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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Maori Kasuga

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Maori Kasuga

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Maori's Move List


Maori is a priestess with great keep-away game. In exchange, her close combat abilities aren't that great. By using her sisters for help, they can protect Maori in her times of need. Maori is great for people that like to play heavy zoners.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
The normals in the air for Maori really aren't that good to use as they have slow start-up time or rely on her momentum. JA however, seems to hit overhead though. It can be used after the opponent blocks a top(623X). Which has to be blocked low.

2 - Neutral Spacing
Maori can use 6A to cover a good amount of space and distance. Don't use it to often because it doesn't have a very fast start-up. 

3 - Hit Confirms
Maori's A moves are very fast. Use these to confirm in other normals. 6B does two hits and allows for loads of time to think about what to do next. 623A/B/C can be thrown out by itself at the right distance so as not to trade with opponents attack. Then she can follow with an HC combo.

4 - Defense
Big sister is a major part of Maori's defense. Hama no Shishiku comes out guaranteed very quick, you could use it as a reversal fairly easily. It also almost always trades in your favor. Raishin Otoshi and Tsumujigake can be used off a 4GC to reversal depending on how you think your opponent will try to approach you (Raishin for air, Tsumujigake for ground). Tsumujigake can also be used during a 6GC to help assure that you win a possible clash battle. Judge where the opponent is on the screen and use the sister assists accordingly. If opponent blocks a sister, use that blockstun to your advantage and follow with a 623X.

Arcana Selection

The Arcana that best go with Maori are ones that allow her time to get away and make up for her lack of damage and slow normals. As well, arcana that let you set up traps to deter rushdown attempts and/or further augment Maori's zoning from different angles have great synergy with her summons.

Flower greatly makes up for a lot Maori's weaknesses. It's 236236E super covers a lot of space and allows Maori to get away to reposition herself. It has buffs that can add defense and attack strength. It can also give some health back. Allows fo no counter hits. Great for whiffed or misjugded normals. Standing by planted flowers slowly give meter. Using the sister as keep away can give you a lot of time. Having a very fast Arcana Blaze is great too. Though it is fairly weak.

Mildred can add tons of blockstun with her specials especially when she's summoned. You could use this to chip away at the opponent health or go for a guard crush. Then follow up for a combo. Halo special moves on hit do a good amount of damage. So it's best to find ways to hit-confirm into them for maximum potential.

Sin makes close-range rushdown characters think twice about speed homing in with attacks via pinwheel traps. Their options tend to become limited to either: 1) out-zoning Maori, or 2) resorting to low attacks to duck under hitting the pinwheels. You can safely set up traps after any Ouka no Mai, or while any of the sisters have the opponent in blockstun. Air sin balls super is very good for augmenting your aerial zoning, especially if you feel the opponent is starting to easily outmaneuver/counter-hit you out of summoning Koito and Kouta. A very easy confirm with Ouka no Mai into Arcana Blaze is icing on the cake.

Wind augments your horizontal zoning more reliably than Koito and Kouta for those periods of time immediately after summoning your nee-san. As well, Maori gets pushblock to replace advancing guard to keep opponents out of her face when vanilla 6GC no longer cuts it. The cyclone traps don't last as long as sin traps, but are still a decent deterrent for reckless rush-ins, and you can easily confirm with a homing air combo into Setsugekka on impact. You'll have to be on point with all your summons though, due to the poor attack and life modifiers.

Fire is mostly useful for hitting from different angles and giving Maori a good boost to attack power. You'll be able to cover 45 degrees upwards and downwards with the fireball, and attack half the screen with the Kakou Ha. Maori also gets a good reversal worth mixing up with Hama no Shishiku, if the opponent has already gotten used to moving after nee-san's initial dive. Fire's unblockable Es will also give you some gimmicks, due to your sisters' easily enforced blockstun times.


It's Mahvel baybee!


Target Combos

  • 5A > (2A) > 3A > 5B > 6A > 6B > 5C > 421B/C
You could avoid using 6A until you are used to using it. You can also follow up Tsumijigake easily when near the comer
  • 5A > (2A) > 3A > 5B > 6A > 6B > 5C > 623B/C > JA >SGM > JC
SGM = J623X → 4X → 1AB
  • IAD jC > land > 5A > 5B > j7A > j623X~4B > jA > [jc] > jA > jB > jC [top hit]> j5D > jB > land > 5A > 5B > jA > jB > jC > land > 623C > 421AB
Can start the combo off random top hits and close 22X
  • ~ 623X >[EFC]>[NH]> JA > JB > JC >[delay]> JB >[land]> JB > SGM > J623B
  • ~ 623X >[EFC]>[NH]> (JA) > JB > JC > J623X~4B > JB >[jc]> JC >[top hit]> (5A) > 5B > JA > JB > JC
  • Close 421C > j623X~4C > jB > land > 5C [top hit]> j5D > jB > land > 5A > 5B > jA > jB > jC > land > 623C > 421AB
  • Close 421C > j623X~4C > jA > land > 5A > jA > jB > jC > land > 623C > 5D > jA > jB > jC > j623C > j4C > j2AB > j421AB
The j421AB is mostly just for show when you have 3 bars. Hit with it towards the end of the Setsugekka.
  • 623B/C > 5D > D~jA > j623X~4C > jB > [jc] > jC > falling jB > land > 5A > 5B > jA > jB > jC (land 623C > 421AB)
Corner combo

Arcana Combos


  • JA > 5A > 3A > 5B > 6B > 5C > 623C >[EFC]>[ND]> JA×n >[jc]> JA×n JB > J421AB


  • 236E > 5A > 5B > JA > J623B4X > JA >[jc]> JA > JB > JC >[top hit] > [land] > 5A > 5B > JA > JB >[jc]> JA JB JC


  • 5A > 2A > 3A > 5B > 6A > 6B > 5C > 623C > [EFC] > 236ABC
Easy BnB into Arcana Blaze.


  • 2A/3A > 5B > 5C > EFC > dash 5A > 3A > 5A > 3A > 5B > 6A > 6B > 5C > 6C > 236236E > dash 5A > 5B > 5C > 236E > 2[E]~
Corner combo
  • 623B/C > EFC > 5D > D~jA > j623X~4B > jC > falling j5D > D~jB > land > 5A > 5B > jA > jB > jC

Move List

Normal Moves


Crouching groin poke with fingers, hits mid. Good start up and it cancels into itself, but a bit slow. Be sure to remember that this does not hit low.


Maori lets the top, resting on her other hand, down on to the floor for a two hit low hitting attack. This hits low, but its not as fast as your other A level moves.


Maori knife hands with two fingers out, hits mid. Very fast start up (3F!). The hitbox is pretty weak, no cash gimmicks with this move, just leave it to combo starters and quick, extremely close ranger pokes. This has the best start up out of any other move that Maori has.


Maori extends the top up and out towards the opponent. Slower than your other As, but it has good reach in exchange. Hit will even hit right above you a little bit, bit if they are too close it won't hit. Good bits of clash frames starting from the moves start up so you could use it quite effectively as an anti air.


While crouching, Maori raises the top up and it rises above her head. The top's attack hitbox doesn't mix with Maori's hitbox so you could use this as an anti air easily.


Maori ducks and sets the top down at her feet. This hits 3 times and mid. The top has plenty of clash, but only after it is out. Unfortunately the start up is very slow on this, but you get really good frame advantage if you make the opponent block this.


Maori holds the top out with one hand at eye level, hits mid. The hit runs pretty high, so there are several characters that can duck under this move.


While standing, Maori sets the top out on the floor. This hits two times and is low, this is like 3A while standing. The start up is slower than 3A but has a way longer duration and hits low for both hits as it goes out and back. This will reel the opponent in on hit as the top comes back, so it has great utility in combos.


Maori throws the top out and back while crouching for two hits, the second hit is low. The top goes up first.... then low for the second, low hit. A tricky move to use but the duration is extremely.


While standing, the top goes high to low, groundslams airborne opponents. The top of it gives you some rather expansive upper-box a little bit into the start up of this move; you can use this as an anti air somewhat reliably.


This move starts with 5C's motion, the Maori lets the top out unto the floor, the first hit is an overhead, the second hit is a low and has down properties. Basically a high low mixup in the same move, very nice properties on it. Note that just like 6A, if you are too close you'll whiff with this. If you connected the second hit, you can cancel it into Ouka or connected into 5A for the rest of the combo.


This is like 2C, but the top's trajectory is more shallow and in front of Maori. Decent start up, so it could potentially be used as an anti air, but you could be in trouble if this gets clash. If you were to use it as anti air, you are better off throwing it out as early as possible.


Maori tosses the top out right in front of her. This has slightly longer reach than 5B, and faster start up (uncharged) than 5C.


2A transposed into the air. This has the slowest start ups out of her other As, but the reach is decent and you'll end up using it a lot for air-to-air and combos. In all her air moves, this is the only one that hits overhead, please remember this.


Maori extends the top out straight forward in air. Good air to air move. On this move, the top responds to your momentum; if you move forward with this move, you'll end up shortening the range of this move, and vice versa for moving backwards.


This is like JB, but Maori extends the top out and up. Almost double the start up of JB, but the hitbox and duration is excellent. This is a great air-to-air move if you put it out as early as possible. Just like JB, because of the delay as it is coming back, and since it doesn't not hit on the way back, you can change reach of the move based on your momentum.


Maori extends the top downwards. This move hits really deep downwards but it is a bit thin right in front of Maori. This has some clash in start up to help as a air-to-ground, but it groundslams on hit, making it somewhat difficult to get a good return for your trouble. You cannot special, jump or homing cancel this move either. Just like JB and J6B, the attack changes with your momentum.


Maori lets the top drift upwards slightly as the top spins into the air then downwards like a drill, the clash and hitbox of the attack follows the top. This is easy to follow up if you counter someone near the ground with this but, its pretty had to call this a reliable move for that in the first place due to its nature. You cannot special, jump or homing cancel this move.


Maori's normals do not work quite like the other characters. Here are some things you should be aware of: You cannot jump or special cancel 3A 3B 6B 6C or 2C on the first hit. You cannot homing cancel 3A 3B 6B 6C or 2C on the first hit. Maori's chains are also a bit different. You can organize them into 5 levels

    1 - 5A 2A 
    2 - 3A
    3 - 5B 2B
    4 - 6A 6B 3B
    5 - 5C 2C 6C 

The moves in level 1 can cancel into themselves. You can chain any of the lower levels into the higher ones. You cannot cancels moves in the same level into each other, or higher levels into lower levels. The only exception to this is 5B → 6A → 6B.

Special Moves

Ouka no Mai 「桜花の舞」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - Maori extends a string from the top about two and a half character lengths towards the opponent. The different versions change the trajectory of each version. All of them though, are air unblockable. These have expectantly quick start up (with A and C being the quickest), but the recovery is long; make sure you always homing cancel these on block and avoid whiffing this at all costs. On hit, you'll fling the opponent into the air, where you'll have many different options to continue your combos (Homing, Super, Raishin Otoshi, EFC, etc). This move is very useful for air unblockables from Hikejigake as well as most of your combos.
  • (A version) - The string extends diagonally upwards in a 45° angle
  • (B version) - The string extends almost straight forward; Slower start up than the other two versions
  • (C version) - The string extends diagonally downwards in a 45° angle
Sekka no Mai 「雪花の舞」 - J623ABC
  • (Description) - Maori extends the string out in a 30° angle downwards with a top on the end of it. The different versions of the move change how the top moves when it reaches the ground. The string itself is also part of the attack and has a very strong hitbox, could be used for spacing in the air of a tool for okizeme since the string hits overhead. You could also potentially use this move to punish 4D guard cancels. Also, if Maori gets hit during this move, the top will still come out and be able to attack.
  • (A version) - The top moves forward upon hitting the ground
  • (B version) - The top is stationary upon hitting the ground
  • (C version) - The top moves backward upon hitting the ground
Gekka no Mai 「月花の舞」 - 4ABC [During Sekka no Mai]
  • (Description) - Maori pulls the string and top back to attack the opponent and reel them in. You have to at least make the opponent block this move to use it. Again, when hit top hits the ground, it will move according to the button you used; its the same as Sekka no Mai. Good hitbox but very slow. You could use it as part of Sekka to space and for okizeme, but you mostly use it to combo off of Sekka no Mai. Also just like Sekka, if Maori gets hit during this move, the top will still come out and be able to attack.
Tsumujigake 「街風駆け」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - Maori's older sister, Tsuzune, rushes in from the edge of the screen to punch the opponent. A B or C change how far she comes out and the start up for C. C is the slowest, but it guard breaks and does a little more damage. If you are close to the opponent when the opponent is guard crushed by the C version, you can pick it up for a combo with Sekka. This move will always come out, even if Maori gets hit. On hit, all versions will wallslam the opponent. For obvious reasons, you cannot use Hama no Shishiku while Maori's older sister is out. You can super cancel this right after sending Tsuzune out, remember that you will be airborne for that super cancel. Since Tsuzune will always come out, you can use this move quite forceful in guard cancel, wake up and combo situations.
Raishin Otoshi 「雷呻落とし」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Tsuzune descends from the sky to Batman the opponent. The different versions of the move change where she descends onto the opponent. The start up is a bit low but it is guaranteed to come out just the the horizontal version. No whiffing with this because the recovery is very long.This move has many uses from high/low mix ups, mash punishes and even punishing long range arcana moves. On hit, close to the opponent, you can pick this up for a combo with C Ouka or 5B.
  • (A version) - Tsuzune falls right in front of Maori
  • (B version) - Tsuzune falls a distance in front of Maori
  • (C version) - Tsuzune tracks the opponent
Hikejigake 「飛計路翔け」 - 214 or 236ABC
  • (Description) - After a backstep-like move, Maori will call her little sisters, Koito (236) and Kouta (214) to attack the opponent on paper cranes. 236 has the crane come from behind Maori and 214 makes the crane come from the front. The air version has Maori stop in the air for a brief moment before one of the sisters come out. Unlike Tsumujigake, this move is not guaranteed to come out. The different versions change the flight path of the cranes a little bit. This move is mostly to put stuff on the screen, its easy for the opponent to avoid, but it makes them less likely to carelessly attack you. Especially 36 since it puts a hitbox behind you quickly. Good after a 4D guard cancel or for okizeme to make the opponent block, its pretty dangerous for the opponent to be made the block this in air because Ouka no Mai will just pick them out of the air. For the obvious reasons, you cannot use Taima no Zuikaku while either sister is out.
  • (A version) - The crane appears low to the ground then rises up steadily.
  • (B version) - The crane appears a character length above Maori and dips down
  • (C version) - The crane appears two lengths above Maori and slightly comes down before rising back up and away
Gagakusonae 「雅楽備え」 - 214214 or 236236ABC
  • (Description) - A little sister runs out in front of the camera and moves into a stance, going into standby. She can stay in stand by for 600 frames (10 seconds). The next time you use an arcana super or special, Koito or Kouta will perform an that attack in your stead where they are standing. Sounds great, but you can only really bring this move to life with certain compatible Arcana. Kouta and Koito can be put into a stance at the same time. This is mostly a zoning tool but you can't use Hikejigake, the superior zoning move, for the corresponding sister while this is in effect.

Super Moves

Hama no Shishiku 「破魔の獅子吼」 - 421A+B
  • (Description) - Tsuzune tracks the enemy and drops down from the sky to deliver a kick, then follows up with a punch. This is basically Tsumujigake and Raishin Otoshi put together. Just like Tsuzune other assists, this will always come out. On the ground, Tsuzune will do those two moves and track the opponent a certain distance away from you. In the air, Tsuzune only does Raishin for multiple hits and traces the opponent only a short distance right in front of Maori; the higher you are, the more hits and damage it will do. If you whiff this you'll be wide open forever... so don't do that. This move is used mostly for combos, but since it will always come out you can use it for reversal/4D gimmick purposes like Raishin Otoshi.
Taima no Zuikaku 「退魔の瑞鶴」 - 63214A+B
  • (Description) - Summons both of the little sisters at the same time. On the ground, one sister will come out from behind you first, the the second sister will come out on the other side. In the air, one sister will come out from the front first. After being hit, your opponent bounces off the ground. This is not guaranteed to come out, if you get hit before they come you, you've just wasted one bar of meter. If you get hit while only one sister is out, then the other sister will not come out. Could be used for zoning since the sister have large hit boxes and stay out for quite a while, but it is mostly used to extend combos.
Setsugekka no Mai 「雪月花の舞」 - 1A+B [During Gekka no Mai]
  • (Description) - This super is performed during Gekka no Mai, as the opponent is pulled towards you. The top shines like a flower, and hits the opponent multiple times. This can only be done after Gekka no Mai, but it won't always hit; you need to be careful of if you hit the opponent of the ground or if you are too high in comparison to the opponent when you hit with Gekka. While the top is hitting the opponent, Maori can move so you can actually keep combing or go for a set up. For combos, you could even do Setsugekka again from a double jump, air dash or forward homing into Sekka then Gekka. It doesn't look like it but it has some invincibility on it, you so could let this go after having Gekka 6D guard canceled by the opponent.

Critical Heart

Karaito no Ya 「神来社の矢」 641236A+B
  • (Description) - Part one of a 5 part XH, only consumes 1 bar. Only Maori fires an arrow at the opponent. Relatively fast start up, it will combo after a 5C, but the damage is pretty low. If you are going to use this move and have the meter, its better to use the follow ups. If you want to use this as a long range punish to your opponents zoning or spacing, use the time during the super flash to find out if you should go ahead with the rest of the XH or not.
Karaito no Ya Kobu 「神来社の矢 鼓舞」 41236A+B [During Karaito no Ya, before the arrow is fired]
  • (Description) - Tsuzune backs Maori up to buff the start up and damage of Maori's XH. The only reason to use this is to get to Kamukura really.
Karaito no Ya Misogi 「神来社の矢 禊」 41236A+B [During Karaito no Ya, after the arrow is fired]
  • (Description) - Instead of doing the motion during the superflash, do it after the arrow's been fired to perform this super. Here, Tsuzune will fire a second arrow with Maori.
Karaito no Ya Harai 「神来社の矢 祓」 41236A+B [During Misogi, after the arrow is fired]
  • (Description) - Kouta and Koito will help fire a third arrow. This is performed after the 2nd arrow, Misogi is fired.
Karaito no Ya Kamukura 「神来社の矢 神座」 41236A+B [During Kobu Before the arrow is fired]
  • (Description) - Kouta and Koito act as hate blockers to buff Maori even more. The start up, attack range and damage increase upon using this, you could call this the actual start of the XH. The arrow is actually very fast, it will pretty much attack the entire screen in an instant. The start up is also incredibly fast, you could use this as a full screen counter/punish move but, do you have 3 bars? EF changes this part of the XH A charm is added to the arrow and the damage increases.



1. Aisa (Certain Magic Index)
9. C.C. (Code Geass)
11. Yuzu Hieda (Asagiri no Miko)
12. Kikyo Mikage (Wolverine / Blade)
13. Hanyuu (When Cicada Cry)
14. Mana (Negima)

Arcana Heart 3

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