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Arcana Gauge

The bar at the bottom of the screen is the Arcana Gauge. Homing Cancels, Guard Cancels, Supers, Arcana Supers and Critical Hearts all use this gauge. When you start a match, you start off with one, and you can gain a maximum of three. When you hit the opponent, force them to block, or have the same done to you, your maximum usable gauge (green) increases. When you use your Arcana Gauge, even after it has increased, it will not reduce but turn red. After a set period of time, it will recover back to its maximum. While your gauge is red, you cannot increase your maximum until it has recovered. If you use up your gauge right in the beginning of a match, you could find it hard to rapidly increase your Arcana Gauge to more comfortable levels. You will refill the maximum amount back to green in between rounds. Abbreviation: AG


You can use Neutral Homing in the air (D Button) up to two times in Arcana Heart 3. After you have used both of your Neutral Homings in the air, you will be unable to use Homing again until you have landed on the ground. The limit on Neutral Homing is not affected by Speed Homing or regular aerial movement (double jumps, air dashes).

Guard Cancel

You can cancel your block stun with one of two Guard Cancels in Arcana Heart 3. Each of these take one bar off the Arcana Gauge.

Forward Guard Cancel

In block stun - 6.gif+D

This will cancel your block stun into a forward homing dash. For a short interval, a golden shield will expand in front of you while you dash forwards. While the shield is out, attacks from the opponent that touch the shield will clash it. You cannot cancel straight into a normal after using a forward guard cancel, but you can cancel into a special attack. Abbreviation: 6GC

Back Guard Cancel

In block stun - 4.gif+D

This will cancel your block stun into a back homing dash. Your character will immediately leap backwards a short distance then home towards the opponent like normal. In the beginning of this you will have a brief period of invincibility. After the guard cancel, you will be airborne so you can use an air special move right afterward. Abbreviation: 4GC

Homing Cancel

By using your homing button, D, you can cancel most Normals, Arcana Moves, Specials and some Supers/Arcana Supers into homing. This will consume 1 bar from the Arcana Gauge. Whenever you homing cancel in a combo, the untech prorate will decrease, giving less time to make valid combos and more time for the opponent to tech out. Abbreviation: HC


All character Supers and Arcana Supers take 1 bar from the Arcana Gauge. Most supers are preformed with a motion plus the A and B buttons at the same time. Many Supers are cancellable into Arcana Supers. For descriptions of each one, check the character move lists on this wiki as a reference.

Critical Heart

Every character has an ultimate move, their Critical Heart. These attacks require 3 bars from your arcana gauge and do massive damage. Some critical hearts may have prerequisites such as using a move before hand. Also, some critical hearts are broken into parts and can be accessed for 1 bar. Every character has a different motion and set of conditions, so make sure you check out the character pages to learn your critical heart. Abbreviation: XH

Force Gauge

Your Force Gauge is the half circle gauge near your characters portrait on the game HUD. When you are able to use the Force Gauge it will be blue. Extend Force, Arcana Burst and Arcana Blazes all use up this Gauge. When you take any of those actions, you will drain the gauge to 0%. When it is charging after one of those actions, it will be red. The amount of time that it takes to recharge the Force Gauge depends on which one of those actions you used. While the Force Gauge is red, you cannot use it again until it has completely recharged (blue again). That means that you cannot use any of the previously described actions until it is blue again. You start off every match with the gauge at 100% but it will not recharge in between rounds. Abbreviation: FG

Extend Force

A+B+C at any time. In simple terms, this will power up your character for a short period of time. You can only activate Extend Force on the ground. During Extend Force, your character will move faster and perhaps have the nature of their attacks changed. Both of those properties are depend on what arcana you choose. Extend force will end when the Force Gauge reaches 0%, then it will start to recharge. Abbreviation: EF

Extend Force Cancel

You can cancel most Normals, Specials and some Supers in to Extend Force, this is called a Force Cancel. In simple terms this is a Romantic/Rapid Cancel. You can use this like a Homing cancel to perform combos that you normally would not be able to, or make a normally unsafe move safe. However, since you return to neutral upon using a force cancel and because of the speed boost during Extend Force, you could say that this is more flexible than a homing cancel; besides the fact that you cannot use it in air. The period of time that you are power up after a Force Cancel is generally shorter than going straight into Extend Force. Abbreviation: EFC

Arcana Burst

C+E at any time. This is a completely invincible attack that will blow away the opponent. As long as the Force Gauge is at 100%, you can activate this anywhere to generate a burst that will knock the opponent away, even if you are in block or hit stun. The only time that you cannot cancel this is when you are caught up in a Super, throw, or move that has lock properties. Generally, the time needed to charge the Force Gauge after an Arcana Burst is much longer than an EF or EFC. Abbreviation: Burst

Burst also has projectile reflect properties. On hit, burst will force scaling to a point where all damage is 0. Akane's kotodama can reverse the scaling a little bit to cause a little bit of damage on hit, technically.

Arcana Eclipse

2.gif1.gif4.gif + BC During Extend Force. Introduced in Love Max, this is a special Arcana attack that can be used once during an Extend Force. For detail on each Arcana Eclipse, please consult the individual Arcana wiki pages.

You can also view a compilation of all the Arcana Eclipses here.

Arcana Blaze

2.gif3.gif6.gif + ABC During Extend Force. This will make the Arcana of your choice use their strongest move. For detail on each Arcana Blaze, please consult the individual Arcana wiki pages.

You can also view a compilation of all the Arcana Blazes here.

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