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Jumps & Air Control

Unlike most fighting games, hyper jump AND double jump give you full air control.
Meaning you aren’t on a set path but you can move left or right during it.
More weird fact about jumps in the advanced system section.

Fun fact about Jumps & movements options

1. Any moves with action lines have some iframes on startup (GC action)
  • High jump.
  • Fast fall too-ish
  • Double jump have some iframe startups
  • Dashes (hard to use due to the clash box, easier with Kumi as she doesn’t have one)
2. Highjumps and double jumps loose their collision box while rising, then get it back when starting to fall. Not that useful as it mainly work vs an airbone :opponent.
3. If you do 88 out of crouch, block or specials you’ll get the 2D’s jump height.

Dash Switch position

If you dash into your opponent, you will hop behind him. It has the same animation & proprieties as your backdash (iframes etc).
You can’t switch position with someone that has their back to the corner… Kinda.
More on this mechanic in the advanced system section.

Dash Switch Cancel

You can cancel this animation with a well timed jump or attack, but you won’t turn around, meaning you’ll likely whiff your attack.
Generally not the best. It can push people out of the corner (it’s not cross-up though).
Midscreen, you can also cancel your dash by tapping 4. It will make you face the correct way, without any recovery frame (not possible in the corner).
Same thing with dodge, it might even help to avoid an attack.

Dash Extension - 6 or hold 6 and tap Z

Forward dashes last a certain time, however, you can extended them by tapping forward again while the character is in motion. It will add another full dash duration.
You can extend a dash even after a dash attack.
⚠️ One tap is enough, no need to double tap again.



Counter-attack, Knockback attack or C-Attack - 5C / 5A+B & jC / jA+B

They deal chip damage and is the only "normal" that can be used as a grounded Guard Cancel (and you get iframes?).
Using it will take 6.25% of your meter, even if you’re at 100% (but not if you're at 120%).
⚠️ They can only be canceled into supers. Not into command moves, nor specials.

Boost Double Jump Attack

Tap the direction of your double jump & press the attack button at the same time to get a momentum boost. It might work with some special, but generally cancel your momentum.

Dash Attacks

Dash moves - 66A / 66B

They’re unique moves and seem to count as specials. So you can cancel most normals by a dash attack.


Throw - 6B (close), then 4/6B

You’ll grab your opponent THEN you need to input 4/6+B again to actually throw. À la Samurai Shodown or Smash Bros.

Air Throw - any direction + B (while in the air).

Immediately throw, no need to confirm the direction again.
You can combo air throws after some launcher moves, it’s still throw-techable.
Throw tech window
Throw-tech windows are character specifics. In general:
  • You have 7-11fr to throw tech.
  • You have 7-8fr to throw tech in the air.
Throw in combo
You can combo grabs after launcher / hard knockdown move like Cathy’s jC or Megumi’s 214C super. Basically any move that give a spinning animation / blue :shadows.
You can also grab people on OTG situation, sometimes you might just be able to grab them but not throw them.
Almost all characters can airgrab grounded opponents.
After a deep jump or hop, airgrab “3~4fr before landing”(?).
How easy is it with —: (just by feels, no frames, so not accurate)
  • Cathy
  • Kiyoko, Ryouko, Torami
  • Kumi, Karina, Shinobu, Megumi
  • Nana, Genichirou, Asuka
  • Tamaki, Tetsuko

Chain routes

The basic chain route is supposed to looks like this:
5A ↔ 2A → (command move A) → 5B or 2B → (command move B) → 5C
Keep in mind you can skip steps; eg. you could go directly from 2A to 6B.
Contrary to the A buttons, the B button can’t go from low to standing moves unless you use the universal target combo 2B~B (hold the direction).
It can extend your combo like this:
2A, 6A, 2B~B, 6B, 5C

Kara cancel

Kara Cancel / Whiff Cancel

You can whiff cancel some normals by another one or a special on whiff. I'm not sure if there is a specific rule about it,but here's what seem to work for a lot of characters:
  • 5A into Bs / Cs / Dash attacks or Specials ... Supers? (works better with Y+C for some reason...)
  • 5C into Super
  • Command Normals into Special (often character specific)
PS: You might be able to cancel any normals if you're fast enough (really early frames)?

Aerial attack *whiff* cancel

You can cancel them on whiff by pretty much anything while respecting the chain cancel.
eg: jA → Target jA→ jB → Target jB→ C,
You can double jump cancel, special cancel or even super cancel them.
Some specific points:
  • jA are active until landing.
  • C cannot be double jump cancel.
  • It’s easier to super whiff cancel from a jC … or from some target moves?

Juggle System

Overall system

  • You can freely juggle the opponent for 8 hits.
  • After 8hits, you can continue to juggle but the opponent will drop out unless the hits are close together.
  • 2BB (hold 2 press B twice) gives more time to juggle then just doing 5B (surely hard knockdown property).
  • After a Blue launcher, you cannot hit them but you can grab them (it's still techable).
  • You can change the direction of the throw depending on which side you grab them.
  • ※ "Blue launchers" are moves that launch/juggle the opponent while giving them blue shadow trails (like a lot of 5C/jC).

Corner combos

  • Opponents can tech out of juggles more easily. So as soon as there is a gap, you know it's not a true combo.
  • They cannot tech if they stay grounded.

You can only combo after wallslam if

  • they missed the wall tech
  • you had less than 8hits before. Otherwise they'll lose their hitbox & fall to the ground.

You can only combo after a groundslam if

  • If they missed the tech, you'll be able to add one more hit or a hitgrab to the combo.
  • You might be able to throw them (character dependent).

Stun combo

  • a stunned opponent cannot walltech / ground tech (good if you get the stun early).
  • they can mash out of stun while they're being comboed: once they touch the ground they lose the stun state.
  • Pro Tips: If you don't have a wallslam or stunned later in the combo: stop as soon as you see the stun, land, reposition yourself (eg. get out of the corner) and do your best combo 👍.
  • ⚠ to test: check throw 'loops' maybe there's a throw reset limit? (Geni 22A > AT)

Super Meter

Unlike most games, meter doesn’t stop at 100%: you can still use a super if you want, but you can also continue to build meter to reach 120%.
Once at 120%, you have infinite meter for a limited time. Meter drops to 0% once it’s over.
We aren’t clear on how long it lasts or why. We know what build meter faster, check it here.

Fun fact about supers

Every super seem to have a “Squigly effect”, AKA pulling the screen/stage toward the person that did the super, which change the position of the corner.
In theory, it could allow for mixup on wallbounce / new combo… In pratice, it doesn’t seem that easy, and would depend a lot of the wallbounce moves and super used.

Building meter (in order of effectiveness)

  1. Karina’s Kero-pyon Setup ability (qcb + A / B)
  2. Deflecting attacks with attacks or a dash
  3. Hitting the opponent with an attack
  4. Being hit with an attack
  5. Opponent guarding your character’s attack
  6. Guarding the opponent’s attack



If 2 hits collide during their active frames: they’ll clash. No matter their strength.
During a clash, you cancel into:
  • cancel into another move,
  • cancel into any movement option (dashes, jump or highjump, etc...),
  • cancel into throw. Throws can’t be clashed, but can be hit during their startup.
Forward dashes have one hit of clash (clashbox differ per characters). Two dashes can even clash each other.
Post-clash, if not canceled into a move, you will go into the “switch counter” animation.

More Details

As said earlier, during a clash situation you can cancel your move by another one.
What I didn’t explain is which move can be canceled by what.
As the normal chain route still apply, I’ll just list the new options that clash give us:
As / Bs
  • Cancel into each other & in both direction (A→B, B→A, B→B),
  • Cancel into any dashes or jumps,
  • Cancel into Specials.
  • Cancel into any dashes or jumps,
  • ⚠️ Cannot go back to As or Bs.
Forward dash
Into another forward dash.
Cannot cancel into backdash.
Any jumps.
Dash attacks
Can go back to As / Bs / Cs
Any jumps or dashes
If you use Z to dash, it might prevent you to cancel into some buttons
Once you’ve committed to a specials or super, you can’t go back to normals or movement options.

Guard Cancel

Ground Guard cancel is possible with:
  • Standing C-attack (-6.25% meter),
  • Any Specials or super
  • 4A: dodges (also with 2AB),
  • High Jump & Hop,
  • Dashes, Forward or backdash,
  • 4B: Dash Switch Position,

Air Guard Cancel add these options:
  • any jumping normals.
  • Fast fall (character specific)
  • Double Jump (GC refresh your air option, so you could double jump forever).


Dodge - 2A+B (not doable in the air)

Allows to avoid completely a move but is throwable.
Also doable during blockstun with 2C or 4A.

Techs / Ukemi

66 to wall-tech | 88 to ground-tech | any buttons to air-tech.

Negate the damage of hitting the ground/wall by pressing aways from the ground / wall.
In most case, you can attack or double jump immediately out of the tech.
Learn more ways to tech in the Adv. System section.

Tech / Ukemi (followup)

The legacy way to tech is using 66 to wall-tech and 88 to ground-tech, but with LimitOver you have now 2 other ways:

1. B button - 6B(wall) / 8B(ground) (hold direction, mash button)

Though for the ground, it seems any direction seems to works? 🤔
Which mean mashing away from the wall + mashing B should in theory give more chance to tech and tech *everything*:
  • 66 to wall tech
  • 6B to wall tech
  • B to ground tech?
  • Also OS any throw tech (good for blue launcher)
The legacy way to tech is using 66 to wall-tech and 88 to ground-tech, but with LimitOver you have now 2 other ways:

2. Macro button - 6Z(wall) / 2Z(ground) (hold direction, mash button)

Due how Z macros are done: 6Z = 66 / dash inputs & 2Z is a weird hop macro explained in the 3rd point here, but in short, it inputs 88.
As it is right now, it seems to be the most consistent way to tech but you don’t OS anything and you need to commit / react.


When getting hit, you'll receive damage + stun. After getting hit enough time you’ll get dizzy.
Unattended, it lasts 243 frames (counting from when you stand up). It's the same time for everyone, no matter weight class or stun stamina.
How many hits you can take depend of your character's stamina (check "Stun Stamina" below).
There's a delay of 180fr (3s) between hits before previous built stun get reset.
Post-stun, you won't receive any stun for the first 150fr of the next combo.
After that you'll get stun like a normal combo.

How to undizzy

To undizzy, only move the joystick, mashing buttons won't help. Inputs are registered only from when you stand up.
Each direction remove ~7fr and you can shorten it by a maximum of 210fr.
At 1 input/fr, you'll need 30 inputs (Reducing it to 33fr total).

💡 TIP:
You don't have to rotate the stick: any inputs, in any order will work. The goal is to add many input as fast as possible.
The easiest way might be to do like a SDI (eg. ↙, ↓, ↙, ↓, ↙). Try it out & see what works for you.

Stun during combo

During a Stun combo, the stunned opponent:
  • cannot wall-tech BUT he can actually spin the stick to get undizzy as soon as he touch the ground.
  • cannot throw-tech if the hit that stun is a launcher (blue shadow).
  • If you combo after the stun into a launcher, the opponent will be able to tech.

Stun Stamina

Characters have different stamina: everyone start at 0, each consecutive hits they receive deal some amount of stun and only when it reaches their stamina limit they'll get stunned.
Here’s the stun values for every characters:
  • 28 Genichirou
  • 27 Torami
  • 26 Cathy, Ryuko
  • 24 Shinobu
  • 23 Kiyoko
  • 22 Asuka, Kumi, Tamaki, Karina, Tetsuko
  • 21 Megumi
  • 20 Nana

Projectiles & durability

Each projectiles has it own durability (AKA Durability Point or DP).
For some projectiles, their durability is equal to the amount of hits they do, but it’s not always true.
Whenever two projectiles collide, they will mutually deplete their durability.
As durability is taken away, it also decreases the amount of hits (& damage) the projectile can potentially do normally.
Physical hits deplete durability by 1.
Projectiles with 0 DPs (eg. Karina’s Kerokero Angler) cannot be nullified; but in return, :they can't nullify other projectiles either.
Ryuuko's Inazuma Serve has an infinite amount of durability after it hits the opponent and is bouncing around, before fading out of sight.

Asuka Honda
Ryuko Yamazaki
Torami Houjyou
Megumi Suzuki
Kumi Ookubo
Tamaki Shindou
Karina Toyota
Nana Owada
Kiyoko Mitarai
Cathy Wild
Shinobu Kawasaki
Tetsuko Ougigaya
Genichirou Shindou