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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Lilica Felchenerow

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Lilica Felchenerow

Health Modifier
Guts Threshold
Maximum Guts
Guts Factor
Base EHP
Lilica's Move List


Although a bit cliche, "demon on wheels" can easily be the best description for Lilica. Her speed and variety of moves can easily out perform many characters. Knowing when to back up or rush in with mixup is the key to winning with her.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
There are a variety of great moves Lilica can use for homing. JB had great startup and reach, JC has amazing cross-up ability even on deep dashes/homing, and JE has good reach and a pop the opponent up for a combo.

2 - Neutral Spacing
6B slides Lilica a little bit for reach. The move has great reach and comes out pretty quickly. Another good move is 2B. This moves hits low and can be confirmed into 5C. It has good reach without the recovery like 2C.

3 - Hit Confirms
Lilica has many hit confirms. 2A has the fastest startup though. Ease your way close and use this move to connect with.

4 - Defense
Without the help of an Arcana, Lilica doesn't really have many defensive options. She can run away very fast though. 44/66 can moves her out of the way quick.

Arcana Selection

Lilica already has great speed and good damage. You can use an Arcana to either strengthen her skills or give her different skills like passive attributes.

Wind is definitely a good choice for Lilica as it substantially ups her mobility and combo potential. After Lilica's 236A+B super you can cancel into 236236E super for added damage. During air combos or loops with JE, use 2D to get to the ground faster than the opponent's fall momentum and either keep up the combo or go for okizeme. The Arcana Blaze can often be good to use during EF ground combos for that needed extra damage.

Using Punishment's charged 2E reset in EF, Lilica can do upward of 90% of a full life bar off any ground hit and if done properly doesn't require any meter (she builds it as she goes), which means you could potentially leave the opponent near death off a 2A at the very start of the match. 236236E can tack on a bit of extra damage after Hurricane Spiral and 214214E can get you out of pressure in a pinch. She also gets another AUB move (albeit a not-very-useful one) with 214E and the long EF duration coupled with damage boost gives her a decent high-risk, high-reward mixup game. On the down side, Punishment gets no meter at all for receiving damage, which means if you're put on the defensive early on you may never get more than the initial one bar of meter, and at any rate its defense is so low that you'll die pretty much instantly if you make even one mistake. Punishment is a risky but rewarding Arcana choice if that's your thing.

Lilica can carry clear from one corner of the stage to the other using her Axel Slide followups, which means she gets a guaranteed setup into 236236E dice super for a free unblockable or mixup. Lilica also has fairly high damage off random air hits as well so if the counterhit passive effect triggers you can take random pokes into huge damage. Unfortunately dice aren't very useful for mixup and Lilica lacks tools to keep the opponent from just flying in if she tries to boost her luck. Like Punishment, Luck can be a strong offensive Arcana at the cost of lackluster defensive options.

Time is good for everyone and Lilica is no exception. She can take just about anything into Infinite Light and her mobility gives her an extremely strong mixup game using Time clones and orbs. Her backdash normally lacks invulnerability but moves you out of the way fast, so the Time clone can be a good defensive tool that sets you up to cash in on some big damage. As an extra bonus, Lilica's standard mixup game becomes all the more difficult to react to when you throw Time EF's extra speed boost into the mix. The only real downside is the slow, slow meter recovery and the inability to do your normal BnBs with 6D, so you'll probably have to spend a bit of time adjusting if you're coming off a more standard Arcana.

My burst button is three times the size of all my other buttons

All the basic Love benefits apply here: good multipliers, top tier zoning with loveball and laser, etc. Additionally, Lilica has easy setups for Love blaze AUB tech punish and Hurricane Spiral combos easily into super laser. She also gets a few ambiguous crossup mixups using loveball super and the projectile-absorbing barrier gives her a respectable counter to projectile spam attempts, especially useful since Lilica has no other reflecting moves other than 2E. As a general rule, Love, like Flower, is a good "safe" pick.




Target Combos

  • 2A> 2A> 2B> 2C
  • 2A> 2B> 5C (1 hit)> 6C> 236A
  • 2A> 2B> 5C (2 hits)> j.236A> j.236B> j.236B> j.236A+B
  • 2A> 2B> 5C (1 hit)> (236A)x2> j.236C.
  • 44 or 66> 236B> 236C> 236A> 641236A+B
  • 2B> 2C> 6HC> 5A> 5B> 236B> 236B> 236C> 236A> 214A> air
Generic Combos, Ground Staples and Target Starters
  • j.A> dj.A> dj.E> dj.236A> dj.236B> dj.236B
  • j.A> j.B> j.C> j.E> land> j.A> j.B> dj.A> dj.B> dj.236A> dj.236B> dj.236C
Meterless Air Combos

Arcana Combos


  • ~2C> EFC> 5A> 5B> 236A> 5B> 236A> 236C> delay 236A> j.214C> j.236A+B> j.641236E
Your go-to combo if you have the meter for it. Ground portion pushes far enough that laser super is guaranteed regardless of where you start the combo.
  • j.A> j.B> dj.A> dj.B> dj.236A> dj.236B> dj.236C> dj.236A+B (3 hits)> dj.641236E
  • j.A> j.B> dj.A> dj.B> dj.236A> dj.236B> [dj.236C> dj.236A+B or dj.236B]> dj.641236E
Requires you to have about 3/4 of the screen between you and the wall you kicked them towards for the laser super to be guaranteed


  • 2A> 2B> 2C> EFC> 66> 5A> 5B> 5C (1 Hit)> 236A> 236C> 5A> 5C> 236A> 236C> 236236E> 66> 5B> 5C> 6C> 5A> 5B> 2C> 236E [7249 dmg]
Standard BnB ground combo in Time. Gives decent damage, oki, and carries fullscreen. Doesn't work on Heart, Saki, Weiss, or Cathy.
  • 2A> 2B> 2E> EFC> 5D> j.E> j.B> j.E> j.C> j.B> dj.B> dj.E> dj.C> dj.B> dj.236A> dj.236B> dj.236A> dj.236A+B [10872 dmg]
  • 2B> 2C> EFC> 66> 5A> 5B> 236B> 236B> 236C> 236A> 214A> 5D> air ender
  • 2A> 2B> 2E> EFC> 5D> j.E> j.B> j.E> j.B> j.E> j.C> j.B> dj.E> dj.C> dj.E> 236236E


  • 2A> 2B> 5C (1 hit)> 236A> EFC> 66> 2A> 5C> 2E (Full Charge)> 236A> 2A> 5C (1 hit)> 236E> 6D> 5C> 2E (Full Charge)> 236A> 2A> 5C> 236E> 6D> 5C> 2E (Full Charge)> Ender
Does not work midscreen on Eko or Nazuna for more than one rep. Works fine in corner on everybody.
* 236A> 236B> 236A> 214C> 236A+B
* 236A> 236B> 236A> 214C> j.236A+B> j.236236E
* 236A> 5A> 5C (1 hit)> 236A> 236A> 214C> 7D> 7D> j.B> dj.A> dj.B> dj.C> dj.E> j.236A> j.236A+B


  • 2A, 5C, (236E), EFC, dash, 5C, 2E (Charged), JC, 5D, j.B, j.E, j.A, dj.A, dj.B, dj.A, dj.B, JC, dj.A, dj.B, j.A, j.B, j.236A, j.236C, j.236C, j.236A+B.


  • 2A, 5C, EFC, dash, 5C, 2E (Charged), 5D, j.B, j.E, j.A, dj.A, dj.B, dj.C, j.623E.


  • 5A > 5B > 5C > 5E > 236236E > [delay]9DD > j.A > j.B > dj.A > dj.B > dj.E > j.236AB > j.236236E > 8DD > j.A > j.B > dj.A > dj.B > dj.C
vs. Nazuna. Does not work starting in the corner. Time each 236236E to get the max hits from them.


  • 5B, 5C, 5E, 236E, EFC, 5B, 236A, 236C, 214C
  • 5B, 5C, 5E, 236E, EFC, 5B, 236B, 5A, 5B, 236A, 236C, 236A, j.214C, aerial ender.
  • (5A), 5B, 5C, 5E, 236E, EFC, 5B, 5C, 236A, 236C, 236A, j.214C, HC, j.A, j.B, dj.A, dj.B, j.236A, j.236AB, (236236E)
  • (5A), 5B, 5C, 5E, 236E, EFC, 5B, 5C, 236A, 236C, 236A, j.214C, HC, j.A, j.B, dj.A, dj.B, dj.C
  • (5A), 5B, 5C, 5E, 236E, EFC, 5A, 5A, j.A, j.B, (j.C, j.E,) j.236B, j.236B, j.236B, j.236AB, (236236E)
  • (5A), 5B, 5C, 5E, 236E, 5C(1), EFC, 5C(1), 236A, 236B, 236C, 236A, j.214C, 236AB, 236236E
  • (5A), 5B, 5C, 5E, 236E, 5C(1), EFC, 5C(1), 236A, 236B, 236C, 236A, j.214C, HC, j.A, j.B, dj.A, dj.B, j.236A, j.236AB, (236236E)
  • (5A), 5B, 5C, 5E, 236E, 5C, 2E, EFC, D, Air ender

Extend Force Combos

  • 2A> 2B> EFC> 66> 5A> 5B> 5C (1 hit)> 236A> 236B> 236C> 236A> 641236A+B
  • 2A> 2B> 2C> EFC> 66> 5A> 5C (1 Hit)> 236A> 236B> 236C> 236A> 641236A+B
  • 2B> 2C> EFC> 66> 5A> 5A> j.A> j.B> j.C> j.E> land> j.A> j.B> dj.B> dj.C
  • 2B> 2C> EFC> 66> 5A> 5A> j.A> j.B> j.C> j.E> land> j.E> j.C> j.B> dj.B> dj. A> dj.B> dj.C

Move List

Normal Moves


Crouching backfist, hits mid. Good start up and cancels into itself, but on top of not being a low the hitbox for it is rather high and the range is deceptively short. This gives her some problems poking at characters with exceptionally low/long reaching 2C and etc. Still a good combo starter that you'll end up using a lot.


Lilica leans forward a bit and does a back fist, hits mid. Great start up (3f!) and cancels into itself. Use it for combos and hit confirms but of course as you'd expect from the appearance it whiffs on pretty much everyone crouching.


Lilica gets extremely low for a slide kick, his low. Its decent start and low profile make it good for beating out or punishing moves with higher hitboxes; it can even evade jump ins from certain characters and punish them at the same time. To give you an idea of how low this gets, you can: Go under your own 2A, Konoha's Shurikens, short character's max charged Naru (Ice 236E).


Lilica turns back and donkey kicks the opponent ala 3S Ryu. Good reach, decent start up with clash frames in it, but its move hits really high. There are a lot of characters that can just crouch under this.


This is the same as the above 5B, but you can can make it drift forward or backwards by holding [4] or [6], think of it like Guile's rolling sobat (4/6MK) Delays the start up a little bit.


Lilica plants one hand down and sweeps the opponent with both feet, hits low and downs the opponent. If you somehow manage to scoop CH off this you can dash in for a 5A into air combo without need for homing or EFC.


A three hit flip kick, hits mid. All three hits usually don't land though. You can all-cancel the first two hits. Shortly after the second hit, Lilica is airborne (from frame 17). This has clash throughout the move and can easily stuff IADs. This move is extremely unsafe on whiff or block so make sure you cancel it into something. If you hit with this during EF, you can chain straight to 2E to create an inescapable guard crush reset which the opponent is unable to do anything about.


A three hit, tall, axe kick; hits mid and ground slams airborne opponents. You normally only get 2 hits out of this move. Mostly used to chain from 5C for combos. It does combo from B moves but you have to make sure you're close or the first hit will whiff (and the combo will break). Like with 5C, chaining the third hit straight to 2E will create an inescapable guard crush reset.


Showgirl leg lift, hits mid, air unblockable, reflects projectiles and cancels straight into arcana moves. Not much of hit hit box in front of her, but it has excellent start up, fast enough to combo from 2A. Great start up, low profile, and relatively strong vertical hitbox make this move a fairly good anti air. As previously noted, hitting with 5C or 6C and going straight to a fully charged 2E is virtually inescapable even though the combo counter resets. This lets you go for some pretty stupid damage off certain setups.


EX donkey kick, hits mid. This also cancel right into arcana moves, is air unblockable and wall slams on hit. Good reach on this move but it is somewhat slow.


Mid air punch, slightly angled downwards. Just as quick as her 2A making it a good air to air. Used to for many of her combos.


A forward kick in air, great reach and start up. Faster than her B moves on the ground, making it great for air to air attacks and jump ins.


A downward angled party kick, ground slams the opponent on hit. A rare jump cancellable JC, but it groundslams on hit so you don't use it in normal combos/random that much. It IS a very strong cross up move though.


An upward angled party kick, floats the opponent on hit. Special, but not jump cancellable. This move has the hitbox of the gods; thanks to the sheer reach above you it's pretty much guaranteed to crush anyone above you, and it hits in front of you quite easily as well. On top of that it has a ton of clash in the startup and is capable of winning most clash battles on its own; you can just throw out a single j.E, let them clash it, and watch as it beats whatever they try to cancel into. All in all there are very few air moves that actually beat this move clean. You'll find yourself using this a lot against airborne opponents, and you can even use it from beneath the opponent for an aerial crossup (crossdown?).

Special Moves

Tornado Edge 「トルネードエッジ」 - J236ABC
  • (Description) - A set of mid-air, rekka style kicks. The different versions do no differ on the first hit. The second set of kicks have varying start up. The real difference is in the last hit of Tornado Edge. Note that this move recovers extremely fast on all hits so you can go for some pretty silly gimmick resets on people who don't realize how soon you can move after doing this.
  • (A version) - Final hit kicks the opponent up again
  • (B version) - Final hit guard crushes and wall slams the opponent
  • (C version) - Final hit ground slams the opponent
Flip Through 「フリップスルー」 - J214ABC
  • (Description) - Lilica dives at the opponent for a catch grab, hits overhead. Think of it like Sion's Slide Air from Melty Blood. On hit, Lilica tosses the opponent in the other direction. Oh hit, you can super cancel this or HC to follow it up since the untech time on it is quite long. If they block it, you spring away from the opponent, but if you don't homing cancel this immediately, you can't do anything for a while so be careful. On whiff you can cancel into ground followups as you touch the ground, so make sure to do something if only to make it safe. A version stops your momentum and moves you back a bit, while B and C version preserve momentum and move you forward a bit.
Drive Edge 「ドライブエッジ」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - This is the move that replaced Axel Slides from the old iterations of Arcana hear. This is a forward moving crescent kick in the form of a cartwheel. The different version of the move change the start up and damage for the most part.This move is normally used in combos, particularly the A and B versions. The C version is an overhead. Take note that this move does not count towards the minimum requirement for her critical heart, Cross Edge Typhoon. After this move, you can chain into several different follow ups: - Wall Step, Screw Edge, Speed Blade, Heel Cutter, Quick Air or Rapid Turn. As a side note, you should note that you are airborne when you make contact with your opponent so any attempt to homing cancel will result in air homing, and you have to delay EFC slightly until you're back on the ground.
  • (A version) - Fastest start up, combo from B level moves. Quick start up and decent recovery, you could use this even knowing that it would get blocked to use for pressure some times. You have some invincibility near your feet during this since you are airborne. Combos back into A moves during EF.
  • (B version) - Moderate start up, combos from C level moves. Slower than the A version but you don't get good frames off of it. It's best to go into a follow up that moves you away from the opponent after using it to reestablish space. You have some invincibility near your feet during this since you are airborne.
  • (C version) - Slowest start up, cannot combo from any normal moves, but it hits overhead and can combo directly into pretty much any followup or ground normal.
Wall Step 「ウォールステップ」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Lilica jumps to the wall behind her. After touching the wall, Lilica can go into one of several follow ups: Screw Edge, Boomerang Drive or Heel Cutter. If you don't use a follow up, Lilica will just do a wall jump afterward. Lilica jumps approximately one screen length, so you can use this to cover ground quickly.
Step or Back-step 「ステップ or バックステッフ」 - 66 or 44
  • (Description) - Axel Slides from the previous versions have been removed, but now dashes are the Axel Slides themselves. You can move into any of the ground followups from here, with the exception of Quick Air and Rapid Turn (you will just get Wall Step for all 214x moves). You can cancel the dashes by pressing in the opposite direction while skating, i.e. 664.
Screw Edge 「スクリューエッジ」 - 236A
  • (Description) - Follow up to Step, Drive Edge or Wall Step. A powerful kick move, reminiscent of Rugal's Genocide Cutter. Great upward and horizontal hitbox, but a bit weak below her; there are a couple characters that can crouch under this. If you don't cancel this in mid-air, you can move on to other follow ups once you hit the ground. Doesn't mater if you whiff, hit, or have this move blocked, you can cancel it into Flip Through or the third part of Tornado Edge. Those can be called Screw Edge α and β respectively. Just like with final hit of Tornado Edge, you can choose between 236ABC to change its properties. If you did this move off Wall Step, you can move into any Wall Step follow up from this. Off Wall Step the move comes out almost instantly. If you did it off Drive Edge or Step, you can cancel into any follow up from those moves when you hit the ground, or the ones previously mentioned in the air.
Speed Blade 「スピードブレード」 - 236B
  • (Description) - Follow up to Step or Drive Edge. Lilica gets slow and slides into the opponent, this is basically 2B on 'roids; Hits low. This has a few frames of invincibility near your feet in the beginning of the move. If you manage to scoop a counter hit off of this, you can continue to combo with 2A without having to cancel into anything special.
Heel Cutter 「ヒールカッター」 - 236C
  • (Description) - Follow up to Step, Drive Edge or Wall Step. Lilica rises up and does a heel drop, this is an overhead and ground bounces opponents. You can go into any follow up after this. Lilica jumps really high for this move and will go over pretty much every opponent if not spaced properly, so don't expect to be able to just mash this out for a free overhead whenever you feel like it.
Quick Air 「クイックエア」 - 214A
  • (Description) - Follow up to Step or Drive Edge. This basically cancels your follows into a normal jump. At the top if your jump, you can cancel this into regular air actions (like a regular jump). You use this mostly as an emergency "oops I didn't hit them" option or for combos.
Wall Step 「ウォールステップ」 - 214B
  • (Description) - A follow up cancel into Wall Step, acts just like the special move.
Rapid Turn 「ラピッドターン」 - 214C
  • (Description) - Makes Lilica turn around and start skating in the other direction. This move gives you invincibility for a split second, right before you turn around. Right after the invincibility ends, you can cancel into any follow up from there. You can kara cancel this into Wall Step, to give that move some invincibility properties. All the same followups are still available after turning.
Boomerang Ride 「ブーメラングライド」 - 236B
  • (Description) - Follow up to Wall Step. Lilica jumps off the wall, slides and brakes into the opponent. This is a low and hits up to 3 times. Be careful, you cannot cancel the 3rd hit into anything on block or hit. You can go into any follow up after this.

Follow Chart

Special Command Follow
Tornado Edge J236X -
Step 66 44
Wall Step 214X ◇◆
Drive Edge 236X
Screw Edge 236A
Quick Air 214A
Rapid Turn 214C
Speed Blade 236B
Heel Cutter 236C
Boomerang Ride 236B
Flip Through J214X

◇: Follow Up Starter ◆: Follow Up Move

Super Moves

Hurricane Spiral 「ハリケーンスパイラル」 - 236A+B

  • (Description) - This is like a super version of Tornado Edge. This has some invincibility right before the move comes out. Be careful about reversaling with it, since they could clash it and escape from the rest of the hits. But this is great against large characters with unclashable moves like Kira's JE or Cathy's Hip attack. if this does clash or get blocked, you only have the first hit to homing cancel to be safe. On hit, you can cancel the last move into homing, an arcana super and etc. The opponent cannot tech for a long time after being hit by this, so you can simply follow it up with a HC after the attack. If you don't cancel this into something, though, there's a fairly long recovery, you'll pretty much have to land before doing anything else.
Cyclone Storm 「サイクロンストーム」 - 214A+B
  • (Description) - Lilica jumps to the wall faster than Wall Step, and launches her self at the opponent for an unclashable attack. This first hit locks the opponent up the the rondo of following hits. If its blocked, Lilica responds the same was as a blocked Flip Through, she just bounces off. Just like Flip Through she will be open for a while if she doesn't immediately homing cancel on block. Note that Lilica DOES NOT track the opponent; she just jumps and dives at a set trajectory. As such, you'll probably whiff 90% of the time without your opponent even doing anything if you just throw this out randomly.
Night Stream 「ナイトストリーム」 - 421A+B
  • (Description) - While attacking, Lilica rises up into the air, while releasing a trail of bats behind her, which then fly forward. Her hand itself can also hit the opponent. You can start moving right after the bats take flight from your hand. After the superflash, you can use the directions to change Lilica's trajectory; you can either straight up or straight forward or anything in between (can't go back, sorry). If Lilica herself hits the opponent with this move, you can cancel straight into an Arcana super. The attack itself is very easy for most characters to blow up... but the bats can be used fairly easily to get close to characters that are hard to get in on like Clarice, or just to eat fireballs you don't feel like dealing with like Love super. If you canceled into an Arcana super, you can hold E to have the bats on standby, although if you hold it too long the bats will glitch and you won't be able to release them; instead, the bat animation will just sit in place being useless (it has no actual hitbox) until the next time you get hit or do Night Stream again. Doesn't have much invul if any, but thanks to fast startup and Lilica's trajectory you can escape pressure pretty easily with this. It's also + on block and can cross up, so you can use this for gimmick setups on unsuspecting opponents since no one ever uses this move.

When the bats are glitched doing any attacking special not done as a follow up to Lillica's dash will also release them as if you'd just let go of E earlier.

Critical Heart

Cross Edge Typhoon 「クロスエッジタイフーン」 - 641236A+B [After 3 Step follow ups]
  • (Description) - After using 3 different follow up moves, Lilica can do her Critical Heart. Step, Back-stem and Drive Edge as the first move do not count towards this. It doesn't matter if the follow ups before the XH hit, were blocked or completely whiffed. When you activate it Lilica launches a kick diagonally upwards; this has zero frames of start up, ignores clash and is air unblockable and has invincibility throughout the move. After that first hit, Lilica kicks the opponent high up into the air for the follow fury of hits. If the first kick is blocked or whiffed though, you are completely open until you land. Luckily, there is no landing recovery. This does great damage on hit and you can even continue your combo if you neutral homing as fast as possible into a 6D after the last bat. During Extend Force, the damage increases and the XH animations is a bit different.

Advanced Info

Here's a handy linkshowing part of the animation, as well as damage values for Lilica's moves.



4. Etna (Disgaea)
6. Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
14. Scanty (Panty & Stockings)

Arcana Heart 3

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