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Catherine Kyoubashi


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Cathy's Story

Cathy's Frame Data

Cathy's Movelist Card


Cathy has been well-described as a rock-paper-scissors character- she has the tools to deal with everything in the game, but her tools are mostly designed to beat one option, and are not usually useful upon reaction. She has the highest super jump in the game, which can force opponents to come to her. Cathy's pressure can be scary, but she relies almost entirely on tough reads while on defense.

Arcana Selection


The traditional choice for Catherine, Wind's push block gets Cathy out of dangerous pressure situations. Boomerang and Wind's extra movement options help Cathy at neutral, while Vortex and the new Arcana Eclipse supplement Cathy's already powerful pressure and oki. Wind's main disadvantage is its very low defense modifier.


A new popular Arcana for Love Max!!!!!, Love's high meter gain is the main attraction to this Arcana. The projectile counter on 214E can absorb the explosion on Cathy's new Tick Tock Boom Boom super, lowering the risk of using the move and allowing her to continue pressure. Love's defense modifier is very high, allowing you to take advantage of Cathy's high health. Using Love carries the risk of being more vulnerable to pressure since you don't have any extra defense options up close.


Ice provides Cathy with her highest damage combos. Snowflake and Icicle are both strong projectiles, and Ice's high defense modifier is nice, too. The run-type dash helps Cathy's ground game, and the invincible super can help her out of certain pressure situations. Unfortunately, Ice's 5E does not instantly light the fuse of Tick Tock Boom Boom, and you're very reliant on the Force Gauge to reap the benefits of the Arcana.

Base Combos

Any Arcana

5A 2B 623C jA jB 2A(1 hit) jA jB dj jB jC jE


5A 2B EFC 2A(1 hit) jA jB 2A(1 hit) jA jC jB 5A 5B 1C 214ABC.

The Arcana Eclipse forces the opponent to block.


5A 2B EFC 2A(2 hits) jA jC jB 5A 5B 4[C] 214E

Use the snowflake to route your opponent.

Move List

Note: Click on the images of the moves to see the full frames.

Normal Moves


A slow (8 frames!) standing stomp that hits low. The hitbox extends far past Terry's foot, but only on the ground.

AH3 Catherine 2A.png

3 frames! Cathy's fastest move and best anti-air. Self-chainable and jump cancelable! However, it doesn't even hit most opponents standing.

AH3 Catherine 5B.png

Slow, but has 8 frames of clash from frame 1! It's Cathy's best clashing tool on the ground.


Standard combo tool to launch opponents. Special cancelable, but only normal cancelable into 2E.


It has huge reach and is air unblockable, but it's very slow! The further it extends, the more recovery it has. Good to use if your opponent is approaching you predictably, or trying to jump out of the corner.


It's the same as 5C, but lower to the ground. Good to use during pressure to remind your opponent not to jump.


Fire cannonball! A projectile normal. It has a lot of recovery, so be careful using it. Every character except Cathy can crouch to avoid the projectile.


It's the same as 6C, but lower to the ground. No one will crouch under this one!


Yodogawa's legendary drill! It stays out for a long time if you hold it down. It has a lot of recovery but it does a lot of chip damage, so it's used in pressure and specialized combos.


It's the same as 1C, but standing. This version whiffs on all crouching characters except Cathy, so it's not used often. It can be useful to have such an active hitbox, though.


A huge blast with a hidden cannon! It's too slow to use regularly, but the range can surprise opponents on occasion.


2E reaches surprisingly high up, but it's slow and it raises Cathy's hurtbox which makes for disappointing anti-air. It knocks projectiles upward, which isn't very useful either. Good for combos, though!

AH3 Catherine jA.png

Cathy's best air-to-air option. Hits in front of her on the top part of Yodogawa. Raises the opponent on hit, which is important for combos.


A good move for hitting the opponent if they're below you. Good to home or jump in with.

AH3 Catherine jC.png

It's huge! However, it only hits below her and barely in front. It's Cathy's best option for crossups. It's also her best clashing move in the air. On hit, jC spikes the opponent downwards.


Cathy flares Yodogawa's thrusters. Pushes Cathy backward and the opponent down. Even though it doesn't hit overhead, it's a good move to instant air. It can be canceled into hover, even on whiff.

  • The flare from the thrusters is considered a projectile. It has its own sprite, I'll try to combine them later.

Special Moves

Fire Missile! 「ミサイル発射やー」 - 623ABC

Cathy's most important move, she fires a missile which hits 5 times. The missiles are extremely advantageous for Cathy on block, and allow her to mix up her opponents.

  • A Version
Launches the missile very high, at an 80-degree angle.
  • B Version
Launches the missile at a 60-degree angle, covering a common approach angle.
  • C Version
Fires the missile toward the ground. Frequently used in pressure strings and combos.
Lariat Bunbunbun! 「ラリアットぶんぶんぶん!」 - 214ABC

The infamous lariat! Lariat has one hit of armor to A or B moves. C and E moves will break the armor on the first hit. Lariat is also immune to lows, which is very useful.

  • A Version
The fastest, but only spins twice! It's the safest version.
  • B Version
Middling in speed and hits, with four rotations.
  • C Version
The big guns! Six hits! Slower than the rest!
I'll Smush Ya! 「押しつぶしたるっちゅーねん!」 - 41236ABC

Cathy's command grab. It's also usable in the air! If it connects, it pushes your opponent to the corner. It can be combo'd off of, but you must spend some sort of meter to do it.

  • A Version
Fastest, but goes the shortest distance.
  • B Version
Slightly slower, but goes a bit further. Because it's slower, it can be more useful for frame traps.
  • C Version
Very slow, but goes almost the entire screen! You're probably better off using the B version.
Sexy and Cute Hip Drop! 「せくしーきゅーとなヒップでドン!」 - j22ABC

A slow, armored overhead fall. It also hits low near the impact site. It's pretty easy to use as a crossup, but also very risky if it's blocked. Use sparingly!

  • A Version
Covers the least horizontal distance.
  • B Version
Covers a medium amount of horizontal distance.
  • C Version
Covers the most horizontal distance.
The Hover Control is Perfect, Too! 「滞空制御もカンペキやでー!」 - B+C

Cathy can float for a while. She can move side-to-side, but can't ascend or descend with her float. It's too slow for fly-unfly combos. Sorry, you can't be Sentinel.

Super Moves

Fire THE Missile!「ミサイルぎょーさん発射やでー!」 - 623A+B

Shoots three missiles very quickly.

This is the Rumored Tick Tock Boom Boom! 「これが噂のチクタクぼんぼん!」 - 236A+B

Cathy places a bomb that can be made to explode. When the bomb rolls out, it hits once. When the bomb explodes, the explosion hits both Cathy and her opponent. Hitting the bomb rolls it and causes the fuse to light. Cathy can light the fuse instantly with jE, uncharged 5E, and C missile. Once the fuse is lit, the bomb will no longer move and quickly explode for massive damage. Probably the riskiest move in the entire game.

Tick Tock Boom Boom Tutorial Video

Excessive Spinning for a Lariat! 「めっちゃ回るでラリアット!」 - 214A+B

Super lariat! It's still only armored to A and B attacks for one hit. Terry explodes after spinning a lot, and falls back to the ground. It's Arcana super cancelable just before Terry explodes.

Launching Our Hero, Chibigawa! 「みんなのヒーローちびガワ発進!」 - 222A+B

Chibigawa is launched and sent on a seek-and-destroy mission! He detonates upon reaching your opponent, being hit by an attack, or when Cathy is hit. The safety afforded by Chibigawa is extremely valuable, so Cathy only has access to a number of Chibigawas equal to the number of possible rounds in a match. Use them wisely!

Critical Heart

Torque Gives Centrifugal Force Its Destructive Power! 「回転力は遠心力で破壊力や!」 - 641236A+B

A command grab you can combo into. It has very little range. Spin the stick for extra damage!


Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!!

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