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Shenlong the Tiger


Shenlong is a hard-hitting 6-Ring/Rokugo character with many guard breaks and cancel points on his attacks. He has great range and amazing hitboxes, but many of his attacks are slow to come out. To make up for this, many of Shenlong's attacks have built-in crushing or evasive properties, forcing his opponent to constantly make guesses as to what is coming next and try to counter, only to be punished very hard. On top of his strong mixup game, Shenlong is able to apply safe pressure with his 66P elbow cancels, which come out fast and are amazing at interrupting attacks. His command throw is strong and meshes well with his elbow cancels, letting him setup for a full combo. Shenlong is able to convert damage off of almost everything, and almost all of his launchers become untechable if used against an airborne or staggered opponent, making his resets and air mixups deadly. Lastly, Shenlong has some of the best Beast Drives in the game: Tiger Darkness Attack deals significant damage and even restores a small portion of Shenlong's Beast Gauge on hit.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Lots of Guard Breaks and Cancel Points.
  • Good range and hitboxes on attacks.
  • Elbow Cancels can be used for safe pressure
  • Easy to convert into good damage off of stray hits.
  • Strong mixup and reset game.
  • Good Command Throw and Guard Attack.
  • Good Mobility.
  • Very Strong Supers.
  • Many of his attacks are on the slower side.
  • Has very low defense rating in human form, meaning he takes a lot of damage.
  • Elbow canceling requires a lot of dexterity and stamina to keep doing.
  • His 6-Ring has large gaps.


Attribute Human Beast Hyper
Attack 100% 140% 140%
Defense 0.71 0.95 0.95
Recovery N/A 16 16
Weight 650 650 650
Forward Walk 22.67 17.19 17.19
Back Walk
Backdash dist. 18.00 18.00 18.00
Backdash frame 36 36 36
Jump Height

Ability Plus

  • Power Block: Light Guard can no longer be broken by Guard Breaks. This extra protection also extends to his Guard Attack and Ferocious Tiger Laceration.
  • Any Cancel B: All normals and specials become special-cancelable; a special cannot cancel into itself, but can be canceled into other specials.


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