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Arcana Heart 3/Game Modes/old

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In order to enjoy Arcana Heart 3 to the fullest, there are several game modes that you can choose from including training mode, networking, arcade and score attack.


Investigate the events surrounding Arcana Heart 3

Training Mode

Page 1
Command List
Button Settings
Clear Menu
Character Select
Main Menu

Page 2
Partner Movement Stand - Crouch - Jump - CPU
CPU Level 1~8
Stamina MAX - 0.25
Arcana Gauge Normal - Max level - Always Max
Force Gauge Normal - Quick Recharge - Always Max

Page 3
Guard No Guard - All Block - 1 Hit
Change Block Off - On
Guard Cancel No - 6GC - 4GC
Counter Off - On
Throw Break Off - On
Wall Tech Off - On
Air Tech Off - On
Ground Tech Off - On

Score Attack

Pit your skillz against CPU-controlled opponents. Finally, Parace proves her "SNK Boss" status by mopping the floor with you. Do you have what it takes to best her?


0 lag is the best

Network Mode

Arcana Heart 3 introduces the series' first online network mode. You can compete all over the world with the CHARM System, Relational Points, Replay Board and Score Attack.

Network Versus

In arcana heart 3 you can search for ranked matches based on certain conditions that you can set, or player matches where up to 6 people can join a room to spectate and play.

Rank.jpg     Player.jpg
Rank Match                                                                Player Match

Ranked Matches You can search for ranked matches based on certain criteria.
Based on how you do, your PSR (Player Skill Rating) will change.
Players with High PSR will be shown on the ranking boards.
Player Matches You can make a room to host for up to six people.
While playing, the other members will be able to spectate.

CHARM System

CHARM stands for Contract of Holy ARcana Maiden. Depending on your records, your compatibility with any of the 23 maidens will change. Every time you finish a match, you will earn Relational Points (RP). The more you deepen your bond, that is, the more RP you earn for any particular character, the softer their expressions will become towards you and the more colors you can unlock.

Relation.jpg     RP.jpg
Relationship with character                                          RP will unlock more colors for you

Ranking and Replays

Arcana Heart's networking mode allows you to compare four different scores online with other players and upload your own replays.

RPR.jpg     Replay.jpg
Weekly RP Rankings                                                  Replay Board

Score Attack Rankings for Score Attack.
PSR Ranking Rankings for PSR. Player skill in other words.
RP Ranking Rankings for total accumulated RP
Weekly RP Rankings for RP that week.
Top rankers will still have any colors and etc. even if they are not on it the following week.
Replay Board You can save replays in Arcana Heart 3.
You can submit your replays to the Replay Board for all to see.


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