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All linked patch notes are in Japanese.

Game Version Date Notes
Ver.1.30 September 6, 2018[1] Notes contain info about patch 1.20 and 1.30.
Ver.1.31 September 7, 2018[2]
Ver.1.32 November 2, 2018[3] Patch released on Ninstendo Switch on November 10.
Ver.2.00 August 26, 2019[4] Aban Hawkins, Piaa, and Summer Kawase added to the game. Improved graphics and balance changes.[5]
Ver.2.01 December 9, 2019[6] Patch for APM3 version.
Ver.2.02 October 29, 2020
Ver.2.03 January 24, 2021[7] Listed as version 1.05 on consoles, adds spectating lobbies.[8] Steam got the update on April 14.


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