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Elsa La Conti

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I know nothing of this character's story and stuff

Elsa's Story

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Arcana Selection

Elsa's arcana choice is rather open. She can get away without having an arcana so your pick is going to depend on what part of her game you want to strengthen. Most tend to go for either an arcana that helps her zoning and neutral or to make her already strong oki even stronger.

Recommended Picks

Love is a great all around arcana in general. Love balls help Elsa contol more screen space and make it easier predict opponent movement. Love's increased meter gain help Elsa as she is a bit meter hungry, needing 2 stocks to get the most out of her supers and needing to homing cancel to combo without extend force. And of course the fast burst regeneration can let you play a bit more wild.

Wind is an offensive pick for Elsa. The triple jump adds some easy damage to her air combos. The sonic boom is a bit weaker in this version, but still it and the vortex provide some decent space control. the fast fall helps a bit with mixups though the big reason most players pick wind for the eclipse which creates strong oki by itself. Wind also gets a pushblock instead the normal guard cancel which makes some matchups easier.

Base Combos

2a 2b 2c 421a HC6 5a jab jabc j214a

Move List

Note: Click on the images of the moves to see the full frames.

Normal Moves


A rather slow standing poke. Used mostly as combo filler and for awkward confirms. It's not mashable and recovers rather slowly. Not recommended to use outside of combo.


A short low kick. Its her fastest poke but not as mashable as other 2as.


A short mid bpoke with her cross. Has a decent hitbox and is jump cancelable on block.


A low midrange poke with her cross. Her longest practical normal to use on the ground. Jump cancelable on block


A forward high kick. Has some low invulnerability. Reflects projectiles. Plus and jump cancelable on block. 5/2e and Special cancelable only.


An overhead chop with the cross. The range is rather short but hits above her for a jank anti air in some situations.


A low sweep with the cross. If this move whiffs you generally die. Its fast for a sweep but very slow on recovery when not blocked or whiffed.


A large swing with the cross. This move does a lot for Elsa. It is her real anti air and it also reflects projectiles.


Another thrust with her cross. Looks very similar to her 5B but with more startup and range. This is your typical 5E attack.


A crouching upwards swing with the cross. Not the best for anti airing but it can work. Launches as well and is used for certain combo routes.


A quick downward kick. Good all around move for air to air and air to ground.


A slightly downward angled poke with her cross. Loses to a lot of stuff on the ground so its not the best jump in and best used air to air. If you can hit with it, it is her highest damage starter.


A high angled kick. Buffed in this version compared to her vanilla counterpart. Has more active frames which helps its decent hitbox. Very good for air to air and used rarely in jump in situations. Also reflects projectiles.


Probably the move Elsa is 2nd best known for. A slow and big downward swing with her cross. Goes far below her and behind her making it easy to stuff anti airs and cross people up. If this hits air to air it will spike the opponent.


A spinning hit with the bottom of her cross. Has a rather good hitbox but is slow. Spikes on air to air hit and knocks down air to ground so you can really combo off of it.

Special Moves


Holy water bottles. When they break they leave a ripple effect that can be activated to cause a multi hit projectile. The bottles them selves can be hit by any move in this version allowing you to greatly alter their trajectory. A and B moves will knock the bottles around. C moves (or moves that use the cross) will break the bottles on contact. Bottles will also bounce of the corners of the screen.

  • A Version
Short ranged bottle toss.
  • B Version
Medium ranged bottle throw.
  • C Version
Tosses a bottle straight up into the air rather high. Good if the opponent is blindly homing at you to interrupt them.
  • j.A Version
Short ranged bottle toss in the air.
  • j.B Version
Medium ranged bottle throw in the air.
  • j.C Version
Long ranged bottle chuck in the air.


Elsa's reversal. Its not a very good one but its there. A DP using her cross. Hit in front and behind Elsa.

  • A Version
A quick one hit DP. No invincibility but is rather quick to come out.
  • B Version
A two hit DP. Safer than the C version but not much use outside of that.
  • C Version
A double DP. with this version she swings her cross twice and has a small amount of invincibility. Gets low profiled alot so be aware of that. Also rather easy to convert off with a homing cancel.
  • j.A Version
  • j.B Version
  • j.C Version


Overhead axe chops with her cross. Not a move you will use or see too often.

  • A Version
A short ranged overhead axe chop. Not used often aside from specific combos and leaves the opponent standing if they're on the ground.
  • B Version
A medium ranged overhead axe chop. Again not used often except to throw off the opponent. If this hit it will down the opponent.
  • C Version
A long ranged overhead axe chop. Again again not used often except to throw off the opponent. Overhead and bounces the opponent on hit but good luck getting it to hit.


What makes Elsa, Elsa. Some people like to call it a shadow stitch. Some people call it the sniper. Some people like to call it broken. What ever it is, it is very good and you will be using it a lot. Mostly used as a combo ender to set up oki. But sometimes its a combo starter and sometimes you use it in the middle of combos. Very versatile move.

  • A Version
Throws the communio spike almost right under Elsa. A very shallow angle too keep in mind for positioning.
  • B Version
Throws the communio spike at a farther angle. The mid range version consistent with the rest of Elsa's moveset. I tend to prefer this version.
  • C Version
Throws the communio spike at a very far angle, this will travel most of the screen.


A whip akin to castlevania some people say. Only real use for the move is for her basic combo. Rarely used to hit bottles since every other one of her moves knock em around now.

  • A Version
A and B whip are the same to me. When they hit the opponent they'll bring the opponent closer to Elsa, grounded or in the air. Even on hit, though, this move is massively unsafe.
  • B Version
A and B whip are the same to me.
  • C Version
C versions only difference is that it has a purple glow and will break bottles instead of launching them.


When used by itself it will set a resonance that can be activated by inputting this move again. If there is a resonance already set this move will detonate any that are out. You can have a max of 5 resonance at once time.

  • A Version
They all do the same thing. Either read a book and set a resonance at head level to Elsa or detonate any active resonance.
  • B Version
They all do the same thing. Either read a book and set a resonance at head level to Elsa or detonate any active resonance.
  • C Version
They all do the same thing. Either read a book and set a resonance at head level to Elsa or detonate any active resonance.


Flips a bullet into the air like a coin. A very ghetto anti air and the main reason this move exists it the follow up which is her critical heart.

  • A Version
Flips a bullet into the air like a coin
  • B Version
Flips a bullet into the air like a coin
  • C Version
Guess what. Flips a bullet into the air like a coin

Super Moves


A charging spear with her Cross. Can be used as a reversal sometimes as it is very fast or to punish some moves if you aren't confident in speed homing.

  • Follow up
The follow up will shoot the spear tip across the screen and cause the opponent to bounce off the corner.


Elsa's super DP. Causes the cross to look like a sword. Used as a combo too and a reversal. If this move connects Elsa will go into a lock and finish the move no matter what. Probably Elsa's best option during clashes.

  • Follow up
Does a follow up sword style slash that will ground bounce the opponent and is a bit easier to follow up and combo off of.


My favorite move. A heavy axe swing that does as much damage as it looks like it does. Causes Elsa's cross to actually look like an axe. Generally used to finish combos for the hard down. If this hits raw the opponent will not be happy.

  • Follow up
Locks the opponent onto her axe and swings it into the ground again. Same hard knockdown. Just on the opposite side. A bit more damage though.

Critical Heart

[During Agnus]

If you can time this right after doing agnus. You'll be rewarded with Elsa pulling out a gun bigger than an S&W 500 and shooting the opponent with it. If used during extend force Elsa shoots the opponent twice. The first shot trapping the opponent in a ring of energy.


Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!!

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