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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Petra Johanna Lagerkvist

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Petra Johanna Lagerkvist

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Petra's Move List


You've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk? Petra is an extremely versatile character that can be played quite effectively in many styles. Thanks to her long range, both on the ground and in the air, she can pressure the opponent and make them weary of committing to careless attacks. Thanks to her command dodge and her quick pokes, her close range game is quite strong as well. Add full screen reflecting bullets for zoning, and you've yourself a flexible character that can cover many angles.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
For Petra, her JB is her strongest air to air move. Even in clash situations, her JB usually wins without requiring a cancel into a faster move like many other moves, thanks to it's amazing hitbox and good start up. Homing into JB, and trying to hit from max range is very strong air to air. JB has longer range than man other air spacing moves in AH3, so it can easily counter hit other characters if they try to be aggressive, or it can force them to block, helping you to grasp the advantage. When the opponent is on the ground, however, JA is the stronger choice by far. It's very quick and has quite a good hitbox, allowing you to confuse the opponent with quick overheads and cross ups. Homing into JE is good from max range, as JE has a gigantic hitbox and sends the opponent flying to the ground on hit.J.E also has a nice clash hitbox, so you can cancel that into homing, or another air attack depending on positioning. In addition, homing into J236C is very strong as well. The range on the move is very large, the damage is quite hefty, and it's very quick, so if the opponent tries anything, it'll nail them.

2 - Neutral Spacing
Thanks to Petra's long range, from far away, your opponent always has to worry about 4Petra's β shots. When you manage to get up close, you can use Petra's quick, long range 2A poke to keep the opponent at bay. Her 3B is also low, and even longer range than her 2A and 2B. You can use this to your advantage by hitting an opponent with 3B from a spot that they're unable to hit you at. A quick j.236X move is also strong for keeping the opponent at bay.

3 - Hit Confirms
JB on counter hit against another air opponent is very easy to hit confirm off of. The stun lasts a long time, so you can generally either land, rejump and finish off the air combo, or simply double jump into another JB (and possibly JC) into a combo. 2A cancels into itself 2-3 times before the timing becomes too tight. However, thanks to the versatility of her ground normals, 2A 2A 2B should give you enough time to react to see if it hit or was blocked. From there, you can do a variety of things, including jump cancel, longer block strings, β shots, etc.

4 - Defense
Petra has something unique in Arcana Heart that no other character has that makes her defensive game particularly threatening. That of course, is the dodge. Dodge will punish even really fast 2A pokes, as well as hitting opponents who are homing in on you. Not only that, but you can homing or EFC out of it on both hit and without even doing an attack. You can dodge into 6D and throw the opponent without even throwing out a dodge attack. It's an extremely versatile and deadly defensive tool when used correctly. There are 3 main weaknesses to dodge though. The first being that you can be thrown out of the move. Not just regular throws, but attack throws, such as Lilica's J214 command throw, Flip Through. The second being that Petra loses her collision hitbox during dodge. If the opponent ends up behind you, then you're in trouble because Petra's Counter Fire only hits in front of her (barring opponents that are practically hugging her, which is extremely rare). Your best bet is to EFC into neutral block, though sometimes you can escape if you use 6D. However, since the opponent is now behind Petra, you have to 6D toward the opponent, but she will end up 6Ding in the direction she's facing. It gets confusing, and you might end up 4Ding, which will actually send her hopping right at the opponent! The third weakness is that the recovery on whiff is quite brutal, so it's very easy to punish if the opponent baits it out and you do it. If you have a bar, cancel into L.G.A charge-3 to help cut the recovery and preserve some momentum. As far as other defensive options go, β shots can actually be used for defense. If the opponent doesn't understand their trajectory, 421 and 623C could tag the opponent as they are trying to open you up, have the opponent rush in to try to hit while you look open, only to be tagged by a counter hit bullet and lead into a combo for Petra. As far as anti-air's go, 2A can sometimes be good thanks to Petra's small hitbox when she does that move. If the opponent doesn't do a deep hitting jumping move, then you can actually go under a lot of moves by anti airing with 2A. Counter Fire A is also a good anti air as it is air unblockable. It has a nice big hitbox and doesn't clash with moves, rather, straight out beats moves. As far as clashing air moves go, 6C is your best bet, although it's not always reliable, and might end up getting you counter hit instead! Aside from that, take advantage of Petra's quick JA, and use that when you find the opponent trying to air dash or do some other tricky jumping move.

Arcana Selection

Petra has innate zoning tools and great spacing moves, as well as a good tools for defense. So Petra's choices in arcana end up being more of a supplementary tool than a necessity. This means that in general, you can really use any arcana with this character and find some way to make it effective. Here are several popular choices.

Love is just overall a strong arcana. Having love balls out gives Petra time to reload, and a full screen laser gives her a fast projectile at the one range she's unable to reach by herself. Since she doesn't really need love for combos, it can help on wakeup to either let her retreat safely, or to get on the offensive. The versatility of Love, and the versatility of Petra makes this a very easy, solid combination.

The EFC effect from Tyr is very strong, and since Petra doesn't quite need the actual attacks, the EFC effects alone are enough to make Tyr worth using for Petra. Using EFC both in combo, and just activating it and then pressuring means that you'll definitely be using it quite often, which in turn boosts the effects.


Keep them scared of being shot when they're far away, and keep them scared of being shot when they're close.


Target Combos

  • 2A 2B 5C 3α
  • 2A 2B 6B 5C 1α [NHC] JB [land][step] 5A JA J2B JB [jc] J2B JC Airα
  • 2A 2B 5C 1α [EFC] [step]6B 5C 3C [jc] J2B JC Airα
  • 2A 2B 2C [EFC] 6C 214C C 5B [jc] JB JC JB [jc] J2B JC Airα
  • 2A 2B 5C [EFC][step] 2B 5C 1α [6HC] 5B 5C 236AB
  • 2A 2B 5C [EFC][step] 2B 5C 3C 3α [NHC] JB [land] 5A JA JB [jc] J2B JE
  • 2A 2B 5C 22AB [step] 3B 5C [EFC] 3C 3α [NHC] JB [land]
  • 2A 2B 6C Air3α [NHC] JB [land] 5B JB J2B JB [jc] JB J2B JB
  • 2A 2B 2C 421X [step] 5B JA J2B JB [jc] J2B JC Airα
  • 2A 2B 6C 214C C JB [land] 5A JA J2B JB airα
  • 2A 2B 6C 214C [delay] C J2B [land][step] 5A JA J2B JB [jc] J2B JC Airα
  • 2A 2B 6B 5C 1α [EFC][ステ] 6B 3C [jc] J2B JB Airα → Arcana Blaze or so
  • 2A 2B 5C 0α [EFC] [step] 6C 22C [step] JB J2B JB [jc] > JE or JB JC Airα

Dodge Counter Fire Combos

  • C→ 5A JA [delay] J2B [land] 5A JA J2B JB [jc] JB JE
  • C→ 5A 5C 3C [jc][delay] J2B [land] 5B JB J2B JB [jc] JB JC Airα
  • C→ 5A 5C 3C [jc] [j66] J2B [land] 5A JB J2B JB [jc] JB JC Airα
  • C→ 5A 5B→JB→J2B→JB→jc→JB→JC→Airα
  • C→ 5A J2B [jc] 5D JA J2B [land] JA J2B [jc] 5D JA J2B [land] 5A JB [jc] JB JC Airα
  • C→ [EFC] C→ Any arcana blaze
  • A→ [EFC]5D JB J2B JB [jc] JB JC Airα
  • A→ [EFC]5D JB JE JA JB [jc] J2B JC JB Airα
  • B→ [EFC] 3α or 623AB
  • B→ [EFC]6B 5C 3C [jc][delay] J2B JC Airα

High Jump Install L.G.A Assault Combos

  • B JB [land] 5B JB J2B JB [jc] JB JC Airα


  • 3C [land] 623AB
  • JC Air3α [9HC] JB [land] 5A JA JB [jc] J2B JC Airα
  • [CH]214AB 6C

Critical Heart Combos

  • 2A 2B 5C XH
  • C→ [EFC] C→ EFXH
  • 2A 2B 2C EFC [step] 5A 5C EFXH
  • 2A 2B 6C 214C C J2B [step] 6B 5C [EFC] 5B 5C EFXH
  • 2A 2B 5C [EFC] [step] 6C 214C C J2B 5B (6B) 5C EFXH

Intense Reject Tech Punish Combos

  • 5C 1α [EFC]/[6HC] 5A 5B 214B [...] IR
  • 5C 1α [EFC] [step] 6B 3C [jc] J2B JB [land] 214B [...] IR

Intense Reject Follow Combos

  • IR→ [NHC] JB [jc] J2B JC Airα
  • IR→ XH
  • IR→ 623AB (corner only)

Arcana Combos


  • 2A 2B 5C 3α 236236E
  • 2A 2B 5C 3α 22AB 623E
Midscreen only


  • 3C [land] 5A 6C J2B JB [jc] JB JC Airα
During EF


  • 6C 236E [step]6C [jc] JB JC 3α [NHC] JB [land] 623AB
  • C→ 5A 5C 236E [NHC] JC 236E JB [jc] J2B JB JC Airα
Near corner


  • B→ [EFC] 214214E 5B 5C Arcana Blaze


  • 2A 2B 5C 1α [6HC] 5B 5C 3C [jc] J2B JC Airα
  • 2A 2B 5C 1α [6HC] 5B 5C 6C 623AB
  • BC B [6HC] 5A 5C 3C [jc] 5D j2B 5A 5B [jc] jB j2B jB [jc] j2B jC Airα
Does not work with opponent in the corner
  • 2A 2B 5C [EFC] 2C 6C 214C C [delay] 5A 5B [jc] jA jC 236236E [dj] jE
Use 214B if opponent reaches the corner


  • 2A 2B 5C 236E 5A 5B JA J2B JB [jc] JB JC Airα


  • 2A 2B 5C 1α [EFC] [step] 5C 3C [jc] 2B 5C 623E 623AB
  • 3C 623E [land] 623AB
  • 2A 2B 6C 214C C J2B [land][step] 6B [EFC][step] 5A×3C JA 623E [land] 623AB
  • 3C 623E [land] 623AB
  • (picking up air combo)~5A 5C [EF][step] JA J2B [jc] J2B 623E [land] 623AB
  • (picking up air combo)~6B [EF][step]5A×2 5B JA JB 623E [land] 623AB

Move List

Normal Moves


Petra does a small kick across the floor. This 2A is a bit slower compared to other characters but the range is very good and is it cancellable into itself. Right next to the opponent you could throw about 5 of these in before moving too far away from the opponent. Also, during the move, Petra has a really low profile so you could slide under moves with high hitboxes.


A jab at the opponent with Petra's elbow. This move is a short as it looks, so you'll mainly use it for picking up air combos, as well as punishing low techs. This move does NOT cancel into itself so be careful about whiffing it.


A crouching shot at the opponent knees. Like 5B, the start up for this move as a B type is kind of long but the reach is good and it does not prorate that much. In fact as a starter it has very lenient proration (91%) so you can use this move for spacing, combo starters and long range confirms. One thing though, is that this move is not a low. This move is jump cancellable on block.


A crouching shot at the opponent ankles.This move is a bit slower than 2B but this move is even longer and a low so this move is extremely good for coming in with.


Petra crosses her arms and shoots at the opponent chest. This move is a bit slow, and the range isn't as good as 2B, so you won't be using this move much outside of combos.


A standing shot at the opponent waist.The start up and scope of the clash frames and the duration of the move is much less now compared to AH2.6, so there is not much use to this move besides it's reach.


Petra crouches and sweeps the opponent with her entire leg. The reach is not too much different from 2B, so you might even whiff it after a longer range 2B hit. You'll be OK if you are up close though. When you are trying to save meter or up close to the opponent, you want this move.


Petra jumps forward a bit and shoots downwards at the opponent. This move is an overhead and is special, super and arcana cancellable. You can also jump cancel this move. This move is a bit slower normally, but during EF it is rather quick and a great overhead.


Petra turns towards the opponents and pops on in their chest. Aside from 5[E] and 3C, out of Petra's normals this has some of the best reach. The mains use for this move is to link combos that require such reach. Compared to AH2.6, the start up is better, but the recovery is longer. The whole duration of the move is the same though.


A twin shot at the opponent with both guns. This move is now quicker compared to AH2.6, but in exchange the recovery is a frame longer. Note that this move is not air unblockable. The main uses for this move is to make use of the clash frames, and for combos that need 6C as combo filler from B moves. This move is jump cancellable on block.


This move is a twin shot much 6C in the upward, diagonal direction. This hitbox is much like what the move looks like and can be used as an anti air. However, you need to be aware of moves that have cross up hitboxes because 2E doesn't have an attack box directly above it or behind. Your profile is low for this move as well, so you can go under and counter a bunch of attacks.


This move is like a buffed version of 5C but since the recoil on the move is particularly heavy, it doesn't reach as long as it looks. The start up is decent as you can link this move from any B move, so you could use it for zoning and spacing.


A flying knee at the opponent. This move is very fast (3F) and has a great hit box as well, making it great of your air to air footsies or when the opponent closes in on you. you can even cross up with this move depending on your angle of approach making this a very useful move.


A jumping shot at the opponent. This move as great horizontal reach, and excellent for your spacing. Also, around frame 2~4, you have a clash box that covers almost your entire upper half, giving you almost like an iron wall to go with your spacing, depending on your position to the opponent. you can go right into a combo on hit with this move as well, making this move one of Petra's strongest.


A shot like JB, but angled downwards. The start up is faster compared to SH2.6 and is like a jumping 6B. You don't have many other moves that point down like this, so you'll be using it a lot for your jump ins.


A jumping twin shot with a VERY slight downward angle. This moves moves you back a bit upon release so its good for adjusting your position and your gap between your opponent. This move has a very good horizontal hitbox so it is go for your spacing. Just remember that you cannot chain your JC to your JE now. That recoil that was mention actually makes combos somewhat hard to do with this move, but during EF that problem is eliminated.


Petra fires a large blast diagonally downwards. This move ignores all the inertia that you had to that point and moves you backwards quite a bit. The hitbox is pretty good in the direction of the blast. JE also does nice raw damage (3500dmg) and is good for air unblocks and just leaving a move out and is not techable on the ground. Whats more is that it has the nerve to have clash from frames 3~10 on your upper body. With that said, the move is still relatively slow, so keep in mind that you need to put it out really early, and that the opponent could hit you from the bottom while it is coming out. The recover is longer from AH2.6 and the time until you can move again in the air is longer so be careful of those points.

Special Moves

L.G.A Fire Type - α - 236ABC
  • (Description) - After a lovely step and twirl, Perta blasts the opponent with both guns. Each version increases the consumption of the ether stock and the number of hits. In the event you do not have enough for the upper version, it will use all of your ether for the appropriate version. These count as normal hits so you can cancel into any special action afterward. If you have no stock, you get one hit that does not float the opponent. This move has quite a bit of reach so you can use it with a bit of authority.
  • (A version) - 1 Stock ; 2 Hits. The last hit floats the opponent.
  • (B version) - 2 Stock ; 4 Hits. The last hit floats the opponent.
  • (C version) - 3 Stock ; 5 Hits. The last hit Wall slams the opponent.
L.G.A Fire Type - α [Air] - J236ABC
  • (Description) - Again, after a whirl in the air, Petra rains shots down. The properties in relation to the ether gauge are similar to The ground version. On hit all of these will give you a guaranteed knock down. When you have no ether stock, you'll get a normal hit. Like the ground version, if you do not have enough for the upper version, it will use all of your ether for the appropriate version, but if you cancel it into something, you'll stop and preserve your stock of ether. This move has a pretty massive hitbox horizontally and downward from Petra's location making it good as an air-vs-air, air-vs-ground or a really long range poke. It's not exaggeration to say that the 3 ether stock version of this move is a major part of Petra's play
  • (A version) - 1 Stock ; 2 Hits. Knockdown.
  • (B version) - 2 Stock ; 4 Hits. Knockdown.
  • (C version) - 3 Stock ; 5 Hits. Ground slam, can combo after wards with a HC.
L.G.A Fire Type - β/β´ - 623 or 421ABC
  • (Description) - Petra fires a reflecting bullet either up (623), or downwards (421). Much like the 236 series, the properties of the move changes depending on what button you use and your ether stock. When your stock is 0 the bullet will not reflect at all. The ricochet count is dependent on the number of times the bullet his the floor and the ceiling. This is a projectile move so you cannot HC. It's not fast enough to work as an immediate anti air because of the start up, you'll need to read ahead a little bit and choose the version that best fits the situation.
  • (A version) - 1 Stock ; Ricochet 2 times.
  • (B version) - 2 Stock ; Ricochet 4 times.
  • (C version) - 3 Stock ; Ricochet 7 times.
L.G.A Fire Type - β´´ - 28ABC
  • (Description) - Petra fires a bouncing bullet in a very steep angle (around 75°). It is slower (21F) than β/β´ version and the ether/bound properties are the same pretty much. This move does a good job trying of eliminate Perta's greatest weakness, opponents directly above her and lets you control the air space fairly well.
L.G.A Assault - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Petra performs a steeply angled jump while spinning. The move itself does not attack the enemy, but performs a different attack after an additional command is input. Depending on what button you press Perta will move faster or slower through the air (C being the fastest), but the height of the leap does not change. If you fall to the ground without pressing anything, the recovery is enormous so it is not recommended that you do that. If you combine this with a high jump, you could cross up the opponent with move mentioned next.
L.G.A Strike Fire - ABC [During Assault]
  • (Description) - By entering the addition input, Petra shoots up and down in the air. Depending on what button you press, Petra changes her shot angles. If you hit the opponent towards the bottom of this attacks hitbox, the opponent will ground slam and you can follow up with a combo. You choose the time you want to release the move during the leap so you can be fancy with this move for mixups and the like. Furthermore after the attack, you are in an airborne status similar to a normal jump, so the recovery is quite short and you can move again after the attack. Good for unblocks, combos, movement and an all around good move.
  • (A version) - Petra shoots at her 1 and 9
  • (B version) - Petra shoots at her 2 and 8
  • (C version) - Petra shoots at her 3 and 7
L.G.A Intense Reject - AD [During Assault]
  • (Description) - While close to the opponent during the leap of [L.G.A assault], you can command grab them with this move. Petra locks the opponent with both lets the slams them to the ground, think of this as a Hooligan Throw. This move can be avoided by couching, and you need to be really close to use this, but you get an untechable groundslam with this move that you can HC and follow up with a combo. This grab counts as a hit so you can grab opponents out of the air and use this in combos as well. This could definitely be used as a tech punish.
L.G.A Dodge - BC
  • (Description) - Petra puts a smile on and turns her body away for a dodge. On frame 1, Petra is invulnerable to all normal hits and grabs. There is actually very little danger in using this move so let it rip. During this move... :
L.G.A Counter Fire - ABC [During Dodge]
  • (Description) - During Petra's dodge, you can fire at the opponent a mid, low or high move.
  • (A version) - Gives you upper body invincibility and and fires upwards. This is air unlockable and you can HC it for a combo follow up.
  • (B version) - Gives you mid-body invincibility (from around your chest to waist) and shoot horizontally. On hit, the opponent will be blown to the wall like an E move
  • (C version) - Gives you invincibility from about your knee down and fires downward. Ground slams the opponent so you can follow up with an HC for a combo.
L.G.A Charge - 1 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Petra spins her gun like Plaxico Burress and reloads an ether cartridge. It does not matter what button you press, you will reload one stock. The recover is a bit long (34F) so you want to make sure you can use this safely before attempting.

Super Moves

L.G.A Combination Fire - 623AB
  • (Description) - Petra's rondo. After a move that looks like 6C, then opponent is blown to the wall, shot up, then down with a JE like move. The start up is just 4F, it has lock properties, and will slice through clash-boxes. The it is untechable and you can HC even on block, but there is 0 invincibility on this move. The major use for this move is guaranteed counter is and in combos. Also, if you are in the corner, you can follow up with [L.G.A fire type-β´] (421) to add some more damage.
L.G.A Charge - 3 - 22AB
  • (Description) - Super reload. Charges your ether stock to 3 in one go. This move is much faster than the special version (15F), you could even cancel B normals into this and come out even. C/E normals canceled in to this would give you a frame advantage.
My, What Have I Done... 「あら、私としたことが…」 - 214AB/J214AB
  • (Description) - Heels -> face. Petra jumps up a bit and then kicks directly down in front of her. This move gives you a ground untechable down. This super has quite a bit normal and throw invincibility, the properties are the same in the air. There aren't many moves that have that kind of invincibility on the ground AND air so this move is quite nice. It will also ignore clash frames, but the hit box of the move is really small (just her feet). You can use this as air combos enders as well, it's a really useful move.

Critical Heart

L.G.A Superior Fire - 641236AB
  • (Description) - Eating up all the ether cartridges, Petra fires a large laser towards to opponent for big damage. You need 3 bars of meter and your ether stock to be full to use this move. This move is blockable in the air, not particularly fast, and has 0 invincibility. the only real use for this move is in combos. This move is even stronger during EF. Petra fires off 3 laser to increase the damage. However in exchange, you need all three to hit for the damage to be high; the damage given between each laser is relatively low. Compared to the other characters EFXH, the damage is pretty low over all, so there isn't too much point of going for this move.



3. Tousaka Rin as "Kaleido-Ruby" (Fate Stay Night)
5. Rhi'a Dragunel (Sands of Destruction)
7. Poison Ivy (Batman)
8. Rachel Alucard
16. Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica)

Arcana Heart 3

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