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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Konoha

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Konoha's Move List


Scarf big and red enough to make Shinobi jealous. As you can guess from her stature, she doesn't have a lot of reach. However Konoha is built with speed and tricks in mind. She has a special for a wide range of situations and mixups. Konoha is for players that have a little more experience with AH3 and want a unique rushdown character.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
Konoha's JA is extremely fast but has very little reach. Use it when you're about level with your opponent. JB and C are a little bit slower, but they have clash right before the attack comes out. When you are over head you can use JE for an ambiguous crossup, due to the nature of how it moves its difficult to hit crossup for shallow angle without practice. After you get used to it, it becomes quite threatening.

2 - Neutral Spacing
Konoha is one of the few characters with good innate projectiles. Shurikens are good from afar and can be aimed into the air to disturb your opponent's movement. In the air, Kunai can be used as well to against people in wait for an anti air. Most of the time, you will not be challenging most of the other characters in the game directly until you have more meter to to work with. Until then you have a series of warps to maneuver away. 6B is an anti air with clash and decent start up, but because of of KonohaReach(tm) it doesn't get much mileage outside guard break strings. What you can do instead is use Doton and 5E. 5E shrinks Konoha's hitbox super low, making it a decent anti air in the angle that it erects. You can also use it to go under a lot of mid and high hitting attacks. Doton makes her hitbox sink in a lot too, and has many different follows depending that on how your opponents react.

3 - Hit Confirms
With the 6C kara cancel, you can tie up a lot of ground confirms into air combos for no meter. It is in your best interest to learn it if you're serious about Konoha, so you can use your meter for a lot better things.

4 - Defense
2A works well in close quarters due to its start up. Takinobori works well against approaches from overhead as well. It also works well from a 6GC due to its fast start up and invincibility. The warps are too slow to be used when under pressure or on wake up, but Kawarimi works. You could use it to reflect projectiles as well.

Arcana Selection

Konoha has a wide range of arcana to choose from, and can be used to improve almost any aspect of her game. Being a flexible character, she can use almost any arcana as seen fit for the matchup or player etc.

Note that Konoha has an AMAZING critical heart, it completely makes up for her otherwise low damage in a full feature lengthed match. So picking an arcana with good meter generation or good survivability (or both!) is actually a strong bonus that isn't obvious at first.

Love is a good Arcana for starting Konoha. It keeps her stamina up and leaves you with a good balance of extra tools. Konoha's projectiles are already great, but you can still use homing cancels off love projectiles to cover your rushdown. Konoha doesn't quite benefit from the extra projectiles like the other characters do, but the lack of negative attributes help. Unfortunately not having anything special about makes it only good as a beginner arcana.

Love has great meter generation and good burst recovery.

Sort of a similar choice to love but synergizes with Konoha better unless the love laser is being used for matchup purposes. Fast burst recharge and nullified counter hits is great for Konoha as it takes some risk out of being more aggressive. Flowers persistent projectiles also compliment Konoha's fast projectiles well. This is a great arcana for players that have not chosen what arcana they want to stick with yet, and also a good choice for dealing with unfamiliar matchups. Since Konoha doesn't really need to use meter much for combos, you can almost always end a combo with j.E > multilayer for okizeme.

Flower has some of the best meter generation in the game when 214E flowers are used properly.

While thunder has low life modifier, it's still strong defensively because of its ability to force a clash. As a bonus, thunder can also use its delayed super to help with okizeme and mixups. Nothing really special about this character+arcana combination, but thunder is a strong arcana that can help Konoha with tough matchups if you are good at using clash. Combined with Konoha's nature of being hard to get in on, forcing a clash when the opponent is actually able to do so can be very aggravating for them.

Thunder has average meter generation.

Water has extremely strong synergy with Konoha, and improves basically all aspects of her game. Because of Konoha's stature, bubbles get set at an extra low level. This can help to protect Konoha from almost all regular attacks (exceptions being multihit, deflecting, grab, or extremely low hitting moves). That being said, the bubbles can be used to turtle it up with shurikens, cover rushdown in the corner (this is huge), or cover an approach when set to follow with 214E. Konoha's 5E is already neutral on block, so in water the extra blockstun actually gives her frame advantage, which can be useful for some basic pressure. Water EX Grab is strong for Konoha because of her good ground dash and pressure game.

As a drawback, water is sort of matchup specific. Water may not be such a great choice against characters that use their good deflecting that they use naturally already (i.e. Kira 5B / 2B, most of Clarice's normals but not 4C!), or a lot of multihit (i.e. Eko 2B, Catherine boom boom, Angelia j.C), or just have really good lows (i.e. Saki 2A, 2B, or 2C).

Water has slightly below average meter generation and the worst burst recovery in the game. But that is easily offset by very high survivability when played properly between the bubbles and lack of chip damage. You should have no problem getting full meter in a full lengthed game unless you are constantly using bubbles.

Vine can help Konoha with her spacing a lot, less-so against small mobile characters such as herself. It works well for pressure and she can scoop up the hit from almost any angle. EX seeds are great for okizeme and also have some limited use as cover when used from the air (you can TK it or use 3B and link EX seeds after). Plants low hitting seeds make it easy for Konoha to create unblockables with do to her ability to overhead in a ton of different ways. Because of this plant Konoha has some of the more terrifying offense in the game, if you take the time to learn it she can do some unblockable loops as well.

The only real drawback to plant is the low life modifier, which stacks up with Konoha's already low life. But between the extremely strong offensive capabilities, improved neutral game, and good meter generation, this is one of her best picks. However if your offensive game is not on point you may not be rewarded as much by this arcana because of the lower life making you easy to random out at times.

Even if you don't have plants offense mastered, it's still a good pick against larger characters as they have a harder time avoiding the vine than most do.

Wind hurts Konoha's stamina significantly, however similar to thunder it also improves her defense by giving her pushblock, as well as further improves her mobility. Wind Konoha is one of the most mobile characters in the game, surpassing Wind Clarice and competing with Wind Lilica. The extra air movement options can give you more options in neutral and on offsense. Short hop j.2D 2B can be used as a deadly mixup on block, this alone is almost enough of a reason to pick wind. Wind vortex is also a great way to force people to block after a normal combo, and Konoha's small size coupled with very fast homing speed make the boomerang helpful in neutral.

Wind has good meter generation, though because of the high proration on Konoha's moves she may not always receive a whole lot of benefit from the extra double jump combo-wise.

Another more offensive arcana, the main thing that makes Fire a unique pick for Konoha is its ability to actually deal a large amount of damage. A meterless air combo into j.214214E can do quite a lot of damage especially on counterhit. This is probably the best choice if you really just want to focus on capitalizing on your opponents mistakes. At lower prorations you can also use Fires 214E as a launcher and the combo will deal some more damage.

Other bonuses include a fireball that is great for zoning, it may seem like it overlaps with Kunais, but it's huge and can be homing canceled, making it very useful. Since it's slower the fireball also grants more frame advantage than a Kunai, so it's good to use as okizeme after a j.E combo ender. Konoha's reversal only hits right on the ground and can't be homing canceled, so the fire explosion can be nice to have at times too.

Fires meter generation is a bit below average overall, more specifically it's strong on offense and weak on defense. Though fire does have good offensive modifiers, you take a significant hit to life as well (you lose about half as much life as you would in plant or wind).

Very similar to fire, Halos Celestial Gate can be used to add a lot of damage to Konoha's combos. Halo also has very strong arcana specials and as you already know Konoha is good at using those. While they are strong specials universally, they don't really do anything special for Konoha that fire doesn't do already, making this sort of a questionable pick outside of a specific matchup such as Yoriko.

Halo has below average meter generation, and the damage modifiers are along the same line as fires.

Konoha already has one of the best dashes in the game, Ice's is significantly worse because of the time it takes to accelerate. However, combined with her shurikens and kunai, Konoha can really zone it up with Ices full screen specials. The lack of good dash hurts her rushdown game a bit, but it doesn't break the character or anything. Ice can also do slightly longer EFC combos because of Ices special EF freeze effect, and has a reversal just like fires.

Ice has below average meter generation.

Konoha doesn't need to rely on meter too much. So you could burn all of it on Magnetism's Melancholy. While spacing with extra meter, you can practically toss it out whenever you can and make it your turn. This works nicely for Konoha's stubby limbs. Refrain from using this against someone using lighting or halo, they will just snipe you out out of this regardless of your location on the screen. However if you are set on magnetism then perhaps a homing cancel or EFC can be used to deal with this.

Magnet has below average meter generation.

Any thing that gives Konoha more time in EF is good. You can use Tyr to improve Konoha's aready terrific speed and boost her damage greatly. The extra time in EF can be used for your mixups and the improve the damage off them. You won't be using most of Tyr's attacks but the EF effects are great for Konoha. You can also use this to improve the damage of Konoha's XH significantly off combos. However because you're really only using it for raw EF and EFC, Tyr doesn't really do anything special matchup-wise.

Tyr has good meter generation.

Konoha can use Time to set up stronger okizeme from most confirms at the cost of a bit of damage. Forcing the opponent to block with Konoha is very scary, not only does she have her deadly high-low game but she can also use her teleports for mixup.

Konoha's time clones have poor reach and can't really be used to compliment her spacing. While Time does improve her okizeme considerably, you can't do full combos with it like you can with most characters because of the high proration on Konoha's normals, and you'll have to memorize how many hits you can put into an air combo or EFC combo before you can't combo into IL or knockdown with IL > j.E anymore. Fortunately she doesn't really have these problems with ground-only time combos.

Time has poor meter generation as well as poor damage and life modifiers.

Similar to Time, Dark improves Konohas okizeme. Unlike time the okizeme uses are a lot more limited off an air confirm, but it can still be used to force a block and some basic mixups. Off a ground only combo, you can set up some powerful mixups with EX or even regular Gier and teleports that will drastically increase Konoha's implied damage. Dark specials can also be useful against grounded opponents in neutral.

Dark has poor meter generation its damage / life modifiers are the same as fires.


Doublejump Shorthops

Konoha's jump heights are unique from the rest of the cast in that her first jump goes ridiculously high, while her doublejump is very short. This allows her to do something interesting that no other member of the cast can. By doublejumping immediately off the ground, you achieve something similar to a King of Fighters shorthop. Your jump height is considerably shortened and your opponent has a lot less time to react to whatever option you choose to do. Great for pressure and used in some more advanced EFC combos.

6C Karas

The first 2 frames of Konoha's 6C are air special cancelable. 2 frames is not enough time to input a special, so normally this input is accomplished by buffering the 6C during another normal (5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, in theory you could do it off a 4A, 5A, or 2A but it would be absurdly difficult), and then buffering the air special you want to cancel into while you wait for the 6C to actually come out. This special way of inputting this kara is also the biggest weakness, since you have to know you will be doing this a move ahead of time, it can be difficult to hit confirm into.

This is most commonly done with her j.214S series, which recovers almost immediately allowing for fast overheads and meter-less combos. Also with plant j.214E where it's used in an unblockable loop in the corner.


Target Combos

  • ~5C > 623B > 236AB

- Do not 2C. 236AB does not hit airborne

  • 5A > 5B > 5C > 623C >[before it comes out] [follow up]A > 5A > 6B > jc > JB > JC > J214X > JB > jc > JB> JE > J360C
  • 5A > 5B > 2B > 5C > 623B >[follow up] 6C
  • ~2C > 6C > Cancel into J214X > JB > JC > JE(whiff) > land > JB > JC > J214X > JB > jc > JB > JC > J360C
  • ~2C > 623A > [follow up] A > 6hc > 5A > 6B > Air combo
  • ~2C > 623A > [follow up] A > dash > 5A > 6B > Air combo
  • ~2C > EFC > 5A > Shorthop > JB > JC > JE (whiff) > land > JA > JB > jc > JB > JE > JC > land > JA > JB > jc > JB > JC > Ender
  • ~2C > 623A > EFC > step > 5B > 6B > JA > JB > JC > JE > JB > jc > JE > Ender
  • ~5C > 623B > [follow up]A(or ~2C>623B) > step > 5B > 6B > JB > JC > JE > Delay JC > land > 5A > 6B > JA > JB > jc > JB > JC > Ender
  • 5A > 5B > 2C > 623B > EFC > step > 5B > 6B > JC > Delay JE > Delay JC > land > 4A > 6B > JA > JB > JC > JE
  • 5A > 5B > 2B > 5C > 623B > EFC > 5B > 5C > 6C > 5E > 623C > [follow up]6C
  • ~623B > [follow up] 6C > EFC > 2C > 5E > 623C > [follow up]6C
  • 5B > 5C > 623B > EFC > 6B >[Musasabi Karacancel]> JB > 9jc > JB > JC > step 5B > 623B > sc236AB

Arcana Combos


  • 5A > 5B > 5C > 623B >[EFC]> 5C > JE > 5C > JE > 5C > 623B > 6C
  • ~623B > 623A[x5] > 6C
Sho-sho combo ala time arcana


  • 236E > 28C > [EFC] XH
Ridiculously easy confirm into Extend Force Critical Heart.

Move List

Normal moves


A crouching knife hand, hits mid. Short range but it has more reach than 5A at least. You are plus after hitting with it so its good as a pressure starter.


Ninja pimp slap, this is like 5A, but her arm is extended outwards for horizontal chop, hits mid and reflects projectiles. Konoha moves forward a little bit and the hitbox is unexpectedly strong. If you hit an airborne opponent with this, they will be float downwards.


An elbow poke with little reach, hits mid. Good start up but the hitbox is really small. The prorate is also very strict for this move. Learn how to confirm with only one 5A, because any more than that will steal a lot of damage from your combos.


A pseudo-slide kick. In other words she doesn't move forward, hits low. Being a fake slide kick, your hitbox during this move doesn't really sink in, nor is the attack very strong. The prorate on this move is pretty high as well so you only use this when you need to.


A rising elbow strike, hits mid. This move hits at a nice angle in term of being an anti air, but it won't hit most crouching characters and very few character's standing animations (will not it Dorothy or Lise at all if they are on the ground). Still a good ground-vs-air move, and it has clash to help with anti air attempts. After clashing with 3B, you can usually land a hit buy following up with a JA. If 3B lands clean, you can usually follow it up with a high jump or jump into neutral homing. If this move whiffs, you can cancel into homing to maintain momentum, run away, or go for a JB overhead. This move is very useful to Konoha.


A knee kick with a little bit of forward movement, hits mid. The hitbox is decent and is can be used for a couple different things. Staggers, mash and jump punishing being something of the things that you can do with this.


This move is like 5B but instead of a knee kick, Konoha kicks straight up. This is one of your your only air unblockable moves, but the hitbox is a bit weak, the duration is short and is easy to clash. Often used for combos though.


A real slide kick, hits low and downs. Moves Konoha forward a lot more than 2B, but the hitbox still isn't very strong nor do does your hitbox shrink as low as you'd think. But she does move forward a good bit, you can even add step momentum to it to move even further, great for surprise lows and punishing whiffed moves from your opponent. You are about even with your opponent in terms of advantage if they block this.


A heel drop with good forward movement, hits mid. This move is great, Konoha move forward a good bit, the hitbox is pretty strong and the start up is very fast for a C move. This will even connect from a 5A or 2A. This also has a few clash frames, making it a goofy anti-air at times. If you were yo use it as an anti air, the best time is when the opponent comes straight at you with a NH, the opponent is coming down right in front of you, or to stuff IADs. Do not try this until you are used to doing it in a match because the clash frames are few, you are probably better off using 3B or 5E. This will ground slam airborne opponents.


Konoha jumps up a little bit and does a Oroshi-esque (3S Makoto) downward chop; overhead and downs the opponent. Since she jumps up a bit you are airborne for brief moment get a frame or two of low body invincibility; this move has an interesting kara-cancel property because of this fact. If you cancel directly into 6C from another normal, then buffer in a: Special, Super, Arcana Special, Arcana Super or Air-grab, you will get that move in the 1~2F that you are airborne in the start up of 6C. For example you could ~5C → 6C~214C for a super low Musasabi no Jyutsu then do JB after that for a superfast overhead. This is extremely useful and use in many combos and set ups that would be impossible otherwise. As 6C itself, if you the opponent blocks it, make sure you cancel into something, since you would be at a frame disadvantage.


A kick diagonally upwards at a sleep angle. This move has a decent hitbox and could be used as an anti air fairly easily, but it is probably better to use 3B or 5E for that. Easy to use this to set up her XH.


Konoha ducks down even lower than 2E, and kicks upward at a more relaxed angle, does more damage that 2E for some reason. Konoha's profile gets very very low with this move, making it a viable anti air. To give you an idea of how low Konoha gets, this move goes under Lilica's 2A. About even on block, so you could it to keep jump outs in check.


Mid air knife hand, looks like 2A in air. Almost all of Konoha's upper-body is part of the hitbox, so this makes for a good air to air move, a bit weak below her though. Just like 5A, the prorate is very tight, so avoid using it in combos too much.


A horizontal kick. A good hitbox for jump ins or air-to-air spacing. Also, finally a move with more relaxed prorate, use this for combos starts or spacing as much as possible.


A kick like JB but angled upwards, like Bang's J4C. Great start up for a JC, has a good hitbox and is useful for poking at an opponent slightly above at a safe distance. Like JB, the prorate is more relaxed, so you'll using it in combos a lot. If you are in the middle of a combo with few hits, this can combo into JA with out having to cancel. This will float a standing/crouching opponent into the air on counter hit


A low heel kick in air. Good reach below her, great as an air-to-ground move. This hitbox isn't that strong though, so don't go crazy with the move. This has some cross up capabilities its a bit hard to land.

Special Moves

Shuriken 「手裏剣」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Konoha throws up to three shurikens out. This is a projectile rekka. Depending on what button you use, you can change the angle of this throw (meaning you can do low-low-high or any order you please). The third hit is heavier and juggles the opponent for combo close up, but it has longer recovery than the first two. At very least, this move good for neutralizing weak projectiles or to intercept a read jump in. More effective against larger characters than small ones, the fact you have to stand still using this move means in some matchups it should be used with extreme caution and limited to the first two hits unless you're sure they will hit.
  • (A version) - Straight forward
  • (B version) - 45° angle upwards
  • (C version) - 75° angle upwards
Kunai 「苦無」 - J236ABC
  • (Description) - Konoha throws a kunai down from the air. The different versions of this move change the angle that you throw the kunai. Recovers very fast, allowing you to followup easily. Throwing these out from good angles can often catch your opponent pushing buttons. Off certain air hits or counterhits you can even combo off this move.
  • (A version) - Almost straight downward
  • (B version) - 45° angle downwards
  • (C version) - Steep forward angle, the trajectory on this version means it stays on the screen longest and travels the furthest when further from the opponent
Hayate Tsuki 「疾風突き」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - Gale thrust. A charging knife-hand with different follow ups. The different versions change some hit properties and your forward movement before the attack. This move is often used as a hitconfirm, and can be used with discretion during pressure. Be careful not to get thrown, mashed out, or 4GC'd on the initial hit, though.
  • (A version) - 3 character lengths of movement. Safe on block.
  • (B version) - 4 character lengths of movement Safe on block.
  • (C version) - Almost a half screen forward charge; wall slam gives it limited use in combos. However it's +7 on block. This is also the biggest risk since it's the longest duration on wiff. Another thing that makes this version unique is that you can cancel it into a followup before it actually comes out, allowing for a new level of punishing and mind games.
  • (Follow up) - This move has several different follow ups that you can preform afterward
    • (A) Air Unblockable Hayate Tsuki directed diagonally upwards. Combos from A or B Hayate, or C Hayate on counter hit. Punishes mashing and jumping very effectively, but is a little disadvantageous on block.
    • (B) - A 2B like motion into Konoha Kakure no Jyutsu・Ten (A version), a high teleport useful for mixup and pressure when your opponent respects.
    • (2B) - A 2B like motion into Konoha Kakure no Jyutsu・Chi (A version), a low teleport with the same uses as the B version, normally this is the next trick when they're used to the high tele.
    • (C) - A slight backwards warp into C Hayate, giving you frame adv on block. Combos from A or B Hayate on counter hit or C Hayate in the corner. There's a rather large gap before this move comes out making it easy to mash out of if they aren't respecting.
    • (6C) - A very slight jump into 6C. Combos from A or B Hayate (good for meterless combos), once the jump starts this appears to be faster than her actual 6C, though Konoha technically has no real low options. While this move looks like her 6C, it has the properties of a special even while in EF meaning you can't free-cancel it into 5E, 2E, or specials like you can with EF 6C.
Takinobori 「滝登り」 - 28ABC
  • (Description) - Rising waterfall. Konoha does a does a reverse hand-stand into a multi-hit rising kick, this has some DP properties such having full body invisibility and being air unblockable. All version have really quick start up and are easy to combo off of, but don't whiff it since there is some unbelievable recovery afterward. The different versions change the start up and invincibility; The A and B versions are 2 hits, the C version is 3 hits.
Konoha Kakure no Jyutsu・Chi 「このは隠れの術・地」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Concealment technique: earth . Konoha sets off a smokescreen and teleports to one of three designated place depending on what button you use. Clones appear int the locations that are not in and the camera always pans out, making it very had for your opponent to tell where you are going to go. This is a great move for running away or getting out of sloppy okizeme. You could also use this for side swaps after you send a projectile out for some gimmicks. The A version teleports you to the same place, the B version sends you 2 character lengths forward and the C version sends you 3 character lengths forward. When facing the corner, the clones will all be condensed rather than off screen preserving the ambiguity. This can also be homing cancled or EFC'd.
Konoha Kakure no Jyutsu・Ten 「このは隠れの術・天」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - Concealment technique: heavens. Almost the same as the the ground teleport, you just appear in the air for this one. Can be homing canceled.
Kawarimi no Jyutsu 「変わり身の術」 - 41236ABC
  • (Description) - Substitution technique. This is a 2 frame counter move, it will also react to projectiles. Depending on what button you use, you'll teleport to different places in relation to the opponent. Time stops as you teleport and there is almost no recovery afterward.
  • (A version) - Warp in place
  • (B version) - Ward in front of the opponent
  • (C version) - Warp behind the opponent
Doton no Jyutsu 「土遁の術」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Earth escape technique. Konoha digs into the ground, this move has throw invincibility and hit hitbox shrinks to the surface of the stage. You can move left and right while under ground, and pushing 8 brings you out. This move also has several follow ups that you can preform. Upon using those moves (except A), Konoha will automatically come out of the ground. You can also cancel into [2]8+AB while still underground.
  • (Follow up) - This move has several different follow ups that you can preform afterward
    • (A) - Shoots a dart upwards, if you try to do it again you'll automatically come out of the ground.
    • (B) - Appear diagonally up and come down with Hayabusa
    • (C) - C Takinori
Hayabusa Keri 「隼蹴り」 - J22ABC
  • (Description) - Falcon kick. An overhead dive kick that comes almost straight down. On block, Konoha springs back up and you have you normal air options after that. The different buttons for this move do no change this move. By holding [4] or [6]ABC has you hit the ground, you can roll towards or away from the opponent. A, B or C will change how far you roll, with C being the farthest. This has some invincibility and throw protection, and your collision box disappears for this move, so you can roll through your opponent if you wish.
Musasabi no Jyutsu 「むささびの術」 - J214ABC
  • (Description) - Flying squirrel technique. With this you can dramatically change your fall speed. You can also control your decent by holding left or right. After the 10th frame of the move, you cancel into any jump move. This is great for overheads and unblock tricks
Izuna Otoshi no Jyutsu 「飯綱落としの術」 - J360ABC
  • (Description) - Izuna drop. Konoha grabs the opponent in the air and pile drives them into the ground likes its Ninja Gaiden. The opponent must be slightly above you for this to connect. You also rise up a little bit when you use this move, so be careful because the whiff animation for this is long and you can't do anything until you touch the ground... where there is also a long period of landing recovery waiting for you... and you are in a CH'able state the whole time. In other words, never whiff this. This is still a great move for combo enders, air tech punishing or if your opponent is carelessly hovering above you. The different versions of this move change the start up, grab range and the damage, with C having the slowest start up and best damage.

B and C versions are considerably slower for only minor damage gain, only really useful outside of combos when you want to use speed boost into grab from further away which is rather situational.

Super Moves

Konoha Hyaku Bunshin no Jyutsu 「このは百分身の術」 - 236A+B
  • (Description) - Konoha 100 clone technique. A fully invincibly charge into a lock move. 100 clones gang up on the opponent and Konoha strikes them down. A good move for random confirms to increase your damage. You must hit with this move as it provides almost no blockstun and you are in a CH'able state.
Konoha Otoshi no Jyutsu 「このは落としの術」 - [2]8A+B
  • (Description) - Konoha drop. This is a two frame command grab. This has invincibility and the opponent cannot jump out of it after superflash. The range for this is that of a normal grab. Upon grabing the opponent you can increase the high that Konoha rises, and in turn the damage by rotating the stick.
Konoha Midare Kunai no Jyutsu 「このは乱れ苦無の術」 - J236A+B
  • (Description) - Chaos Kunai technique. Konoha throws 3 waves of 3 kunai at every angle of her normal kunai special, ground slams on hit. Think of this move like Ibuki's Kasumi Suzaku. Fast start up but there is a some recovery after the move is finished. Good range on this move but if you don't hit the opponent with it they can punish you from almost anywhere on the screen and the damage is almost a joke... almost feels like a waste of meter. On block when they are close, a 6D guard cancel will slide right through it as well. This move can still blow up 4D guard cancels and has some other practical but limited uses.

Critical Heart

Konoha Special 「このはすぺしゃる」 - J720A+B
  • (Description) - Konoha special, a jump 720... not-grab. After the input Konoha drifts upward a little bit then diagonally downwards towards the opponent for an unblockable hit. You can lands this after a blocking a JA from most characters, very difficult for the opponent to evade. Often used as an air tech punish or gimmicks like the previously explained one. This move also has a little bit of invincibility to assist with your shenanigans. The EF version is virtually the same but does more damage... and takes a while to finish.



7. Last Order (Certain Magic Index)
8. Bang Shishigami

Arcana Heart 3

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Specific Mechanics

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