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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Weiß

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Health Modifier
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Weiß's Move List


Only Weiss can bring a knife to a fight like this. Weiss, a new addition to AH3, sports a wide array of moves for rushing down and getting out of pressure.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
JC is a good move to use with neutral homing. It hits two times and the second hit is easy to confirm off. After the second hit, all you have to do is jump to follow it up with another JC and them homing to add more damage.

2 - Neutral Spacing
Put your sword on. Weiss has a move (22ABC) that allows her to equip a materialized sword. While equipped, all of her normal moves besides the ones that use her feet will be powered up (5A 2A 5C 5B 2B 6C JA JB JC). Not only does it double the reach of these normals, she doesn't have her own hitbox in them, making them extremely strong for spacing. Make sure you are either full screen from your opponent or get a knockdown set up, it takes a while to recovery from 22ABC. One way to do this is to end combos with JC; while they are still trapped in untech time from the second hit of JC, land and equip your sword. While equipped, rising JA becomes a delicious tool as it has double the reach and is already part of the "baller-JA" team.

3 - Hit Confirms
JA will be a source of air-to-air confirms. It easily ties with JB > JC > 623X into a jump cancel for more damage. When you're force the opponent to block JAs in the air when low to the ground, use JC before landing to keep them up there and hit them with the air unblockable 6C for the guard break. When Weiss is equipped, 2A becomes a good combo starter from almost all ranges.

4 - Defense
Weiss has a decent 2A to poke out with so use that if you find an opportunity. If you're all ready equipped, it will increase the chances to use it. You could even use it as an anti air in some situations. Besides that, Weiss also has 623AB. This might be the best super reversal in the game as it has tons of invincibility and good upward reach. It also comes out on frame 1. This move is menacing for opponents trying to IAD on you or run okizeme. Like all reversals, you need to be careful because there is the risk of being read well and punished; its not 100% safe. If it gets blocked, HC to save yourself, if it hits, you can easily follow it up with a HC. It is also great when used aggressively off a 6GC.

Arcana Selection

Arcana that go well with Weiss help give her time to use 22ABC and add damage to the end of combos.

Love works for Weiss too. Great modifiers and gives projectiles to help cover Weiss' rushdown. Since it is somewhat hard to use her own supers at the end of combos, super love beam is great for adding damage. You can also use Love's blaze to put the finishing touches on your opponent after a neutral homing or JC combo ender. Remember this arcana when you have trouble picking any other for certain match ups. You can almost never go wrong with Love.

Also good for Weiss. As a rushdown fighter, clash on Es and step is an awesome tool for asserting pressure on your opponent. Weiss is also blessed with moves that a great for clash wars such as her fast 4B that has lower body invincibility from frame 1, her DP, super DP and command grab as well. You don't normally use Weiss E moves, but with Thunder you can use them for force clash situations and respond to reckless NHs. Weiss' 5E has good reach too, so you could half charge 5E to bait players trying to run away with 4D and combo with an HC or EFC. Just be careful of throws and cross ups. Step is good for thunder Weiss as she can mix her command throw in if the opponent decides to respect it and try to break a throw. If they try to poke out and clash, you can respond with 623AB. Thunder EF traits also work with 623AB since your block animation will have clash. You could use it like a guard cancel for some pretty serious punishes. Be systematic with this though, Thunder's modifiers are not that great and it's FG recharges slow... finding yourself being unable to burst when needed could cost you.

Time Weiss has strong mixups and the damage to match with Time only loops. You can also use Infinite light to create ambiguous setups with Freedom from Bondage and equip your sword at the same time. Time's Backstep gives you another good defensive option that gives you a higher degree of stability midscreen and 6D is good for left/right mixups. Time is very compatible with Weiss and is great for the more advanced players.

Magnetism is a unique but good arcana for Weiss too. 236E has a rough homing path that can help cover your spacing, but you need to space it well because of its usually slow start up. 236236E is easy to tag on the end of combos and does a ton of damage too. Its great for increasing her over all damage, you can even HC it to add more hits afterward and alter your position for the knockdown. EF forces your opponent to come to you. Weiss has a many tools (DP, cmdthrow, etc) to be effective in close combat. Do not just activate it from full screen, that will do more hard than good. EFC a 5B and keep them in place with 2A. This is especially good if you have your sword equipped already. From there punish jump outs with DPs or use her throw them if they are sitting right. You could use the 4D pull-in to punish people with a DP or throw them as well, but you really need to choose your timing. There is no invincibility on this so you could get hurt if you mess up. Problems with Magnetism is the difficulty of making meter the its slow recharge speed.

Halo also works. Adding Celestial Gate to the end of combos assures free extra damage. You can also use Halo's projectiles in the same manner as Love to help Weiss get in. They home in on the opponent and make it very easy to lead them into a corner where you can pressure them. Be careful using Halo's projectiles while push your opponent on, the recovery is a bit longer than Love and could lead you into trouble if you don't have an extra bar to kill the recovery. Halo also give you Royal Optics. You can use it to add more damage to combos before blowing them away before you equip your sword. While in EF, Judgment becomes amazing for zoning, You can use it to switch the momentum in your favor and add more damage to combos ending in C.Gate or use it for mixups on the ground. Raster Force is also good for your hit confirms and rushdown in EF. For negatives, remember that EF does not last very long for Halo. It's recharge speeds are also slow.




Target Combos

Weiss can generally substitute the A > B portion of her combos the the stand or crouch version. This can be applied to all of the below combos.
  • 2A 5B and/or 2B 5C (6C) 236A
No meter of any kind combo, for when the force gauge and arcana gauge is empty.
  • 2A 5B 5C (6C) 236A [6HC] 2A 5B 5C [jc] JB J4B [jc] JB JC JE [1]
Basic BNB, works at any range, try to confirm into the more advanced 623C bnb, but you'll find yourself using this quite a bit as well because of the distance dependence.
  • 2A 5B 5C (6C) 236A [6HC] 2A 5B [jc] JB [jc][NHC]JC > [land] 5B 5C [jc] JB J4B [jc] JB JC JE
Slightly more advanced version of the above bnb. When you can't get the 623C combo, go for this one.
  • 2A 5B 5C (6C) 236A [6HC] 5B 5C [jc] JA JB J4B [jc] JB JC JE *
This removes the 2A after Homing Cancel, so it makes it easier to practice first. The full combo still is guaranteed every time, and you add the "A" attack in the air, so overall damage remains the same.
  • 2A 5B 5C 4B 623C [6HC] 5B [jc] JB dj [NHC] JC(1)> [land] 5B 5C [jc] JB J4B [jc] JB JC JE [2]
This is the more advanced BNB, distance dependent, have to be close enough for the 4b, to hit, use when you can.
  • 623A [NHC] JB J4B [jc ]JB JC 623C [3]
A follow up combo to 6223A. HC after the 5th to 8th hit.
  • 2A 2B 5C 22A 236AB
You must input the 22A then the super immediately after. An way to do this is 22A36AB. You will have your sword when the super finishes if you did it right.

EFC Combos

  • 2A 5B 5C 236A or 2A 5B 5C 4B 623C > [EFC] 5B 5C [jc] JB JC JE JB JC > [land] 5B 5C [jc] JB JC JE [4]
Beginner EFC combo, immediately learn the better ones
  • 2A 5B 5C 236A or 2A 5B 5C 4B 623C > [EFC] DASH 5B 4B 5B 5C [jc] JC(2)JE JB [jc] JB JC JE [5] [6]
Standard EFC combo, this should be one of the EFC combos you always go for.
  • 2A 5B 5C 236A or 2A 5B 5C 4B 623C > [EFC] DASH delay 5B 2B 5C 4B 5B 5C [jc] JC(2) JE JB [jc] JC(2) JE
Max damage EFC combo, character specific delay.
  • 2A 5B 5C (6C) 236A > [EFC] 5C [jc] JC JB JC JE JC (whiff JE) [land] 4B 2C
Safe equip combo, do [EFC] 5C as soon as possible (doesn't work on Catherine).
  • 2A 5B 5C 4B 623C > [EFC] DASH 5B 4B 5B [jc] JC JB JC JE JC (whiff JE) [land] 4B 2C
Better safe equip combo, no delay required on most characters (doesn't work on Catherine).
  • 2A 5B 5C 4B 623C > [EFC] DASH delay 5B 2B 5C 4B 5B [jc] JC JB JC JE JC (whiff JE) [land] 4B 2C
Best safe equip combo, character specific delay (doesn't work on Catherine).
  • 2A 5B 5C 236A or 2A 5B 5C 4B 623C > [EFC] DASH delay 5B delay 5C [jc] JC JB JC JE JC (whiff JE) [land] 4B 2C
Lies only safe equip combo.
  • 2A 5B 5C 4B 623C [6HC] 5B JB dj [NHC] JC 66 5B *623X* [EFC] IAD JB JC 5B SJC JB JC JE JC (whiff JE) [land] 4B 2C
66 5B 623A [EFC] on Angelia; 66 5B 623C on Lies (timing is tight); 66 5B (delay) 623C [EFC] on everyone else. Does not work on Catherine.
Meter EFC swaggery; the WikiPlayer combo.

Air to Air Combos

These are for you get a random air to air hit, pick your poison.

I'm not sure which version of 623 to use yet, if you know for sure lemme know i'm guessing 623a

  • JA JB JC(2)HC JC(1)JE [7]
  • JC land [sj] JC HC JA JB J4B [jc] JC JE
  • CH JB/JC land [sj] J4B [jc] JC JE 623 [NHC] JC (1)(do as many 623 homing reps as needed) land 5B 5C AERIAL
  • JA JB [jc] JC JE 623[NHC]JC land 5B 623 EFC IAD JB JC land 5B 5C JC(2)JE JB [jc] JB JC JE
The if you're gdlk version from Kaichou, you can also do the EFC 2C set up combo.
  • counter hit/random hit (low to the ground) land 5A JB J4B [jc] JC JE 623 [NHC] JC land 5B JB [jc] NHC JC land 5B 5C AERIAL
  • counter hit/random hit (low to the ground) land 5A JB J4B [jc] JC JE 623 [NHC] JC land 5B 623C EFC IAD JB JC land 5b JC JB JC JE JC land 4B 2C
The if you're gdlk combo also stolen from Kaichou

Character Specific Combos


  • (Standing) 5A 5B 5C [jc] JB (delay) J4B (delay) JC(1) JE dash 5B -stuff-
Greatly improves BnB damage on Catherine and the timing isn't actually hard. You can follow this up with 2C for the knockdown, equip and no meter, or you can go for 5C meter/EFC stuff to deal more damage. Only works on Catherine.

Arcana Combos


  • 2A 5B 5C 6C 236E 5A 5B 5C [jc] [air combo]
  • 2A 5B 5C 6C 236E delay 5B 6C 236E 5A(A) JB J4B [jc] JC(2) JE (you must use JC 2 hits or they will tech)


  • 2A 5B 5C (6C) 236A 236236E 5B 5C 236A 2C equip sword/orb [8]
Time arcana focuses heavily upon using EFC combos for damage so make sure you get these combos down. Basic no EFC meter combo, for when you just bursted, or right after an EFC combo.
  • 2A 5B 5C (6C) 236A 236236E 5B 5C 6C 22ABC/214ABC (5B) 2C 236E
Variant of the combo above for guaranteed equip sword and strong oki.
  • 2A 5B 5C 6C 5E 6D 5A 5B 5C JB J4B [jc] JB JC JE
Regular Emptiness combo. Better damage than Infinite Light combos, but worse okizeme.
  • 2A 5B 5C 6C 5E 6D 5A JB [jc] [nh] JB 5B 5C JB J4B [jc] JB J4B JC
More advanced Emptiness combo. Very hard to land, but you can safely equip sword after it or just Set Miene. You can also add 623C 236236E [airdash] JC for even more damage and shenanigans.
  • 2A 5B 5C 6C 236A [EFC] DASH 5B 4B 5B 4B 5C [jc] JC JE JB [jc] JC JE
After dash 5B, you can mash 4BBB without returning the stick to neutral. Leads to knockdown.
  • 2A 5B 5C 6C 236A [EFC] DASH 5B 4B 5B 4B 5C [jc] JC JE JB [jc] JC 236236E AIRDASH JE
Allows you to equip after landing. In the corner, you also get a Time Ball setup after equip with backdash cancelled into 236E.
If the opponent is too high for airdash JE to connect, use 9D JE instead. You'll still have enough time to land and equip.
  • 2A 5B 5C 6C 236A [EFC] (step) 4B 5B 4B 5B 4B 5B 5C [jc] JC JE JB [jc] JC JE [9]
Don't let the notation fool you this isn't as hard as it looks, you can actually just dash after the EFC hold back and mash b. Outstanding damage off a no meter EFC combo, keep in mind your opponent will be able to airtech early in the air, but you can punish it with air unblockable 5C. Step is only necessary on Scharlachrot and Nazuna, doesn't work properly on Lieselotte. This video uses the outdated J4B JB J4B JB [jc] JB JC JE ender.
  • 2A 5B 5C 4B 623C EFC step 4B 5B 4B 5B 4B 5B 5C [jc] JC JE JB [jc] JC JE

Distance dependent version of the combo above. Have to be close enough for the 4B, to hit, but does better damage.

  • 2A 5B 5C 6C [EFC] 5B 5C [jc] IAD JB [land] 5B 5C [jc] IAD JB [land] 5B 2C.
IAD EFC combo, looks awesome easy to do thanks to the speed up during time activation. 2c leads to equip or oki
  • 2A 5B 5C 6C [EFC] 5B 5C [jc] IAD JB [land] 5B 5C [jc] IAD JB [land] 5B 5C 236A 236236E 5B 5C 236A 2C equip/orb [10]
Meter version of the above combo, get the same oki with a bit more damage.
  • 2A 5B 5C 6C [EFC] dash 5B 5C dash 5B 5C IAD JB J4B dash 5B 2B 2C
Optimized IAD EFC combo. Does a bit more damage and you don't switch sides against certain characters. 2C leads to equip sword, Set Miene or Freedom from Bondage.
  • 2A 5B 5C 6C [EFC] dash 5B 5C dash 5B 5C IAD JB J4B dash 5B 5C 6C 236A 236236E 5B 5C 6C equip sword/set miene (5B) 2C 236E [11]
Meter version of the above combo. More damage with all the Infinite Light equip and oki benefits.
  • 2A 5B 5C 4B 623X [EFC] {66 5B 4B 2C}x3 equip/orb
The Zieg loop. Meterless EFC with decent damage and equip/oki ender. Pretty easy combo; works on everyone (except Catherine) but timing needs some downloading for some characters.
  • 2A 5B 5C 6C [EFC] dash 5B 5C 4B 2C {66 5B 4B 2C}x2 equip/orb
Much easier variant of the above combo; does slightly lesser damage. Works on everyone but Catherine.
  • 2A 5B 5C 6C 5E 6D 5B 421C [EFC] (66 or 44) {5B 4B 2C}x3 equip/orb
Your 5E 6D into Zieg loop when far (or facing away) from corner. If you're wondering what the "66 or 44" means: you are always going to be facing the other way after 6D but sometimes you don't actually cross up. The start up on the C DP should give you enough time to react accordingly.
  • (air to air) land [sj] JA JB [jc] JC(2} JE 623A 236236E airdash JE
Decent damage and oki off random air to air hits.
  • (air to air) JC land [sj] JC HC JB J4B dj JB JC JE 623A 236236E airdash JE
Same as above, but with more damage and costs.

Move List

Normal Moves


This move looks like a crouching version of 5A. This move is vital for when you are close to the opponent, but be aware that it does not hit low. You you get a hit, go to a throw or 5B from there. The sword version has a change in the frame data a little bit, specifically the duration is longer and the recovery is shorter. Frames 1-9 will reflect projectiles in front of you and you will not be counter hit during the move.


Weiss does a knife hand that has a similar hitbox to Heart's 5A, it can cancel into itself. Since the hitbox is so tall, you can do things like 6HC or go straight into an air combo from it. Also, if the opponent air blocks your 5A, you can cancel into 5C for a guard crush. Around the 6th or 7th frame of the move, there is a clash block around her arm. This move cannot be counter hit.


A swipe at the opponents feet, this is your main low move. After the 5B after a command grab, the 5C following that has a tendency to whiff, but if you use 2B, you'll definitely get the hit. This move has a really good hit box, but the recovery is really slow so you need to be careful not to stop on it.


The low kick of doom that... has reduced fear factor since the EF loop is gone now. This is a slow sweep that floats the opponent and is air untechable (it is ground techable though). Your no-meter-halo combo should end with this instead of 2C. Not only is it good for combos, but it has the nerve to have lower invincibility and be grab-proof from frames 1-5 as well. So you could do things like dash in, wait a moment, then punish anything the opponent tries to do then move straight into your best combo. Then when they are terrified of this move you just walk right in and command grab them.


Weiss steps out and swings her arm, and is a bit longer than it actually looks. This move is somewhat similar to Fiona's 5B, but a bit shorter. The hitbox isn't that great but you can jump cancel the move so it is a bit more useful than 2B. 5Bjc is one of Weiss most strong points as you can go to fast NHC or air dash to unblock your opponent. The sword version adds to her reach even more; you can beat out a lot of things straight up with this. Frames 6-10 can reflect projectiles.


A really basic sweep. The reach is short so you normally just use 5C for combos. If you do use it, you can safely equip swords. If you are not using the time arcana, then use 2C at the end of EF combos for guaranteed sword equips.


Weiss swings a knife hand up into the air. Not only is the reach on this move pretty long, it is air unblockable and jump cancellable, making this move extremely important for your spacing. This move is great for your blockstrings, combo fillers, air unblocks, and your combo starters. The reach and scope of the move is even bigger when you add the sword, so much that your opponents can't even put their hands on you. You have a good + frames on this move, so you would think that you could chain back into this move but because the duration of the whole move is long and your hitbox is just out in front of you during the recovery of they move, most characters can get a free CH on you with 4D. This is one of Weiss' only weak point, and people that are used to fighting Weiss will gun at this point. Use 5C for your hit confirms, and 5Bjc to keep your opponent on their heels. Frames 7-8 have clash near Weiss' head and frames 9-10 have clash near her arm.


A knife hand downwards while moving forward. You look like you are open after this move is blocked but you come out about even (+0). This moves main use if for combos, mainly ground chains from this move to 236A. You don't really use this for zoning.


Weiss crouches and shoots her hand straight up. The charge version moves out about 5 character lengths You can TRY to use it as an anti-air but you'll won't be using it like that too much like 5E. You can use this with your set swords if you are going to use the time arcana or just after halo combos.


Spear your hand right into the opponent gut. The high box is tall enough that it might whiff on some character's crouching animation but, its not tall enough to be used for anti air either. You can only cancel this move into an Arcana move. This move can reflect projectiles, has clash and can be counter hit.


This is just like an air version of 2A. This move is fast, so its main use if to pick up air combos but the reach is horrendous. The bladed version of this move has a horizontal reach that can't even be compared to the normal version and is great for air to air.


Weiss throws a knife hand downward. This is one of your main air to ground moves and is good for jumping in as well. You can use this move with your NHs and air dashes to move around the opponent to break their guard with an air string or make them whiff something.


This move is like Saki's JC, a diagonal kick. This move is primary for air vs air and air combo filler. By the way, JB and J4B have longer untech time than JC's first hit.


This is a 2 hit move that looks much like Fiona's JE. It makes the opponent rise too but you cannot jc it. The second hit is out for quite a while, so it can be used for air to air footsies, particularly when then opponent is above you. Moreover, the untech time on the second hit is super long (40F) so you have plenty of time to go into a combo. You should try to remember if you should hjc or hc to move into a combo depending on your position an height from the ground. You could also venture to drop the combo and equip swords, but that depends more on your own play style and current situation. Be aware that even though it is a two hit move, the second hit is not an overhead, so you can't really do a high/low with this move. The sword version of this move expands your attack range but a good bit. This move hits a bit deeper than JB, so with this and JE you can do a fuzzy guard with a deep JE, delay, then a rising JC. HC'ing this move into a 5A or so makes for good transitioning for your spacing and is a good tool.


Weiss swings a sword downward. The hitbox is just as long as the moves looks. It's duration is also stupid long like JC. This move is really strong if you try to hit your opponents with the tip of it. Since she swings this move downward, you have an attack-hitbox diagonally in front of you as well. That makes this move good for ending air strings as well. Depending on your current situation and what arcana you are using, you could move on to air DP -> arcana super from there. Even though the move is a bit slow, you could use it effectively with JB for mixups. For example you could do a jb, then chain into a late JE, so that you see the sword, but it does not come out and you land first for a high/low or throw.

Special Moves

Rush Greiten 「突剣グライテン」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Rush forward and attack with a sword, this move hits low. This move knocks the opponents up so it is usually used for combos. The ABC version changes the charge distance and start up of the move. Do not become too predictable with this move, your opponent could 4GC this on sight to make you whiff and punish you with a full combo.
Drill Fliegen 「穿剣フリーゲン」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - A DP that you can use in the air as well. Invincible until she lifts up, but it doesn't seem to be grab-proof. you can follow with a homing cancel on hit. The ABC version changes the start up and movement distance. The first hit of the C version has you in a grounded state, so only the first hit can be EFC'd.
Group Greifen 「群剣グライフェン」 - 632146ABC
  • (Description) - A command grab that is similar to Mei-fang's, you can go into a combo after it.
Set Miene 「設剣ミーネ」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Set swords at your feet. This is mostly an okizeme tool that you can use in conjunction with different arcana moves.
Release Tatigkeit 「動剣テーティヒカイト」 - 214ABC [While Miene is set]
  • (Description) Putting the command in again will have the swords come up in a 60 degree radius. The swords will keep going even if you are hit.
Bind Zahn 「装剣ザイン」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Materializes a sword. This move will buff most of the normals that Weiss uses her hands with. It almost doubles the reach of these attacks, gives more clash frames, better durations and recovery. This is an excellent move to use when you have a moment. It is encouraged to end combos with JC early in matches to give time to equip your swords. These will disappear if you are hit, throw, or even forcefully teleported by Evil's special.

Super Moves

Rush Leich Reich 「突攻剣ツァールライヒ」 - 236A+B
  • (Description) - A low kick into a rondo. Weiss blows the opponent away horizontally afterward, causes wall slam. Will catch airborne/juggle state enemies into the auto combo, unlike some of the standard rush supers.
Rupture Centrum 「穿孔剣ツェントルム」 - 623A+B
  • (Description) - Weiss rides a sword that she materializes diagonally up for DP that has Invincibility and has clash in the beginning. If hits then you can homing cancel it, so you can use this against opponents rushing in on you. At worst, if it is blocked you can still homing cancel it.
Layer Meteora 「巨襲剣メテオーア」 - 63214A+B
  • (Description) - Weiss rides a sword diagonally downward. Its like Maori's little sister summon. You could use this as a finisher, or to punish the opponents long range arcana set ups. Whether you can guard or not afterward depends on your height, so you can't just shot this move off.

Critical Heart

Force Expansion Himmelfahrt 「軍剣展界ヒンメルファールト」 - 641236A+B [During Zahn ]
  • (Description) - Weiss launches attack moving forward. After it hits she follows up with an uncountable number of swords. You can connect with this like you would 236+X. Make sure you have your swords equipped before you try this.



2. Chelsea (Shukufuku no Campanella)
7. Mafuyu (Seitokai no Ichizon)
9. Storm (X-men)
11. Atlanta Falcons (football team)
13. Tomoyo (Clannad)

Arcana Heart 3

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