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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Kamui Tokinomiya

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Kamui Tokinomiya

Health Modifier
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Kamui's Move List


Every franchise needs a school girl with a sword. Kamui is a solid spacing character with a diverse set of specials. She's a good character for anyone to start out with in Arcana Heart 3.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
Most of Kamui's aerial arsenal has good reach, but JB is the best for basic neutral homing. When moving over the opponents head or when you have them against the corner, use JE for ambiguous cross ups.

2 - Neutral Spacing
5B and 5C are great spacing moves. Long reach and decent start up that combo into each other and Muon from almost any range.

3 - Hit Confirms
You could always just confirm into super, but to get more bang from your meter if you learn how to combo in and out of Uruma.

4 - Defense
Kamui's counters are not fit for reversals, but can be used against unsuspecting opponents every now and then. Most of of the time you'll need to rely on good blocks and GCs. 4GC into Tenza can help get you out of a pressure and punish low attacks at the same time.

Arcana Selection

Kamui goes well with arcanas that help improve her hit confirms and post kockdown setup/okizeme sequences.

Plant can help to improve Kamui's damage off long range hits with Vine. Vine is also a great pressure tool when combined with long range ground normals.

Time has several set ups that allow you to use Kunugi safely and run strong mixups afterward. Unfortunately, you cannot burst when you feel like with Time and Kamui's stamina is already low enough.

Dark can give you relatively strong mixups. After a JE ender, you can use Sichel or Martern for some pretty mean left right mixups. If you succeed, you knocking them back down into the same thing again. If they block it, you maintain your momentum.

Wind is another good arcana for Kamui. It gives you some projectiles to work with and the pushblock to take the risk out of escaping pressure. Wind's triple jump also helps increase the damage off many different confirms.


Kamui has normals that have great reach and thus can lead to easy confirms (BC Super). On the offense,try to fish for hits, and combo appropriately. Keep in mind when poking, her normals do extend her hitbox so don't throw out normals mindlessly. Also know that Kamui is a good spacing character in herself, but she has nowhere near the reach of characters like Scharlachrot, Nazuna, and Clarice. Use the right Arcana to help with this situation. If you ever end up getting pressured, learn to block and not hit 2A, as Kamui's 2A isn't that great for mashing out of pressure. Also know when to GC or not.

As for air approach, Kamui has a better time hitting away from the opponent as opposed to attacking head on.

If your opponent is blocking you have several options. Since her 5B can be jump canceled on block, this can lead to her mixup options. 5B IAD into j.C/E or 421A/22C is a double overhead mixup. If you can condition your opponent to expect 5B, dash or IAD in. Also you can home in after a jump canceled 5B. On the ground, the A and C versions of [4]6 gives you some frame advantage to continue some pressure. 5C seems relatively unsafe on block but if you wish to continue pressure after its blocked and you are pushed too far, you can go to 41236A to retain position. Also keep in mind EFC cancels, if the 41236 hits on block, EFC cancel to 5B and go from there. Beware of your mixup though, 5B 5C can be GC bait.

The Arcana you use can also help for Kamui's pressure. Time gives you 5B (5C) 6HC crossup 5B to whatever. Tyr can give you frame advantage with 623E after 5B (5C), as does Plant's 236E. Gier can use 236E and the Super version for continued pressure.

Also try your best to combo into hard knockdown to take advantage of mixup or power-up with 22A/B/C.


Target Combos

  • 2A 1E [4]6A [step] 5A [jc] JA JB [jc] JB JC [ender]
May not link if you are not up in datASS
  • ~1E 41236A 6HC 3B [jc] JB [delay] JC [small step] JA JB [jc] JB JC 〆
Enders can be: J421 > J236A+B
  • ~2C 41236C 6D 5A JA JB JC [land]5A JA JB [jc] JB JC 421C
  • ~2C 41236C 6D 5A 5B [5C character specific] 214C 5A JA JB [jc] JB JC 421C (if above combo does not work)
  • ~2B 5C 41236C 6D 5A 5B 5C 214C 5B 41236B 41236C
  • 2A 2B 1E 41236B HC 3B 214B C B C 41236C
  • ~1E 41236 EF 5C 41236 2A 5B 41236 2A 5B 41236 oki
  • ~1E 41236 EF 3B 41236 JB 41236 [jc] JB JE JC 41236 {arcana super or oki}

41236C EFC Combos

These combos may not work with the Earth Arcana, but they will work with any other Arcana. With the Time Arcana, the timing may be different.
The first few hits are usually flexible. In general, you can replace 2C with 5C for more damage, but 5C might push the opponent too far for 41236C to combo. Starting the combo with 2A will significantly reduce the damage, and it will also allow the opponent to tech a little earlier (replace 2C with 1E to mitigate this).
Sometimes, you may want to end a combo with j.421A/B instead of j.421C to get a knockdown. Otherwise, the opponent may be able to tech before they hit the ground.
  • (2A) 2B 2C 41236C EFC 5A 5B 3B [jc] j.C j.A j.B [jc] j.B j.C j.421B (j.236A+B)
9347 dmg.
9935 dmg with 1 bar.
In the corner, omit 5B and use j.421C. The super will not connect after j.421C.
j.421C will not knock down if it gets all 3 hits.
  • (2A) 2B 2C 41236C EFC 5A 3B [jc] [delay] j.B [delay] j.C land dash-jump j.A j.B [jc] j.B j.C j.421C (j.236A+B)
9450 dmg.
9975 dmg with 1 bar.
Works in the corner!
j.421x will not knock down. End with j.236A+B to guarantee a knockdown.
  • (2A) 2B 2C 41236C EFC 5A 5B 3B [jc] j.B [delay] j.E j.A [jc] j.A j.B j.C j.421B (j.236A+B)
9590 dmg.
10237 dmg with 1 bar.
In the corner, omit 5B and use j.421C. The super will not connect after j.421C.
j.421C will not knock down.
  • 2B 2C 41236C EFC 5B 3B [jc] j.A j.B j.E j.B land 3B [jc] j.A j.B j.C j.421C j.236A+B
10501 dmg with 1 bar.
Does not work in the corner.
Always end with j.236A+B, otherwise opponent can tech immediately after j.421C.
Can start with 2A 2B 1E, but not 2A 2B 2C.

Arcana Combos


  • ~236E 5B 5C 236E 5A [jc] JA JB [jc] JA JB 623C
Basic combo after catching the opponent in vines.
If you pick up with 5A, then you won't have to hit confirm left from right, if you have too many hits by the second jump, then the rest won't connect so you'll need to adapt appropriately.


  • 5B 5C 41236B 6D 5A 5B 5C 214C 5B 41236C 236236E
Combo with good damage without launch, and leaves the opponent open for a 3B tech punish.


Uncharged: (The purpose is to just get charges, 214E covers them homing in on you upon recovery. So does koufu.)

  • 2A 1E [4]6A [tiny step] 5A 2E 623E 22A (5400)
  • ~41236C 6D 5A 5B 2E 623E 22A (8347)
  • 2E 623E NH JA JB [jc] JA JB JC J22X (this is dumb to do, cut yourself instead)
  • 2E 623E NH JA JB [j8c] JA JB JC 412A 641236E (Unless the big damage will KO them, save a bar to use to 641236E them on wakeup/in a blockstring)

Charged: (These do big damage while allowing you to charge again)

  • ~B C 214X 641236E 22A (~10600 depending on 214X hits) [5B 5C is required for spacing it out if point blank]
  • ~B C 214X [efc] 236ABC (11k from 2A) (this is not worth doing)
  • (B) (C) 214X [efc] [step] 3B 2E 623E 22A (~9k from 5B 5C)
  • (B) (C) 214X [efc] [step] 5B 5C 214C 641236E 22A (10700 and some extra meter gain if done at full bars)
  • (B) (C) 214X [efc] [step] 5B 5C 214C 236ABC 22A (~13k from 5B 5C) (not worth dong an extra ~2-3k over preventing an enemy doing 10k+ to you with a burst)
  • 2E 623E NH JA JB [j8c] JA JB JC 412X 641236E
  • ~214X [efc] IAD JC [land] 5B 41236B 641236E (~10500)



See the combo here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsHOqXzldQA#t=2s. Does over 12K.

Move List

Normal Moves


This 2A isn't a low but has decent reach. You'll use this a lot for close range pokes/mash and combo starters.


Kamui cuts right in front of her. This moves most character's crouch animation except some extremely low ones, and it is generally easy to use against grounded opponents. On the other hand, it is rather hard to do anything after the clash when trying to anti air with it since the move comes out in 5f.However, the reach is excellent so you can use it to stuff air dashes or punish air guard cancels.


This move is a bit shorter and slower than 5B, but the hitbox is rather good as a low. It is decent as a quick low poke. The major thing to beware of is that if you do not cancel into this move immediately after an A move, it may not link.


This is a wide, upward slash that also has clash frames on the top half of your body. You could use this move to actively aim for clashes against your opponents standing or air moves. This is also air unblockable.


This is probably one of the best B moves in the game. The range is good, its fast, and an essential part to many of your combos. However, somethings that you need to look out for is low crouch profiles and low airdashes that are just out of reach. Also, your hitbox is mixed up in to the move a little be so try to remember your most effective range.


This move is like a 5C that is aimed at your opponents feet. This is longer than 5B, but a bit shorter than 5C, and has decent start up as a low. You also use it a lot in combos since you move forward upon moving this move.


The reach on this move is amazing, making it really easy to toss this into combos from B moves. You often go from this move to Muon. Things to look out for is the fact that your own hitbox moves forward as well during this move and that it is massive guard cancel bait. Good uses for this move is to tag jump outs and forward movement.


This move has good speed, is plus on block, decent reach and knocks down on hit.


Kamui slashes upward with the scabbard, this is also air unblockable and blows the opponent away. You can follow this up with a NHC for an air combo too. As an anti air... 3B is better so you won't be using this that much. You want to use this for combos provided that you are close enough. You can chain this to 5E and 2E.


Kamui slashes directly in front her with the scabbard. This is air unblockable and on hit, the opponent is blown to the wall. You can also charge this move, and at max charge it is unblockable. This could be used when close to the opponent and pressuring them to make them guess.


The start up is decent so this could be used as an air-vs-air move right after you jump. Despite its look, the hitbox above and below it is quite thick, and clashes with other moves a good bit.


Not only does this move have reach, but it is fast too. You can really bring this move alive when you space to to hit with the tip of the move. The only problem is that your hitbox is also in this move as well, there are many cases were you put the move out to late or space it incorrectly and get hit out of it. This recovery is quite long too.


The untech time on this move is rather long, so using this in air combos close to the ground to pick the combo back up for a re-jump is one of its main uses. You could even start with this move then NH for the follow up. This hitbox and start up are better than before, making it much easier to use at longer ranges.


This hitbox is not that great for it to be uses as an air-vs-air move but it is great as a cross up. You'll be using it a lot for jump ins to cross the opponent up and okizeme.

Special Moves

Kunugi 「功刀」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - In exchange for some of your health, Kamui powers up her normals and specials. The number of uses is proportional to the damage increase. A only consumes a bit of your HP, but it is quite slow and you risk taking a counter for it. On the other hand, the C version takes up a good bit of health but is much faster. B is the middle ground between those two. Uruma, Tenza, Kanna, Habaki; during the effects Kunugi will be a powered up version of themselves on use. After you use the powered up version of those once, the effects of Kunugi wear off and they will be normal versions again. You cannot use the non-powered up versions of them during Kunugi. Her normals gain 100 damage and some gain clash boxes.
  • (A version) - 50F : 800 HP
  • (B version) - 38F : 1600 HP
  • (C version) - 20F : 3200 HP
Koufu 「斯封」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - Kamui sheaths her katana and holds it out in front of her for a counter. Each version changes depending on what button you press. The first part of this move can reflect projectiles. This move is EF cancellable as well. Since you can EF cancel this move now, you could do things like: 623B [step] 5B 41236X 6HC 3B -> etc then to an arcana super for more damage. There are times were you can follow up a counter without canceling it too. For the air version you could use the J623B version to punish opponents that try to aim at your landing with 5A or so.
  • (A version) - Holds the katana around her head. VS air counter
  • (B version) - Holds the katana in front of her body. VS ground counter
  • (C version) - Couches, and holds the katana near her feet. VS low counter
  • (Air version) - Curls, and holds the katana out in front in their respective places for each button. VS air counter
Uruma 「閏間」 - 41236ABC
  • (Description) - This is Kamui's run-past. On clash, this is like a projectile so you cannot do something after immediately. Depending on what button you press the amount of space you cover increases as well as your start up. Used a lot in combos and random/surprise attacks. This move is not a low anymore so it is weak as suprise attack in that respect, but your profiles is still very low, so you could use it to out right beat many charge attacks like Hearts Tekken Punch.
Kagesuki 「影宿」 - 41236ABC
  • (Description) - Uruma under the effects of Kunugi. The distance and speed of Uruma increase and you are invincible to normals during the charge. You can link this from from the very tip 5C and if it is guarded you are still at an advantage (+6).
Kanna 「巫流」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Kamui takes a posture like in Kunugi then quickdraws. You can delay the onset of this move by holding 4 with the button you press. During that period, the more you press A, B and or C the number of drawouts increase. The C version will sweep the opponent, and you can follow that up with the additional swipes. This move is actually plus on block (+6).
Sazarashi 「九石」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Kanna under the effects of Kunugi. The scope of Kanna's attack becomes massive and can combo from 5C. After you hit with it, you can follow up with a NH to JA. This is actually a 3 hit move, so the damage drops if you don't hit with all of them.
Tenza 「天鎖」 - J421ABC
  • (Description) - Kamui does a large crescent slash around her. The first few frames of this move are air-grab proof and the last hit of this move slams the opponent to the ground. Depending on what version you use, the forward movement and number of hits increase. Other than combo enders, it is not that bad as an air-vs-air move. You could also use it as an overhead, super low to the ground. One point of caution is that if you hit with this when the opponent is close to or on the ground, if you don't follow it up with a homing cancel or so the the would be able to tech before you can recover from the move and punish you.
  • (A version) - 1 Hit
  • (B version) - 2 Hits
  • (C version) - 3 Hits
Seizan 「逝斬」 - J421ABC
  • (Description) - Tenza under the effects of Kunugi. The attack scope broadens and you have a good bit of invincibility in the beginning of the move. On hit, this move ground slams and you can all-cancel it. You could also use this as an instant overhead of sorts.
Wazabane 「業刎」 - J22ABC
  • (Description) - Kamui does a move much like JE and descends straight down with it. The hitbox persists until you reach the ground and is strong enough that probably only invincible moves would beat it out. Be careful as there is some landing recovery with this move. This is good for ending a BNB while powered with Kunugi.
Habaki 「吐切」 - [4]6ABC
  • (Description) - Kamui slashes out a cross in front of herself and a projectile comes out. The properties of the move change with the different buttons. The C version an goes the furthest, but if you are close enough then the A version is good. You need to choose between the B and C version of this move depending on whether you need the plus frames or the speed from this move.
  • (A version) - Least range; least start up; Plus frames
  • (B version) - Moderate range; Moderate start up; Neutral
  • (C version) - Most range; Most start up; plus frames
Kodama 「枯霊」 - [4]6ABC
  • (Description) - Habaki under the effects of Kunugi. If you hold the button, you can store the move. During that time if you are hit or guard, then you'll lose the move.

Super Moves

Muon 「無怨」 - 236A+B
  • (Description) - Kamui charges forward and upon hitting, Kamui slashes through the opponent. This move will connect from 5C or 2C from any range. On hit you get guaranteed knockdown. Because of how meter works in AH3, you'll have plenty of chances to use this move.
Horobi 「崩灯」 - J236A+B
  • (Description) - From the air, Kamui runs her sword straight down to through the opponent and upon landing on the ground, the opponent is cut through and slammed to the ground. After that you get guaranteed knockdown and you can go okizeme. This is a good combo ender and surprise attack move. It only has grab invincibility, but you can use it to tag your opponent after a midair clash.

Critical Heart

Shi Matsuri 「死祀」 - 222A+B [During Koufu]
  • (Description) - After the counter succeeds, Kamui slashes the opponent through. The requirements for this is pretty steep, but the best way to use it is: during koufu mash 2. If you hear the koufu succeed, push A+B. Be careful for this move won't hit people too high above you or have low invincibility during that move.



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8. Hakumen
12. Makoto / Sailor Jupiter
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