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P-10033 Gaits

Boss Code

Summoning Spell to play as Gaits - LHBWLB. This input must be done very fast right after a VA has been selected (which VA it is doesn't matter). If performed correctly, Gaits will pop up instead of the selected VA. If you do NOT want Gaits, be careful not to mash buttons as you select a character or you can accidentally unlock him sometimes.

In the Capcom Fighting Collection, you can use the easy boss code of forward(x2). Keep in mind this is flipped on P2 side.


Gaits is a VA that seems like it would be strong on paper. He has an invincible dp, good air and ground movement for an air dash type, a teleport that can be feinted as well as canceled into special moves on the grounds, a fireball that stuns when it hits, one of the more practical infinites in the game, and a command throw. However, all of these tools have critical weak points that leave Gaits as the worst character in the game.


  • Good movement for an air dash type. Fun to move around with.
  • Has an infinite combo that can seal rounds for you if you can line it up.
  • j.H has a good hitbox and lets him move immediately after, which can make it annoying to deal with.


  • Short range in general.
  • Can't use Weapons as well as other characters.
  • It is difficult to combo from jump-in attacks in practical situations.
  • Forced to rely on unsafe dragon punch to compete against other VA normals in neutral.


5L - Active on frame 5. Decent jab in its own right, but it doesn't lead to anything. It is possible to chain into another 5L which can chain into 5H, but it cannot chain into 5H directly. Also, the second 5L in this target combo won't actually combo, so there isn't really ever a good reason to use this. In fact, you want to be careful not to mash when trying to get 5L because you don't want to start doing this target "combo" on accident.
2L - Active on frame 7. Does not hit low. It can be used for hitconfirm combos.
5H - Active on frame 12. Good horizontal hitbox, but feels a bit slow to use.
2H - Active on frame 17. Hit's low but is pretty slow. Not many good chances to use this.
j.L - Active on frame 8. Pretty good jump attack, but it is pretty much impossible to make this hit deep enough to combo into ground moves. Work well as a tick throw option though.
j.H - Active on frame 12. Gaits shoots fire out of his feet and is able to move again right after using this, so it can be annoying to deal with. Especially effective against VA's that do not have strong anti-air options.
j.2H - Active on frame 9. Pretty similar to j.H but worse, so use that instead.
Dashing L - The second part of this attack knocks down. The first hit can combo into a Light fireball, which allows you to loop another BL for an infinite combo.
Dashing H - Active on frame 13. Does up to 4 hits. The first two hits can be canceled.


Normal throw range - 26.
L throw - Low power grab throw. Can be extended to almost 20 hits if the opponent doesn't mash, but if the opponent does mash, they will get out of the throw as fast as possible, and will continue to get out of the throw as fast as possible until the end of the game (not just the end of the round). This is a bug. Can be used to OTG.
H throw - Better than L because it will generally do better damage. Also OTG's.
632 L, or H - Arm Ripper. Standard one of these. Range is even shorter than his already short normal throw range at 20.


5W - Active on frame 14. Consumes 100% of the Weapon Gauge to launch missiles upward diagonally. It is ok as a mid range anti air option. It is possible to cancel this up until the frame where the missile is fired.
2W - Consumes 100% of the Weapon Gauge. Same as 5W except for a slight difference in trajectory. Note that Gaits cannot use W in the air.


236 L, or H - Ikki Tousen. L version is active on frame 22. H version is active on frame 41. Air ok. OTG's. A homing projectile with finite range. It comes out very slow but when it hits it stuns the opponent for a long time allowing Gaits to combo into pretty much whatever he wants. This move is a key component of Gaits' infinite. The difference between versions is that the H version has a larger projectile, better homing properties, and more range. This doesn't make up for the nearly doubled startup, so you pretty much always use L.
623 L, or H - Mondou Muyou. Active on frame 6 for both versions. The H version travels higher. The L version has invincibility up until just before the first hitbox is active. This can be used to counterattack in pressure gaps that your opponents may leave, or to counter jump in attacks. When this move is active, you cannot be thrown until you land.
214 L, or H - Ichimou Dajin. Gaits has a command grab! Range is 26. Both versions are the same. It's an important move for Gaits to be able to force damage, despite the short range.
4 (charge) 6 L, or H - Shogyou Mujou. Teleport that can be used on the ground and in the air. The difference between buttons is that L puts you closer to the opponent and H is slightly further away. The ground version can be canceled into other special moves, which is a unique property. If the input is done as 4 (charge) 64 L, or H, Gaits will teleport in front of the opponent rather than behind.


LH - Giga Split. Active on frame 9. Invincible until after the hitbox is active. Does not have any throw invincibility though.
236236A - Kuuzen Zetsugo. Active on frame 5 after the super flash. Comes out quick, but the initial range is short, so be careful of the distance you use this at. Can be combo'd from a dash attack or close 2L. There is some invincibility before the attack comes out, but it is not reliable.


Basic BnB combos, courtesy of Totu_Q.
BL (1 Hit) or BH (2 Hits)>623H or 236236A. This is a basic combo that Gaits can use. This is a good option for beginners to aim for when they land a fireball stun if they are not comfortable with the infinite.
2L>236236A. It is possible to confirm the 2L hit before completing the super for this combo, but it is difficult. The super has short range, so this must be done from very close range. A good option for making the strike half of a strike/throw mixup up close scary.
[BL (1 Hit) > 236L] xN. This is Gait's infinite combo. You can't stun the opponent with another fireball right after hitting them with one, but if you put another attack in between you can loop them. The BL must be canceled as soon as it hits or the combo will drop. If you drop the combo and an opponent blocks an up close 236L, you will be in trouble.

Extra Resources

Japanese wiki page for Gaits. Much of the information on this page was taken from the Japanese wiki written by Savaki.
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