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Akane Inuwaka
犬若 あかね

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Akane is an overall balanced mid to close range character who has a multitude of tools at her disposal. She is a character that shines in Neutral, but still has both good Offensive and Defensive capabilities. With good, fast normals, a tool box of specials and great movement, she is a character can do everything that is needed of her effectively even if she may not be the best at it. She can also take quite the beating with her GUTS %, although not as much as the previous revision.

Akane can also use "Tamafuri" to stock Kotodamas. She is able cancel a Special Move into another Special Move at the cost of 1 Kotodama. However, she cannot cancel into a move that was previously done in the current chain.

Weakness wise... Her clash game is very lackluster overall and she does not do well in prolonged clash situations. She does have a reversal in the form of a super, but she lacks a more reliable non-meter reversal. With the loss of 5b as a Air unblockable, she does not have a reliable air guard break that does not need some kind of a resource to follow up on. She also had changes made to some of her active frames and startup speeds, overall for the worse. Lastly her damage was reduced, though in the end her damage is average.

Akane's Story (Abridged) Akane finds a shiny stone. She thinks Nazuna will like said shiny stone and proceeds to beat up little girls to obtain more shiny stones for Nazuna. She eventually ends up saving Japan along the way. Akane's Frame Data

Akane's Movelist Card


It used to be j.b but I don't know so give us a little bit of time to figure something out.

Arcana Selection






Base Combos


Move List

Note: Click on the images of the moves to see the full frames.

Normal Moves


This is the fastest normal that Akane has at her disposal (2f startup). This is the go to answer for most grounded clash situations. Be aware that this normal cannot be gattling'd and has a very short range. On wiff it also have a very large amount of recovery. It also does not have much use outside of combos and clash situations.


A fast and low hitting normal. It is great as far as 2a moves go. The reach on this move is far and comparable to her 2c.


A kick that windmills (for lack of a better term) around Akane. This hits in front then above and even slightly behind Akane! Good to use as an Anti air or even to setup an air guard break string. This move can be jump cancelled.


A crouching mid-hitting normal that also air guard breaks the opponent. The range of this move is a good amount shorter than 2a. This move slightly moves Akane forward. Throwing it out once in a while in pressure is not too bad of an idea as it is fairly fast. This move can also be jump cancelled.


A knee followed by an upward kick. This move moves Akane forward a little bit. The second hit (upward kick) is air unblockable. On hit this move sends the flying up to sky. You can spend meter (homing or extend force) to follow up or you could just use the time to get kotodamas.


A low sweeping kick that has a large range. Quick and is good at tagging opponents on the ground and also gives untechable knockdown. Counterhits from 2c can be followed up fairly easily as they are left floating.


A winding down kick similar, the first hit is air unblockable and can be jump cancelled. The second hit is an overhead and does a whopping 2,300 damage. This is mainly Combo/block string filler and your main air guard break normal. You will be using the first part of this normal quite a bit. The overhead is good to use every so often when you are at the proper range for it to hit without the first hit hitting.


A yoko geri, this moves you forward a bit and has a good amount of range on it. Can be held to be put in a guard crush state.


Akane performs a back flip and moves herself a number of character spaces away. It is quite good as an anti-air as far as 2E moves are concerned but meter or extend force is required to follow up as it launches the opponent. She is considered airborne on certain parts of this normal and she moves back quite a bit so sometimes you may get away with missing or getting it blocked. When fully charged, this guard crushes and also moves her back a very large amount.


This kick is your main normal for whenever you are above the opponent due to the angle of her leg. It also has quite a bit of active frames so throwing it out a bit early can be a good idea.


A fast air normal, the hitbox for this extends a small amount away from her own hitbox at her shoe. Your main go to jump normal for most situations. It has quite a large hitbox and can also hit as a crossup against grounded opponents.


Akane does a 45 degree kick upward. This kick has multiple uses. Due to the angle it is a good kick for whenever you are below the opponent in the air. However, it is somewhat slower than j.b which can be just as good in many of the same situations. On hit, the untech time is quite long so following up should be quite easy. Against grounded opponents, this move is good for faking a jump/homing in attack as the startup can be quite long and will tend to wiff on grounded opponents. If positioned and timed correctly however it can lead into quite a beefy hit. It is also very good to use as a crossup in the corner.



Special Moves


Akane's kotodama charge special. Each version has different effects on the number she gains.

  • A Version
Gives one dot of kotodama and ends quickly.
  • B Version
Gives two dots of kotodama, but takes longer to finish.
  • C Version
Gives three dots of kotodama, but takes the longest time to finish.

Kaze Harai

Akane does a sliding kick followed by a backflip kick. Often homing canceled or EFC'd in combos.

  • A Version
Shortest range and startup.
  • B Version
Medium range and startup.
  • C Version
Longest range and startup.

Tsuki Hoe

Akane performs a flying kick forward after a big jump upward.

  • A Version
Least horizontal range.
  • B Version
More horizontal range than A version.
  • C Version
Maximum horizontal range.

Tsuki Kudaki
623X (air OK)

Akane corkscrews into the air with a diagonal kick; functions as a Shoryuken-type move, with startup invulnerability included. Air unblockable, and can be canceled into the aerial version of itself with a kotodama.

  • A Version
Low horizontal/vertical range.
  • B Version
Moderate horizontal/vertical range.
  • C Version
Highest horizontal/vertical range.

Hana Nagi

Akane grabs the opponent, then circles to their back to knock them down. Used primarily to end air combos. Can cancel into Arcana attacks afterward.

  • A Version
  • B Version
  • C Version

Hana Utsushi


  • A Version
  • B Version
  • C Version



  • A Version
  • B Version
  • C Version

Kaze Mai


  • A Version
  • B Version
  • C Version



  • High Version
  • Low Version
  • Air Version

Super Moves

Mangetsu Otoshi


Akane Bunshin no Jyutsu


Critical Heart




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