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1. Enter MelonDS > Config > Wifi Settings. Enable Indirect Mode.

ALTERNATE OPTION: Install Wincap (If you own Windows 7) or NCap (If you own Windows 10) and restart your PC. Please make sure to check the 1st and 4th option when asked which components to install. Enter MelonDS > Config > Wifi Settings. Enable Indirect Mode. choose Ethernet on the drop down.


2.Open Bleach DS, and follow this one-time step by step guide.

-Options > Customize > Change Name (Your Personal Name)

-Versus Mode > Nintendo WiFi Connection > Settings

-Options > Erase Nintendo WFC Configuration > Yes

-VS Mode > Nintendo WiFi Connection > Settings

-Nintendo WiFi Connection Settings > Connection 1 > Search for an Access Point

-Select melonAP

-During the first connection test you'll likely get a error 201xx; that's not a problem

-Return to Connection 1 and change DNS settings

-Turn off Auto-obtain DNS

-Enter for the primary and secondary DNS

-Test Connection; it should connect successfully

-Save Settings

-VS Mode > Nintendo WiFi Connection > Login

You'll likely get an error about the game and system user info not matching; select yes to sync them

If you get into the lobby, you're set.

3.When you want to play a friend, go to:

-Versus Mode > Nintendo WiFi Connection > Friend/Rival Management.

-View friend Code, send it to your friend via external means.

-Enter your friend's friend code.

-Once you've both entered your codes, enter the lobby, and create a room. Your friend should see ti and be able to join.

Possible issues: -You are not wired and melon won't allow you to enable Direct Mode. That kind of answers itself. You can also try installing the other CAP to attempt to fix (Can work sometimes), but if it doesn't, then you know exactly why.

-You aren't able to join the lobby. Restarting the game should help with that.

-Error 86240 when joining someone's room. Its pretty inconsistent. May be fixed by opening melon as an Administrator but we aren't completely sure.

-You don't see your friend's room despite them being online. You two have different rom regions. Switch your rom to the appropriate region. -5xxxx errors are usually a firewall or admin issue.

Your WFC account will still exist if you switch to another region and even if you deleted the rom or the emulator.

Join the Discord to play with other players like yourself: BLEACH DARK SOULS DISCORD