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Recommended Button Layout

button layout pic

A120LO Input A.png = Light A120LO Input B.png = Heavy A120LO Input C.png = Knockback Attack (Shortcut for A120LO Input A.png+A120LO Input B.png)
Normally unattributed in limited, ⓍⓎⓏ got some shortcuts in LimitOver.

In VS mode’s Select Screen:

- Ⓧ switch to P1 vs P2 → P1 vs Com → Com vs Com → P1 vs Deku (Training).
- Ⓨ randomize your character and its color.
- Ⓩ switch the modes in the opposite order than Ⓧ.

During a fight:

- Ⓧ Shortcut to commands moves.
- Ⓨ + directions give you special moves.
- Ⓩ is a movement shortcut, and certainly the most useful:
- 5Ⓩ to highjump,
- 6Ⓩ to forward dash,
- 4Ⓩ to backdash,
- 2Ⓩ to hop (doesn’t go as high as a normal jump).
- Ⓨ+Ⓩ is Taunt.

Numeric Notation

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

Universal Controls

To know more about these systems Dash (run): - 44 or 66 / 4Z or 6Z

Throw: 6B then 4/6B

Air throw: any direction (but 8) + B

Hop: 88 after some states... Just use 2Z

Double Jump: 7 or 8 or 9 after a hop, jump or high jump.

High Jump: 1 or 2 or 3, then 7 or 8 or 9 / 5Z

Setup your input

in Mednafen

Mednafen (or Mednaffe) is the emulator used to play online. It's easy to setup and allow to use netplay for a bunch of system.

Steps to setup your controls in Mednafen / Mednaffe
  1. in Mednaffe, click the "Systems" tab
  2. Choose on Sega Saturn
  3. Reach the "Input" tab
  4. Click the "Controller Setup" button
  5. A popup will open, and here you just have to click on the middle column & press the key or button you want to use.

in Bizhawk

Mainly use for Training (LUA scripts + TAS Tools), it can be used to play with Parsec if you prefer. Check the Netplay section to know what's the best and in which situation.

Steps to setup your controls in BizHawk
  1. First, you have to open the rom("File">"Open" or click & drag the rom into BizHawk's window). BizHawk will know then which system to configure.
  2. Click on config and select the first option "Controllers..."
  3. Click on the fields: when it highlight in blue, press the key or button you want

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