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Arcana Heart 3/Story/old

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Main Story

It has been two months since Angelia Avallone attempted to use the dimensional distortion above the Kantou area in Japan for her scheme. In that time, the organization "Drexler," whom once distributed demonic arts throughout Europe during a certain war, had resumed operations all over the globe. The secret branch in Japan was destroyed by the West Europe Spirit Agency and they established the branch office "Rosenberg" there in its place. Immediately following that, a large dimensional disruption was observed by many. The timing of this event was most unnatural, and there were rumors of secret activity from the defunct Drexler branch. In order to resolve these events, the Japanese Spirit Agency has dispatched their Scared Maidens. The Rosenberg office also sent their Sacred Maidens but in their way stands a new foe, opponents that have been granted the powers of a Sacred Maided, Valkyries.


Name:   Akane Inuwaka (犬若 あかね)   —   CV:   Sindou Mayumi 「新堂 真弓」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Japan  —  Birthday:    Nov. 24   —   Age:    16 <br\><br\> Sizes:   85 / 54 / 90 —   Height:   168cm   —   Weight:   53kg <br\><br\>

Akane is part of the Inuwaka clan, a family of Shinobi that aid the the Thousand Year Protector. She is a bit overprotective of her little sister, but enjoys new experiences and is very optimistic. She thinks that she has the final word on what is "cool" or not. She's always worried about Nazuna, but she doesn't let it show and always appears calm and composed. She is actually a hard-worker but doesn't let others see her efforts, for that would be "uncool." Along with her work, she is a battle genius, she can instinctively gauge her opponents abilities and form a strategy to fight them instantly.


Name:   Angelia Avallone (アンジェリア アヴァロン)   —   CV:   Eri Sendai 「仙台 エリ」 <br\><br\> Nation:    England  —  Birthday:   Sept. 13  —   Age:    Eternally 10 <br\><br\> Sizes:   54 / 48 / 55 —   Height:   110cm   —   Weight:   16 kg <br\><br\>

Mildred Avallone's real older twin sister. Seven years ago she willingly traveled to the Arcana World from the physical world. Since then has stopped aging. She is cheerful, openhearted, and egotistical and does not change her mind because of others. She holds the magician Malin she met in Arcana World in one hand.


Name:   Catherine Kyohbashi (キャサリン京橋)   —   CV:   Ai Matayoshi 「又吉 愛」 <br\><br\> Nation:    USA  —  Birthday:   July 28  —  Age:    12 <br\><br\> Sizes:   72 / 56 / 80 —   Height:   146cm   —   Weight:   37kg <br\><br\>

Catherine is an American of Japanese decent; her grandmother is from Osaka. Even though she is a platinum blond with blue eyes, she surprises everyone around her with her fluent Kansai dialect. Even with her hasty Kansai side and her nonchalant American side, she has a bright and friendly personality. A very intense person with all of her moods showing up on her face. Under this exterior is a genius who was enrolled in MIT's College of Spirit Research at the age of ten. Her robot, Terry Yodogawa, rivals Kira's invention.


Name:   Clarice De Lanza (クラリーチェ ディ ランツァ)   —   CV:   Sayaka Ohara 「大原 さやか」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Vatican  —  Birthday:   May 12  —   Age:    Unknown <br\><br\> Sizes:   87 / 58 / 89 —   Height:   162cm   —   Weight:   53kg <br\><br\>

Clarice always has a composed personality and a smile on her face. She never fusses over trivial matters; she just enjoys the life she has. She used to be a noble from the Demon Realm. But she abandoned such a lavish life style and decided to live in the human world due to the influence of Lilica's father, Felchenerow. This still would not change the fact that she's a demon of pure blood. After learning of her existence, the Western European Spirit Sector sent Elsa to fight her to the death. In order to save Elsa's life, Clarice imbued the power of the Arcana "Punishment" into her and took the power of the Arcana "Sin."


Name:   Dorothy Albright (ドロシー・オルブライト)  —   CV:   Yū Kobayashi 「小林 ゆう」 <br\><br\> Nation:   USA  —  Birthday:   Dec. 3  —   Age:   9 <br\><br\> Sizes:   63 / 52 / 69 —   Height:   119cm  —   Weight:   21kg <br\><br\>

Bright, cheerful and honest, Dorothy is the picture of the perfect honors student... However, she looks like a well-kept young boy at first glance. Dorothy admires her parents; her mother's a magician and her father's an acrobat. They both work their magic on the stages of Las Vegas. She learned from both of them and can hold her own on the spotlight as Dorothy the Wizard. She has a strong sense of justice and, like her mother, helps the American Spirit Department whenever she can.


Name:   Eko   —   CV:   Eko(Ayumi Tsuji) Kaz(Yoshimasa Hosoya)<br\><br\> Nation:   Japan  —  Birthday:    Unknown  —  Age:    5<br\><br\> Sizes:   49 / 47 / 53  —  Height:   101cm  —  Weight:   16kg <br\><br\>

Eko has the unique ability to move energy into something so that it can move on its own, which she mainly focuses into drawings. She shares a mutually dependent relationship with her "brother," Kaz, who resembles a large child's drawing. Due to her high level of Ether energy she was sought out by the Drexler Institute and captured. Since Petra had destroyed some of these "protection organizations", not much was known of Eko after that. She does seem to want to find Petra so that they can draw and play together.


Name:   Elsa La Conti (エルザ・ラ・コンティ)   —   CV:   Kaya Miyake 「三宅 華也」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Vatican  —  Birthday:    Apr. 4   —   Age:    Unknown <br\><br\> Sizes:   85 / 56 / 86 —   Height:   152cm   —   Weight:   52kg <br\><br\>

After losing her entire family in the hands of demons, Elsa enlisted in the Western Europe Spirit Sector. Elsa is usually mild-mannered, but she's also single-minded and airheaded at times. She is very straight forward and sometimes too strict on herself. She was once pitted in a fight to the death with Clarice. In the end, she and Clarice had their lives saved by the Arcanas Sin and Punishment, respectively.


Name:   Fiona Mayfield (フィオナ・メイフィールド)   —   CV:   Maria Yamamoto 「山本麻里安」 <br\><br\> Nation:   England  —  Birthday:   Aug 11  —  Age:    Eternally 13 <br\><br\> Sizes:   70 / 53 / 74 —   Height:   137cm   —   Weight:   31kg <br\><br\>

Fiona hails from a wealthy family in Britain. Two years ago, she met Saki (who came to Britain as an exchange student from Japan). And the two of them became good friends... Until that one fateful day; when they were both sucked into the Elemental world. Saki made it out in time, but Fiona was trapped there. She now serves Mildred, who promised to help her find a way home.


Name:   Heart Aino (愛乃 はぁと)  —  CV:   Mikako Takahashi 「高橋美佳子」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Japan  —  Bloodtype:    B   —  Birthday:   Jan 14 <br\><br\> Sizes:   74 / 55 / 79  —   Height:   156cm  —  Weight:   46kg <br\><br\>

Heart is innocent and full of energy, with a smile that is simply contagious. Ever since she was a li'l Heart, animals have been drawn to her. And she would frequently bring home stray cats and dogs; much to her mother’s dismay. Heart truly believes that love can conquer every and all adversities. Even though she means well, her desire to spread love and happiness sometimes causes her to get involved in other people’s problems at times when they wish to be left alone.


Name:   Kamui Tokinomiya (朱鷺宮 神依)   —   CV:   Hiromi Hirata 「平田 宏美」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Japan  —  Birthday:    Unknown   —   Age:    Unknown <br\><br\> Sizes:   77 / 56 / 81  —   Height:   166cm   —   Weight:   51kg <br\><br\>

Kamui is known as the Thousand Years Protector. Her Arcana keeps her in a state of eternal slumber; awaking whenever there is a crisis facing the human world. She relies on the Ministry of Elemental Affairs to give her an update on the current state of the world each time she awakes.


Name:   Kira Daidohji (大道寺きら)   —   CV:   Hiromi Tsunakake 「綱掛 裕美」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Japan  —  Birthday:    March 21  —  Age:    11 <br\><br\> Sizes:   61 / 55 / 72  —   Height:   123cm   —   Weight:   22kg <br\><br\>

She is a child prodigy who earned her doctorate in Elemental Science at a prestigious American university. However, Kira became embittered with the world around her when she was forced to return to elementary school upon her return to Japan. Consequently, she became arrogant and condescending. She came to the conclusion that her only remaining option is to embark on a quest for global domination.


Name:   Konoha (このは)   —   CV:   Mayumi Yoshida 「吉田 真弓」 <br\><br\> Nation:   Japan  —  Birthday:   June 18  —   Age:    13 <br\><br\> Sizes:   69 / 52 / 73 —   Height:   142cm   —   Weight:   35kg <br\><br\>

Konoha is from the Koinumaru clan; ninja warriors who were half-human and half-canine. Nowadays, members of her clan still have the ears and a tail of a dog. And although Konoha tries to hide her dog-life features, they tend to pop out when she gets excited. Every time the Thousand Years Protector awakes, a member from the Koinumaru clan is selected to become the Millennium Guard and accompany her on her mission. Konoha enrolled at Misono Academy to assist Kamui, but she's been having so much fun lately that she sometimes forgets how important her mission is.


Name:   Lieselotte Achenbach (リーゼロッテ・アッヒェンバッハ)  —   CV:   Yōko Honda 「本多陽子」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Germany  —  Birthday:   Oct. 4  —   Age:    10 <br\><br\> Sizes:    56 / 51 / 59 —   Height:   114cm  —   Weight:   19kg <br\><br\>

Lieselotte Achenbach is known internationally as the “Crimson-Eyed Criminal.” After losing her family she was emotionally scarred and, not knowing how she got into her current situation, soon became a cold-hearted assassin. She can remember living peacefully with her family but something horrible had happened to all of them years ago. Now she travels the world alone; accompanied only by a leg-less ball-jointed puppet which carries the consciousness of Elfriede, her older sister. Lieselotte hopes that, one day, she can be with her family and live happily again.


Name:   Lilica Felchenerow (リリカ・フェルフネロフ)   —   CV:   Mayako Nigo 「仁後真耶子」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Japan  —  Birthday:   May 9  —   Age:   14 <br\><br\> Sizes:   79 / 56 / 78 —   Height:   154cm   —   Weight:   42kg <br\><br\>

Lilica's mother is a human, and her father is a demon. Lilica inherited her powers and her demonic features from her father. She enjoys skipping school and skating around town on the roller blades her father bought her. She saved up enough money to install ether-powered motors on them. These motors react to Lilica’s magical ability and can accelerate and decelerate instantaneously.


Name:    Maori Kasuga (春日舞織)   —   CV:   Maki Tsuchiya 「土谷 麻貴」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Japan  —  Birthday:   Nov 26  —  Age:    14 <br\><br\> Sizes:   88 / 58 / 87 —   Height:   153cm   —   Weight:   45kg <br\><br\>

The Kasuga family is renowned for its expertise at performing purification rituals and assisting in all matters related to the Elemental world. Maori lives with her older sister Tsuzune and her younger sisters, Koito and Kouta. The Kasuga family has been performing blessings, exorcisms, purifications, and other rituals for centuries. These techniques have been passed down from generation to generation. Maori is the second oldest of the Kasuga family. She is in charge of directing her sisters during the rituals. Tsuzune, the oldest, is often in front of Maori. She takes the position of attacker, as well as guardian. Tsuzune’s Elemental powers are not quite as strong as Maori’s, but her physical strength is unmatched. The younger sisters, Koito and Kouta, are often behind Maori and assume the role of support.


Name:   Mei-Fang (美凰)  —   CV:   Juri Takita 「土谷 麻貴」 <br\><br\> Nation:    China  —  Birthday:    Oct. 26  —   Age:    3 <br\><br\> Sizes:   93 / 54 / 88  —   Height:   171cm  —   Weight:   96kg <br\><br\>

She is a product of China's technological advances; a humanoid robot created by Professor Mei Ling Hua, a colleague of Kira Daidohji. Mei-Fang was programmed with 4,000 years’ worth of Chinese recipes and a wide array of martial arts knowledge.


Name:   Nazuna Inuwaka (犬若 なずな)   —   CV:   Mai Hashiomoto 「橋本まい」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Japan  —  Birthday:   Nov. 15  —   Age:    13 <br\><br\> Sizes:   76 / 50 / 79 —   Height:   141cm  —   Weight:   32kg <br\><br\>

Akane’s younger sister; Nazuna is also a part of the clan that rivals Konoha’s. She originally approached Kamui in the past in order to become her ally, but she had been refused. Because of this Nazuna becomes upset at the sight of her and Konoha together. She fights using her three sacred weapons Tsumiko (cane), Fusumi (crow), and Hayata (wolf).


Name:   Petra Johanna Lagerkvist (ペトラ ヨハンナ ラーゲルクヴィスト)   —   CV:   Inoue Marina 「井上 麻里奈」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Sweden  —  Birthday:    Dec. 31   —  Age:    14 <br\><br\> Sizes:   82 / 53 / 81 —   Height:   152cm   —   Weight:   42kg <br\><br\>

The Lagerkvist family has been a major part of Sweden's Spirit Sector and has many members serving in high ranking positions. Petra comes from a long line of holy maidens from the Lagerkvist family, and is the most powerful yet. Like her predecessors, she works for Sweden's Spirit Sector and is the youngest member to be selected to join their group. Her spirit power is excellent, and it is said that her powers could rival Mildred Avallone from the Spirit Sector in England.


Name:   Saki Tsuzara (廿楽 冴姫)  —  CV:   Yumi Shimura 「志村由美」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Japan  —  Birthday:   Feb. 17   —   Age:    16 <br\><br\> Sizes:   80 / 57 / 80  —   Height:   157cm   —   Weight:   45kg <br\><br\>

She is the daughter of a successful businessman and has been best friends with Heart since childhood. Two years ago, Saki’s father had to relocate to Great Britain for work, and she attended school there. One day, Saki and her friend Fiona visited a mysterious mountainside and were sucked into the Elemental world. Saki was rescued by the Arcana Bhanri, but Fiona was trapped in the other dimension.


Name:   Scharlachrot (シャルラッハロート)   —   CV:   Yuki Matsuoka 「松岡 由貴」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Japan  —  Birthday:    ???   —   Age:    14 <br\><br\> Sizes:   81 / 56 / 82   —   Height:   158cm   —   Weight:   47kg <br\><br\>

After the great war, the secret organization Drexler had been trying to create artificial Maidens and Arcanas from behind the scenes. Scharlachrot is one of their creations. She had been trained to stand on her own in the battlefields despite her very young age. Compared to Weiss, her personality is very extreme and dependent. After Drexler was destroyed, she was under Petra's the protection. But she soon disappeared; her whereabouts are currently unknown.


Name:   Weiß (ヴァイス)   —   CV:   Miyuki Sawashiro 「沢城 みゆき」 <br\><br\> Nation:    Japan  —  Birthday:    ???   —   Age:    14 <br\><br\> Sizes:   75 / 54 / 79  —   Height:   155cm   —   Weight:   44kg <br\><br\>

Weiss was also involved in Drexler the same way Sharl was. But after the organization was overthrown by Petra, Weiss came with her in order to be rehabilitated back into society. Weiss knows nothing about the real world, unfortunately, and is having trouble fitting in. Her expressions seldom change, but she cares deeply for her new friends and comrades. She believes Scharl may have something to do with the recent unusual events and has gathered the courage to investigate situation on her own.


Name:   Yoriko Yasuzumi (安栖 頼子)   —   CV:   Yui Itsuki 「伊月ゆい」 <br\><br\> Nation:   Japan  —  Birthday:   June 24  —  Age:   14 <br\><br\> Sizes:   84 / 59 / 89 —   Height:   149cm   —   Weight:   44kg <br\><br\>

Yoriko's introverted and bookish, but she's overly fascinated with the occult. One night, with Lilica's help, she decided to try and summon a low-level demon servant for herself. Before starting the ritual however, she chickens out and runs to the bathroom. So while Yoriko's busy splashing cold water on her face and talking to herself in the mirror for encouragement, Lilica (being the no-good prankster she is) re-draws the magic circle's incantation. When Yoriko returned and began the ritual, what she summoned instead was some self-proclaimed “Demon King” who goes by the name of "Mike." The contract was formed between the two of them that night, and now she is unable to part with her unusually-shaped companion.


Name:   Zenia Valov (ゼニア・ヴァロフ)   —   CV:   Kaori Shimizu 「清水 香里」 <br\><br\> Nation:   Russia  —  Birthday:   Unknown  —   Age:    Unknown <br\><br\> Sizes:   83 / 57 / 84 —   Height:   174cm   —   Weight:   55kg <br\><br\>

Taciturn and quiet, Zenia's facial expressions rarely change. But she can read the atmosphere of every situation with a cool head. She lost all of her memories when she was young and, before she knew it, she was in the care of an orphanage in Moscow. Later on, she joined a team of Spirit Investigators and received training at a young age. When the organization was cutting back on personnel, she took the opportunity to leave and traveled the world as a Freelance Spirit Specialist. She's a drifter; living for only the next job. However, whenever she takes a bite into a cookie, a well of nostalgic feelings swell up within her.

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