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Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe
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Chaos Code -New Sign of Catastrophe- (or "NSC" as a reference to the Nesica hardware) is the Nesica version of Chaos Code with additional balance changes. This patch would eventually find its way to the PS3 version. Later a series of updates came to arcade moving the version title to it's current number NSC 2.11 which is current with the new PS4 release.


"Early civilization of mankind has finally reached the height of its prosperity. The advancement of the universe finally begins! The ongoing development of energy involving many scientists has finally come to a close thanks to one person. This new energy can not be exhausted while maintaining it's power indefinitely.

The energy has been named Chaotics. Heterogeneous energy was being used at the time. Within 10 years, it has taken it's place in the universe as the main energy source of all mankind.

It eliminates the problem of energy shortage, which has been a concern to the universe. The professor was blissfully unaware at the time that this new energy would rapidly advance all of civilization to the point of an evolutionary halt. It seemed as if...we have stumbled into our own demise.

However, at it's point of discovery, it was no longer an exaggeration to say that Chaotics will be the future power source of all the world. As the developer of Chaotics, the professor went into hiding and wrote the words of the mystery called Chaos Code. The Earth Union government, which was desperately trying to hide the disappearance of scientists to further understand the power of Chaotics has successfully managed to become a superpower through media propaganda.

The creation of the Chaos Code somehow became known to the government and to the public. The professor announced that there will be a huge prize for whoever finds it.

What exactly is Chaos Code? There are other groups and organizations who try to outwit the government, but the government always tries to get ahead using any means necessary. Those who seek power believe that you will be able to dominate the Chaotics if you obtain it. Some believe it will grant wishes, others have their own reasons to find it.

Within the blink of an eye... a competition for the Chaos Code has begun."

Wiki Roadmap

72.5% complete
In Progress / Completed To-do
  • Percentage based on the following: 10 points total for non-character pages, 5 points for each character page, remaining 10 points for miscellaneous improvements
  • Character pages get 1 point each for: Frame data, move images/hitboxes, useful combo section, useful move descriptions, and 1 point for anything else.
  • non-character pages are all in a good state.
  • HI, KA, and CS all have some hitbox data
  • MG has move images
  • Most characters have a useful combo section
  • Most characters have useful move descriptions
  • Cait & Sith, Lupinus, and Kai have a strategy section
  • HE, MG, KA, CE, KU, C1, VE, C2, CA, CS, RA, and LU have frame data
  • Frame data verified for HE, CA, MG, KA, CE, KU, C1, VE, C2
  • Generally speaking, all pages are in a useful state

Frame Data:

  • CS, RA, LU all have frame data that hasn't been re-verified since it was taken
  • CT, BR, RU all need frame data

Move Images/hitboxes:

  • KA, CS, C2 need some move images
  • CE, KU, C1, VE, HE, CA, CT, BR, RU, RA, and LU need move images

Move descriptions:

  • KA, BR, and RA need more expanded move descriptions

Combo sections:

  • Kudlak could benefit from importing combo stuff from the JP wiki
  • Kai, Cthylla, Ray, and Vein's combo sections could be expanded


  • HI and KA have inconsistent image names
  • Ray's stance section should be expanded
  • Most characters don't have a useful strategy section

System pages:


  • Beginner combo sections and video demonstrations would be nice to have
  • Extra move sections currently have a lot of redundency with the move list. They should maybe be either paired down or maybe we could just move the extra moves out of the move list all together

MG Hikaru
Celia II Kai
Cait & Sith