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Arcana Heart 3/AH3/Yoriko Yasuzumi

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Yoriko Yasuzumi

Health Modifier
Guts Threshold
Maximum Guts
Guts Factor
Base EHP
Yoriko's Move List


The glasses work like Cyclops' goggles. Yoriko maybe a bit slow, but she covers tons of area. Yoriko is decked out with a rush move, anti ground move, air air normals and supers, and a command grab. All of these are at your disposal to be effective anywhere on the screen. A core part of Yoriko's game play is to to power up through the use of Ancient Talisman. The power up gives her multi-hit and invincibility on many of her moves, perfect for instantly changing the tide of battle.

Starting Out

1 - Homing Approach
Due to its speed and reach, JB is your one of your main tool when you want when you want to approach your opponent. You need to be careful when using it because of its narrow hitbox. Yoriko you will not be jumping straight in with neutral homing. You want to play it safe and keep your distance until you've powered up. If you find a good opportunity against an opponent on the ground, JC is good since its hitbox is a lot stronger in exchange for being slower.

2 - Neutral Spacing
This is hard with Yoriko. While she does have excellent reach, the hitboxes are on the weak side and the start up is slow. It is very important that you not that Mike's head is still a part of Yoriko's hitbox. What you can use is, J3, 6 or 9C. This "spit" allows Yoriko to space from a safe distance in a variety of directions and keep her in her most effective range. Its also easy to pick up a counter hit from spit with normals.

3 - Hit Confirms
after a JA on hit, any of her rushes (236) will connect. You can be a little bit more aggressive with JA against people above you since the top Mike's head is not part of your own hitbox. The problem is that its part of the "slow ass JA series" in Arcana Heart 3. If you would like to set up a pentagram, you can easily confirm into JE. JE has enough untech time for you to use triangle and power up. While powered up, if you catch your opponent blocking in the air, you can guard break them with 236AB.

4 - Defense
When you're not powered, the best you have is Mike Upper, Critical Heart and C rush in certain situations. You could also use Safe Talisman in some situations. When you're powered up you can use all rushes to reversal since they have some invincibility.

Arcana Selection

Is a very strong and popular arcana for Yoriko. It is easy for Yoriko to use the sin balls to help her zone as she gets better positioning for either a talisman or to set up guard break situations with powered rushes. Yoriko also has an easy confirm into Sin's arcana blaze to help finish off her opponents.

This arcana is easy to use for Yoriko's zoning and it can also help to improve her damage output. One problem with this arcana is its low life modifier and slow burst speed

Similar to Halo, Love assists Yoriko with projectiles. Her damage isn't as high as with Halo, but you have good life modifiers and burst recharge speed.




Target Combos

  • 2A > 2B > 3B > 2C > 3C > 6C
    1. [EFC]> 6C > Ancient Talisman
    2. [EFC]>[5D]> JB >[land]> 3A > JB > J2E > JA >[land]> 3A > j.A > j.B > dj.B > dj.C
  • 2A > 2B > 6A > 6B > 3B > 2C > 3C > 6C
    1. Ancient Talisman
  • 3A > JA > JB > J9C > 236C > 5HC > JB > 214A > JA > JB > [jc] > JC > pent
  • 3A > HJA > JB > 236C > 5HC~8 > JA > JB > [jc] > JC > JB > J2E > (J2E) > pent.
  • ....5D/HC > JB > J214A > JB > 214A > JB > 236A
  • (air to air)3C > falling JB > 236C > 5HC~8 > JA > 214X > JB > JE > [jc] > JC, pent
  • (Near Corner)6A > 3B > 214A > 6B > 2C > 3C
  • (close to ground) JE > land > JA > JB > 236C > 5HC > JA > JB > [jc] > JC > pent
  • (while yoriko is blocking) 4GC > 236A > 5HC > JB > J9C > land > hjc > JA > JB > [jc] > JB > J2E > (pent)

Pent Mode Combos

  • 236A > 236C > 236A > 236C
  • JB > 236C > 5HC > JA > JB > [jc] > JB > 214A > (236AB)
  • 421A > 6A > 421B > 6B > 6C > 421[C]

Arcana Combos


  • 6A > 3B > 2C > 6C > EFC > 8 > NH > JB > J9C > land > JA > JB > jc > JB > 2E > 2E
  • 2A > 2B > 3B > 2E > EFC > NH > JB > JE > J2E > JB > jc > JB > J2E > J2E > J[C] > J236236E


  • (Corner)2A > 2B > 3B > 2C > 6C > EFC > 66 > 6C > 2[E] > 214E[8] > JB > jc > JB > JE > 2E > 2E > pentagram
  • 2A > 2B > 3B > EFC > 66 > 5A > 5C > 2[E] > 214E[9] > JE > jc > JC > pentagram
  • 2A > 2B > 6A > 3B > 5E > EFC > 214214E > 5C > 6C > 236ABC


  • (corner)2A > 2B > 6A > 3B > 2C > 6C > EFC > 66 > 6C > 2[E] > 236ABC > pentagram > XH


  • (on crouch block)2A > 2B > EFC > J[C] > J236E > 66 > J2E > JA > land > 3A > JB > JE > jc > JA > JB > 236C > 236236E


  • 2A > 2B > 5C > 236E > 6A > 2C > 236E > EFC > 66 > 5E > 236E > 236AB
  • 236E > 3B > 236E > 6A > 2C > 236E > EFC > asap 5[E] > 236C > 236236E
  • (Pent Mode)236B > 66 > JA > delay JB > J9C > land > JA > JB > jc > JB > J2E > J2E


  • 2A > 2B > 3B > 3E > EFC > NH > JB > 66 > J2E > JB > 66 > J2E > JB > jc > JA > JB > 236C > 236236E



  • 2A > 2B > 3B > 2E > 236E > pentagram
  • 2A > 2B > EFC > J[C] > J2E > land > 3A > JB > JE > jc > JA > JB > 236C > 214214E
  • ~2[E] > EFC > NH > J[C] > J2Ex2 > JE(2) > jc > JA > JB > 236C > J214214E
  • (on block or hit) 2A > 2B > EFC > 66 > 2[E] > 214E > 236C > NHC > J[C] > J2E > JE > jc > JA > JB > 236C > 214214E


  • (Pent Mode)236B > 6C > EFC > 66 > 3A > JA > JB > jc > JB > J214X > land > 236AB
  • (near corner)6A > 3B > 2C > 623E > EFC > 66 > 2C > 6C > 641236E


  • 6A > 3B > 2C > 6C > 6D > 3A > 2E > EFC > jump > NH > JB > J2Ex4 > JB > jc > JB > J2E > J[C]
  • (corner)2A > 2B > 3B > 2E > EFC > NH > JB > J2Ex3 > JB > jc > JA > JB > J236236E > J236B > 236E > pentagram
  • 2A > 2B > 3B > 236236E > EFC > 6A > 2B > 6A > 3B > 5[E] > 6A > 3B > 236ABC > ]E[
  • (Near Corner)6A > 3B > 214A > 6B > 2C > 3C > 6HC > 3A > JA > JB > 236C > 236236E > j9 > 2E > pentagram
  • (Corner)2A > 2B > 3B > 2C > EFC > IAD > JB > [jc] > J3C > fall a bit JB > land > JA > JB > J2E > JB > 236AB


  • 2A > 2B > 3B > 2C > 236236E > 66 > 2[E] > 3A > 623[E] > 421A > ]E[ > 66 > JB > JE > jc > JB > J2E
  • (Pent Mode)236B > 66 > 5C > 2[E] > raw EF > 421C > XH
  • (corner)2A > 2B > 3B > 2C > 6C > EFC > 6C > 5[E] > J236A > on hit 236236[E] > land > 2C > 6C > ]E[ > IAD > J9C > land > 236C > NHC > JA > JB > jc > JB > J2E > pentagram
  • (Advanced 100% Combo in the corner or near corner) 2A > 2B > 3B > 2C > 6C > EFC > (66) > 6C > 5[E] > J9C > 623[E] > 421A > ]E[ > 66 > 2[E] >623[E] > 6HC > 2C > 421A > ]E[ > 66 > 2[E] > 623[E] > 6HC > 2C > 421A > ]E[ > 66.........


  • 2A > 2B > 3B > 236236E > EFC > 66 > 3A > (66) > 3A > JA > JB > jc > JB > J2E > pentagram


  • (corner)6A > 3B > 2C > 6C > EFC > 66 > 6C > 2[E] > 236236E > NH > JA > JB > jc > JB > J2E > J214X > (J236B)


Talisman Mode Combos With Extend Force meter:

Without Extend Force meter:

  • 236A > 236C > 236A > 236C > 5[D] > j.B > dj.B > dj.E > dj.E
    1. 214A/B/C
    2. Ancient Talisman renewal
  • 2A > 2B > 6B > 3B > 2C
    1. 236C > 236A > 236C > 5[D] > j.B > dj.B > dj.E > dj.E

Misc Combos

Move List

Normal moves


Mike's cape pokes the opponent very close to the ground, hits low. This is on the slow side for a 2A (5F)


Yoriko ducks, and Mike's head extends upwards almost directly above her, this is air unblockable and jump cancellable. The start up and duration are excellent, making this a great anti air. There are clash frames in the start up of this move, so you can easily clash jump ins, though that may not be what you always want.


Mike's cape does a low flick, hits mid and is mashable. Very low hit box, but like this it will hit everyone. The start up of this is also on the slow side (5F).


Mike's cape does a low, some what long jab. This has a bit more reach than 5B, so you'll end up using this move for combos. You can also reflect projectiles diagonally upwards.


Mike extends diagonally downward for a low attack. This cannot be jump canceled but it gives you an untechable down, use this like you would use other characters 2C.


This move is like an extended version of 5A, the cape does a low jab. The reach is not to reliable but there are start up clash frames.


Mike comes out of the ground to snap at the opponent. This is a low and air unblockable, not jump cancellable though. You can use this move to challenge jumps out at mid range, just remember that this is on the fast side for a 2C. One interesting part about this move is that, even though it doesn't look like it, the hitbox extends to just in front of Yoriko. You can actually hit people right in front of you with it.


This is like a 2C at long range, they have the same properties (low, air unblock, not jump cancellable). This has triple the reach of 2C, but the start up and recovery are longer.


Mike thrusts out horizontally, a good distance out from Yoriko, you cannot jump cancel this. This move has clash around Mike's face that are active for quite a while. The hitbox on this is rather high and tends to miss characters with low crouch profiles.


An uppercut with the cape. This is probably one of the strongest 2Es in the game, in terms of hitbox. Yoriko also ducks down right before the move comes out, moving your own hitbox out of the way and making this a great anti air.


Mike swings Yoriko out...? this move is on the slow side, but during the animation for it, you have lower body invincibility. If you use it well, you could make your opponents attack whiff while you hit them.


J.Headbutt; this move is the slowest of slow JAs at 8F. Luckily the hitbox is strong and the duration is decent. A good tool if you put it out early.


J.Headbutt2; this is somewhat like JA, but with more horizontal reach. Unfortunately the hitbox is not very strong.


J.Headbutt3; this time Mike extends his head out and downward, like most other JCs, you cannot jump cancel this. Slow but the hit box is strong in the down diagonal direction. You can charge this move if you hold the button, with J[C] Mike extends his head further downwards. Makes the move slower but you get some pretty good downward reach out of it. You can use this with a vertical jump to get rising overheads.


Mike swings Yoriko out again for a two hit move, reflects projectiles. Slow, so need need to be careful well doing combos with this; This is a good combo too because it actually floats the opponent rather than groundslaming them. Great for random confirms into more damage. Makes a good overhead at low heights as well.


That's right, a jump down E, and the abuse continues. Mike makes Yoriko spin around the the middle of his body. This has a really nice hitbox below Mike and its much faster than Yoriko's other E moves. This move also has clash frames.


These are a set of command normals that have Mike extend from Yoriko at different angles, depending on what button you use. The hitboxes are mostly around Mike's head but extend down the shaft as well. 6A has Mike extend diagonally downwards, like a standing 3B. 6A hits low and is not jump cancellable. Mostly used for for mid-ranged spacing and combos. 6B looks buck like 6A, but upwards; not jump cancellable. Hits pretty high so it ends up not hitting a few short character's standing animation (Konoha for example). It will go over a bunch of crouching animations though, almost everyone's as a matter of fact. 6C is like a REALLY long 5C. Great for spacing and on hit it will horizontally launch the opponent.


With J9, J6 and J3C, you can make Mike shoots flames out of his third eye onto the opponent. This "spit fire" is a projectile that actually counts as a special move and can do chip damage. The direction changes the the angle that Mike fires this projectile out. J3C makes Mike spit fire in a steep downward angle. J6C also fires downward, but at a much more relaxed angle. J9C shoots the flame in the same angle as J6C, but upwards. All of these can be powered by Yoriko's Ancient Talisman, making them do up the 3 hits.

Special Moves

Assailing Punishment of Hell 「襲い来る地獄の制裁」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Mike drags Yoriko along for a rush move. The different versions of this move change how Mike rushes forward. On block, you can homing, dash or jump cancel the move to continue moving around and pressure the opponent. However, if you whiff, you can't do anything. So at very least, aim to have the move blocked. When powered by the Ancient Talisman, this attack does multiple hits. Also, the powered B and C version can be canceled into the A version
  • (A version) - Rush straight forward; Hits low; Mostly uses for movement to a surprise attack
  • (B version) - Rush up then down; Hits overhead; Mostly used for guard breaks
  • (C version) - Rush diagonally upwards; Good anti-air or possibly air-to-air
Howling Anguish of Hades 「噴き上がる奈落の苦悶」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - Mike's head goes underground and attacks the opponent from the button up, think of it as a special version of 2C or 3C. The different versions of this move change how far from you Mike's head pops out from with A being the closest to you, and C as the farthest. You can also change how high he goes up by holding the button. You can use this move to limit your opponents air movement since this move is air unblockable. But be careful not to whiff this move, the recovery is extremely long. When powered, the your start up and recovery are much better and can be used in combos. For example, 421A will combo into 236C. The number of hits also increases.
Raining Retribution of Makai 「降り注ぐ魔界の報復」 - J214ABC
  • (Description) - Mike turns Yoriko into a human drill with his cape and they both descend downwards. on hit Yoriko bounces up afterward, making it almost impossible to combo with. As an anti-ground move, you'll need specific set ups to make it connect to anything. This is mostly a air combo stopgap move. However, when powered by the Ancient Talisman, this becomes a multi hit move, preventing you from bouncing back up on hit or on block. On hit with a grounded opponent, you can connect a powered Raining Makai into a 2A for combos.
Ancient Talisman 「古のタリズマン」 - 632146ABC
  • (Description) - Yoriko takes a stance with Mike in the middle. From there, A small mean shoots out from Mike's forehead. This attack itself is weak but the main purpose of the move, and a a large bulk of Yoriko's style is to use the follow up in puts to draw a magic symbol in the shape of a pentagram or a triangle with the beam. Upon successfully creating a magical formation with Ancient Talisman, all of Yoriko's special moves and specific command normals will power up for a limiter period of time. The triangle is easier to do, but your power up only lasts about half as long (719F -vs- 359F).
  • (Pentagram) - 819738 or 837918 or 273192 or 291372
  • (Triangle) - 8138 or 8318 or 2792 or 2972

Super Moves

World Conquering Power of the Demon King 「世界を統べる魔王の威光」 - 236A+B
  • (Description) - The "Mike Punch," no not Tyson. Mike does an uppercut with the mantle like with 2E, then transforms and fires a laser at thee opponent. The first hit, the uppercut, ignores clash and locks the opponent up for the rest of this super. While powered, the first hit also becomes air unblockable, the the following hits get a damage boost.
Safe Ancient Talisman Method 「古のタリズマンを安全に作る方法」 - 632146A+B
  • (Description) - Freezes time for a VERY brief moment to allow you to set up a magic formation safely. If you still have not finished in this time, this move provide a barrier to help you. The barrier will resist up to 1500 points of damage and protect you from throws.
Life and Death Controlling Taboo Magic 「生死を御する禁忌の魔術」 - 63214A+B
  • (Description) - This is a command grab that steals health from the opponent. After it hits, you can increase the health absorption by pressing buttons and shaking the control stick. However, your opponent can also decrease the health absorption by doing the same. The normal version can be escaped after the superflash as long as your opponent is paying attention. However the powered version gains 720 status and cannot be escaped after the superflash.

Critical Heart

Heaven and Earth Scorching Conflagration of Makai 「天地を焦がす魔界の劫火」 - 641236A+B
  • (Description) - This critical heart requires you to be powered up first. When used, Yoriko leaves the screen for a moment, then flies through the screen once while completely engulfed in flames. Can connect off of a power 236A and can stack a good bit of damage on to the opponent. The EF version of this move makes The two fly around a couple of times before driving straight into the opponent. By the way, The bound up, bouncing around Yoriko can also hit the opponent after the XH... for some reason this is unblockable.



2. Velma (Scooby Doo)
3. Chitose Akiyama (Softenni)
7. Lambda-11
9. Tomoko Hoshina (To Heart)

Arcana Heart 3

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