long EFC durations (Metal Mirror Halo Luck Fenrir etc)

j.B>j.C>6HC>j.E>land>5C>214AB (corner only)

Arcana Combos


  • 2A 2B [4]6A(2) [EFC] (6D) 5C(2) [hjc] JA JE JC 623E


  • 2A 2B [4]6A 236A+B 236236E
Triple ballz scoops them up after the wallslam
  • 2A 2B [4]6A(2) [EFc] (6D) 5C(2) [hjc] JA JE JC 6426E


  • 2A 2B [4]6A(2) [EFc] (6D) 2A 5A 2B(1) 624A 2A 5A 2B 2C 236236E JB/623A


  • 236E 5B 5C(1) 624C 2A 5C(2) [hjc] Air
  • 2A 2B [4]6A(2) [EFc] (6D) 5C(2) [hjc] JA JE JC 236E JA [jc] JA JE


  • 2A>2B>[4]6A(3)>EFC>2C>641236E
  • 2A>2B>EFC>5C(1)>623E>j.A>j.E>641236E
  • 2C(at least 4 hits)>EFC>5C(1 hit)>623E>j.A>j.E>641236E

Move List

Normal moves


A low punch that hits mid. Out of all of Eko's moves this is one of the fastest... but its still 6 frames of start up. Cancels into itself.


An angled punch that actually hits low. You'll be pretty sad if you have a habit of doing anti air clash to 5A, because this won't work for that at all. This is on the slow side for a 5A, and the reach is "OK." However, there is clash on its start up. Cannot cancel into itself.


A flower pops out in front of you and attacks the opponent. This move can do up to 6 hits and is air unblockable. Hits mid.


Kazu throws a flower out. Should you get the move out, it the flower won't disappear even if you get hit as it becomes a projectile. 【4B】 and 【6B】 are the same move, it just changes the trajectory of the flower.


A sliding drill that hits low. Your hitbox becomes about as low as it looks. Slow start up but it moves forward quite a bit and is multiple hit (up to 7 hits). This has clash frames in its start up.


A headbutt into an upward tongue drill for a two hit move. The first hit have a pretty fast start up and the second hit is HJ cancellable and air unblockable.


Looks like a 2C pointed upwards. The reach and start up of this 2E are not too special.


Thrusts both arms forward for an attack. This has plenty of reach, but the start up is on the slow side.


Kazu's ears(?) come up in an angle like a stag beetle for a two hit attack. Jump cancellable.


Kazu bloats up and pincushions the opponent. This move completely stops your momentum in air, has clash frames in its start up, and groundslams the opponent. The start up is on the slow side, and the recovery is long, but it is good as an air combo ender. You could also use this as an anti ground move or overhead.


Air drills that travels horizontally and attacks the opponent for up to 3 hits. This move also stops your momentum before attacking. Also like JB it has clash in its start up.


Spinning rims. Kazu spins round and round for a full body attack that hits up the 6 times. You can use your inertia from homing to this move to spin around the screen pretty much. Also, rare for a JE, you can jump cancel this move. It also cancels into JB.

Special Moves

It's a Carriage 「ばしゃなの」 - [4]6ABC
  • (Description) - Kazu turns into a Donkey Kong mine cart to run the opponent down. The different versions change the amount of hits, movement distance and properties of the move.
  • (A version) - Fast start up; 3 hits
  • (B version) - Slower start up, but more hits and forward movement; 5 hits
  • (C version) - Very slow start up but guard crushes on the first hit. Launches the opponent upward regardless of if they were blocking or not. Guaranteed damage if you cancel into 「Cinderella!」
Mr. Prince~ 「おうじさまー」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - Kazu turns into a crown prince and slashes with his sword up, then down for a two hit special. If you would compare the other shouryukens in the game to this one, this move doesn't have much going for it in terms of clash or invincibility, making it rather unreliable as a reversal or anti air. The hitbox doesn't stretch downwards too far either. You can still follow this move up after a NHC on the first hit, and there is some pre-release clash on it. The different version changes how high Kazu rises and certain properties.
  • (A version) - Fast start up; Upper body invincibility on start up
  • (B version) - Slowest version; Second hit is slow but is an overhead; Same damage as the A version
  • (C version) - Fastest start up on the ground; Rise upwards also hits the opponent; Full body invincibility on start up
  • (Air version) - Fastest of all the 623 series; Same hitbox properties as the A version
I'm Drawing 「おえかきするの」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Eko draws one of 6 different things and brings them to life. These things are a: House, Cloud, Bird, Flower, Sun or Cat . While Eko is drawing, the sketchbook has clash and can reflect projectiles. The order that she draws seems to be Bird → Cloud → House → Flower → Sun → Cat → Random
  • (Bird) - Flies in a curve and speeds up. Hits multiple times.
  • (Cloud) - Comes out diagonally above you and slowly travels further in that direction. Does not attack, but has a clash hitbox the entire time.
  • (House) - Comes out diagonally up, then falls straight down. Has an overhead hitbox until it touches the ground.
  • (Flower) - While falling, it can hit the opponent for a mid attack, but on the ground it only has a collision box.
  • (Sun) - Stay put diagonally above you. Has an attack hitbox the entire time.
  • (Cat) - Moves forward on the ground. Think of it like a mini version of Nazuna's wolf summon. Hits mid while falling down, hits low while walking.
It's a Present 「ぷれぜんとなの」 - 63214ABC
  • (Description) - Kazu takes out a Jack-in-the-Box and releases a chain chomp on shrooms. The box itself has clash. The chomp reels the opponent in on hit. On block you get pretty good frame advantage, making it good for pressure and mash prevention. The different versions change the angle of the attack.
  • (A version) - Straight forward
  • (B version) - 45 degrees diagonally up
  • (C version) - 80 degrees diagonally up

Super Moves

We're Going to the Castle! 「おしろにいくの!」 - 236A+B
  • (Description) - Super version of the carriage, the Cinderella Express. Fast, tons of hits and homing cancellable. Untechable horizontal launch on the last hit. Depending on how many hits you've stacked up, you maybe able to pick up your combo after the wallslam. This super moves a lot, most of the time when you hit with this you'll take them to the end of the screen.
Cinderella! 「しんでれらー!」 - 214A+B
  • (Description) - The aforementioned castle, a lot of good properties on this move. This is fast, has full invincibility, is unclashable, is air unblockable, and locks the opponent on the first hit. It's not that wide, but the screen zooms in on the move vertically, and vertical reach of the move is almost as high as that. On hit, you blow the opponent up, the shower them with fire works. When you do this move, and the timer has matching numbers such as 11,22,33,44,etc, you get more hits and the damage increases substantially.
We're Spinning! 「ちょーまわるの!」 - J63214A+B
  • (Description) - 1 bar spinning rims, this is like a super version of JE that is angled downwards from the air. The start up isn't that great but it has a lot of hits. This can link off a JE if your don't have too many hits in already. Ground bounces the opponent, hits overhead and has throw invincibility. You can even cancel into an arcana super at the end. If you hit the ground before you cancel, you'll do the ground version of whatever you try, possibly giving you some gimmicks to work with.

Critical Heart

Gentlemen!! 「じぇんとるめん!!」 - 222A+B
  • (Description) - Make my monsters grow~. Just like Rita's monsters, you can only use this when you are getting beat up (i.e. when you have 25% or less of your life left). As you can guess, after a somewhat long charge up time, Kazu becomes mega sized. You can think of this like Suika's 「Missing Power」 from IaMP. After you input the command, you have one hit of super armor to protect you. After you're giant-ized, you have hyper armor instead of blocking. During this every hit that you take is minimized to 100 damage, however during multi-hit moves you can't move. Locking moves and throws will not hit you. You move rather slow during this and you cannot jump. Also, all of your moves are replaced with these:
  • (A) - Kazu stomps, overhead; Full screen, low hit, shock-wave on the ground after the stomp
  • (B) - Kazu swings his arm down; On block it ground bounces and guard crushes the opponent; Air unblockable; overhead
  • (C) - Kazu swings his arm up; Floats and guard crushes on block; Air unblockable
  • (D) - Hip thrust.... just a taunt
  • (E) - Gentleman smile... another taunt

The EF version of this move can attack the opponent during the mega growth. He becomes bigger, stronger, and can move a bit faster. Interestingly enough, if you are using the Earth Arcana and use this XH, you'll continue to have Earth's EF effect of hyper armor during Kazu's mega growth.


6. Nanoha (Lyrical Nanoha)
9. Kyon's sister (Haruhi Suzumiya)
13. Roll

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