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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Lieselotte Achenbach

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Lieselotte Achenbach

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Liese's Move List


Even dolls have feelings. Lieselotte and Elfride together make a powerful combination. Liese can freely use Elfride to to trap and out-zone any character. Lieselotte is a great character for experienced players that want a challenge.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
JA has a relatively good hitbox and hits twice. It's best to be more aggressive with that when you have the doll to cover you. For all else JE is your friend. It hits a wide range if front of Liese and hits cross up at a lot of angles. Since it ground slams, there is always the change to steal the momentum or combo with Elfride around.

2 - Neutral Spacing
Most of the time you want Elfride out of the case so she can help you zone. But since you start out each round with the doll in its case. You can use this to out-space aggressive opponents at the opening of before you start the lame-game with Liese. 6B and 6C are good anti-airs with a lot of reach that cover good angles. With the doll out, your job is to put out markings whenever you have a free moment to disturb your opponent as much as possible.

3 - Hit Confirms
Many of your air-to-air JE hits will be part of relaunch combos with Elfride's JC attack.

4 - Defense
Liese is going to have to rely on on guard cancels and and timed pokes to get out of pressure. She doesn't have much going for her on the reversal sector. However, having Elfride in your area while blocking is menacing for your opponent. As you area holding [4] or [1], the doll is still walking towards you as you block. She also responds to buttons as you block, so you could have her disturb your opponent when Elfride gets close enough. Most of the top your opponent will either rush to get a hit on you or try to get away when pressuring you, something you can take advantage of.

Arcana Selection

Arcana's that go well with Liese help her trap and mixup game.

Halo has a lot of tools that compliment your coordination with the doll and make corner pressure even more powerful. Also, with celestial gate you gain a much more reliable move for getting out of pressure.

Time adds a mean set of mixups ups to Liese's post combo okizeme with Infinite Light.

Evil increases the damage of EFC combos and adds to Lieselotte's mixup game with teleports. It also adds the ability to use EX teleport to place the opponent in the corner along with the doll.

Luck adds to Lieselotte's corner oki and mixup game tremendously, allowing her to loop the mixup into itself. The Luck passive abilities are also fairly useful.

Fire adds to Liese's midscreen damage and her zoning tools by preventing the opponent from approaching from the air. Good for pressure and corner loops, as well.


Zoning + Oki + Pressure = Profit


  • e.X means doll outside of case -

Doll in case midscreen:

  • 2A 2B 236B 6D 2C e.5B 5A j.ABE e.5B land j.ABE

-Standard BNB

  • 2A 2B 236C 6D 2C e.5B 5A j.ABE e.5B land j.ABE

-Same as above, only further away.

  • 2A 2B 2C 6HC 5A(2 hits) j.AB 236B ad.B dj.ABE e.2C land j.CE

-Pretty much only used if hit confirming off a 2C. Same damage as above but costs a meter and doesn't push as far into the corner. Costs 1 meter.

  • 2A 2B 236C [6D] 2C e.5B 5A JA JB JE e.2C 623B JA JB [jc] JB JC JE

-Pushes far into the corner and does decent damage. This is your best choice.

Doll in case corner:

  • 2A 5B 236B 6D 2C e.5B 5A(1 hit) j.AB delay j.E e.5C land 2C (5[E])

-Gives good oki and knockdown. Can follow up with an Arcana move for stronger oki. 5[E] is used for connecting a super to it via Arcana specific corner combos.

  • 2A 2B 2C 6HC 5A(2 hits) j.AB 236B ad.B dj.ABE e.2C land j.CE

-Does a little less damage than the one above it, but it's safer against DPs if setting up oki. j.E can be jump canceled into an arcana special for oki and mixup. Costs 1 meter.

Doll outside of case (anywhere), Liese midscreen:

  • 2A 2C 6HC 5B 623B 5A(1 hit) j.A(2 hits)B dj.ABE e.5C land 2C

-Very very useful. Gives knockdown and does a decent amount of damage off 2A. Costs 1 meter.

  • 2A 2C 6HC 2A 214x 5A(1 hit) j.A(2 hits)B dj.ABE e.5C land 2C

-Very difficult to time, but does the same as the one above. Costs 1 meter.

  • 2A 2B 2C 2E EFC NH j.CBEB dj.BCE

-Basic EFC combo. 2C 2E will whiff vs Kira.

  • 2A 2B 2C EFC dash 5B 6B j.C j.E(whiff) j.BEB dash 5b j.ACE

-A more advanced EFC combo that will work on Kira. Will not connect against most of the cast.

Doll outside of case (anywhere), Liese corner:

  • 2A 2C 6HC 5B 623C 5A(1 hit) j.A(2 hits)B dj.ABE e.5C land 2C (5[E])

-Very useful. The 623C adds quite a bit of damage to the combo. Costs 1 meter.

Arcana Combos


  • 2A 2B 2C e.5B 5A j.A(1) j.B j.E e.5C 2C 5[E] 236236E e.5B
Combo into OTG 5[E] for poison and pit super for knockdown. The doll 5B at the end is input after the superflash in order to keep them in OTG state long enough for the super to connect.


  • 2A 2B 2C e.5B 5A j.A(1) j.B j.E e.5C 2C 5[E} 236236E e.5B 9HC e.5C j.E
Not really worth the meter, but it's flashy, so have at it.


  • 2A 2B 2C 6HC 5A j.A(1) j.B 236E 5HC 2D j.C land j.AB dj.ABE

Good damage. The combo can push the opponent into the corner from about 3/4th of the screen away. You can do j.AB 236E a second time if the combo started from a 2C. Not really worth the extra meter, though.

  • 2A 2B 236B 6D 2C e.5B 5A j.AB 236E e.5C land 5A j.ACE

Meterless corner option. You can do the 236E combo off any starter, as long as Elfriede is in the corner with you and it hasn't prorated too badly up to that point. Good damage.

  • 2B 236B (dash 5B 236E e.5B(delay))xn

You can do this combo for about 4-5 reps, and it does good damage. A little difficult to setup, though. Meterless.

  • 2A 2B 2C 2E EFC 623A NH j.CB 236E NHC j.BA dj.ABE

A fire EF combo that ends in knockdown. Sends Elfriede AND your opponent to the corner. Difficult on small characters.


  • 2A 2B 236B 6D 2C e.5B 5A j.AB 236E 2HC j.AB dj.ABE'

Combo is used to switch sides. Useful to put your opponent into the corner midscreen, or after a cross up.

Move List

Normal Moves


One of Lieselotte's major themes for attack is the use of her briefcase and the red eyed living doll, Elfriede Achenbach, stored inside. Some of her normals change depending on if Elfriede is in the briefcase or not. Moves that change, marked with a ★, change if Elfriede is away from Lieselotte.


Crouching two piece... with terrible reach, hits mid. The fist hit can be canceled back into 2A. Not exceptionally fast but you'll use it a lot as a combo starter.


Anyone home? Door tap, hits mid. This move also hits two times, but only the first hit cancels the move into itself.

2B ★

Liese slides the briefcase along the ground and moves forward a bit, hits low. Decent forward movement and easy to use in combos. When Elfriede isn't in the case, this is jump cancellable.

3B ★
  • Stored - Elfriede pops out of the case and claw swipes at the opponent's feet, low. Great reach but your own hitbox moves forward and gets mixed into the attack, so don't be surprised if other attacks with end up stuffing this. You can jump cancel this move on block unlike 2B when stored, making this your only jump cancellable low attack.
  • Separate - Without Elfriede, the case just opens and hits the opponent. Faster than the stored version so you can combo this from 2B. This has a decent amount of clash frames, making it a good move before or after doll attacks. Not jump cancellable.

A kick with her back turned, hits mid and reflects projectiles diagonally upwards. The reach isn't great but the start up is decent, and the move is jump cancellable.

6B ★
  • Stored - Elfriede pops out of the case and slashes diagonally upwards, like a 3B towards the air. A good anti air verses jump ins and IADs because of the angle and good reach, however this is not air unblockable. Still easy to use because the start up and recovery are good. In regarded to the angle of the attack, there are a couple of characters who's crouching animation will make this whiff even if you are standing right next to them, make sure you don't use this on them.
  • Separate - Liese jumps up a bit a bashes the opponent with the briefcase. Doesn't have reach like the stored version, but she can chain this into a jump move, like JB, C or E, after hitting or on block. You could use JB or JC for the overhead, or use JE; you will land right before JE comes out and you can go for the low. Since she jumps up a bit, you have a short period of low invincibility as well.
2C ★
  • Stored - Elfriede rolls out of the case and slashes the opponent's feet, 2 hit low move with knockdown. "OK" start up but good reach.
  • Separate - Liese opens the case and slides it across the ground. Only one hit but the reach is still pretty good without Elfriede.
5C ★
  • Stored - Elfriede rushes out of the case horizontally, 2 hits and mid. This is mostly used for combos. Good reach but the recovery makes it unsuitable for spacing. On hit it will float the opponent horizontally.
  • Separate - Without Elfriede, Liese opens the case on the opponent's face, still does 2 hits. A good move to cancel into marking. This has some easily accessible clash frames as well.
6C ★
  • Stored - Elfriede rushes upwards out of the case and uppercuts the opponent; first hit floats, second and third hit is air unblockable. This hits in a much steeper angle than 6B, it so may end up whiffing people standing right in front of you, but it has great vertical reach and clash frames, making it a good anti air.
  • Separate - Liese hops up and jams the briefcase into the opponent. Hits overhead. This is much slower than Elfriede counter part, but its an overhead and groundslams on hit.

Liese swings the case upwards. Slow, but high jump and arcana cancellable.


Liese does a wide swing with the case. Slow but easy to use for cancelling into an arcana move.


Scratch scratch, Liese claws at the opponent for two hit attack. Mostly use for air-to-air.


Liese swings the case forward, slightly tilted downward. Not exceptionally fast, but it has a good hit box and you'll end up using it for spacing and combos a lot.

JC ★
  • Stored - Elfriede claws out at the opponent with both arms. This is on the slow side, but the reach is excellent. One thing to beware of though, is that Liese's arm also has her hitbox in the move.
  • Separate - Liese swings the case out like in JC and extends her arm to hit with the opened case. Not as good when Elfriede is stored in the briefcase, but the reach is still pretty good.

Jump Cancel-able. Liese swings the case down, like a 2E in the opposite direction, groundslams on hit. You use this move a lot in coordination with Elfriede for combos in the corner.



When ever Liese uses the B or C version, Elfriede will attack with the corresponding moves. She responds to only the buttons, so you can make her attack while blocking as well. All ground C attacks make her turn around.


Elfriede has three points of health. The opponent can attack her to take health from her when she's preforming actions. Any attack will always take away one point of health. Upon reaching 0, Elfriede won't respond to any commands until you store her back in the briefcase. You can also revive her by storing her with Bahre or using Geschick.


A low slash on the ground


A diagonally upward slash


Elfriede does a powerful, upward slash in a much steeper angle than 5B


Elfriede spins and attacks the opponent, this move does two hits.


This is attack is very similar to 2B, however usable in the air


Elfriede does a fierce turning swipe

Special Moves

Scarlet Eyed Rätsel 「緋の瞳のレーツェル」 - 632146ABC
  • (Description) - "Puzzle." This is a command grab that reverses your opponent's left and right inputs for a period of time. This is pretty slow so no tricks as a reversal or for clash battles. If you do this again before the effects have faded, you will erase them.
Tyrannical Cask Geißel 「暴虐たるガイセル」 ABC [Repeatedly push a button while Elfriede is in the case ]
  • (Description) - "Whip." A special move when Elfriede is in the suitcase. She pops out and slashes at the opponent. A rare mash attack for Arcana.
Parted Seele 「別たれたゼーレ」 - 236ABC [While Elfriede is in the case]
  • (Description) - "Soul." Unleashes Elfriede from her briefcase. The move changes a little bit depending on if you are in the air and what version you use. The A version just releases her right in front of Lieselotte. The B and C versions have Elfriede come out in an ellipse diagonally upwards then forward for a two hit attack. If the first hit is blocked the rest will not come out. In the air A version she attacks straight downwards for the first hit. The air B and C versions rush diagonally downwards first and have different lengths for the attacks as well.
Light Bahre 「バーレは軽やかに」 - 236ABC [While Elfriede is out of the case]
  • (Description) - "Coffin." This calls Elfriede back to you from where it was if she still has HP. You need to hold the button down to continue the call. Elfriede will travel until she's next to the briefcase where she'll automatically be put inside. Be careful if she is far away; you'll only increase the recovery if you're on the other side of the screen. If Elfriede is out of HP, you must be standing right on top of her to have her return and revive. The A version will get rid of any markings on the screen. The B and C versions will call her back without erasing any markings. The C version will interrupt any commands given to her before this move. Regardless of the version of the move, Elfriede will prioritize this move over markings.
Leere, become a Shackle 「レーレよ、枷となれ」 - AC [While Elfriede is out of the case]
  • (Description) - "Void." This move will make Elfride go to sleep, during this time you cannot five any commands to her, but she will be invulnerable. By repeating the input Elfride will come back to life.
Marking 「マーキング」
  • (Description) - The following moves allow you to give commands and movements directly to Elfriede while she is out of the case. Whenever you use a Marking move, you'll set out a point that she will react to. After setting a certain number of these out, she will begin to do the moves in relation to where the marking is and what move you chose. When she is stored, you can set up 5, and as many as you want in one jump. When away from Liese, you can set up 3, but only one in a single jump.
Unstoppable Beugen 「抗えぬボイゲン」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - "Twist." Elfriede spins straight down towards the marking then slashes upwards. For the air version of this, she spins upwards towards the marking, then slashes.
Fierce Lacquered Bellen 「狂おしきベレン」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - "Roar." Elfriede flies towards the marking while attacking. The different versions change how fast she moves towards the marking. Great move because she attacks the entire time she's moving, but leaves her completely defenseless after the attack until she hits the ground.
Pure Laden 「無垢なるラーデン」- 22A
  • (Description) - "Invitation." Makes Elfriede move towards the marking. The ground version has her crawl to the marking at about the speed of Bahre. When the marking is in the air she will leap to it; good for making use of a B or C attack afterwards.
Wachter's Smile 「ヴェヒタァの微笑み」 - 22B
  • (Description) - "Watchman's." Makes Elfriede warp to the marking, then attack the opponent while falling down.
Cruel is the Welt 「ヴェルトは残酷で」 - 22C
  • (Description) - "World" On the ground, Elfriede will slash at the opponent 4 times, then once more to wallslam. For an air marking, she will do the same attack but at the position of the marking in the air.
Time for Anfall 「アンファルの時は今」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - "Spasm." Elfriede will leap towards the marking then do a a Psycho Crusher in a direction corresponding to the button used.
  • (A version) - Horizontally from the marking
  • (B version) - Diagonally upward from the marking
  • (C version) - Upwards from the marking
  • (JB version) - Diagonally downward from the marking
  • (JC version) - Downward from the marking

Super Moves

Betrug's Red Tears 「ベトルークの朱い涙」 - 236A+B
  • (Description) - "Swindler's." Elfriede pops out of the case and slashes the opponent several times. Good for combos and can be used as a carefully done reversal, as it has some invincibility. One thing to be careful of is when she is out of the case. If she's away, she will return to the case before the attack, making the start up considerably slower. You cannot do this move when she is knocked out either. On block, the opponent can reversal through a couple of the hits, but you can homing in the middle to save yourself. The last hit wallslams the opponent.
Death Inviting Gebell 「死に誘うゲベル」 - 214A+B [While Elfriede is in the case]
  • (Description) - "Scream." Elfriede pops out of the briefcase and latches on to the opponent, completely restraining them. You can only use this move when she is stored in the case. There is no invincibility like in Betrug so you can't use it randomly; you'll have to combo into this most of the time. The opponent can shake the stick and hit buttons to reduce the time restrained.
Geschick Fighting Blood Linchpin 「ゲシクに背く血の楔」 - 214A+B
  • (Description) - "Fate." This will restore Elfriede, works even if she's already out of HP or has full HP. You can only use this move when she isn't in the case. This will also stop whatever actions she is currently doing.

Critical Heart

Crimson Metzeln Stained Darkness 「紅きメツェルンに染まる闇」 6321463214A+B [While Elfriede is in the case + More than 1 marking out]
  • (Description) - "Murder." HCBx2? You can only do this move when more than one marking is out and Elfriede is in the case. When activated, all of the markings gain attack boxes that can hit and lock the opponent. After being hit by a marking, Elfriede will slash the opponent many times for a good bit of damage. In the EF version, the end of the move changes a lot, and you get more damage. Other than that, the beginning of the move is the same.



8. Victorique (Gosick)
11. Kanaria (Rozen Maiden)

Arcana Heart 3

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