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Training Mode Setup

Unfortunately for Art of Fighting 3, it never received any sort of training mode, not on the AES release and not even on the Art of Fighting Anthology collection. There is, however, still a way to make a bootleg training mode with the use of cheats through the Neo Geo Uni Bios, so that you can practice offline freely. You'll need a second player if you want the opponent to do anything fancy, however, until we get an actual training mode script of some kind going for the game. Still, it's better than nothing, and is certainly better than spamming save states over and over. This method is done using Fightcade 2, since you'll already have the game for it.

Important Notes

  • This method should be able to work across many different SNK games if they have no real training mode of any sorts, or you need cheats for whatever reason.
  • If you're practicing with the second player set to Infinite Health [Red], be careful about moves that kill at that range of health. If you do a move that kills at that range of health, the game will softlock your inputs since it's being treated as a KO, even though it's infinite health. This doesn't affect combos unless you use these highly damaging moves, but just be aware in case you use Red Health on P2.
  • IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: When you are done with practicing the game, you must restore dipswitch settings back to defaults. If you do not do this, you will desync from other players, making online unplayable.

How to Set It Up

(Images to be added soon)

Step 1. Double check your Neogeo bios in the FB Neo roms folder. Make sure that you have the following file: uni-bios_4_0.rom. If you have the file, great! Move to step 2.

If you do not have this specific file, you may do one of two things:

1-A. Look for similarly named files, such as uni-bios_3_3.rom. If you have any earlier versions of the uni bios, those will do as long as you can enable cheats in-game.
1-B. If you have no uni bios files, download the uni bios from this website.

It is a freeware bios file, so it is legal to link to and download for anyone to use.

Step 1-C. If you downloaded the uni bios, unzip the uni-bios zip folder: uni-bios-4.0 You must rename the "uni-bios.rom" file to "uni-bios_4_0.rom" before doing anything else. Once renamed, copy and paste the file into you neogeo zip folder. You now have uni bios 4.0.

Step 2. Load up the game as you normally would. Either go to Input and click Set Dipswitches, or press Ctrl + F5. From here, configure the BIOS setting to whatever uni bios you have. Again, as long as you can enable cheats then any uni bios should do. Click OK, and then either reopen the emulator, or hit F3. You will know if you did this correctly if you get a pop up flash screen for uni bios, for whatever version you're using. From here, you have the choice to hit A+B+C to load up the bios menu and configure some settings, but that is unnecessary.

Step 3. Proceed to the game itself, as normal. Once you are in the game, even if it's the Neo Geo splash screen, press Start + Coin to access the cheats menu. The A button selects, and the C button cancels. Go to cheats, and enable all the following cheats:

  • Infinite health for both P1 and P2
  • Infinite Time
  • Infinite health [Red] so that you can use SDM supers
  • Infinite Chi so that you can use special moves indefinitely

You have other cheats you may enable, but these are also unnecessary.

Step 4. Now that all cheats are enabled, insert coins for both Player 1 and Player 2 (assuming you don't want to practice against the AI). Select the characters you want to use, and voila! You now have a makeshift training mode where you can practice without having to spam save states. This method should work for all Neo Geo games if you ever need a make shift training mode.

Training Mode