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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Kira Daidohji

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Kira Daidohji

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Kira's Move List


If you ever wished your grappler could fly, look no further. Kira has big moves and the damage to match. Arcana Heart's system makes her interesting at neutral and dangerous up close. Hope you have strong hands, you're going to be churning a lot of butter.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
Kira's A moves are all super slow, so you won't be using it much outside of combos. Your main tools on your approach are JC and JE. JE, is great when you are above your opponent. It has a relatively strong hitbox and it is unclashable. Your opponent won't be able to challenge it with 5A clash on reaction. It also hits Cross up from a lot of sharp angles. JC is slow, but it has clash from frame 1 and good reach. This move is a core component of Kira's air game because its hard to get in almost any other way. When homing straight into your opponent you can force a clash battle at will with JC. You can also clash though many attacks and use it defensively for your homing.

2 - Neutral Spacing
Kira has a set of anti air grabs, but those are risky and can lead to a loss of momentum. Definitely not something you want in AH3. 2B is an air unblockable with good reach and start up. You can use it to tag jump outs, jump ins and force clash. You need to throw it out early though, the start up has nothing going for it. If someone is trying to 6D, ice step towards you or engage in a clash battle with you, 5C could come in hardy. It has clash from frame 1 and can set up a command grab after the clash.

3 - Hit Confirms
2B confirms into almost anything. It floats your victim, so you can confirm it into the 623 series for EF or homing combos. In the air, when forcing your opponent to block toward the ground, with JE or JB you can anti air them with 2B into the same thing. If they try to get away with a 4GC, you can anti air them with 6C. Low JE hits can also be confirmed into 2B and etc.

4 - Defense
Kira's SPDs are faster than her normals... So poking out is strictly forbidden. You could try to force your way out with 5C, but you're encouraging a clash battle. You could also out right win the clash battle with C Driver, but that is range dependent. You lose to characters with better A or B moves out right. Also, if your opponent knows what they are doing they would just try to jump out. Of course, if you read the jump you can counter with 2B. Make sure you account for good reversals and 4GCs. Every Kira player needs to get used to this RPS with Kira. I'm sure Sirlin would play this character. Kira doesn't have much trouble with projectiles though. 2B is a great move for that as well. Against projectiles that you cannot reflect, you're better off blocking since unplanned and sporadic movement can lead to sadness for Kira.

Arcana Selection

Few Arcana perfectly compliment Kira. Most of the time, you will go with choices that supplement her high stamina and increase her damage potential. Think of it as upgrading a tank.

One of, if not the most popular arcana for Kira. Not only does it supplement your stamina, but metal can boost your damage of small confirms enormously. Metal Kira has an easy confirm into Dikaiosi that eats chunks of health at a time. You can continue to make Kira strong and stronger for that round with Epidosis. Metal shield also helps Kira with some mixups post knock down. They can't hit you, but you can grab them.

Earth gives you a lot more stamina but takes some power out of your punches. Luckily, Earth Punches can fix that with the right confirms. Earth's 6D can also give you some interesting gimmicks for your SPD.

Evil (Commonly referred to as poison) offers powerful projectile okizeme, and a swap positions super to combo while your force gauge is recovering. Teleports can also be used to mess up the positioning of zoning characters such as Scharlachrot, and make approaching them that much easier.

Thunder takes Kira's existing clash game and adds to it with a fantastic reversal/anti-air in the form of 623E and clash frames on forward dash. During okizeme, Fearg Lorg can lock down your opponent as they try to guess their way around a throw mixup. It's especially dangerous since Kira's 623 series can punish people trying to chicken block it on wakeup.


Spin her round and round... like a record.


Target Combos

  • 5/2A 2B
  • 5B 5C

Meterless Combos

  • 2B 41236A 2B [hjc] JA [jc] JA JB JE [land] ~
Will miss on small characters such as Fiona. First 2B must be pretty much point blank, or close to that.
  • 2B [hjc] JA [delay] JE 2B [hjc] JA [jc] JA JB JE [land] ~
Another point blank combo.

Homing Cancel Combos

  • 2C 3D 2C 3D 2C 3D 2C 2C
Yes this still works. Emergency use only.
  • 5C 6D 2B ~

EFC Combos

  • 2B 623C [EFC] 5D JC JA [jc] JE JB [delay] JC [land] 2C 41236B ~
This is one of Kira's most damaging 623C followups. 41236B can be replaced with Evil 623E for poison although you lose the RPS opportunity, or Steel 214E to protect against wakeup mashing.
  • JE 2B [EFC] [delay] 2B [hjc] JA [jc] JA JB JE [land]~
  • JE 2B 623B [EFC] JC 5A 2B [hjc] JA [jc] JA JB JE 2C
  • JE 2B 623C [EFC] hc JA JB JA [jc] JA JB [small delay] JC 2C
  • 2B 623C [EFC] [arcana super/blaze]
  • 2B [EFC] 623C [arcana super/blaze]
623C combos
Metal, Thunder, Evil, Light, Arcana Blaze all are guaranteed. Metal requires the 2nd combo as you need to perform the Blaze the second after you bounce them off the ground with 623C. Depending on timing Love can be made unavoidable.
  • 2C 41236A/B
Sets up RPS at the end of a combo or a 2B launch at the beginning of one.
  • 623C EFC 5D D~jC jB jC jA [jc] jE jB jE land 2C

Arcana Combos


  • 2B 2E [delay] 214214E JE [land] ~
It is possible to loop this twice using 623C instead of 2E on the second loop.
    Follow-ups from JE [land]: 5A 5B 2[E] 214E~9 jB jE [land] 2C
  • 2C 623E
Guaranteed poison at the end of a combo, although oki is not strong.
  • 2[E] 236E9 JB JE 623C EFC 5D JE JB JE 2C 5[E]
It is not possible to get this from 623B 6D 5B


  • 2B 2E 236E~9 623C ~ [swords / EFC/HC combo]
For those that want to break up the monotony of 2B 623C xx SWORDZLOLOLOLOL
  • 2B 2E [EFC] 9D JA [jc] JA JB JC 5A 5B 2[E] 623C 236236E
Extremely high damage EFC combo with metal, timing is crucial to ensure you're still in extend force at the end.


  • 2B 623C EFC 5D D~jA jB jE jA jc jA jE jB falling jE land 2C 623E
Timing is a little strict with the D~jA, going too high will make jE whiff


  • ~2B 623B 4D 5B 2[E] EFC 5B 2[E] 236E 5B 2[E] 236E
Does somewhere in the realm of 11k, use 6D when doing this on a cornered enemy to cross under them and ensure they cannot hit the wall early from the icicles. The magic rule of <3 hits applies here as well. If you use the jA jE 5AA 623B hit confirm, expect to only be able to hit the first rep of the icicle loop as they will be able to tech as you charge the 3rd 2[E].


  • ~5B/2C EFC 5C 2C 41236C 5A 5B slight pause 5C 2C 5[E]
When done off a raw sweep or 5B, will do around 10k. This combo will drop if the 41236C hits from too far, as they will be able to tech at the 5B. This combo will work off of 623B 4D, and may require some care to ensure the proper distance is achieved to make the 5C 2C 41236C sequence hit deep enough. Interesting oki setup as Kira's dropkick will cover about 2/3rds of the zoomed in screen.

Move List

Normal moves


A crouching slap chop. This move isn't a a low but but it can knock projectiles down. This move is pretty low for an A move, so if you are going to try to use this to mash out you'll get yourself into trouble. This move is jump cancellable on block.


Slap chop. This move is jump cancellable on block.


Crouching uppercut. This move is air unblockable and only highjump cancellable. It can also reflect projectiles straight up. The reflect frames on this move is pretty good as you can do things like flips all of Love's 3 Ball super away with one shot. On hit you can follow up with a highjump cancel into a combo.


Noogie punch. There is a good bit of clash on this moves start up. Unlike before, she does not move forward doing the move anymore and it is now air blockable. On hit the opponent is ground slammed, enabling you to follow up after their bounce.


Big sweep, this is Kira's only low move. It has a range of uses from punishing back dashes to OTG strings. This move is air unblockable so you could use it right before your opponents landing.


Yakuza kick


Angry yakuza kick, this move is like 5C with a forward rush. Unlike 5C this move is air unblockable. On hit this move will blow the opponent towards the wall. This move's recovery isn't that bad but there is more than in the last game. You could use it as a [whiff -> throw] setup.


Crouching BIG uppercut. Also air unblockable and can reflect projectiles, but rather than straight up knocks them diagonally. Just like 6C, 2E's start up has a lot of clash on it so its not a bad idea to buffer 360s or so. At max charge this move guard crushes.


A dropkick with some serious horizontal reach. This move has big clash on its start up as well. On hit you could do a HC to punish any techs. Should you cancel this move you would be in an airborne state, so remember that just in case you want to use an arcana move or so. At max charge this move guard crushes.


Air slap chop. This hitbox on this move has been lowered so you could just wave it anywhere and clash with shit... for lack of better words. This is jump cancellable.


Air noogie punch. This will ground slam the opponent and if they tech, you can punish them depending on your height.


Flying yakuza kick. This move has clash right as it is coming, but after it clashes it loses its attack hitbox. You should always try to cancel this into something. This move can cross up.


The body press that every grappler must have. This move has big cross up potential. This move is unclashable so be wary about jumping in against DPs.

Special Moves

Kira-sama Driver 「きら様ドライバー」 - [360]ABC
  • (Description) - Kira's command crab, the move that the other maidens my submit and yield to. The start up and damage of this move increase with each version and the range of each grab is in reverse. The A version has even more reach than Kira's 5A.
  • (A version) - Least damage ; Most start up ; Most range
  • (B version) - Moderate damage ; Moderate start up ; Moderate range
  • (C version) - Most damage ; Least start up ; Least range
Flying Kira-sama Driver 「フライングきら様ドライバー」 - J214ABC
  • (Description) - This is basically the air version of her 360. However, there is no difference between the A B or C version in terms of damage. This move is great for punishing techs or in clash battles with the opponent. In terms of changes from the last game, the range on the move has expanded upward, but is a bit narrower on the bottom. Remember that this will not grab people off the ground, as awesome as that would be.
  • (A version) - Least start up
  • (B version) - Moderate start up
  • (C version) - Most start up
Daidohji Bunker Buster 「大道寺バンカーバスター」 - 63214ABC
  • (Description) - A set of command grabs that has Kira move towards the opponent before grabbing them, think of it as Zangief's Running Bearhug.
  • (A version) - The A version does not have Kira move forward, but it has a clash frame before the grab comes out. This move is slower than even A SPD but you can use this to your advantage. You can do things such as 5A to an immediate cancel to 63214A to punish mashes or input Armageddon Buster during the clash.
  • (B version) - Kira moves forward then throws the opponent, this move has about the same movement as C Bunker Buster from the last game. You could use this move to punish back dashes, but honestly not much other use has been found for it. It was used before to set you up for a gimmick with Love's Blaze but...
  • (C version) - Kira jumps up at the opponent for an air Buster. The recovery on this is pretty good, so even if you let it go and it whiffs, you can just do something else right after. You can even cancel a move into this for things like tech punishes. This version is probably the most useful of them all. The only problem is that this move has no invincibility, so if you mess up your timing for a tech punish, you lose to things with invincibility.
Head-smashing Back Drop 「脳天直撃バックドロップ」 - ABC [During Daidohji Bunker Buster]
  • (Description) - This move follows right after the Bunker Buster. As soon as you push a button you smash the opponent on the floor. You get more damage than A her 360 but you switch places with your opponent. So there are times where you should actually NOT use this move.
Ekodashiki Grenade 「江古田式グレネード」 - 623A
  • (Description) - This move grabs the opponent out of and forces them to stand, there seems to be some + frames after this move. if you buffer an A Driver right after this move, depending on what normal the opponent tries to mash out with, you'll usually punish it. The opponent could still try to escape with 4D, but 5B would punish it. And for jumps 2B will punish. This makes this move effective as a 3way following it. Against characters with DPs and other invincible anti-airs, Landmine or Rocket Cannon can deal with them. In Arcana Heart 3 only A driver will connect after Grenade (B/Driver, Armageddon/ XH will not connect). You should make use of A Driver/2B two-way set up but just remember there are character that can mash A's to get out.
Ekodashiki Rocket Cannon 「江古田式ロケット砲」 - 623B
  • (Description) - This one grabs the opponent out of the air and throws them at the wall. Different from the previous AHs this move does not launch the opponent to opposite wall but "the wall in front of you;" the current boundary you are in. This move is completely untechable. You could HC to follow up with a combo, or let them drop and set up okizeme. Popular follow ups are with Evil, Poison or Darkness.
Ekodashiki Landmine 「江古田式ランドマイン」 - 623C
  • (Description) - Landmine grabs the opponent out of the air and fires them into the ground, resulting in a big ground bounce. The opponent can burst right upon getting ground slammed, but they will be airborne, so you could do things that immediately HC then input Flying Armageddon. The following arcana supers will connect right after this move: Thunder, Evil, Steel, Light. The following blazes will connect: Love, Thunder, Sin, Light, Tyr, Time, Water, Mirror, Magnetism. Thanks to Extend Force, linking blazes is quite easy now.
Ekodashiki Cluster 「江古田式クラスター」 - 41236ABC
  • (Description) - The new move in AH3, the sumoslap. Kira hops forward a little bit and slaps both hands together. You are airborne during the hop, so throws and low moves will whiff. This move is actually faster than it looks, so you can even use it in combos. The C version makes the opponent float a bit, so you can combo after it without a cancel. You can make good use of the speed of this move to keep people under pressure (as it is plus) and it has little pushback, so you can use to to punishes mash outs afterward.

Super Moves

Armageddon Buster 「アルマゲドンバスター」 - [720]A+B
  • (Description) - The move that tramples all the bitches, and Kira's strongest grab. The range of this move is between A and B Driver . It also has invincibility so you could use this to interrupt pressure or win over clash battles. Learning how do this while standing should be the first objective of lower Kiras.
Flying Armageddon 「フライングアルマゲドン」 - J6321463214A+B
  • (Description) - Midair Armageddon... 1 frame startup. You would use this the same as air Drivers but keep in mind that the range on this is huge, letting you use this rather boldly. It comes out of frame 1 so even in a midair clash battle, as long as a full invincible move isn't use, there is no way this move will lose. However, because of this 1F release, there are rare cases where a Driver would connect and this move would whiff. Technically, there is invincibility on this move, but thanks to the 1F start up, you don't really get to savor it.

Critical Heart

Last Armageddon Drop 「ラストアルマゲドンドロップ」 - [1080]A+B
  • (Description) - The move that tramples all the bitches and even gawd, Kira's XH. Hit with this and your opponent will </3. The damage that this move causes one shot is ridiculous, you could call it the representative of all XH. Though it is harder to land any XH with the system changes, if you are using the Earth arcana you have chances to use it. The range seems to be around the same as C Driver... but it might be a bit more. Treat it as having less range than Armageddon. Much like Fiona's XH, this move will eat around 70% of the opponents health bar. Learning how to do this standing is the eternal aim of us Kira players.



2. Athrun Zala (Gundam Seed)
9. Haruka (Yosuga no Sora)
10. Akane (Paniponi Dash)
13. Kyouka (Kyouran Kazoku Nikki)

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