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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Elsa La Conti

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Elsa La Conti

Health Modifier
Guts Threshold
Maximum Guts
Guts Factor
Base EHP
Elsa's Move List


When she's not dealing with vampires and demons, Elsa's uses her bat-belt of items to bring you a versatile, close range fighter. Even Belmont would be jealous. She lacks long range normals, but has all the tools she needs to get in and stay in on her opponent. You might be interested in Elsa if you don't mind working to get in, but love running strong mixups that lead to high damage.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
While homing towards your opponent, JB and J4B are Elsa's best moves. These work well when you are about level with your opponent, but J4B is also good when they are slightly above you and JB when they are slightly below. When your opponent is a small distance away and below you, JC is what you should use. JC gives you you a good amount of reach below you, but it is a bit low.

2 - Neutral Spacing
4C is invaluable for Elsa's neutral. It has upper-body invincibility a really good hitbox and reflects projectiles. 4C is great for all sorts of anti jumping/homing or directly punishing jump outs. When you are free, you can throw Sanctus bottles to help you zone. However, be careful about your your timing with Benedictus, you can be counter hit out of it and lose half your life over nothing. If your opponent is on the ground, Gloria can help close the distance and attack at the same time. The B and C version also have clash to help force your way in. Using a homing cancel afterward to stay at an advantage if they block it.

3 - Hit Confirms
JB > J4B will a your main tool for confirming air to air. After hitting that, combo into Credo then Gladius if you have the meter for the follow up. If you're low to the ground you can hit them with Communio afterward. Without meter, confirm into JE then Communio. Elsa has easy combo paths to 2E but do not rely on 2C for confirms. Confirm from 2B and continue pressuring or use 2C > 2E when close enough. Some characters (Like Kira and chibis) move too far away for 2E when even just a bit farther out. So confirm into 421X for them.

4 - Defense
Elsa has one of the best DP's in the game. The C and B versions are best for wake up. The A version is good for 6GCs. You can confirm all versions in Gladius. Use a homing cancel after it to combo or keep yourself safe on block. You could also EF cancel the A version for a really high damage combo. Elsa's 2A has decent reach and good start up, so you could use it to poke when pressured. 4C is also a good part of Elsa's defense since it can reflect projectiles and deny a lot of poor air movement.

Arcana Selection

Many players like to use Arcanas that boost Elsa's okizeme. Through the use of Communio, Elsa can force a lot of tricky mixups and unblockable set ups. You could also use several arcana to help cover Elsa's weak spots.

Love has a great set of projectiles to help Elsa. Elsa's neutral game is somewhat lacking, so the love balls and lasers are extremely beneficial. You can also use the love laser in combos to help increase damage. You can also rather easily use Love's arcana blaze for combos and air tech traps. All of Love's modifiers are good so you almost cannot go wrong with this arcana. Love balls are also good for okizeme after a knockdown.

You can help Elsa's weak clash game with the Thunder arcana. Having Thunder step and and charge to force clash and Crioch as another option to win clash battles is reassuring. You need to get used to using the 5[E] clash, you only get a couple of frames to force clash. Normally, your 5A is too slow to be used for clash and the only option you have is Credo to force your way through a clash battle. However both of those can get you into a lot of trouble if mess up. Having the extra options is great against characters that can cheese their wait through clash battles. You can also use Fearg Lorg for mixups after Communio.

All of Wind's passive attributes can help Elsa get around the stage with ease. It can also turn the ~2C > 2E combo route into meterless combo with a jump cancel to neutral homing. Due to this, you can us your meter more efficiently and have 3 bars by the end of the second round. Two things though; 1: Elsa already has 6GC > Credo as a good reversal, so the push block is rather redundant. 2: Wind has terrible life, and Elsa's isn't too great to begin with.

Dark is one of the main arcana's to improve Elsa's post Communio mixups. The main objective is to hit your opponent will a charged 5[E] after the knock down, then use the extra time for a 4way mix up with Martern, or try to hit them with the air unblockable 4C after they pop up. You can also use Sichel to help zone your opponent.

Elsa's damage isn't that good, just average. So the extra damage from the poison is very nice. Also, your opponent will not gain meter from hits while poisoned, preventing them from making a comeback using any meter. Evil's stamina changes are average and you can use the warp tech to escape from your opponents okizeme. One thing though, you won't be getting any second bursts with evil, the recharge time is pretty bad. It's also not very meter effective for you to have to burn it on Miroir multiple times per round. So this arcana is best used as a counter pick more than anything.

Rather than focusing on improving Elsa's mixup, using Tyr means improving Elsa's base defense, power, and speed through out the match. Raw EF's will make you leaner and meaner with every pop. The extra time in EF due to subsequent raw activations will help improve your spacing and damage off random confirms. Tyr's Limit Daluege will also help Elsa in Nazuna/Cathy match ups. Tyr has decent life modifiers, meter gain and recharge times even without the buffs.

The infamous Luck Elsa. Your main objective is to force knockdown after Communio, then use Shani and or Mithraism to force damage with 5[E]. When the dice are thrown out as soon as possible, opponent cannot move and is force to take damage... back into the same set up. This mix ups is basically your main objective after every hit. When you have a free moment, increase your luck to increase your chances of staying alive. Luck gains meter very quickly so long the arcana guage remains full. So you'll mostly be using EF for combos to build meter quicky. Basically making chips to bet more. This also means that burstly is strictly forbbiden unless you really need too. The recharge speeds are some of the slowest in the game so remember that. You don't gain anything useful for neutral and luck's passive attributes are not reliable. Luck's numbers are not very good during EF and its EF lasts longer than most arcana, so be careful.

The even more infamous Fire Elsa. Your job is to hit confirm anything into either a 70%-100% combo with the use of 5[E]/2[E] resets off of Communio. Since fire [E] moves are unblockable, they'll deal a ton of damage and in EF, it doesn't hit your opponent far away so you can combo off of them. If you grind the combos hard enough, you can be doing touch of death combos. You force your opponent to burst unless they want to lose the round, crippling them even further when they don't have access to Extend Force. Even without your extend force, you'll still be dealing a large majority of your opponent's health so you can still use your burst liberally if you want. A good strategy when going into matches are to try to confirm off of every j.C, work to make them cross up in neutral, anything to get a hit in (which isn't too hard with Elsa) so you can finish your opponents off quickly.



  • Good anti-air and reversal
  • Oppressive okizeme with Communio
  • Good 5B. Great for pressure spacing and combos
  • Great damage with super moves and their follow ups
  • Good cross up potential with JC
  • Combo-able air grab


  • No normal moves that have above average active frames.
  • Poor air to air
  • Very poor clash game and almost no moves that you can use to cause clash on will
  • 5A doesn't cancel into itself for easy confirms
  • Arcana moves come out relatively high
  • Homing speed is not as fast as the other close range fighters
  • Easy to get misinputs with Elsa

Elsa is one of the few "standard" characters in Arcana Heart. Shes a little harder to use than Heart and Weiss, but still easy to use. She is top class if you can master her. Her major charm point is definitely her Communio. Depending on your opponent and the match up, you could literally run your opponent over as soon as you get in. Her anti air is great at keeping people out. Elsa has a ton of reversal options as well. From DP to Super DP, to guard cancel to either DP or even Communio. Elsa can also generate hefty damage with the follow ups of her super moves, turning little confirms into big damage late in the game. Her air grab is also easy to combo off. All these things combined with great pressure make Elsa very hard to deal with in the right hands. Make sure you are attentive to Elsa's weaknesses and try to compensate for them.

Here are several things that you should keep in mind when playing Elsa. First, she has no air normal moves that have above average active frames or impressive hitboxes like Saki, Heart and so on. Also, her homing speed is not as fast as the other close range fighters. With her speed and the lack of good air normals, this creates a rather poor air to air. If fact, you almost have to give up trying to challenge most of the other characters in the game. This means that you need to be much more methodical when it comes to getting in, you cannot just bolt in and expect to get his. Her clash game is also below average and she has almost no moves that you can use to cause clash on will. You'll have to use Arcana like thunder and punishment if you want to increase her clash capacity on the ground. In the air, you have almost no moves to clash battle with besides DP. For air to ground, your best option is to calm down and back off and not try to mash your way in. Keep these things win mind will keep your Elsa clean and strong.


Target Combos

  • 2A 2B 2C 421X 214A+B
  • 2A 2B 2C 4C 214B 236A+B
  • 2A 2B 2C 421X [6HC] 5A [jc] JA JB J4B [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
  • 2A 2B 2C 421X [6HC] 5B 6B JA JB [delay] J4B [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
  • 2A 2B 2C [EFC] 5A 5B [IAD] JA JB [land] [step] 5A JA JB J4B [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
Basic Combos. Most of the time, you need to delay J4B so that it actually hits and the rest of the combo is smooth.
  • 2A 2B 2C 421X [6HC] 5A JA JB [delay] J4B [delay] JC [land] 2A 5B → X
Not so basic combo. Looks cool and you can tag Rankeora at the end or back into Kyrie for an air combo with one more bar
  • 2A 2B 236A+B→236A+B 5A 5B 6B JA JE J236A
A super confirm into the follow up in the corner. This follow up will put you in a good position after spending two meters.
  • 2A 2B 2C [6HC] 5A 6B [...] 5A 6B JA JB J4B [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
Corner Combo. 6B to 5A is a link
  • 4C [step] JB JE JA 5A JA JB JE JA JB [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
EF cancel to maximize 4C guard breaks and anti airs
  • 2A 2B 2C 2E [EFC][jump][NH] JE JA JE JA JB [jc] JA JB J4B JE JC [Communio]
  • 2A 2B 2C 2E [EFC][jump][NH] JE JA JE JA JE JB [jc] JA JB J4B JE JC [Communio]
  • 2A 2B 2C 2E [EFC][jump][NH] JB JE JA JB JE JB [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
Standard EFC Combos. The last one does the most damage. The first one gives you the best situation/spacing for C Communio
  • 2A 2B 2C 421X [EFC][step] 5A [jc] JA JE JA JE JA [land] 5A [air] -> [Communio]
  • 2A 2B 2C [EFC] 5A 5B [IAD] JA JB [land] [step] 5A JA JB J4B [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
Nonstandard EFC combos the first one is great for characters with weird (Kira) or small (Konoha) hitboxes. The second one you will rarely ever need to use.
  • 623A [EFC][step] 5A JA JE JA JE JA [land] 5A [air] -> [Communio]
A DP into an EF combo. You can also choose to go into the resets below. Make sure you EFC the first hit when you're still on the ground. This is good after a 6GC
  • 2A 5B 4C 214C [...] 5A 6B JA JB J4B [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
A meterless confirm when you are already in EF. A good combo to remember when using EF for mixups.
  • 623C 623A+B→623A+B [air dash] JA JB [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
  • 623C 623A+B→623A+B [falling] JA [land] 5A JA JB [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
Maximize reversal DP with these. This will not work too far off the ground.
  • [Air throw] 2HC JB [land] 5A JA JB [delay] J4B [jc] JB J4B JE [Communio]
Combo off of airthrow. You can omit the jB and just land and do 5A

Reset Combos

  • 2A 2B 2C 421X [EFC][step] 5A JB J4B J214A 5[E] 421X [...] 5A 5A JA J4B JC [land] 2A 5B 6B 421X [6HC] 5A [jc] JA JB J4B [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
Reset combo. Great damage. Requires EF and 1 bar. You can do this with Arcana that do not alter your charge Es (Love, Thunder, Wind, Flower, etc)
  • 2A 2B 2C 421X [EFC][step] 5A JA JB JE JA JB JA J214A 5[E] 421X [...] 5A 5A JA J4B JC [land] 2A 5B 6B 421X [6HC] 5A [jc] JA JB J4B [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
Optimal Reset combo with a little more damage and an easier reset timing. You can go straight into 5[E] without any delay. Also done with Arcana that don't alter charged Es.
  • 2A 2B 2C 421X [EFC][step] 5A JA JB JE JA JB JA J214A 5[E] 421X [...]623A+B→623A+B [land] [step] 5A [jc] JA JB J4B [jc] JA JB J4B JE [Communio]
2 Bar version of the reset above. Does most damage out of the resets above and easy to connect.
  • ~[Communio] [land] [step] 2[E] [EFC] [jump][NH] JE JA JE JA JB [jc] JA JB J4B JE JC [Sanctus]
Another reset. Low altitude communio confirm into 2[E] Guard crush. EFC it and do a standard EF combo. End the combo with a sanctus bottle since your stake won't be back yet.
  • ~2[E] EFC 28X [...] 5A JE JA JE JA 5A JA JB J4B JA JB J4B JE 214X
A stable reset in the corner using Angus. Remember that this will only work in the corner.

Critical Heart Combos

  • (jC) 2B 2C 421X [EFC] 28X XH
Works as long as the Kyrie brings the opponent into range to be hit by Agnus.

Arcana Combos


  • ~2C 421X EFC 5A [jc] JA JB J4B JC [land] 5A 6B [jc] JA JB J214B [land] Blaze


  • 2A 2B 2C 2E [jump] [NH] JE JA JE JC JB [jc] JA JB J4B JE JC J214X
Requires fast fingers. Use a time orb when you land or sweep into a time clone.
  • 2A 2B 2C 421X 236236E 2[E set] 214A+B 2[E release]
You want to use release the clone right after Securis and hits. This combo puts you at a super serious advantage position and frame wise. They cannot tech at all as you set up more clones and ribaku. Remember that this eats two bars though. This combo is very good for setting up safe time blazes. You can even end the time blaze with the same set up (214A+B and time clone) for the same monster oki.


  • JA JB J4B J623A 236236E [NHC] JA JB J4B [jc] JA JB J4B JE J214C
Midscreen or with your back in the corner. A two bar combo after you hit with an anti air JA or homing in JB. Good damage and will take them to the corner.
  • 2A 2B 5C 214A [EFC][step] 5C 5[E] [...] 421X 5A 2E [NHC] JE JA JE JA JB [jc] JA JB J4B JE J214X
5C 5[E] is a reset. You pick up the hit with Kyrie into the rest of the combo. Just remember that you need 1 bar to HC the 2E.
  • 2A 2B 5C 214A [EFC][step] 5C 5[E] [...] 421X [6HC] 5A JA JB J214A 5C 5[E] [Blaze]
Two resets into arcana blaze


  • 2A 2B 2C 421X [EFC] [step] 5A JA JB JE [...] JA [land] 5A JA JB J4B JA JB J4B JC [communio]
Water EFC combo


  • ~2C 421X [EF] 5A JA JB J4B JC [land] 5A 6B [jc] JA JB J214B [land] [Blaze]
Normal confirm into Evil blaze


  • 2A 2B 2C 421X [EFC][step] 5A JA JB 214A/B 2[E] 236E [NHC] JB J4B JA JB J4B JE
Fire reset. The reset is at the 2[E] after you pin them down with communio. Don't do it too early, or else it will combo and they will tech after the fireball. Respectable damage and easier than Sacred's reset.
  • 2A 2B 2C 421X [EFC][step] [jump] JC 214A 2[E] 214E JA J4B JC [land] 2A 5B 6B 421A [6HC] 5A JA JB J4B [jc] JA JB J4B JE J214B 2[E] -> Fire reset followup
Fire reset... Somewhat execution heavy but it will wipe any poor soul with no burst out. Does not work on Catherine.
  • 2A 2B 2C 421X [EFC] 6B JC JE J214A 5[E] 214E JA J4B JC [land] 2A 5B 6B 421X [6HC] 5A JA JB J4B [jc] JB J4B JE J214B [step] 2[E] -> Fire reset followup
Max damage variation of the above. Finnicky on certain characters, doesn't work against Kira or Catherine. Some characters require a dash before the JA J4B JC section or else your 2A will whiff.
  • ~J214X 2[E] [jump] [NH] JA [jc] [NH] j.B [delay] J623B J623A+B [J5HC] JA [land] 5A [jump] JA JB J4B [jc]JA JB J4B JE J214B 2[E] -> Fire reset followup
Fire reset without Extend Force Cancel. Requires at least 2 bars before the j.623A+B to work.
  • Fire reset followup [jump] [NH] JB J214E [double jump] JB J4B JE J623A+B
Works everywhere.
  • Fire reset followup [jump] [NH] JB J214E [double jump] JB J4B J236E JA JE J623A+B
Works only in corner.
  • Fire reset followup [jump] [NH] JB J214E [double jump] JB J4B J236E JA JE J236A
Works only in corner. Good positioning and okizeme in the corner.


  • ~2C 2E [jc] [NHC], JA JB [delay] J4B [jc] JA JB J4B [jc] JB J4B JE [Communio]
Meterless BnB using Wind's jump-cancellable 2E and triple jump for some extra damage, though you may not get the best position after Communio if done midscreen. Also works with 214E tornado or "Airthrow, 2D Homing Cancel, 5A..." as the starter. Can also work after a 4C into 9D Homing Cancel if you omit the first j4B.
  • 5[E] [IAD] JA 5A [jc] JA JB [delay] J4B [jc] JB J4B JE [Communio]
Corner only. Combo after 5[E] guard crush. Thanks to Wind's jump-cancellable E moves. Only works when the opponent is very close to or in the corner. Depending on spacing, you may end up behind the opponent when you land to do 5A, but the combo will still work the same.


  • ~236E/623E 5A [jc] JA JB [delay] J4B [jc] JA JB J4B JC [Communio]
Meterless BnB from vine hitconfirm. You can confirm into 236E after several ground normals (like 2A, 2A, 2B, 5C, etc), and into 623E after 4C for opponents in the air. After Commmunio, can end with "2C 236236E" for some extra damage and life steal if you have meter.


  • ~[Communio] 2[E] [Mildred] EFC 2A 5B 6B 4C 623E [jump][NH] JA [JC] JA JB J4B JE JC JE JC [Communio]
A Halo reset using Midred to help extend your combo. Delay 4C on small characters. Replace 2A with 5A for Lieselotte, Nazuna, and Scharlachrot. Delay 4C when using 5A.
  • ~[Communio] 2[E] [jump][NH] j.B [JC] j.A j.B j.4B j.E 236236E [8HC] j.A j.B j.C [Communio]
2-Bar Halo reset ending with another Communio. Delay 236236E a little bit. Best used when out of EF or after EF reset.

Move List

Normal Moves


A fast low kick. It's not jump-cancellable but it can chain into itself. This move has more range than 5A and due to its fast startup, it is Elsa's primary combo and string starter. The hitbox is thicker than it looks so you can actually pick up some JC ground slams with this in certain combos.


Elsa throws a jab. This is slower than the average 5A and as such, it's primarily only used as a combo filler for one of her EFC and HC combos. It is jump-cancellable but it cannot chain into itself. This move hit really high up, it will actually whiff over most crouching opponents and small characters even if they are standing. You cannot really use this to anti air or to space, so use this for combos only.


Elsa pokes at the opponent's feet with the tip of her cross. Quite possibly one of Elsa's best normals. This move has pretty good range, comes out relatively fast, and it's jump cancellable. This is a great move for pressure and you primary use this to confirm into the rest of your string. Use this move to hit confirm into 236A+B.


Elsa thrusts the tip of her cross at the opponent's midsection. This move comes out relatively quick but it doesn't have much range. Though the range is a bit lacking the hitbox is strong for what it is. You could use it to respond to IADs and low homing, places where 4C would be too slow. Even with that said, this isn't exactly "fast" either. This move is jump cancellable and useful for your pressure and hit confirms. Use this as a combo starter when you have the chance.


Elsa performs a hopping roundhouse kick. This move useful for staggered strings to throw off the opponent's guard cancel timing and it allows you to stay close to the opponent due to its forward momentum. It is +1 on block so you can almost do whatever you want from it. When midscreen, you can IAD cancel it into an ambiguous JC cross up. 6B has some lower body invincibility so you could use it avoid and counter some moves low hitting moves. This move can reflect projectiles as well. You can cancel this straight into her Es but not Cs normally. During Extend though, you can cancel this into any C move.


Elsa performs a sweep with Crux. This move has some pretty decent range for a sweep But it's on the low side. A very important move in Elsa's combos since it sweeps your opponent. With this, she can combo into any version of Kyrie or 2E. The recovery is pretty slow however so be careful; try not to end strings with this. If you end up doing so, cancel into 214A or bait a guard cancel. This has almost no vertical range, so don't expect to hit any airborne opponents with this (except Kira).


Elsa swings her cross upward like a bat. This is quite possibly Elsa's best normal hands down. It has a decent hitbox, is air unblockable and has great upper body invincibility, making it a very good anti-air which leads into solid damage with the use of a homing cancel. If you hit with this in the corner, you can follow up with just 66 -> JB. It can also be used to force a clash or deflect projectiles. It will even pass through a 623E love laser! The difficult part of using this move is the fact that there is some noticeable startup. So it will take some time to get used to but the followups are very rewarding. Use this often.


A downward swipe with Crux while moving forward slightly. It isn't jump-cancellable but it does chain into her 2C and it can slam airborne opponents into the ground. This move comes out relatively fast and has more range than 5B. In fact, the range is pretty good on this and it does a lot of damage. There are very specific times where you could use this as an anti air. Think of kinds of situations where you might burst on the ground, and your opponent tries to move back you with slow direction homing. When your opponent is in that kind of zone, 5C will slap them right out of the air. The only problem is you won't get much out of it because of the ground slam. Still, this move is good for combos and ground spacing.


Elsa swings her cross upward while crouching. Pretty standard 2E attack - it launches and it's air unblockable. This is not a recommended anti air. Your own hitbox fills the space before the attack box, so you mostly just get counter hit out of it. The duration is also short so its hard to use as a tech punish. Still, this is an important combo route and does a ton of damage if you can use it as a starter.


A powerful thrust. Looks very similar to her 5B but with more startup and range. This is your typical 5E attack. It depends on your arcana but this move can charge relatively fast for an E move, when you have the opponent pressured in the corner you can throw this move in at times.


Elsa performs a kick angled downward. Pretty decent air-to-air attack and jump-in due to its angle but it doesn't have a lot of hit stun. This move is jump-cancellable and can chain into all her other air normals.


Looks very similar to her 2B except performed in the air. Has more range than JA but it's angled a little higher. One of her better air normals due to its horizontal reach.


Looks very similar to her 6B except performed in the air, it has a lot of untechable time attached to it. This move can be used to hit opponents that are slightly above you, but the hitbox is narrow and it's primarily just for extending combos or keeping you opponent under control during mid air block strings. Like 6B it can reflect projectiles.


A quick downward swipe with Crux. This move has as a ton of downward reach and a long amount of hitstun. Elsa's collision box also gets tucked under her so it becomes this amazing crossup tool that is easy to combo off of. This will ground slam opponents in the air (techable) but you can pick it up with 2A at certain heights.


Elsa spins around while holding her cross outward. This move will always knock the opponent down on hit. It has slightly more horizontal reach but less vertical reach than her JC. This can be used as a substitute for JC at the end of air combos for a little extra damage. This is also the best move to use to combo into communio with the max number of hits in your air combo.

Special Moves

Sanctus 「サンクトゥス」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - "Holy." Elsa throws a bottle of holy water that breaks on impact, leaving a purple glow on the point of impact for a while. The button defines the angle at which the bottle is thrown. You can have 5 marks of light out at one time. When detonated with Benedictus, each area of light explodes for a total of 4 hits each. Be careful with the air version, you don't recover until you touch the ground... where a long period of landing recovery awaits you. Caution is recommended, do not throw these out carelessly. All of these are guaranteed to come out. You could use the C version in a blockstring to bait mashing.
  • (A version) - Bottle is thrown outward a couple of character lengths
  • (B version) - Bottle is thrown out at a slightly higher angle
  • (C version) - Bottle is thrown in a steep angle upward
  • (JA version) - Bottle falls almost right in front of you
  • (JB version) - Bottle is thrown a fair distance away
  • (JC version) - Bottle is thrown the furthest out
Credo 「クレド」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - "I believe." Elsa does an upward jumping slash that looks similar to Ky's Vapor Thrust from the GG series. The button pressed determines the number of hits and the height at which she travels. The C version does the most hits, has quite a bit of invincibility. However, all versions are air blockable. All versions are throw-invulnerable until activation. You can 8HC all versions on hit to extend your combo and HC it on block to make you safe. You cannot do anything if it whiffs though, so be careful. In the air, every version of this move does one hit.
  • (A version) - 1 Hit ; Throw invincible ; Fastest start up
  • (B version) - 2 Hit ; Upper-body invincibility ; Moderate start up
  • (C version) - 5 Hits ; Full invincibility ; Slowest start up
  • (JA version) - 1 Hit ; Lower-body invincibility
  • (JB version) - 1 Hit ; Upper-body invincibility
  • (JC version) - 1 Hit ; Full invincibility
Gloria 「グロリア」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - "Glory." A leap-and-slash attack. All versions of this move have some lower-body invincibility and are throw invincible. In the A version, Elsa slams the end of Crux down right in front of her and in the B and C versions she leaps forward. The B and C versions massive amounts of clash as soon as the move starts up and are overheads. The A version will connect from 5C and is useful for combos and pressure. If your opponent blocks it, you'll be at +3 in terms of frame advantage. All versions of this move are super cancellable. The C version moves quite a bit and ground slams so you could use it as a surprise attack everyone in a while. The C version has some invincibility to physical attacks. The A and B versions can combo from 4C.
  • (A version) - Elsa slams Crux down in front of her ; No clash ; Mid
  • (B version) - Elsa leaps forward about 3 character lengths ; Moderate amount of clash ; Overhead
  • (C version) - Elsa leaps forward about 8 character lengths ; Large amount of clash ; Overhead ; Ground Slam
Communio 「コムニオ」 - J214ABC
  • (Description) - "I share." Elsa's new move in AH3 that made her 2 tiers higher. In the air, Elsa throws a stake diagonally down at the opponent. The button used changes the trajectory of the move. When it hits an opponent on the ground, it enforces a lot of hitstun. When you use it as an air combo ender, you could use a charge move or A.Blaze after or IAD into a two way mix up. This move is a great addition to Elsa's game.
  • (A version) - 10° angle
  • (B version) - 30° angle
  • (C version) - 60° angle
Kyrie 「キリエ」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - "Lord." This is a quick whip attack the brings the opponent close to you, it is used a lot in combos after 2C to start an aerial combo. You can also use this to reflect projectiles or launch a Sanctus bottle farther. The B version will blow bottles forward and C version breaks the bottle on spot. Don't worry about which one to use for combos. Besides their differences in terms of what they do to Sanctus, they are all exactly the same.
  • (A version) - Least reach
  • (B version) - Moderate reach ; Launches Sanctus
  • (C version) - Moderate reach ; Breaks Sanctus
Benedictus 「ベネディクトゥス」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - "Blessed one." Elsa opens a bible and chants. If there are any glowing areas made by a Sanctus bottle, they are activated and can hit multiple times. All versions are the same. This has CH frames all over so be careful about using it. Setting off the holy water is risky at neutral but really nice when the opponent is pressure or afraid to move. Not only do you get great frames off the activated water, it does a ton of damage. Especially when there are 2 or more spots of water around. You can also homing cancel this to increase the water's function as a pressure tool.
Agnus 「アニュス」 - 28ABC
  • (Description) - "Lamb." Throws a bullet upwards. Hits the opponent if close enough but it does minimal damage. Primarily used to activate her Critical Heart. All versions are the same.

Super Moves

Rankeora 「ランケオラ」 - 236A+B
  • (Description) - Crux takes on the form of a halberd while Elsa dashes forward striking the opponent multiple times. It is rather quick so you could aim for your opponents recovery at times and a very good super to use after a short combo when you're not within range to land a full BnB.
  • (Follow up) - By inputting the same motion again afterward, Elsa blows the blows the opponent away for one more bar of meter. They cannot tech so if you do this in the corner, you can follow up.
Gladius 「グラディウス」 - 623A+B
  • (Description) - Crux becomes a sword and slashes through your opponent. This is like a super version of Credo. If the first hit connects, the second hit can't be canceled using a homing bar. This move is a pretty good reversal against certain meaty attacks because the first hit comes out really fast and automatically causes the 2nd hit to connect. You could even use it to break the Earth's Arcana hyper armor. Be very careful using this against opponents who are very low to the ground because it will whiff and you can't homing cancel to make it safe.
  • (Follow up) - The follow slams the opponent to the ground and you can follow up after it.
Securis 「セキュリス」 - 214A+B
  • (Description) - Elsa draws a sacred axe and strikes downward. This is almost like a super version of Gloria. This move is an overhead but it is very telegraphed and easily blocked. So, you should only use it for combos where it would hit or a follow up to Gier slime and so forth.
  • (Follow up) - The follow up picks up your opponent and ground slams them behind you for an untechable down. Useful if you need that extra damage to finish them off.

Critical Heart

Requiem 「レクイエム」 - 8246A+B [During Agnus]
  • (Description) - Agnus Dei, dona eis... Requiem! While the bullet from Agnus is in the air, Elsa draws a sacred gun, loads it, and fires a huge blast forward. This attack is unblockable in the air, has infinite horizontal reach and does a considerable amount of damage. While the bullet is being loaded, Elsa uses Belmont's stopwatch so the opponent slows down regardless of their position on the screen. It looks big but it does not actually hit that high, so the move tends to whiff on people on the peak of their jump. During EF you lock the opponent with one shot, then fire another. Even if the opponent blocks the first shot, the second one is unblockable.



4. Misora Kasuga (Negima)
4. Misaka 10032 / "Imouto" (Certain Magic Index)
9. Jean (Claymore)
9. Nevada Wolfpack (College Sports Team)
10. Mary Spencer (Trinity Blood)
11. Yukariko Sanada (Mai Hime)
13. Amaimon (Blue Exorcist)

Arcana Heart 3

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