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Cataclysmic Clash: BLAZING RESOLVE/System

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Ground Movement


Walking works like just about any other fighting game. Simply hold 6 or 4 to walk forwards or backwards.


Double tapping and hold 6 to move forward at a faster speed. To stop running, you can perform any other action, or simply just let go of 6.

  • Inacio cannot run, and double tapping 6 allows him to take a quick step forward instead. This does leave him vulnerable for a brief moment afterwards, and it cannot be canceled in any way, so this is a little risky up close.


Double tap 4 to take a quick step backwards.

  • Just like Inacio's frontdash, this leaves you vulnerable for a bit, and there is no way to cancel it at all.

Air Movement


Jumping is fairly self explanatory. Just press 8 to jump straight up, or press 9 or 7 to jump forwards or backwards.

Double Jump

Press any jump direction in the air to jump a second time.

  • Inacio cannot double jump.


Double tap 66 or 44 during a jump or double jump to quickly move forwards or backwards.

  • Unlike ground dashing, airdashing does not have any recovery period. Attacking during an airdash allows you to keep your momentum, greatly extending the attack's range in many cases.
  • Airdashes can be canceled at any point by double jumping.
  • Inacio cannot airdash.

Airdashing right before landing will immediately bring you to the ground and you'll slide a short distance.

  • Like airdashing, you can attack while keeping your momentum during a slide.
  • Slides can be canceled with certain actions, like jumps or throws.
  • Since Inacio can't airdash, he cannot slide either.


Normal Attacks

Every character has three normal attacks (excluding Buddy, who has two), simply called A, B, and C. A attacks are faster but weaker, C attacks are slower but stronger, and B attacks are somewhere in the middle.

  • All normal attacks have standing, crouching, and jumping versions. Standing normals can be blocked high or low, crouching normals can only be blocked low, and jumping normals can only be blocked high.
  • As a general rule, normal attacks can always combo into each other, though the same normal attack cannot combo into itself (there are exceptions to this)

Overhead Attack

Press either 6B or 6C (depending on the character) to perform an overhead. This is a standing attack that can only be blocked high.

  • All overheads knock the opponent down on hit.
  • Xander does not have an overhead attack.


Press 4A to perform a throw. Throws are extremely fast and unblockable, but usually have fairly short range.

  • After grabbing the opponent, release 4 to throw them forwards, or keep holding it to throw them backwards.

Special Attacks

Special attacks are performed with a series of directions followed by a button press. Special attacks vary wildly from each other and can do all sorts of things.

  • Most specials have three versions: A, B, and EX. A and B specials are done with the A and B buttons respectively, and EX specials are done with the C button.
  • EX specials cost 1 meter.
  • Some specials only have one version. These are done with the C button. They do not cost meter.

Special Throws

Some specials have short range and cannot be blocked, just like regular throws.

  • A very important difference between special throws and regular throws is that special throws cannot be teched, and as such are just about impossible to defend against. The only way to not get hit by one is to outright avoid it.


Willpowers are powerful special attacks that are usually capable of doing a lot of damage.

  • Every character has two willpowers. One is performed with the A button, the other is performed with the B button.
  • Most willpowers cost 2 meter.
  • All willpowers are invincible during startup and active.


Resolves are special attacks that will KO your opponent instantly on hit, though they are extremely slow.

  • Resolves cost 3 meter.
  • Resolves can only be used when you are one round away from winning the match and the opponent's health is under 50%.
  • Resolves are performed with the D button.
  • Cancelling into a Resolve decreases its startup.
  • Resolves have decreased startup if used when the opponent's health is under 30%. This stacks with the decreased startup from cancelling. This is typically needed in order to combo into a Resolve.

Beat Repeat

Press the D button after landing an attack to send out a shockwave that will stun the opponent on hit, allowing you to easily keep your combo going.

  • Beat Repeats cost 1.5 meter.
  • In most cases Beat Repeats do not affect gravity, if used on an opponent in the air they will still fall to the ground
  • If the opponent is knocked down hitting them with a Beat Repeat will undo the knockdown.
  • A Beat Repeat can only be used once per combo. Attempting to use it again will still consume your meter, so try to not do that.



The most basic form of defense. Hold 4 to perform a standing block (despite the name this works while jumping too!), or 1 for a crouching block.

  • Standing blocks will defend against high attacks, and crouching blocks will defend against low attacks. Both types of blocks work on mid attacks.
  • YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE WALKING BACKWARDS TO BLOCK! You will block attacks as long as you hold a backwards direction. This means you can even block without moving by holding both directions.
  • Some attacks cannot be blocked at all.

Recovery Roll

If you are knocked down, you can hold 6 or 4 to roll forwards or backwards as you get up.

  • You can pass through the opponent while rolling.

Throw Tech

Press 4A immediately when the opponent attempts to throw you to break out of the throw.

  • This only works against regular 4A throws. It has no effect on specials with the throw attribute

Strike Back

When blocking an attack, press 2A+B to send out a shockwave that will knock the opponent away from you.

  • Strike Back costs 1 meter.
  • You are invincible during the startup.

Break Free

When getting hit by an attack, press 2A+B to send out a shockwave that will knock the opponent away from you.

  • Break Free costs 2 meter.
  • Other than that, works exactly like Strike Back.


Match Format

Matches are best 2 out of 3. Rounds last 180 seconds (3 minutes), if neither player is dead before time runs out the one with more health remaining wins the round.

  • In the event of a tie, neither player gets the win. The round is restarted.


As you attack and get hit, you'll build up meter. Meter is used for various things, both offensive and defensive.

  • You can store up to three stocks of meter at a time.
  • Each attack gives a set amount of meter. When either player gets hit, both players gain that amount...
  • ...unless said attack is a Willpower, in which case only the player getting hit gains meter.
  • Stored meter carries over between rounds.

Driving Force

When you have at least 2 meter and your health is below 50%, you can input 236236C to enter a temporary powered up state.

  • Driving Force will not consume meter, you just need to have enough.
  • The exact effects and duration depends on the character.
  • Once Driving Force ends, it can't be used again until a cooldown passes. The duration of this also depends on the character.

Attack Attributes

Attacks are split up into different categories to determine how they interact with each other.

  • Strike: Strike attacks hit the opponent directly. Most attacks fall under this category.
  • Projectile: Projectile attacks have hitboxes separate from the character performing them. (examples: most 236 specials, Buddy's Pal attacks)
    • Normal attacks that involve weapons (ex. Brock 5C) can destroy some projectiles
      • (known exceptions: Brock 236A/B/C, Inacio 63214C, all Buddy attacks)
  • Throw: Throw attacks have short range and are unblockable. (examples: Brock's 41236C, Inacio's 632146C)
    • The game classifies resolves as throws, though most are still blockable.
  • Catch: Catch attacks counter strike attacks. (example: Jackie's 22C)
  • Reflect: Reflect attacks counter projectile attacks. (example: Inacio's 22A)

Combo Damage Reduction

When a combo exceeds 200 damage, any further attacks in that combo will deal reduced damage.

Combo Damage Limit

Combos in CCBR are only allowed to go up to 400 damage, to prevent infinite combos.

  • Once a combo exceeds 400 damage, you are allowed to land one more hit. After that hit, the opponent is launched and becomes invincible until they land.
  • Willpowers will not trigger this state. (need to research this more)


Press the S button to taunt. Taunts do absolutely nothing useful at all, they're just for showing off.

  • Taunts can be cancelled at any point with any action that isn't walking, running, or backdashing.
  • Press the D button to cancel a taunt without doing anything.