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Combo Babies/Controls

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Basic Controls

Each character has 5 buttons: A, B, C, and D, alongside a button for Dash.

A - Light attacks B - Medium attacks C - Heavy attacks D - Grab and EX special attacks Dash - Macro for 66 or 44 dash

All special move inputs are universally shared between every character. Every character has a 236X, a 214X, a [4]6X or [1]6X and a super using 41236D. Besides super, which only uses one button, each special has a different version with different effects depending on the button pressed. Pressing D makes it an EX special, which costs one bar of meter. All characters also share a 6A universal anti-air, which is a move with some invincibility used mostly to anti-air/counter-poke, and a 6B, which is a long reaching poke.


Blocking is done by holding 4 or 1, and airblocking can be done by holding any backwards direction midair. Blocking high (4) will block overheads and aerial attacks, while blocking low (1) will block lows. Airblocking blocks anything besides air unblockable attacks, and mid attacks can be blocked with any direction at all. Grabs will beat blocking. You can grab using 6D, and airgrab with 6D midair. Press 6D while in the startup of getting grabbed and you can tech the throw. Airthrows can also be teched.


All characters have a walk, dash, jump, double jump, airdash, backdash, and crouch. Airdash and double jump can both be used in one jump, but only once per jump. Some characters also have character specific movement options that the other cast members don't.

Dashes can be cancelled in various ways, and cancelling a dash will keep your dashing momentum. You can cancel a dash with jump to get a dash jump, which sends you farther and faster than a normal jump. You can cancel a dash with crouch, also called wavedash, which will give you a sliding crouch. This is the fastest forward movement, and can be used to extend the range of crouching normals, or approach while blocking low (although blocking halts momentum). You can korean backdash (44, 3, 44) for a fast backwards movement. Plinking, or cancelling a dash into a normal, will give that normal the momentum of the dash. Dashing can be cancelled into backdashing, and vice versa, for a dash-dance like neutral.


A cancels into B, B cancels into C, and all of them cancel into Specials. Some characters can rebeat back into 6A or 6B, and all characters 2B's are jump-cancellable launcher attacks. 2D, or Baby Cancel, is a Roman Cancel style mechanic that you can use to cancel the endlag of any move for 1 bar of meter. 8D, or Combo Counter/Burst, is a large burst with invincibility that can be activated out of hitstun. It will break an opponents combo, but the Burst Meter must be full, and will empty upon use. Bursts can extend into combos.

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