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Basic Mechanics


Movement is done with the D-Pad or Control Stick, with multiple movement types existing:

  • Pressing (and holding) forward or back will cause the character to walk at a moderate speed in the desired direction.
  • Characters can also quick dash and run by tapping the direction twice in quick succession (dash) or double tapping and then holding (run). Both dashing and running can be canceled, with dash-canceling being the fastest way to move around and create space.
  • Characters are also able to shuffle by pressing down-forward or down-back. While slow, this allows characters to close or create space while crouching.

Lastly, characters are able to jump in various ways and, as with grounded movement, multiple types of jumps exist:

  • Standard jumping, which can be used in 3 directions: Up, Up-Forward and Up-Back
  • Jumping while running allows fighters to cover greater distance and jump higher by using the run's momentum.
  • Finally, a stop jump allows the player change the angle of a running jump. This is done by performing a run, releasing forward and tapping up a split second later.


Bloody Roar Extreme uses a 7-button setup:

  • Punch (P): assigned to the A Button by default, this button performs all Punch-classified attacks.
  • Kick (K): assigned to the B Button by default, this button performs all Kick-classified attacks.
  • Beast (B): assigned to the X Button by default, this button allows players to perform a Beast Change, transforming the fighter into their Zoanthrope form. If a fighter has already transformed, this button performs all Beast-specific attacks.
  • Guard (G): assigned to the Y Button by default, this button triggers a Heavy Guard for the character. Holding Forward on the Control Stick and pressing G when near a character initiates a Throw. Performing the afforementioned motion against an opponent's throw causes a Throw Break.
  • Hyper (H): assigned to the Z Button by default, this triggers the character's Hyperbeast mode, enhancing the fighter temporarily. Hyper can also be used by holding P+G (or K+G) and pressing the B button.
  • L-Step and R-Step: assigned to the L and R Buttons by default, these are the character's sidesteps, with L-Step sidestepping towards the foreground and R-Step towards the background. Sidesteps can also be used by holding P+G (or K+G), then pressing (and holding) Up or Down.

Each of the attack buttons (P, K and B) can be used in conjunction with a direction to perform a different normal attack, for a total of 12 standing normal attacks and 9 crouching normal attacks, as well as various special moves and branching attack strings.


Bloody Roar Extreme uses a multi-layered guarding system.

  • Light Guard: to perform a Light Guard, simply leave the stick in a neutral position (while holding down on the Control Stick or D-Pad to guard against lows).
  • Heavy Guard: to perform a Heavy Guard, hold either back or the G button (while holding Down-Back or Down + G for lows).
  • Evade: an attack can be evaded by pressing G just before said attack connects against the fighter. Evade's window only lasts a few frames, so it must be timed right; in return, evaded attacks do not inflict blockstun, allowing for a much faster retaliation.
  • Just Defend/Dashing Guard: to perform a Just Defend, quickly input a backdash and then hit G at just the right time before the attack connects.

Beast Gauge, Beast Change and Beast Form

Every character in Bloody Roar Extreme has 3 forms: Human, Beast, and Hyperbeast. The term "Beast Change" will appear at the bottom of the screen when the fighters are capable of entering into their Beast Form, which can be done when the Beast Gauge at the bottom of the screen is 50% full (signified by the blue meter being completely filled, thus changing into a yellow meter). Hyperbeast Form can be activated at nearly any time; however, characters will receive a damage penalty upon transforming, based on how much of their Beast Gauge was empty at the time.

While in Beast Form, characters gain access to new abilities and other advantages (listed below). In this form, it is also possible to perform a single Beast Drive: a super move that, regardless if it makes contact or not, will immediately revert the fighter to Human Form with 0% meter. Any damage taken in Beast Form also deals damage to the Beast Gauge; upon complete depletion of the Beast Gauge, the character will not immediately revert back to Human Form, but will do so when knocked down, launched or if the Life Gauge is also depleted.

The Beast Gauge fills gradually as time passes. It can also be filled (with varying amounts based on the interaction) by whiffing attacks, dealing damage, taking damage, and pressing B while unable to transform. Beast Gauge fills faster the lower health the character has.

The Beast Gauge can enter 4 different states:

  • When the fighter is in Human Form and the meter is filling up, the gauge is colored Blue.
  • When a character is capable of transforming, the gauge is colored Yellow, further indicated by the "Beast Change" text on top of it.
  • If the character has transformed, the gauge will flash Yellow/White. In this state, they cannot gain Beast Gauge, and getting hit reduces its capacity.
  • If the character has entered their Hyperbeast Form, the gauge will flash Red/White. Unlike the previous state, the gauge is strictly time-based, meaning incoming attacks do not reduce the amount of time spent in Hyperbeast Form.

Beast Form advantages and changes

While in Beast Form, a character will gain the following advantages and changes:

  • Gains new attacks with the Beast button
  • Deals more damage and receives less damage
  • Becomes heavier and harder to juggle
  • Gradually recovers a portion of lost, blue life
  • Can jump higher without momentum, as well as perform wall jumps
  • Gains access to air-cancel abilities
  • Attacks gain new cancel points and other properties
  • The hitboxes and hurtboxes of the character and their attacks change

Beast Drives

Beast Drives are powerful super moves that can be used while in Beast Form; using them, however, comes at the cost of all remaining Beast Gauge and reverting fighters to their Human Form. The more Beast Gauge the character has at the time of using a Beast Drive, the more damage it will do. Every character has at least 2 Beast Drives, with some characters having more. Using a Beast Drive also recovers a portion of blue health equal to the amount of Beast Gauge available when the Beast Drive was used.

Ability Plus

Ability Plus are traits that characters receive when entering Hyperbeast Form, only being active for as long as Hyperbeast Form lasts. These can range from super armour, life steal or other effects. Each character gains 2 unique traits.

Light Guard, Heavy Guard and Guard Breaks

Light Guard is the standard guard found in most 3D fighting games, activated when a character is left in a neutral state. A Standing Light Guard protects against incoming high- and mid-level attacks, but not against low-level attacks. To use Light Guard against low attacks, simply hold 2. When a light guard is used to block an attack, the character will have a visual display of guarding with one arm. If a Light Guard is used against a Guard Break attack, the character will be Guard Crushed and will become prone to a follow-up attack.

Heavy Guard can be used to defend against Guard Breaks, and is activated by holding G for high/mid attacks (and 2G for lows). When using a Heavy Guard, characters take significantly increased blockstun against all attacks, making it not something to be used in every situation. As a visual cue, when using Heavy Guard, characters will visibly block with both arms.

Guard Breaks are attacks that are highlighted with a gold burst. These can be either a normal attack or a special move, and most non-grab-based Beast Drives are Guard Breaks. These attacks can break through Light Guard, Guard Attacks, Super Armor and various counter-type moves; they will not break through Heavy Guard, however. Each character has multiple Guard Breaks and they come in various forms, with various other properties depending on the character and attack.

Damage Scaling and Aerial Diminishing Returns

After an opponent is launched into the air, every subsequent hit deals less damage (by about 25%) and causes their character to sink closer to the ground as if they were heavier, making them harder to juggle. Groundbounces ignore the Diminishing Returns' sinking effect, but not the damage scaling. Throws and hit-throws bypass damage scaling even when used in combos, making hit-throws such as Marvel's 236B good combo enders.

Air Recovery and Air Guard

Aerial Recovery is performed by pressing any of the attack buttons (or G) after being launched. Air recovering with G and a directional input allows players to fall in their chosen direction in an attempt to escape incoming attacks. Be warned: using Air Recovery will reset all air hits' Diminishing Returns and damage scaling, so if a character is hit by a launcher or another attack that puts them into a spinfall animation, they will be unable to use Air Recovery. After using Air Recovering, it is possible to guard with G (or holding 4); however, airborne characters can only block once and, after a successful air guard, they will go into a falling, guard-broken state, even if hit by a non-Guard-Break attack. In this state, characters are unable to attack or defend, but will fall to the ground quicker than normal.

Throws and Throw Teching

Throws are split into 4 types: Neutral Throws, Back Throws, Crouching Throws and Command Throws.

  • Neutral Throws are performed by pressing 6G near a standing opponent. Neutral throws change depending on what form the character is in, and can be teched with any of the attack buttons, provided no directions are being held when attempting to tech.
  • Crouching Throws are performed by pressing 6G when near a crouching opponent. As with Neutral Throws, they can be teched with any of the attack buttons, again without pressing a direction.
  • Back Throws are performed by pressing 6G when behind an opponent. Unlike every other type of throw, Back Throws are completely untechable.
  • Command Throws are performed with a special input, usually (though not always) 236G. Every character has at least one command throw, with some having multiple ones. Command Throws must be teched with an attack button + the last directional input of the command throw itself (236+G would be teched with 6+P, for example), and inputting the wrong direction will result in a tech lockout, where the throw cannot be broken even if the correct input is pressed afterwards. Unlike Neutral Throws, is it possible to evade Command Throws by crouching (unless it's a special, low-hitting command throw, like those of Stun and Marvel).

Certain characters possess Air Throws, performed by pressing 6G near their opponent. As with Ground Throws, they can be teched by pressing any of the attack buttons, but without pressing a direction.


Evade allows a character to quickly dodge an opponent's attack. This can be performed by pressing G just before being hit; because the window of success is just a few frames, an attack must already be in motion before it's possible to attempt to evade it (even within the evade window), making preemptive evade attempts impossible. Evade cannot be performed if a character is already blocking; attempting to do so (or getting hit during the attempt) will result in a small lockout period where evading becomes impossible. If successful, the character will do an evasive maneuver and the opponent's attack will whiff; the recovery period of an evade can be cancelled with a throw, attack or movement if done just after the point the evade succeeds. Successfully evading in human form will build meter. It is also possible to evade multiple attacks in quick succession with repeated evades, but throws cannot be evaded at all.

Guard Attacks

Guard Attacks are special, armored attacks highlighted with a green, electric aura. Each character has one of these moves with 214P or 214K. Guard Attacks only have upper-body armor, so they will lose to low attacks, as well as throws and Guard Breaks. The amount of armor, as well as other properties of the attack, varies depending on the character.

Lie Down/Ducking

Pressing and holding 22 will cause the character to go into a lie down/ducking stance. In this stance, all high and mid attacks will be evaded, but the characer will take increased damage and hitstun from low attacks. There are 3 moves that can be performed from this stance, one for each attack button, and they vary depending on character. The ducking stance has a limited duration, eventually returning to a crouching position. It's possible to cancel out of this position with a dash or command move.

Stagger State and Lever Recovery/Quick Recovery

Various attacks on hit (or counter hit) put the opponent into a stagger state. While in the stagger state, characters are prone and unable to attack or defend (though attempting to tech throws is still possible). Various types of stagger exist, each one with slightly different properties and effects. Getting hit while in stagger causes the attack's hit effect to rank up (for example, Marvel's 236+P normally causes floating stagger, but it will cause a launch against an already staggered opponent). It's possible to reduce the duration of stagger by rotating the Control Stick or D-Pad in either direction.


Various attacks in Bloody Roar Extreme have a built-in dodge system based on the attack's attribute, letting them beat those attacks clean. The amount of moves that can crush and what they can crush vary depending on the character and their current form.

Rising Attacks and Tech Roll

After getting knocked down and while lying on the floor, players have the option to use a Rising Attack or a Tech Roll.

  • A Rising Attack is performed by pressing K. This move is fully invincible on startup, deals damage and causes a knockdown on Counter Hit, but is extremely punishable if blocked or evaded.
  • A Tech Roll is performed by pressing any of the four directions, causing the character to roll in the direction pressed. Tech Rolls are good for putting space between the player and their opponent, but are vulnerable to Pursuit Attacks during its startup.

Pursuit Attacks

Pressing Down + one of the attack buttons against an opponent lying on the ground will cause the character to do a Pursuit Attack. These can be done quite late and are good for catching people trying to tech roll.

Air Chains

Air attacks can be chained into each other, but no same attack can be used more than twice in a single chain. The standard, basic air chain path is K > P > B.

Hard Knockdown

A Hard Knockdown prevents a character from performing any action for a short period after being knocked down. hard knockdowns usually come from attacks that send a character forcefully across the arena, into walls or slammed down into the ground. The duration of a hard knockdown depends on the amount of damage done, with the attack or combo that caused the hard knockdown having a longer duration the higher its damage is.

Meaties and weake up

During wake up you gain temporary invulnerability to meaties from non-guard breaking attacks however inputting any command be it an attack, guarding or any movement of any kind the wake up invulnerability becomes void allowing for meaties from any type of attack.

Hyper Burst

Hyperbeast activation can be used as a Hyper Burst to escape situations that would not normally be escapable, such as combos. To do this, simply enter Hyperbeast during hitstun or blockstun. When using Hyperbeast this way, its properties will change, causing it to deal a small amount of damage and blast the opponent away, at the cost of increasing the overall recovery time, making it susceptible to bait-and-punish attempts. It is also possible to Hyper Burst out of a knockdown, causing the character to be put into the air briefly. Hyper Burst cannot be used against throws.

Blue Health

When taking damage, a portion of the damage dealt will remain as blue health (about 40% of the total damage). Entering Beast From will cause this blue health to recover at a character-specific rate (see individual character stats sections, lower Rcv = faster health regeneration). Using a Beast Drive will instantly restore a portion of this blue health equal to the amount of Beast Gauge available when used.


In Bloody Roar Extreme, all character have a weight class, which affects, among other things:

  • How high characters are launched
  • How fast they fall during air combos and juggles
  • How they are affected by bounces

A character's weight class can change depending on their current form, with heavier characters generally being harder to juggle.

Facing Backward

While facing backwards, characters take increased damage. However, they are given access to Backturned Attacks. Holding G while facing backwards will cause the character to quick turn after being attacked; this is good for avoiding strings but not against single, high-damage hits.

Walls and Ringout

Walls can be broken in Bloody Roar Extreme. Each wall is made up of several segments, which are broken individually by knocking the opponent into it; the amount of hits required to break it depends in the force of the attack. Once a segment has been removed, it is possible to knock the opponent through the gap and score a Ringout. Wall settings can be changed in the Extra Options menu.

Advanced Mechanics

Command Cancel and Cancel Points

Command Cancels allow players to cancel most special moves during startup by pressing G. The point and window at which a special move can be cancelled varies depending on the move, character and form, but almost all can be canceled within the first few frames. On top of this, many strings have cancel points that allow canceling an attack into a special move (Shenlong's 8P>6P for example); again, these cancel points vary greatly from character to character. When combining these two techniques together, it's possible to create extremely strong mixups, tick throws and various other setups to great effect, and is key to Bloody Roar Extreme's offensive game (the previous Shenlong example becomes 8P>6P xx 214P,G). Canceling different specials can give different effects, such as burst movement (Cronos' 214K, for example, has a lot of forward momentum even when canceled).

Air Cancel

Air Cancel is the ability to cancel the recovery of an attack against an airborne opponent. Air Cancels can only be used while in Beast Form. This can be done in 3 ways:

  1. Jumping: this allows players to pursue their opponent into the air and attack them with an air chain or other jumping attack.
  2. Up + P/K/B: this allows players to directly cancel into an attack.
  3. Tiger Knee a special or super input: this allows players to directly cancel into one of their special moves.

Air Cancels are an important part of Bloody Roar Extreme's combo system, allowing players to bridge the gap after a launcher and prevent air recovery by following up with an air chain or another move. There is no limit to how many times air cancels can be used per combo as long as the opponent is still airborne.

Jump Cancel/Un-Jump

Un-jumping is a method to stay grounded after performing an air cancel with a jump. It is performed by rolling the direction from up at the point of cancellation to either forward or backward, and can be used in conjunction with various forward or back attacks (such as Busuzima's 4K) to extend combos that would not normally be possible.

Dash Canceling

Hyper Cancel

OTG Combos

Instant Air Evade

Dash Guard/Just Defend

Back Dash Canceling

Just Frame Backturn Throw

Guard Attack Parry

Miscellaneous Info

Character Defense/Health Ratings

A lower defense rating means more damage taken.

Defense Modifier Character (Form)
1.25 Stun (Insect)
1.11 Ganesha (Elephant)
1.05 Gado (Lion), Uranus (Chimera)
1.00 Yugo (Wolf), Fang (Wolf), Long (Tiger), Kohryu (Iron Mole)
0.95 Marvel (Leopard), Shenlong (Tiger), Cronos (Phoenix)
0.91 Alice (Rabbit), Xion (Unborn), Busuzima (Chameleon), Jenny (Bat), Bakuryu (Mole)
0.87 Uriko (Half Beast)
0.80 Stun (Human), Gado (Human), Kohryu (Human), Ganesha (Human)
0.77 Yugo (Human), Fang (Human), Long (Human)
0.74 Alice (Human), Uriko (Human), Marvel (Human), Busuzima (Human), Jenny (Human), Bakuryu (Human), Cronos (Human)
0.71 Xion (Human), Shenlong (Human), Uranus (Human), Cronos (Penguin)

Character Weight Rating

Weight Character (Form)
2500 Ganesha (Elephant)
2132 Stun (Insect)
1600 Kohryu (Iron Mole)
1500 Uranus (Chimera)
1100 Ganesha (Human), Stun (Human)
1050 Gado, Kohryu (Human)
650 Yugo, Fang, Long, Shenlong, Cronos (Human/Phoenix), Busuzima, Xion, Alice, Marvel, Jenny, Uranus (Human)
550 Cronos (Penguin)
500 Bakuryu, Uriko

Distance traveled with back dash per character

Character Total distance traveled Total time in frames
Alice 18.00 34
Bakuryu 17.88 36
Busuzima 15.44 36
Cronos 17.88 (Penguin 10.46) 36
Fang 17.88 36
Gado 17.88 36
Ganesha 14.62 (Beast 14.63) 36
Jenny 17.00 29
Kohryu 17.88 (Beast 18.00) 36
Long 17.88 36
Shenlong 18.00 36
Marvel 17.88 36
Stun 14.62 (Hyper 23.00) 34
Uriko 18.00 36
Xion 18.00 36
Yugo 17.88 36

Backdash Acceleration/Movement by frame

Walk speed per character

Forward walk

Character Human Beast Hyper
Alice 24.22 25.07
Bakuryu 23.17 25.06
Busuzima 13.82 19.56
Cronos 15.45 10.75 10.99
Fang 27.00 25.06
Gado 21.75 17.19
Ganesha 16.05 13.12
Jenny 18.89 17.70
Kohryu 23.17 25.06
Long 22.63 17.19
Marvel 21.75 17.19
Shenlong 22.67 17.19
Stun 18.30 15.09 76.92
Uranus 52.29 17.19
Uriko 22.76 22.17
Xion 22.63 18.02
Yugo 27.00 25.06

Guard Attack Properties

Character Startup Active Recovery Level Amount of armor Additional properties
Alice 27 6 29 Mid Stagger on hit, launch on counter hit
Bakuryu 40 1 x9 35 Mid Multi hit, knockdown, knockback on counter hit
Busuzima 40 2 43 Mid Knockdown, knockback on counter hit
Cronos 30/11 2/4 2/35 Mid Two hits, knockdown/knockback
Fang 29 3 35 Mid Stagger on hit, launch on counter hit (Beast only)
Gado 33 4 26 High Leads into Pressure of Tyrant string
Ganesha 34 4 23 Mid Stagger on counter hit
Jenny 33 4 37 Mid Stagger on hit, groundbounce on counter hit
Kohryu 40 3 51 Mid Knockdown on hit, knockback on counter hit, Throw immunity
Long 34 3 27 Mid Knockdown on hit, knockback on counter hit
Marvel 28/5/5/5/6 2/1/1/1/1 4/4/4/4/38 M/M/M/M/H Five hits, last hit knockdown/knockback
Shenlong 34 3 31 Mid Knockdown on hit, knockback on counter hit
Stun 23 2 33 Mid Knock down on hit
Uriko 26 7 22 High Stagger on hit, groundbounce on counter hit
Xion 25 6 33 Mid Knockdown on hit, knockback on counter hit
Yugo 29 3 35 Mid Stagger on hit, launch on counter hit (Beast only)

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