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Heart Aino
愛乃 はぁと

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Heart's Story

Heart's Frame Data

Heart's Movelist Card


Get in- stay in. Once Heart starts pressuring you don't want to let up. You can convert most random hits into 8k+ damage, so most people will (and should) be scared. Heart's jump cancelable normals, paired with the short startup on homing help to make sure that you can continue to pressure until you can convert. Add onto this her incredibly good ground and air normals, a robust set of specials, good meterless and metered damage and you've got one of the most dangerous characters in the game.

Arcana Selection

Heart is a very well rounded character, which leaves you with quite a bit of freedom to select Arcana based upon your playstyle! Common Arcana include Love, Thunder and Flower.

Base Combos



Homing Cancel


Extend Force Cancel

(5A/2A/jA)2B 2C 236A EFC 66 5A 6C j.C j.E j.B JC j.B j.C j.E 623C 214AB

Move List

Note: Click on the images of the moves to see the full frames.

Normal Moves



A fast (3 frames!) standing jab that can cancel into itself, which makes it a great pressure tool. Will not connect on characters with shorter crouching hitboxes.



One frame slower than her 5A, but still nothing to scoff at. It has a bit less range than the standing equivalent but can still cancel into itself, confirm into most ground combos, and is as good for pressure as 5A.



Gives you a bit longer range than 5A along with a few extra benefits. With the extra range and (late) clash frames this turns into a tool to control space as well as continue pressure from the air with it's jump cancel.



Another good low! Pretty good range and is high jump cancelable which you can use to extend pressure with homing, or mixup with any of her fantastic air normals.



Heart's new move for Arcana Heart 3, and a good one. Heart's standing overhead. Unsafe on block without cancelling it with Extend Force or Homing, but has decent damage if it connects. It also has faster start up while in Extend Force.



Another amazing normal. A punch that has great range. Early clash frames jump cancelable, and is a hitconfirm for some Arcanas like Plant. Also has the added bonus of forcing restanding for some good post knockdown mixup



Heart's sweep. On hit you have some of your best options to convert damage from this move, and even good meterless damage in the corner. This move is throw invulnerable after some of it's startup.



You really can't go wrong with the C button. Same startup as 5C, similar early clash frames, and still jump cancelable. It has longer recovery but it has a pretty good tradeoff. This move is air unblockable and has a really nice hitbox. This makes it a very good, fairly safe anti-air with some pretty good damage conversion possibilities.



A shoulder charge with pretty good recovery for what it is. Carries whatever passive attributes your Arcana gives you from frames 1-7, and some pretty good clash after that. On charge this move is unblockable.



Heart swings for the fences with this normal. The most notable thing about this normal is that it has projectile reflect on frames 10-22, making this Heart's only option to reflect on the ground. Can be used as a late anti-air because of how low it hits to the ground, comboable with homing. Carries passive properties from your Arcana on frames 1-5, some mid frame clash and is also unblockable on charge.



Another good normal on the A button. Really good hitboxes in front of her, and above her (it can even hit behind her!). Hits high so you can use this move for an instant overhead. Also a really good homing normal.



This move is an amazing move to use with speed homing. It also plays an important part in combos because of it's low hitbox, which helps to float the opponent after a move like j.C or j.E which sends them to the ground.



Heart sticks her arm out and clashes everything. This move has a lot of clash frames, and is generally a pretty good move to throw out in clash because of that. Offers pretty good horizontal range for an air normal.



j.C has a nice, big hitbox to it and some really convenient early clash frames. Both of those things make it an incredibly strong button to press on homing.



A very important air normal. Heart takes both hands and smashes them downward. This move is your only air normal that has projectile reflect, and a very convenient hitbox that makes it a good normal to use as a cross up. This is also your go-to normal for ending combos because it groundslams, which helps to set up whatever knockdown options you have.

Special Moves

Heartful Punch
623X (Air OK)


Heart's DP, it's pretty heartful. All three versions are invincible for their startup, and can be made safe or converted off of with the use of EFC or Homing. The Heart explosion has a delayed hitbox that is pretty big, so the reach of these are pretty good. They all also start on the ground for the grounded versions, so they can be used to blow up low staggers.

  • A Version
Heart's A DP. Her fastest special reversal (3 frames!) but also the shortest distance.
  • B Version
Still fast, bit better travel, and a bit of extra damage.
  • C Version
Longest startup, best damage and travels a very long distance. You probably want to use this one in combos if possible.
  • Air A Version
  • Air B Version
  • Air C Version
  • Additional Attack - 214X - After the punch, you can input this for a follow up that looks like Ribbon Beam. This will groundslam the opponent for a forced knockdown. If you connect a DP you always want to try to follow up with this for the knockdown.

Iron Fist Punch


Heart's forward moving ground special. Each version has it's own use from combo extension to reflecting projectiles.

  • A Version
The A button travels the least, but comes out the fastest. This makes it ideal for extending combos off of a sweep. Can be Extend Force Canceled as well as Homing Canceled which makes it a very strong move to use to continue combos.
  • B Version
Slower startup, farther travel. This move can be used to combo midscreen in very specific situations, but this is the version you will use in the corner off of sweep.
  • C Version
The slowest, and farthest traveling version. This one carries an interesting property though: projectile reflect. Be careful with the spacing, because even with projectile reflection you can still be punished for being careless with this version.

Iron Fist Punch (Tumble)


Heart's special move overhead, or rather slowverhead. Heart winds up like she's going for the C version of Iron Fist Punch but instead trips and faceplants. Hits overhead, slow move. Can be used to open up respectful opponents, Be careful with this move, it cannot be canceled or followed up, making it a pretty big risk.

Ribbon Beam


Heart hops and does a backhand with a fun heart shaped beam. This move was buffed significantly in Love Max, and now has much more utility.

  • A Version
The most notable buffed version, comes out very fast, and can now be used to combo off of 2C with no meter. Not amazing damage but nice for when you find a confirm and have no meter. A microdash can help to stabilize a combo if you get pushed far out.
  • B Version
Not a terrible lot to say about this move, it's slower than the A version (slow enough that you can't combo into it), and does not cross up. Can be used if you really get someone scared and they're crouching.
  • C Version
The slowest and farthest traveling version. Will cross up on crouchers. Can be used to detonate left/right arcana based oki if you get someone that's respecting you too much. Can hit cross up if you're deep enough.

Special Kick
214X (Air Only)



  • A Version
It's the A Version
  • B Version
It's the B Version
  • C Version
It's the C Version

Super Moves

Amazing Heartful Punch


EX DP, there are two versions. One with an extended animation and one without for if the super doesn't lock. First hit is air unblockable, so it's good for a quick confirm into some damage.

Iron Fist Punch of Love


Quick combo ender, unburstable so it's suitable for confirms into a quick kill. No longer air unblockable so it's main use is for confirming into a quick kill. Can still connected when delayed after 2C for some time

Special Kick of Love
214A+B (Air Only)


Air combo ender, can be canceled into from almost all of your air combo routes. In Love Max you have to make a call between ending for damage (this) or arcana based okizeme, the cancel point is gone. Shockwave when you hit the ground is a low though!

Critical Heart

Super Duper Amazing Iron Fist Punch of Love


Heart spins her arm and does a Tekken Punch at a 45 degree angle. Spin your stick after the super flash to get more damage. Can be comboed into from 5C/6C. If you perform this while in Extend Force Heart will do a second punch off of the wall at the same angle. First hit guard breaks.


Arcana Heart 3 Love Max!!!!!

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