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There a lot of questions & confusions about what games are played, so let's start by one question which is more about Asuka 120% in general:

Which Asuka 120% games are played?

Overall Excellent, Special and LimitOver seem to be the most played.
In the west, the main game is LimitOver while in Japan they focus first on Special (version 2).
But there is no bad or good answers, you can try any Asuka games and you can be sure to have a good time (except maybe Final :kappa:).

But this is a LimitOver wiki, so let's dive into the interesting content! First, let's start with the basic:

What is LimitOver?

LimitOver is a patch of Limited made by the Fill in Cafe staff after it went bankrupt. They changed the balance of the game and added a lot of moves, normals, specials and supers,for everyone. They also stripped the game to the basic competitive minimum: so they removed story mode, pretty much all menus are bare minimum / debug-like.

How does it play? / Is this game for me?
LimitOver offers ton of freedom on how to move around or approach situation either offensively or defensively thanks to its unique Clash / Guard Cancel dynamic.
So if the idea of parrying projectiles by punching it, flying around with full air control or return situation thanks to your guard cancel options this game is made for you.

Is there a discord for the game?

Yes, you can join here: Asuka 120% LimitOver & Asuka Series

On which console/emulator are you playing?

LimitOver is a Saturn game, kudo to you if you have the actual hardware but if you don't, it's not a problem! You can use Mednafen and as a bonus: it has Netplay.

Actually most Asuka Games are playable on Mednafen! Here's a quick recap:

Game Console Emulator Netplay?
Burning Fest. FM Towns UNZ
Excellent (1994) FM Towns UNZ
Maxima PC Engine Mednafen ✔️
Special PS1 Mednafen ✔️
Excellent (1997) PS1 Mednafen ✔️
Limited Sega Saturn Mednafen ✔️
LimitOver Sega Saturn Mednafen ✔️
Final PS1 Mednafen ✔️
Return old JP windows ❌?

Why not using RetroArch?

Yes, RetroArch has a rollback netplay & runahead... but Saturn emulation just doesn't work online right now.

Even if it did, there's also some other reasons:

  • RetroArch isn't as plug'n'play or intuitive as Mednafen. It doesn't work right off the bat & non tech-savvy users have problem to get used to it.
  • Lobby System is a mess. It shows all rooms for any games/consoles (even if you select the core beforehand).
  • Spectate being not as stable / impacting games. Big problem for Online Tournaments.
  • Online + Runahead are two modes that need a lot of CPU/GPU powers. You need powerful PC to run it (even more than normal due to Saturn emulation).


Tournament Rules

They are the default rules.

  • Character select screen (default settings)
- Guard: auto
- Handy: 5
- Burning: normal
- speed: 1
  • Settings (default settings)
- Timer: 80

Picking a Character

I. Easy character(s) to begin with?

Anyone, there is no bad pick. The game has easy inputs & everyone has at least one basic ground to air chain combo.
The game mechanics also allows for a lot of freedom on how you want to approach situations & express your style.

II. Who should I play if I -

  • want a shoto or someone based on fundamentals
Asuka, Shinobu, Genichirou
  • want to fly around like a graceful swan or roll like sonic while mixing up my opponent
Kumi, Megumi
  • want to unga bunga
Torami, Ryuko, Tetsuko, somewhat Karina.
  • want to hug & share love with everyone
  • want to do weird tricky thing, like puppet or bounce softball midmatch
Karina, Kiyoko, Cathy(throw loops)
  • want to zone all day long
Tamaki, Megumi (weirdly enough).
  • want to scream a lot

III. What's the tier list?

Thanks to the strong universal mechanics & freedom of movements, Tier are pretty compact.
There is definitely tough matchups, but nothing impossible.
(also it's still early, we don't know everything about characters / systems)

A120LO tier-list-2020-09.png

Training Mode

Recommended setting for the in game Training mode (DEKU).

I. Basic training mode (deku)

To get the training mode go on the character select screen, tap Z and you'll see the word "DEKU" appear instead of "2P".
If you change your setting like in the above picture. You'll get:
  • infinite timer,
  • infinite super,
  • life regeneration,
  • can make the AI mash a move or direction
And sadly, that's all...
  • How to make the AI do something
While you are in training mode:
  1. pause by pressing start,
  2. hold the direction and/or the button you want. Here some tips:
    ⤷ Make it block by holding back or down back.
    ⤷ You can use macros to make the AI techs wallslam (6Z) or groundslam (2Z).
    ⤷ By using Y + a direction you can access to their special moves. Do Y+C to do the super version.
  3. while holding the combination, press start again. The AI should be doing what you were holding.

II. LUA Script

A LUA script, still an early WIP. You get useful informations like, form top to bottom:
- combo counter in real time (number of hits in your last combo)
- Damage output (last damage)
- Stun / foe's stamina - timer until stun goes back to 0
- Training Dummy's state (WIP)
You'll have to play on BizHawk to use the LUA work. Once your input are mapped, just open rom and drag the lua script into BizHawk window.
Bizhawk: latest release
I want to add more features, but I won't be able to do everything alone. If you want to help in some way:

III. 2 players training mode.

It's possible to setup a sort of 2 players training mode, to test stuff local or online together. The only downside is you don't see how much damage you're doing.
  1. In the game, go to Setting, change timer from 80 to infinite
  2. Go into the character select screen, here change the handicap (third row) to 1 for both player.
  3. Switch to Manual guard.
  4. Change the super (burning, 4th row) to 120% to have infinite super.

2 players Training mode hack - Change the time first! 2 players Training mode hack - Correct options

Softwares & Netplay


Mednafen doesn't find the rom folder / cannot launch a game.
Be sure your path is correct AND doesn't contain any accents or symbols (eg: é, à, #, etc).
I have problem to setup my inputs / don't know how.
First check how to setup your inputs in the Controls page.
If after that your stick / pad is still not recognized try using Joy2Key or Xpadder to trick the emulator


Does it has netplay?
Yes, in short, there is two ways:
  • using Mednafen: play through a 24/7 server (or soon, setup your own with this package). Easiest solution for most people.
  • using Parsec: I mean Parsec is magic & can help you to play anything "locally" through internet. Both player need a good bandwith and GPU though.
For more info, go check the Netplay page.
I get choppy frames / small lag jumps during netplay, but my opponent doesn't.
Outside of being further from the server than your opponent or having a worse connection overall there might be one solution:
try to set the process priority of the emulator to "realtime".
  1. Open the Task Manager.
  2. Go to the "Details" tab.
  3. Looks for mednafen.exe (NOT mednaffe.exe). Type the start of the name, it should highlight it for you.
  4. Right click, hover "Set priority" and select "High" or "Realtime"(might create problem on low end pc or if used with other CPU hogging softwares).
  5. Accept the change by clicking "Change priority" in the popup.
Sadly there is no way to save this setting, you can't even add command lines to a shortcut as you use a software(mednaffe.exe) to launch it.
If anyone figure out a way, let me know.
A server "actively refuse my connection".
Check your port in the Netplay tab: it might not be set to the correct one (4046 for most servers).

How can I contribute to the wiki?

In order to get an account on Mizuumi, please refer to the instructions on the getting started page. Once you have an account, please take a look at the character template page and see if all current pages are adhering to it. Adding combos, proof-checking frame data entries, expanding the Overview sections, all constructive contributions are much appreciated.

Asuka Honda
Ryuko Yamazaki
Torami Houjyou
Megumi Suzuki
Kumi Ookubo
Tamaki Shindou
Karina Toyota
Nana Owada
Kiyoko Mitarai
Cathy Wild
Shinobu Kawasaki
Tetsuko Ougigaya
Genichirou Shindou

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