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The basics

A120LO How to add the Rom folder

If not done already here a quick recap on how to setup your mednafen:

  1. Launch on mednaffe.exe (NOT mednafen.exe).
  2. On your first launch, a popup should ask you where is the mednafen executable. It is at the root of the same folder you just opened.
  3. Here add your rom folder
    ⤷ if you have a problem with this part:
    • Check if you have an accent or special character in your path. Any accent like "éèàä" etc will no be read correctly by Mednaffe.
    • If you don't want or can't change that fact you still have the option to put the folder directly at C:\
  4. Once that done, you should see a list of your game here.

Map your input

Check the controls page for a quick tutorial.
Scroll up to see the recommended button layout.


Enter the server address & port

  1. go in the "Global Settings" tab, "Netplay" section
  2. pick a Mednafen server close to you & copy paste the name into the "server hostname" field, the port should already be on 4046. No need for password, unless otherwise stated.
  3. Please change your nickname, don't be a stranger (Also help in the console).

Connect to the server

  1. Go into your Game list, double-click on the game you want to play.
  2. Type t to open a console, there type /server and push enter to use the server in your settings .
    ⤷ Alternatively, you can also write "/server 4046" to use another server.
  3. Once there, you can check your ping with the server by typing "/ping".

Create multiple Room

You can add a room password, to create multiple lobby & play in parallel, by typing:

/gamekey "the-word-you-want"

eg. /gamekey BurningFist

When you want to clear the gamekey, just type /gamekey without any word behind.

Switch controllers

Once playing with your friends, there might be a time where you want to take a break or switch who's playing.
So here's some handy console command:

  • /swap 1 2
    will switch controllers in port 1 & port 2.
  • /drop 1
    to drop it.
  • /take 1
    to grab a controller.

Mednafen documentation

If you're looking for more commands go check the Mednaffe documentation:

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