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Arcana Heart 3/Glossary/old

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Note: Terms borrowed from Akatsuki wiki and GG Accent Core Web Encyclopedia

Gameplay Glossary

  • Anti-Air - an attack that can reliably hit opponents out of the air.
  • Chip Damage - damage incurred to a player's life meter when blocking an attack.
  • Combo - a series or sequence of attacks such that when the first hit connects, the subsequent attacks cannot be blocked or avoided.
  • Counter Hit - if a character is hit during the startup or active frames of a move, she will be counter hit. This causes extra hit stun and extra damage, as well as other possible effects depending on the move that hit them. Some moves may also be in counter hit state during recovery. A moves will not put you in counter hit state on startup. (Abbrev: CH)
  • Critical Heart (aka Level 3) - nickname for a super move, unique to each character, that requires 3 super stocks and a unique input (in most cases) to perform. (Abbrev: XH)
  • Dragon Punch - a nickname for Ken & Ryu's uppercut from Street Fighter 2. It now generally refers to any Anti-Air move which is invincible from the start, all the way until when it hits. (Abbrev: DP)
  • Frame Trap (aka Stagger) - a specific type of mixup that involves leaving a small gap in your attack string to bait an attempt to escape.
  • Guard Crush - a state in which the player is temporarily unable to act after blocking a certain attack.
  • Guard Point - available via Earth arcana, this state blocks for you during your E charge. also known as autoguard.
  • Hit Stun/Guard Stun - the period of time a character cannot act after being hit, or blocking an attack.
  • Hyper Armor - available via Earth arcana's EF, this ability prevents you from blocking but increases your defense. (needs refining)
  • Meaty - refers to using an attack against someone while they are waking up. A "meaty attack" often refers to an attack with a lot of active frames, or with a very good hitbox, that is used to attack someone while they are waking up.
  • Normals - same as Normal Attacks, the least damaging attacks in a player's possession, usually deal no chip damage.
  • Okizeme - attacking someone while they are waking up. The goal is to safely apply pressure or a mixup to maximize your advantage and chances of scoring another combo, while minimizing your chances of eating a reversal Dragon Punch, throw, or super.
  • OTG (Off The Ground) - ability to hit a downed opponent, thus extending a combo.
  • Overhead - nickname given to moves which much be blocked high (standing) and not low (crouching). All normals performed in the air are considered overheads.
  • Poke - a poke is an attack that is used to attack the enemy from a distance safely, usually to either keep them away, control space, or start a blockstring or combo.
  • Reversal - performing a move on the first frame your character recovers from something, such as performing a Dragon Punch on Wakeup.
  • Supers - powered up special attacks that do considerably more hits or damage (if any) and may as well sport additional properties; require 1 super stock to perform.
  • Tick Throw - a maneuver used to throw an opponent immediately after their hit stun or block stun has ended.
  • Throw Break/Throw Tech - a common technique, that allows a player to escape an opponent's throw after it has been initiated; it is performed with the same input as the opponent's throw.
  • Wakeup - a situation where your character is rising from the ground after being knocked down.

Strategy Types

  • Rushdown - constantly attacking the opponent quickly, applying lots of pressure, making it difficult for the enemy to do anything other than get hit.
  • Turtle - (Also Turtling) playing extremely defensive, the opposite of "Rushdown". The goal is to either avoid taking damage, or to wait for the enemy to make a mistake.
  • Runaway - running away from the opponent, sometimes to win by timeout, or avoid certain attacks.
  • Keepaway/Zoning - constantly keeping the opponent away from you, not allowing them to get close. Tends to involve heavy usage of long range pokes or projectiles.
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