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I know nothing of this character's story and stuff

Eko's Story

Eko's Frame Data

Eko's Movelist Card



Arcana Selection

Wind, Earth

Base Combos

Any Arcana

5A 5C sj.A j.E dj j.A j.E j.623C

2A 2B [4]6A(3 hits) 236A+B


j.B j.C j.236E 6HC j.E j.623C

Move List

Note: Click on the images of the moves to see the full frames.

Normal Moves


Eko's 5A hits low, but isn't self-chainable. It's a bit on the slow side.


2A doesn't hit low, but's it is self-chainable.


Kaz throws his flower. It's active until it touches the ground, but it's very slow and only special cancelable. A very odd move.


A huge flower spins around, doing loads of air unblockable hits and sliding Eko and Kaz forward. Important in pressure, but don't get too reliant on this move.


The same as 5B, but Kaz throws the flower further.


The same as 5B, but Kaz doesn't throw the flower as far.


Kaz attacks with his tongue! Two hits, the second is air unblockable and super jump cancelable. The move has clash frames, but it's important to connect with the second hit.


Sliding drill attack. Has loads of clash frames and hits, but it's easily punished if it whiffs.


A suprisingly large attack. Catch opponents off-guard with its range.


A somewhat small and disappointing 2E. You're better off using 5C as antiair.


Two upward hits with Kaz's ears. A very good air-to-air that covers unique space.


Stops all air momentum. Eko's best move to use as an instant overhead, although it's still slow.


Stops all air momentum. It has clash frames as Kaz winds up. A defensive move to use in the air.


Eko's most notorious move. This move hits all over Kaz's body four times, reflects projectiles, and wins clashes.

Special Moves

It's a Carriage

A forward-moving charge move that hits multiple times.

  • A Version
Used in combos. the third hit launches.
  • B Version
Launches on the first hit, but is slow to start up.
  • C Version
Very telegraphed and slow, but crushes guard. Sends opponent skyward.

Mr. Prince~

Eko's Dragon Punch. It spikes the opponent downward on the last hit.

  • A Version
Not invincible, but it's very fast.
  • B Version
Upper-body invincible. It won't hit grounded opponents! Anti-air only!
  • C Version
Fully invinicible, but it's the slowest. It does the most damage, so you can use it to end air combos.

I'm Drawing

Eko's drawings provide her with a lot of space control and utility. She gained a lot of control over them in this version of the game.

  • A Version
Ground drawing. It's always Tulip or Structure. They both inhibit your opponent's ground movement, as long as your opponent is on the ground, they can not move past ground drawings. Tulip has one hit of durability, Structure has three. Neither damages the opponent.
  • B Version
Animal drawing. It's always Cat or Bird. They both move forward and hit the opponent. The cat runs along the ground and hits once, causing a soft knockdown. The bird flies through the air in a rising parabola, hitting loads of times.
  • C Version
Sky drawing. It's always Sun or Cloud. They both occupy air space and act as shields for Eko. The cloud acts as a clash box that moves forward slowly for its duration. The sun acts as a hit box that moves upward slowly for its duration.

It's a Present

A move that pulls the opponent in. It's slow to start up, and basically only used in Eko's more advanced combos.

  • A Version
  • B Version
65 degree angle up.
  • C Version
80 degree angle up.

Super Moves

We're Going to the Castle!

A super version of "It's a Carriage!". Causes wall stick on the final hit, and positions Eko to take advantage of the corner situation.


An air-unblockable, invincible super. If the round timer is two of the same digit when it is activated, it does bonus damage.

We're Spinning!

A diving super that does lots of overhead hits. It has a high potential to cross up.

We're Drawing a Lot!

Eko creates three drawings, a ground drawing, and animal drawing, and a sky drawing, all at once. Very good for oki.

Critical Heart


Eko's Critical Heart is an install super that has Kaz become huge! He's slow, although his normals take up lots of space. You must hold straight down (2, not 1 or 3) for more than two seconds to activate Gentlemen!. It no longer has a hit as he enlarges. During Gentlemen! Kaz has armor and takes reduced damage. As the install ends, it has loads of recovery. Probably the weakest Critical Heart in the game.

  • 5A
Launcher. Guard breaks.
  • 5B
Overhead slam. Guard breaks.
  • 5C
A stomp that causes an unblockable shockwave.
  • 5D
Laugh out loud. Kaz swings his hips as he laughs.
  • 5E
Kaz tries to contain his laughter with a wide smile.


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