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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Heart Aino

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Heart Aino

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Heart's Move List


Love always prevails, even if you must beat it into people. The fighting ginger named Aino Heart is back! Heart is user friendly for beginners and has a lot of good tools for advanced players as well. She goes well with a number of Arcanas and probably has the best meterless damage potential in the game.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
JA is a good all purpose tool for Heart. The hitbox is compact but is has great start up, one of the best in the game. Not only does her knee have a hitbox, but her entire raised arm as well. It's great for opponents above and below you and even hits crossup at the right angles. JC has a great hitbox in the angle Heart punches and has clash frames in its start up. You could use it to directly challenge anti airs with the right timing. JE hits cross up from almost any angle and is good when approaching opponents directly below you or near the corner.

2 - Neutral Spacing
6C is a dependable anti air. It has fast start up with clash frames and a good hitbox. This will be your main force against your opponents NHs while you are on the ground. For the air, J4B is a great weapon. It clashes while active and has the most reach out of Heart's aerial arsenal. It works well particularly well with 4D.

3 - Hit Confirms
Many random confirms with Heart will be off a low JX JC into 5A 6C, then require a jump into JA JB JC or an EF combo. When pressuring opponents downwards in the air, force them to block JE as you are landing then 6C for the guard break. If they try to 4GC away, step into 6C for the air unblockable into your combo.

4 - Defense
Besides a good 2A for poking out, she has a great DP. Super fast start up, air unblockable, not clashable and has full body invincibility. Combined with the AH3 system you have a great DP that is safe on block, provided you have 1 arcana bar or a full force gauge. Her 5A is also one of the better ones in the game. You can use it to clash jump ins, then anti air with 6C or DP.

Arcana Selection

Lucky for Heart, her own arcana works quite well for her. Love will give you fire from your hands to supplement your upward flying fist motion. Triple/single love balls provide her with a great zoning tool. Love beams are also great for long range sniping. On hit, she can easily homing cancel in and generate big easy damage.

Heart has a great series of E attacks. They are the fastest in the game and have decent range. You can take full advantage of this fact with the Thunder arcana to force clash situations with half charged E moves. Thunder step can also help Heart play much more aggressively.


Gingers have no damage ; ;


Any damage listed is love heart vs. love heart with 2A 2B 2C starters where '~2C' indicates

Target Combos

  • ~2C 236B 236AB (6016 damage)
When in trouble, dial Love Tekken. This will wallslam the opponent so get used to having to deal with what may happen next.
  • 6B 236A 236AB (5990 damage)
Basic dial super for overhead hits too far for you to combo from.

  • ~2C 236A 6D x 5A x JA x JC 5A 「JA」 JB [jc] JB JC JE J623A~214A (7972 damage front landing) (8023 damage behind landing)
Basic homing combo. This combo leaves you in front of the enemy as they wake up. Omit the 「JA」 and finish with J623C~214C instead to be behind them.
  • 「2A」 2B 2C 236A 6D 5A JA JB JC 5A JB J4B [jc] JB JC JE (7611 damage)
Combo begun from air normals. Do not use the 「2A」 unless you started with JA instead of JB.
  • ~2C 236a 6d 5a j.abc 6c SJ.a4b j.ce (7563)
Alternate variant. Does 60~ less damage but a bit easier to land.
  • ~2C 6D 5A 5C [IAD] JB J4B 6C [hjc] JB J4B [jc] JB JC JE (7798 damage)
IAD combo. This combo covers a ton of distance and generally corners the opponent- which is prone to causing your final JE to whiff so drop the JB and/or JC out of JB JC JE if against the wall.
  • ~2E 5D JB J4B [jc] JB JC JE J623C~214C (9304 damage)
Basic combo off of 2E launcher. You have a free homing on your way down- use it! Otherwise, j.214B on the way down will cross up, j.214A will hit them in front, and j.214C will generally whiff for a low attempt.

  • ~2C 236B 5A 5C 236B 5A JB J4B [jc] JC JE (7710 damage)
Meterless corner combo. Cannot begin with an air move. 236B really blows the opponent away, but if you are near the corner, you can pick it up with 5A.
  • j.b/c/e 66 2b 2c 236b 66 5a 5c 236b 66 5a j.bce
Meterless variant of above with a air normal starter.
  • ~2C 236B 5A 5C 236B 6D 5A JB J4B [jc] JB JC JE (7954 damage)
Corner combo that can begin from an air to ground, such as JB.
  • 6B 236A 6D 2B 2C 236B 5A 6C J4B [jc] JC JE (8432 damage)
Overhead corner combo.

  • 5A [jc] JA JC [land][jump] JA JB JC 6C [hjc] JB J4B [jc] JB JC JE
Combo off a clash to 5A anti air. Delay the 「JA JC」 and 「JA JB JC」 parts so that the opponent can't tech and you can stably finish the combo.

  • ~2C [EFC] [step] 5B 6C JE JB JE JB 5B 6C JB J4B [jc] JB J4B 623C 214AB
An EF combo. To make the 「JE JB JE JB」 a bit less painful, let the opponent float as a high as possible from the 「5B 6C」. You don't need to be right next to the opponent for the 2C to the step, but you don't always get to hit it in place where you're comfortable with... in other words this combo needs practice.
  • ~2C [EFC] [step] 5B 6C JE JB JE JB 6C JB JC JE
EF combo with a JE ender. This looks a lot like the above combo, but it gets easier and easier to tech out of the end of it, so when you want to end with JE knockdown, this combo is a good example on how to shorten the combo for it.

Arcana Combos


Move List

Normal Moves


A light kick to the opponents feet, this is a low and cancels into itself. You'll be using this for most of your close combo starters but if you use too many before the actual string, your 2C won't be able to reach so learn to hit confirm without using too many.


A fast jab that can cancel into itself. This move is great as an anti air from a 5B clash. This won't hit the crouch animation for small characters though.


A relatively long sweep, this is a low and is highjump cancellable. Mostly use as a hit confirm for choosing your combo from 2AxN. If they block it, you could do HJ9D for mixups.


A backfist that you can jump cancel. It has a good bit of upper body clash that you could use as an anti air. 5B has great duration so you can also use it as a meat on your opponents wake up as well.


Her new move, an overhead to the dome. This is a 20 frame overhead, but when you are in Extend, it becomes much faster, making it really hard to see (15 frames during Time Extend Force). Use it as much as you want when you get in on your opponent, but be weary because you can get poked out of it by a player expecting it. If you land the overhead you want to special cancel it into 236A or you can combo into 2C by being in or canceling into extend force.


Heart plants her feet together for a big sweep. This is also a low. During its start up, it has throw protection on it, giving you an big edge versus Kira. It doesn't have THAT much reach so be careful during your ground combos or it will whiff a lot


A forward punch with a good bit of reach, you can jump cancel it too. Good for spacing and and for your IAD combos.


Rather than an uppercut, it's a punch straight into the air that is air unblockable. Floats the opponent whether they are on the ground of the air. This move has a deceptively large hit box. Like most air unblockable normals it's extremely useful for guard break set-ups and catching your opponents trying to jump out of your pressure. It also has a large amount of hit stun allowing it to set up for combos. If they are in the zone to get hit by 6C, chances are they will get hit.


A blow straight up with both hands, also air unblockable. You could use this to bait out air techs near the corner, or do some tricks with the thunder arcana.


Shoulder lean, another air unblockable. There a low of recovery on this move if you whiff.


Ryu diagonal J.MP, Heart turns and hits the opponent with a knee kick. This hits high. She he also has a hitbox in her raised arm, so you could use this against opponents slightly above you as well. Good for a rising JA into a double jump A for your air-vs-air. You could use this as a rising overhead for characters with tall crouch animations as well. This move is your go to air clash move. It has clash boxes on the knee, hand, and foot. If you are ever in the air and you clash, this is typically a good move to throw out and clash with the next move your opponent does.


Your everyday jump kick. This also hits high. Usually used from an air dash or NH for jump ins.


J.Backfist, or so to say. Another high hitting move. Pretty strong if you use this from an air backdash.


A slightly different motion from JE, but it's a downward swing with both arms that hits overhead. Has a really long untechable time, and a deceptively large hitbox, so you'll be seeing it in combos a lot. A good skill to have is picking up a low to the ground counter hit JC with a 6C pickup combo.


Another downward swing with both arms for an attack that hits overhead. Use as a combo ender or from an IAD for pressure.

Special Moves

Tekken Punch 「鉄拳ぱんち」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Heart rushes forward for a straight punch. The A version is the fastest, and the B and C version have a windup before the charge forward. The B version gives the opponent a different trajectory when it blows them away. You can pick it up with 6D during combos. You can also pick up a combo from a Tekken punch from a 2C with 5A. 236A is very good for pressure allowing you to move forward. It is +9 on block making it even more frames if you guard cancel with 6D. Just be weary of your opponents own guard cancels.
  • (A version) - Fastest start up
  • (B version) - Starts with a wind up; Modified launch vector
  • (C version) - Starts with a wind up; Wallslam; Reflects projectiles
Heartful Punch 「はーとふるぱんち」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - With a "Doka~n!" Heart does a what is basically a shoryuken. It does have invincibility at the beginning, so you can use it as an anti air and reversal. The ABC versions differ in start up, amount of invincibility, and how high you jump up. If you whiff this move, you can't homing cancel it to cover your ass so be careful, because you'll be open for quite a while. However, you can cancel the ground part into EF, then connect that to 5A, but you'll need some practice to get used to it.
  • (Follow up) - 214ABC - After the punch, you can input this for a follow up that looks like Ribbon Beam. This will groundslam the opponent for a forced knockdown.
Clumsy Punch 「ドジっ娘ぱんち」 - 41236ABC
  • (Description) - Heart looks like she's going for a Tekken Punch, then preforms a magnificent face-plant that hits overhead. You can't really do anything after hitting with this so you won't be using it much... but it's kinda cute so...
Ribbon Beam 「りぼんびーむ」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - Heart jumps up a little bit and hits the opponent with a beam that comes out of the ribbon on her arm. The ABC versions differing in start up and the distance covered in the hop. Ribbon Beam looks a lot like an overhead, but its not. One main use of this move is to use the C version on the opponent's wake up for a meaty cross up.
Special Kick 「必殺きっく」 - J214ABC
  • (Description) - A fast dive kick that hits overhead. This move as a couple uses such as using it after a JE air combo ender to land quickly and continue your assault, or TK the move for some tricky pressure.

Super Moves

Love Tekken Punch 「愛の鉄拳ぱんち」 - 236A+B
  • (Description) - A sugoi version of Tekken punch, or so to say. On hit, this will wall slam the opponent just like the C version of Tekken Punch. This cover a good amount of space, so use it when you don't think you can pick a combo up with the normal versions of Tekken Punch.
Sugoi Heartful Punch 「すっごいはーとふるぱんち」 - 623A+B
  • (Description) - Just like the name says, it's a Sugoi, Heartful Punch. The first hit locks the opponent and heart proceeds the blow the opponent upward with quite the vigor. Strictly speaking, this is not a lock move, so it's not going to go through super/hyper armor. However, without a clean hit from the "lock", it just looks like a regular Heartful Punch.
Sugoi Special Kick 「すっごい必殺きっく」 - J214A+B
  • (Description) - As you read it, a Sugoi, Special Kick. This hits overhead. This is mostly used as an ender for air combos. The shock when you hit the ground can hit the opponent too, but only if the kick didn't hit them.

Critical Heart

It's a Really Sugoi Love Punch 「とにかくすっごい愛の鉄拳ぱんち」 - 641236A+B
  • (Description) - Heart winds up with all her might, the lets out a Tekken Punch diagonally upwards. Sugoi enough to carry Heart to to other end of the screen. While Heart is on the ground winding up, you can also turn the stick around and around (like a record!) to power up the move even more. You don't actually have to spin it around too fiercely to get the full power out of the move, so take it easy and don't destroy your arcades control panel or your own stick (love your stick!). This is air blockable, but it guard crushes and does some chip damage, it can't actually KO the opponent though. During EF, Heart comes back from off the screen for a second hit. So, if the first hit guard crushes them, the second hit will hit them cleanly, making it actually an unblockable move.


Arcana Heart 3

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